Friday, August 29, 2008

The poohbaloos

One of the great parts of going home was getting to mess around with the nieces:
I hesitated before posting b/c its SO unflattering, but shit---its a good one.
Goddamn I have some cute nieces.
Elaine is holding Sophia Domenica aka the puker and i've got Isabella. The moms is on the couch with a ruptured disc. Don't let the smile fool you. If you know the sals, she is NEVER lying down. Always ON THE MOVE! My mom walks about 2-3 hours a day AND swims too. She's a maniac. Hopefully she's on the mend now.
Here's public cute enemy #1:

Kickin it on the front walk of 239 san gabriel.

Motorpaced with slyfox today. It ruled. Did about 25 miles and 50 minutes. I really want a vespa now.
Pizza with the Johnson-Gammon-Francescones tonight. Buon appetito.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Slummin in the Upstate NY

Here are some pics from the Chris Thater Crit I did in Binghamton, NY this past Sunday. Such a great race and its always so fun to come home to race. Photos courtesy of the KID:

Pictures don't show the KID saving my ass on the start line. I was fully expecting to do a 60 minute crit. Turns out it was a 35 mile crit, in total heat and humidity. Uh yeah, who's the dumbass who only had one water bottle. The KID saved the day--ran off (and he's a fast runner) and bought me a water bottle AND filled it with water. Chucked it to me on the start line. Ok, put that in the water bottle cage and GO. I owe ya kid!

I ended up 19th which I believe will qualify me for the USA Crit Finals in Vegas on September 25. Thanks again to my awesome fans: Zia Meme, sis Mary, cowbell ringin' Rachel, KID and takin one for the team Janet.

Its getting towards the end of the season. But I am psyched to race! I had a MELLOOOOOWWW spin last night. Still was feeling like pooh from the epic travel. Feeling better today, and I hope I feel even better tomorrow because I'm supposed to motorpace. I got a nervous pang in my stomach just from writing that. Especially b/c my motorpacer told me we go till I puke. At least he knows how its supposed to work. I need to watch the motorpacing scene in Breaking Away to get inspired: you know the scene where he motorpaces the truck along the highway back to Bloomington! Yeah! Andiamo! Hope to get some good speed going for the upcoming races in San Fran, Vegas and (maybe) Kansas City!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

At least I'm not on a bus going from Bombay to Calcutta....

or that's what I told myself as I curled into the chairs at the Houston Airport for the awesome overnight I had there on Monday night (the night I was supposed to be back in the SLC with the hubs). Yeah air travel. For the amount of time I spent traveling, I should have arrived somewhere where English wasn't being spoken. Oh well. Made it back on TUESDAY morning, went right to work. Its now Wednesday and I still feel like a corpse. Had grand plans for RMR on Tuesday night. That ended up being a 45 minute spin with the hubs, and that's only because he put my bike together so what choice did I have.

Woke up with gnarly back pain...maybe due to a 35 mile crit on sunday, no cool down, 3 hour car ride, and then 60000 hours of travel? Could be worse.

Its finally cooled off here!!! Yippee! It feels like mountain biking. or cross!

Since no RMR last night, I told myself I would DMV tonight. Yoga sounds better though. Just walking to lunch was hard. And I got schooled by about a million commuters this morning. How can people ride so hard that early? I mean a) why rush to work, b) have you had coffee yet? c) its kinda cold--so why create more wind?

My iced mocha isn't working. I want to crawl under my desk for a nap.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Humidity, driving and good times with the fam

I'm back in my hometown of Rochester, NY (aka Rock City, crotchfester, da crotch)...came back to do some famiglia hangs and the Chris Thater Memorial in Binhamton, NY. Such an awesome weekend. But here's just a quick post re: the race.

My aunt (zia meme as we call her) showed up this morning rocking her mini. As she pulled in, my dad comments, "the Italian Job is here". GEP rules. Zia Meme, Janet and I drove about 3 hours to the lovely town of Binghamton. Yeah taking me back to childhood in the ole upstate NY. This race is awesome. Its about a 1.2 mile circuit with a hill and a bunch of turns. I ended up 19th. Tina Pic (eventual winner) and Laura VanGilder got away sometime after the 1st prime. Interesting that the 2 best sprinters who probably would've gotten 1-2 anyway went for it in a break. That is pretty badass IMHO--sprinters representing in the break. I was basically trying to fight stay somewhere in the middle to the front of the pack. We started with about 50-60 women (only 40 finished). I was unlucky with my choices of attacks to follow. About halfway through, some more attacks happened and a small group of 5 formed. They just seemed to dangle in front of us and I was sure we would catch them. Maybe I should get a clue and also get glasses because I would've seen that there were 2 Colavitas and 2 Cheerwines and a Juiceplus in that one. Duh.

That race was LONG. 35 miles. I went through 2 full bottles. I was fully expecting a 60 minute crit. Damn we raced for about 1.5 hours. It was a long day at the office. Hats off to Colavita, they totally controlled the race. It was brilliant--their one rider not in the break rode at the front--fast enough to prevent real attacks, but slow enough to allow her teammates to get the hell away from everyone else. It was really impressive. Makes you want to have teammates...Though there are plenty of people that race sans teammates that seem to do just fine...

After the hill, there was a downhill and then a bunch of semi-sketchy turns. Since I seem to get pushed back in the wind-up for every sprint, I decided to attack the hill on the last lap. Kind of a shocker for me as anything that goes up at all usually terrifies me...But I was feeling better on the hill than laying it out in the corners. Attacked up the hill, got a tiny gap and just put my head down for the rest of that lap. I got swarmed in the last corner but still managed to outkick a few people to end up 12th in the pack finish and 19th overall. Not an earth shattering result...but it was in the $$ and is an improvement on my NRC crits so far (previous results being 43rd at CSC Invitational and 28th at Manhattan Beach).

Had awesome spectation---Randy and Janet checked out the race action on their way back to DC, Mary and Rachel came in from Albany and Syracuse. Rachel did an awesome job with the cowbell.

A decent race, a spectacular weekend: phenomenal people, food and rides. A great trip to the east coast.

Next big race is San Fran Twilight on Sept 13 though I'm thinking about the Kansas City pro-am the weekend before. Pics are forthcoming.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tuesday Night Worlds

I think every place has em...Tuesday night worlds...In Boulder, it was the Bus Stop ride, in Rochester its the GVCC club race; here in the 801 its the RMR--a "training race" on a race track (for cars and motorcycles) where there is a throwdown once a week from the non-motorized, two wheel riding peeps. Its a looooong lap, more of a circuit than a crit (but totally flat)...People take it super serious, which is good because it makes it a hard workout. My teammates and I like to go out there and race with the men. Its great speedwork and good practice for doing national level races. There's no money, I don't even think you can upgrade points...but people treat it like its the campionati del mondo. Without meaning to sound patronizing, I think that's funny. But again, it is definitely great training.

I usually hit these training races (when I show up), pretty tired from racing on the weekend. I'll make it a little while with the A flight and then drop back to the B flight. Last night, I had decent legs since I didn't race on the weekend (a lot of race spectating though! see previous posts---photos coming, seriously)...AND it was really windy--meaning that the guys at the front who are hammering were getting pummelled by the wind, while those sitting on could get a little more rest. The A flight shattered because of the wind, I was in the last pack aka the laughing pack. Not to say it was easy for me, those guys can still rip my legs off... So it was a GREAT workout for me and a good confidence builder for me as I head to the east coast for the Chris Thater Crit in Binghampton, NY. I'm pretty much takin it easy and just getting myself out there---work 2 more days, spin, pack bike, travel, unpack bike, hang with my fam, make sure bike works, travel to race, spend one more night with my family, travel back to SLC, unpack bike, go back to work. All in a weekend's work.

I'm really excited to race! I did this crit almost 10 years ago. Its about 3 hours from my hometown of Rochester, NY. Its got a huge hill in it...I'm a little nervous about that. But I think its a flat fast finish. Should be a lot of fun.

I'm really looking forward to seeing the famiglia as well, including the 2 nieces---one of which I'll be meeting for the 1st time as she was born a few months ago. And I'm also super stoked to see THE KID and Janet--who are rumored to be travelling up from DC to hang!

So the whirlwind begins. Happy fall and look for my east coast updates soon.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Photos from Tour of Utah-superfans 2008

Pics of the extreme fan action at the 7 sisters. We went nuts with the chalk and the cowbells. Someone even painted Wherry's name on the road. He's got a following that's for sure.
Total blast, Drake is bringin a party next year and don't doubt it for a second. I'll have to train separately for that. Once the hubs resizes the huge image files of the actual riders, I'll post those.

Mama! My heart, it hurts!

Friday was a fabu dinner at the Thin Angel with the hubs, Lizzie and slick Rick, KS and Chris and funny Durango girl MELISSA Wherry (not her real last name). After a great dinner, we ambled over to the crit course. GOOD JOB SLC on rallying up some crowds for the race! Saw tons of people...It was so great. There were fans LINING the course. Fast Freddy got pimped at the line by a Successful Living guy. As coach says, ALWAYS lead out a tailwind sprint. Unfortunately, the hubs' photos didn't turn out.

On Saturday we rode up Little Cottonwood Canyon to watch stage 4 of the big bike race. So great to see locals Burke and Jeff in the break! I'll post fun photos from that later.

Anyway, the hubs and I camped out with the other die-hard fans at about mile 7. I'm going to go out on a limb and say this specatation location was the coolest of the whole course. The best part was the guy in the "Cutters" t-shirt. The hubs didn't know what that was from, so on Sunday, after a great ride on the Crest with slick Rick, we hunted down that fantastic movie from which the following line originates: "I know I-tey food when I hear it! It's all them "eenie" foods... zucchini... and linguini... and fettuccine. I want some American food, dammit! I want French fries!"
That movie rules. Love the retro bike stuff, love the Italiano references. Might have to raid coach's closet before next halloween...How about a Little 500 around Liberty Park, anyone?

Saturday evening we went over to Richie's to congratulate Renee on her 1st triathlon. She and Francescone did the Ogden X-Terra and got 5th and 2nd (respecitvely) in their age group. NICE JOB LADIES! Renee had to go to a bridal shower, we convinced her not to shower and to wear something sleeveless so her numbers were still showing. That was awesome. Then Richie, the hubs and I rode to Cafe Niche for some gout causing foods. I had the pancetta with penne. Or at least that's what it felt like. And the cheese plate seemed like such a good idea at the time. The food was good, but I felt like p-double-o on the ride home. It was bad. I was like drunk on saturated fat. Had to go straight to bed in the fetal position.

The next morning I yoga'ed some healthful energy back into myself before our little Crest loop. It was great but I'm sore today. In between riding bikes and desk jockeying, one can forget about every muscle above the waist. So welcome back full body strength (or fatigue I should say). Stay tuned for pics from our extreme fan action from Stage 4...and in the mean time, sit up straight and breathe.

Friday, August 15, 2008

The hubs should get a job with Velonews

Video of the break just before eventual stage winner Blake Caldwell takes the KOM points. As the race reports indicate, he was sitting on Lill's wheel. But whatever, to "sit on" on all those climbs takes some pretty sweet climbing ability.

The chase group pictured below. Wonder what instructions the guy at the front is getting. "You better reel that shit in". Sounds like it was almost like a "you pull no you pull" women's pack phenomenon. Except for Burke and Chris Baldwin who wereapparently doing a lot of work.

Yellow jersey winner from Stage one, Jason Donald.

Obligatory photo of everyone's favorite pro Chris Wherry, in the 2nd big chase group.

The hubs takes some good photos.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The importance of proof reading

The hubs and I went tifosi styles and rode up big mountain to check out the unleashment of pain for Stage 2 of the Tour of Utah. The hubs dropped my ass up big mountain, even though I made him carry all the sammies, cookies and other treats. What can I say, he's not just the McGyver of mountainbiking (thanks for that one NOB), he's also just a plain stud. My awesome boss was up there (which was why I was able to be up there on a work day), and so we broke out the sandwiches and waited on the last hairpin before the final KOM. So Utah isn't exactly a European country when it comes to bike racing, but there were a couple of us that had ridden or driven up there to witness the action. It was so cool, Blake Caldwell and a BMC rider had already broken away. Wherry was in the 2nd chase group and then the whole field was just splintered to bits. There was even the obligatory devil dressed fan out there. Hey, we're trying!

Tomorrow is the crit. A bunch of us will dine at Tin Angel and then check out the crit action with a full belly and a good buzz. The hubs is all about Tour of Utah, so we'll be riding up Little Cottonwood Canyon to watch the finish of the extremely gnar Stage 4. After I paperboy weave my way up LCC, we'll watch the big boys stomp up that last climb after already putting in a seriously long day at the office (copyright teton). Hopefully we'll be able to get someone to bring up camping chairs and flipflops b/c spectating in cleats isn't all its cracked up to be.

Also, I was reminded of the importance of proofreading today. I sent someone a link to my blog, omitting the "s" in "blogspot". Interestingly, links to a site entitled Wow. That's what I get for dissing the Saddleback Church I guess.

See you out at the races. I'm the one spectating in my shammy, eating cookies.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pro Commuter lite and Errata Sheet

Coach dug this one up (thanks!)...I'm numero 83. The blurry blue figure behind speedy Amy D. Nice marine layer backdrop.

Also, check out this month's edition of Cycling Utah on page 18. Sorry you have to scroll through. I (along with my boss) am featured in this month's Commuter Column. Yeah. I'd call myself a pro-commuter--but that title rightfully belongs to Bart G. I'm like Pro-commuter lite compared to him: half the burleyness, twice the fat.

My personal fave in the article is giving the shout-out to my former excellent employers in Ouray, Colorado. (For my going away "present", everyone non-car commuted to work for a day). I also erroneously forgot to mention that Roger Sagal is smart, good looking and a way better athlete than me. He's also the best left fielder TLF-MOB has ever seen.

Last, my little bro gets the prize for identifying the line I've used in a couple posts about the "OC". I'm pretty sure mama Beth and Richie probably got it too but were too busy to assert their knowledge. Anyway, Glenn went one step further by not only identifying the source, but the specific way in which it was used, as shown in his reponse:
"I believe that line comes from Arrested Development when Tobias is talking about obsessive compulsive disorder he calls it "The O.C. Disorder" to which Michael replies 'Don't call it that.'"

Nice work bro- I owe you a beer the next time I'm in Boulder. He also informed me there might be an Arrested Development movie. In the words of my wise bro, let's hope that's true.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Team Photos

Post Breakfast pre bike path Team photos. Jules not pictured. Erin had just "juiced" a nutri-grain bar and made no less than5 attempts at everyone's coffees. And yes, my hair is short now.

Gateway foods

Had SUCH A FUN NIGHT on Saturday after the race. Margs and Sea Bass Ceviche in Laguna. Came back to Casa J&J for some Tivo'ed Olympics. Johnny G and Jen have a wicked comfortable couch. As I was enjoying another glass of vino...I just drifted off to sleep. Wine glass in hand, held on my stomach. I think I was out for a little bit...I woke up when Johnny G tried to take the glass out of my hands. Since when does falling asleep with a full glass of wine resting on your stomach give someone the right to take it out of your hands? I obviously wasn't DONE with it yet.

On Sunday, we met Jules and Erin at the Saddleback Church for coffee and bagels. See photo on left. So I live in Utah, aka a place where the church owns everything (or as Pat Bagley put it--a Holy Owned Subsidiary of the LDS Church). Its not anything new for a religious organization to have significant real estate holdings and a portfolio to rival a Fortune 500 company. But the Saddleback Church? Whoa. Wish I had more pictures. Think outdoor mall + college campus...With lots of clean cut nice people EVERYWHERE! I'm not super down with the opiate of the masses---but at least they recycle. And Obama and McCain are coming there soon. That will be interesting.

The Church had this open air cafe where we got breakfast. The doughnuts were out of control. Ok, I'll admit, I had a bite of a doughnut. I feel dirty for saying that. Johnny G offered to get me a doughnut--but I explained I couldn't go down that road because to me, doughnuts are a gateway food. You taste the glazed, refined, deep-fried goodness, and the next thing you know you're in a McDonald's drive-thru with a big gulp in a custom cupholder. I fear doughnuts. But I caved in and had a bite of Johnny G's. I think he's taken to the concept because later in the day he told me I should try some of the "gateway samples" when we were at Trader Joe's (cheesecake--a good candidate I think).

So Johnny G, Jen and I set off for an extreme tour de bike path. SO GREAT! I'm impressed with what the OC (don't call it that) has to offer. Tons of riding, and lots of mtb'ing too. Jen looks like a Euro pro on her bike even though she thinks she doesn't know what she's doing. Jen rides like a runner--with a wicked spin. Johnny G likes to push the big meat. I think that's how runners ride--they either spin like crazy b/c it feels like running or they push monster gears because riding a bike feels so damn easy compared to running.

I look forward to riding with them more. I'm going to put them on a secret training program so they can take it to Krum when they see him next. Whatever 200 miles a week. :)

The final stage was a trip to TJ's....AHHHHHH I *heart* Trader Joe's. Dropped some $$ on various items and beverages not to be found in the 801. Eleven hours, 2 Diet Mountain Dews, and many treats later I rolled into home sweet home. So great to see Steve. The homestead was nice and clean too. Coming home to the hubs AND a clean house=a super happy but exhausted Tiff.

And our garden is going OFF! Zukes, cukes and more. So exciting.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

"Your car just smells like road trip"

Its been a few days since my last blog post (wow that feels like how you start your confession for all you catholics out there)...After sizzling down to Cedar City, UT for work on Thursday, I continued the epic to Rancho Santa Margarita, CA to stay with Johnny G and Jen for Elite Road Nationals.

Pictured from L-R: Johnny G, 5th in his age group KRUM and JEN

Gentle readers, I must preface this by saying I don't drive my car much...But keeping it clean isn't my strong suit. So it sits in our driveway in the searing heat with various items just fermenting (last inventory: bathing suit, yoga mat, atlas, some scratched cds, jumper cables and some random papers, maybe a bit of miscellaneous trash as well)... Well, by the time I arrived in the O.C. don't call it that (who can name that line), I had exponentially increased the detritus and necessary crap I had in my car...Somewhere around Barstow, I remember getting out of the car for gas and a diet mountain dew, and thinking to myself upon re-entry that the odor in my car resembled either graham crackers or urine. Not that either of those were in my car. Anyway, I pulled into the O.C. don't call it that and pretty much just crashed...Left my keys out for Johnny G so they could get there cars out to go to work. When I woke up hours after my awesome hosts had gone to work, I was quite embarassed to think that Johnny G had been subjected to the graham craker/urine smell of my car. When I apologized later, and told him what I thought it smelled like, he responded simply "your car just smells like road trip." He added that he detected a whiff of doritos as well (also not present in the car).

Anyway, pre-rode the road course with Megan and then had an AWESOME dinner with Johnny G, Jen, they're friend Jules, and her cutey-est pants daughter Erin.

This kiddo was hilarious. She reminded me of my little ham of a niece Isabella (sorry not photo yet) b/c she has the same little shit eating grin. Anyway, this is Erin with a cut lip she got from a little rumble at day care, some random stains (could've been from the banana PEEL she ate?) and a smudge on her cheek from some exploratory crawling around John and Jen's backyard.

Had a great night with these guys before getting up at 5am for the road race today. We did 4 laps on a 20 mile course with 2 climbs + a 1K climb to the finish. It was fairly mellow on the first few laps. A few attacks, but nothing really stuck. On the 2nd to last climb, there was a split with about 15 riders getting up the road, then there was a group of about maybe 30 of us...I was sitting in about the top 5 of our group as we came into the last corner. The uphill finish (though not a true climb finish since it was still won by sprinters) was a bit mucho for me and I ended up about 20th or so in our group and 38th overall. Megan had a great finish taking 2nd or 3rd in our group for 17th overall! She was a motor on the finishing stretch...It was awesome.

Megan and me at the start line and my killer feed zone crew--Johnny G in feed zone uniform (though it turns out he wasn't the only guy in a red shirt and straw hat), Jules and Erin.
The last time I'd done a race with this many women was probably the world cup in Philly in 2000...And the last time I did a national champ road race was Cincinnati probably 10 years ago and I got dropped like a bad habit...So I was happy with how the race went for me. And even though the climbs weren't real climbs (according to the climbers), as someone who climbs like a refrigerator, I was happy to not get dropped! It was a lot of fun and a great experience. I'm really excited to continue doing more National events!!

After the race, we came back to John and Jen's and after watching some Parlez vous Olympics (who can name that one), John and I hit the neighborhood pool...Awesome.

We're about to go grab some Mexi food in Laguna so I can fully round out my west coast experience with a trip to the Ocean. And imbibing margaritas by said body of water of course.

Stay tuned for more updates...we've got big plans to do a recovery ride tomorrow which will have a stop at the coffee bar at Jules' and Erin's church and then some hard core bike path action. And a 10 hour drive back to the 801...all in a weekend's work!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

City Creek Bad Boys--Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come for You?

Here in the 801, we have elected to manage heavily used areas on an even/odd day basis. I think its a great system and a good compromise for doggies and bikes to co-exist. My friend Caterina has the best way for remembering which days you can ride where:
Mill Creek Even--stick up your middle 3 fingers (an odd #), turn your hand upside down, and it looks like an "M" for Mill Creek...Turn it on its side and it looks like an "E" for even--you can ride Mill Creek on Even Days
City Creek Odd--Make a "C" with your hand for City Creek, then put your fingers together and it makes and "O" for odd...You can ride City Creek on Odd days.
Anyway, I know this system, I respect this system...But yesterday, in the billion degree heat, as I pedalled home from the Capitol I just headed for City Creek...I needed to ride for about an hour after work, and my commute home is about 30 minutes...I just started pedalling up City Creek after getting a drinky at the water fountain. I guess I should've noted that another cyclist rode up to the fountain after me and looked at me kind of strange as I pedalled through the gates.

About 10 minutes into the ride, I noticed a white truck behind me. But I was listening to Dee-lite and couldn't hear the truck's loud speaker over Apple Juice Kissing...I waved for the truck to go around me...I probably did it in an irritated way. The truck pulled off the road in front of me waving for me to get pull over too...Have I mentioned it was hot? So I rode up to the truck and just leaned on it without unclipping, pulled out an earphone in a way such that it appeared I was doing the truck a favor--so he could ask me for directions or something.

Once I realized the error of my ways, I apologized profusely. I'm an idiot. That was not cool. Hey Nerd on a Bike-you're up on technology--isn't there some contraption or force field or something that can be initiated so bikes can't go where they're not supposed to on those certain days? In a world of non-accountability---there should be some way that saves me from myself.

Pedalled home without my tires melting and harvested some cukes from the garden. Much to my surprise---I'm way into gardening. Its very unlike activities I'm usually into--probably b/c it smacks of domesticity and a choice to be outside at your own house rather than somewhere exciting and interesting. Anyway, I find it very meditative and I'm not usually one to find so-called medititative activities either enjoyable, or medititative. If you're one of these de-evolved, disconnected, dissonant chi flowing people like me, gardening might be for you.

Aside from my brush with the law, the other highlight of the night was a surprise visit from Dirty Dan on his tour de friends. Dirty works at Wild Rose and is from the same area in upstate NY as me. He is an idiot savant when it comes to bikes---especially weird problems that no one can figure out. If I were on a team that had a budget to hire a full time mechanic--it would be him. It would be like your own Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas lawyer. That is, it would seem like he was out of his mind most of the time...but once the shit hit the fan---he would take care of the problem like the Godfather's button a cleaner or the Wolf.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Kathy Sherwin made me do it

Ripping mountain biker, cyclocrosser and secret roadie Kathy Sherwin tells me I need to blog. She blogs, she is fast... ergo I blog, I will be fast??? Or at least my parents will know what I'm up to. The hubs will not understand it---because how someone could do something other than work all the time, ride bikes, and research the lightest possible 29'er single speed frame?
So--recent happenings...I'm pretty much healed from my crash in Chicago. I took a spill in the Bensenville Crit which was day 3 of Superweek (still finished 15th). Three days later I raced the Boise Twilight Crit. I'm the one with the bright yellow bandage on my arm. What a beater--if I were me, I wouldn't ride near me. In my defense my tire had gone flat--so let's blame it on something technical and not my handling.

Anyway, Kristin Armstrong also raced in Boise (she won, lapping the field)...pretty awesome to line up with an Olympian! I ended up 9th and my superfast teammate KK took 3rd behind Colavita's Nikki Wangsgaard. The highlight of the weekend was hanging with the hubs and his parents who stopped in Boise on their big road trip to Oregon. It was way cool to have them there! It was George and Kathy's first bike race experience (hopefully not their last!)
After the Boise Twilight, I was exhausted and just wanting to go back to SLC. I talked to Coach who advised me that "if you paid money, then race your bike." So I raced the Idaho State Crit Championships the next morning and took 2nd behind Tibco's Liza Rachetto.

I haven't raced since then...I've been taking it easy. Started riding hard again this weekend. Also did a FUN mtb ride with the hubs, Katy A and Woody in American Fork. I'm heading to Nationals this weekend in Orange County. I'll be racing with Team DFT-QA3 with super strong all-arounder Megan Hottman. Will get to hang with Johnny G and Jen and of course a mega stop at Trader Joe's!
Thanks for reading my first post!

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