Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Happy 1 year anniversary of not blogging!

If only your phone got updated as infrequently as my blog.  I hate those updates.

Dman sporting his reversible cape from (best pressie ever from Zia Cassiope) at the pump track
Ok Jrome I know you ironically asked for an update but all those good memories of beer brats at Chautauqua sparked a little nostalgia and a little inspiration.  Also Dman is currently naked and laying waste to the next room.  So its better if I just stay in the kitchen until I can emotionally handle what is going on the next room.  Hey for everyone who thinks I'm a neglecting parent, I can hear him singing a little destruction song so I know he is breathing.

But yes, there were so many cliffhangers on my blog. No, Dman didn't get potty trained in time for swim lessons last summer.  But neither did any of his bros in his class so I didn't feel too bad.  Like Martin Short he is currently not such a strong swimmer.  But thanks to Nonna he does like the water now if clad in a puddle jumper.  He would otherwise prefer to not wear clothes.  Ever.  He is usually cool with wearing socks and hats (fireman, construction and head coverings of that nature).

Dman DID get potty trained in time to go skiing with his school which was really great.  It is so cool that he can sort of ski but the thing that dumbfounded me was how all the kids would get fully geared up for skiing (including but not limited to helmets, goggles, NECK GAITERS) for the 45 minute bus ride up to Park City.  I know Erin will understand the vicarious temperature management stress that induces in my mind.

Unfortunately we didn't ski as a family because the Hubs is still in recovery mode from his achilles tendon tear last summer.  The tendon stretched so he had to have a shortening procedure around Thanksgiving.  Anyway, that was a major shadow over a lot of our holidays...His recovery is SUPER slow and he is going crazy.  He has lost a ton of muscle in his calf but it is sloooooowly starting to build back up again.  I'm eager for him to be able to do stuff again.  Not sure when that will happen but it will be really great when it does.

I remain non-lawyerly in favor of being a mom and trying to race la bicicletta professionale.  I have moments of guilt about taking big dump on my career for right now...But hopefully it will wash off.  While there is guilt it tends to be massively outweighed by the psychedness of the quality time with Dman (like writing a blog when I should be playing with him right now) and getting to pursue my bike racing passion.

On that note, I head to Winston-Salem this weekend to meet up with my Visit Dallas DNA teammates where they are racing U.S. road nationals and I will race a crit.  Can't wait.

Other than the Hubs' injury life is pretty sweet.  Dman is a pretty hilarious dude and I feel really lucky to have not just the Dman and the Hubs but our extended family and of course our friend community here in the 801 to share la bella vita.

Thanks for tuning in and see you in a year. (I do respond to public shaming though, even the ironic kind)

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