Saturday, September 27, 2008

Top 10 in Sin City

Soooo its been a while. I'm reporting in from the cool climes and wavy aspens of northern New Mexico--this haven to which the hubs and I retreated in the wake of our Vegas campaign...

We landed at the trade show on Wed morning. Interbike is held a convention center in the Venetian--land of the perpetual powder smell. The hubs supposes such smell is pumped in to try to cover up the smoke and odor of decaying humanity.

Anyway, checked some stuff out, then went to our hotel--which was waaayyyy south on the strip. Upon checking in we were told "no bikes allowed" (to the tune of "no dogs allowed" as sung in that Peanuts movie where Snoopy gets rejected out of every place he wants to go). Reason #459873 that vegas just sucks. Ok, I will restrain myself from the Vegas rant. Anyway, we layer caked 4 bikes into the trunk of the subaru and hung out for a few hours before the cross race on Wednesday.

The cross race was awesome. Held at a soccer complex about 10 minutes from the strip--it was a great course with one set of barriers. The grass kinda sucked the energy from your legs--but it was better than having a super technical course where I would be braking the shit out of myself and having to accelerate and try to catch up. At least this had everyone in the same boat. I was called up to the line LAST! Yeah--who's a big deal. :)) Anyway, the race started and it was pedal to the medal...I was moving up but then on the 2nd lap a girl lost it on one of the downhills and I slammed right into her. Bummer. Dusted myself off and tried to get it back together. I came to complete stops behind 2 more crashes and definitely lost a lot of ground. I definitely got demoralized but pulled myself together and just tried to focus on picking people off. I ended up finishing 18th which is my best finish EVER in a UCI cross race so I was psyched.

I heard my name at random spots on the course which was SO COOL!!!! THANK YOU so much to anyone who was cheering for me! That was awesome! Same thing in the crit!

The next day we had coffee with Big Al--owner of Missoula Bicycle Works--coolest bike shop in Montana before nerding out at the bike show again. Then it was time for the crit.

The crit was the USA crit series finals and it was held at Mandalay Bay. We drove to the venue and discovered that I had left my road shoes at the hotel...Which was far away. I had a heart attack while the hubs presto-change'oed my cross pedals over to my road bike and handed me my cross shoes. He then left to try to get my road shoes while I tried to stave off the impending meltdown. Headed over to SRAM tech support to discover my front wheel was not fit for racing. Those AWESOME guys hooked me up with a wheel and sent me towards the start line.

Like last year, it was a 1k course with lots of turns and big sweeping corners. There were a couple crashes and it was just generally sketchy. I would make my way to the front and then just get pushed back. For a while I found myself tailgunning at the back--having to accelerate hard out of the corners to stay with the group. The pace stayed relatively high and there were tons of primes. about midway through the race, I had a little sit-down with myself about getting to the front. I got myself up there and committed to just STAYING up there, even if I was poking my nose in the wind. I reasoned that being in the wind at the front was better than having to accelerate at the back and dealing with the super sketchosity. However, Jen McRae had escaped off the front and was putting serious time on the field. Being solo, I just kind of watched what the teams were doing. Definitely made me be psyched for next year when I will have teammates and will be able to be more proactive rather than reactive...Anyway, there were some half-hearted chase attempts but nothing that brought her back. With 2 laps to go, the lead-out trains were getting setup...I was still trying to fight to stay up there...coming into the last big sweeper, I just went, figuring I'd rather get swarmed then crashed by waiting...I got swarmed by about 8 which landed me in the top 10 (well tenth :)) my best result at this level of event so far. I was psyched on the result but even happier with how I rode in the race. I'm looking forward to improving upon that next year!!

It was a great event and a lot of fun. Again, I heard my name at various points along the course--and that was so awesome. Many thanks also to the Canyon Bicycles guys who helped me with my bike and let me stash my stuff in their sweet van. Its always great to see friendly Utah faces when you are racing out of state!

After the race, the hubs and I celebrated at In and Out burger. I had been planning on going there after this race since I had decided to race! It pretty much ruled. We complimented that fine meal with a bottle of Verve-Clicquet--which my AWESOMEST friends ever -- lizzie and laura s--had given us to break open after the race. THANKS GUYS!!!!! And, just when you thought a day couldn't get any better--the hubs assented to my movie choice of Sex and the City...It ruled.

We got the hell out of vegas (the hubs was close to ejecting himself from the situation) and headed to New Mexico to hang with Fritz and Dave, steve's bro and sis-in-law...We've got a couple days of mountain bike rides and chile consuming before we head back to reality. sigh.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Let the crazy times begin

Tonight the hubs and I head out on our extreme trip of racing, vacation and riding. Load up 5 bikes and a shit ton of crap and hit the road in the family truckster. I can't wait. St. George tonight, Vegas, tomorrow...pain of cross racing tomorrow night, then the US Crit finals on Thursday...Then we'll be driving to NM to visit the 'rents de hubs while checking out the sick gnar 1x on Pajarito (their local mtn in Los Alamos). Stop in Durango on the way back to check on the Comptons (esp the broken one!) before we head back to the 801.

I am excited and also starting to get poopy stomach nervous about the racing. I'm more focused on the crit but for some reason I'm more nervous for the cross race. Probably b/c its first. I am likely to be in for a severe lashing in that one. Ah yes, addicted to the pain and humiliation. What can I say...

I'm following coach's advice to make sure I have nothing in the pits so I don't prolong the misery if I don't have to...Potential meet-ups with lots of great peeps too! Fun times.

Also, Fritz has been peer-inspired/pressured to start a photo blog. Check it out b/c her photos are almost as good as her cooking/skiing/1x ripping!

Vegas or bust! (Hopefully they're not one in the same)...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Motorpacing and dinner with the Woodies

Got some sweet motorpacing in with Sly yesterday--great sprints and achieved dry heaving levels on several occasions. Stopped by the Wild Rose to pick up my bike from Dirty Dan who worked his magic on some new wheels for me...Then dinner with the Woodies!

(Les Woodies in Sun Valley)

They just came back from a trip to Argentina...they regaled us with tales of skiing above tree-line in sketch conditions, vertigo, boobs and they're alpine epic up Huyana Potosi in Bolivia. I was on the edge of my seat hearing about jumping across crevasses and knock-you-flat winds near the summit.
Good times. Welcome back guys!

Racing cross in a tee shirt...

Let's just call me team natural fibers b/c that's what I was kickin at the 1st cyclocross race today. As I was getting ready--I realized I had forgotten a jersey. Dumbass. I actually asked a few people and I called teammate KK to see if I might be able to grab one. Anyone I asked was like "just race in a tee-shirt what's the big deal". Yeah b/c these aren't anal roadies so who cares. So hell yeah that's what I did. Long-sleeve. Tucked in. Cotton fibers. Yeah. Who's the professional here.

It was AWESOME! It was at the Canyons and it was a very different course from the normal Utah courses. It was super SHORT (good for people with short memories like me) and it had a gi-normous run up...or that's how it felt to me. There wasn't a separate women's race--there was just an A and B flite...All the women started in the B's. I was the first woman and somewhere in about 15th I think in the overall B's.

Let's digress and talk about run-ups for a second--or should I say heart attack causers. I swear on those steep, loose run-ups, I feel like I'm one of Bill Swerski's Superfans (SNL show about da bearsss fans)--but instead of having a weekly heart attack--I have one on every lap. You see the fast people and they always carry their bikes...Even though it looks slow and sometimes you almost trip over it--I'm just a fan of the bike push up the hill...I feel like I can lean on it or something. I don't know.

Anyway--the race was great. The normal heavy hitters (KS, Heather H and Kris W) weren't there...but there were still some real strong girls who are just gonna keep getting faster as the season goes on.

Put in a solid 5 hours in the yard and then I was fully in the hurt locker. We are having some epic weather. It rules. Hail, torrential rain---finally...

Mountain bike ride with some fun peeps tomorrow then chilling (and working) till we leave for Sin City on Tuesday--yippie!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pull yourself together Pezzulo

Whirlwind! fly back to SLC, work...realize all bikes and shoes are still on West Coast--frenzy of just life dealing...Time to pull my head out of my ass and get it together. First Cross race is this weekend in Park City. I need to do some serious upgrades to my cross bike. Time for a trip to Dirty Dan. When do I fit that in? Not enough hours in the day. The hubs will kick me to the curb if I don't pick up some slack...

Hopefully some motorpacing tomorrow...I see a long lunch in my future? and then a stressful workday to follow. NO COMPLANING! lots of logistical shizzle to sort out right now---racing and otherwise...oh yeah, think fast thoughts because Cross Vegas and USA Crit finals are next week in Vegas. Just found out BIG AL will be there so that will rule. I need an assistant...

SEEKING BETA: Feel free to comment as to your preferred cross setups: wheels, tires, 1 or 2 chainrings, etc

Monday, September 15, 2008

Today is our neighborhood clean up day and its also

our first anniversay!!! To all the peeps that came out to the nuptial hoedown in the La Sals---thanks for sharing one of the most kickass moments of my life!!!!

Our friend, the reverend sleaze (ordained through the universal life church) officiated our union in the La Sal mountains outside of Moab.

We had some our favoritest peeps in the world in one of our favoritest places in the world.

Sweet wedding hike :)))

I'm super grateful for the hubs--it has been quite a ride and I'm so psyched for what lies ahead!!!

One of our favorite gifts: the Alta Chair turned porch swing. It rules

Mountain Frumpy vs. Urban Trendy

Fritz and I drove to Santa Cruz this weekend to see Erin and so I could do the San Francisco Twilight Crit (last stop in the USA Crits Series). Erin, Fritz and I raced for CU-Boulder many moons ago. Now Erin lives in Santa Cruz--stumbling distance from the beach. She put aside the surf board for a few days and (as she put it) did her road miles for the year.

Friday we did a great spin over to coffee to meet Erin's good buddy and uber-ride leader Alex. Not sure if you can see Alex's tee shirt--but its a big tree looking angrily at a scared looking vaccuum cleaner...does anyone get what it means?

Nature abhors a vaccuum! Nice one.

After a good dose of joe, we had a great spin to the cool little town of Davenport where I checked out a port-o-potty at the local farmer's market.

We capped off the night with a cruizer ride to the local grapewatering hole for some good vino and cucina italiana...We met up with Erin's other awesome crazy hardcore friend Nicohhh. Fritz's good buddy Sharon drove up from Sacramento...

The next day we did another sweet spin along the ocean before heading to San Francisco. I keep wanting to call it San Fran but I guess if you're cool you just call it "the city". We stayed at Erin's sister's apartment which was about 5 blocks away from the course.

Why is it so cool racing in non-likely race areas? The streets of the Marina District in SF? Vegas? Altoona? inner city Chicago? You just feel like an alien life form.

The millionth pre-race pee.

Anyway, it was a big rectangle with a downhill and a long gradual uphill to the finish. A break got away early--I tried to bridge and dangled for a while before getting swallowed by the field. The pack had the heavy hitters represented for the most part. However, when the Aaron's rider dropped off the break (b/c she was attacking the shit out of it), Aaron's started to help out with the chase and reeled in the break with only some laps to go. It was super fast and aggressive. Awesome racing. I kind of had my head up my ass in terms of knowing what the hell was going on. With 8 laps to go I was in no-man's land...Somehow I got myself closer to the front on the last lap and finished 17th. Again, not the most amazing result---but an improvement to date...It was AWESOME racing I thought and I just had a blast.

(Thanks for finding the photos coach!)

Erin, Fritz and I went out for some bites and vino after the men's race. I guess I didn't get the memo about how if you want to look trendy in the city you need to wear your clothes 2 sizes too small. The three of us were rocking the mountain frump in the midst of the urban trendy and revelling in our superior comfort, circulation and ease of laundering...They say when in Rome...but if doing like the Romans entails visible butt crack or other things--I'm happy to stick out like the Utahrd I guess I am.

Great breakfast spot where we could continue to watch the designer dog/baby show and then we put skid marks down and steered straight back to Santa Cruz. Another AWESOME road ride in the hills outside of Santa Cruz followed by another sick dinner.

Fritz dropped me off at the airport this morning so I could fly back straight to work. She's driving all my crap back (including my bike) on Wednesday--so I guess its time to start riding my cross bike. The first cross race is this weekend. I'm planning to do it--but I'm still in roadie mode through the end of Crit finals in Vegas...After this weekend's race I was 46th in the overall so I got the invite to Vegas (the top 100 in the series get invited)--so I'm stoked!! I just realized I have no cycling shoes right now either---so training until Fritz arrives on Wednesday will be interesting. Maybe its the universe giving me a sign that its time for a rest. doubt it. probably means I need to start running for cross.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Burn a candle, rub a crystal

Are some of the things I've considered doing to exorcise the crash-y vibes...Went to Tues Night Worlds (RMR- a training race held on a local car racing track). The anemometer was going off because there were storms broiling at various locations around the valley. I started with the A's. Usually they kind of chill on the 1st lap. It was balls to the wall FROM THE GUN. I guess they wanted to shed the dead weight (let's just call me Tiff "D.W." Pezzulo) because I was gone after a lap and a half. I dropped back to the B's which was much more manageable. With the cross winds, it was just sketchy out there. Give me straight up headwinds....I love those. those are easy to hide from. In the A's, if the wind was coming from the right, they just had it guttered along the left. And on the backside of the RMR there are CONSEQUENCES if you try to hard to hide out on the left.

Like I said, things were much better in the Bs. Unlike the A's (which completely shattered into little groups), the B's kept it together in a big pack which was great for me. Getting some time in the pack, having to fight near the front and corner with people on either side of you is exactly what I need right now. The pace is slower, but there are plenty of guys that can seriously hammer in the B's. Its super cool that those guys are chill about the chicks racing with them. Coming into the last lap I was in about the top 5. This guy did the monster pull for most of the last lap and I got on his wheel. There's a 180 degree turn and then about 500 meters to the finish (its a looooong drag to the finish). I suck on that last turn so I lost the dude's wheel in that last turn and got swarmed, but still got some great practice for the bigger crits I have coming up. Unfortunately there was a crash in that 180 degree turn with about 5 laps to go. Lame. Let's hope the crashing gods are appeased. Please let my earlier slide for life across the Chicago pavement satisfy them because I'm not particularly interested in doing that again. I think everyone was ok though so that's good.

Came home and sis-in-law Fritz had cheffed up a SICK dinner for us. The hubs and I are not worthy of such deluxe treatment. She grilled cream-cheese stuffed chiles, and some chicken and then she make a peach chutney (with peaches from her yard in Boulder). It was DELISH. She also broke out some Pyrenees sheep cheese that was ridiculous. Of course we partook of some masterfully paired fruit of the vine as well. FANTASTICO!

Gotta take the ride to Dirty Dan for some love before I go to San Fran. Fritz and I are leaving Thursday night so it'll be a junk show trying to get out of town--but I'm really looking forward to the trip!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Forgot to add that the hubs loves his new SS. The sleaze commented that the hubs owns more 29ers than the sleaze owns mountain bikes. But I say--that's not the hubs bein a consumer, that's the sleaze being a delicate roadie--scared to ride the dirt (though if you saw me riding dirt you might think the same thing as you pass me on the dh). For those of you who couldn't tell in the photos--the hubs bought a Kona Kula--very light and it doesn't creak like his other one. He still loves the other one too though. Your first always maintains a special place in your heart. We all know that.

Who knew mountain biking made you tired? After the big mtb weekend--my leggies needed some serious alone time with the 39 last night after work. I'm sick of riding south--can't deal with Wasatch Blvd anymore and the alpe de bike I extended my commute home last night by going up Emigration Canyon. Saw new papa Nezzy come flying by on a one hour hall pass. Me and my commuting backpack had a lovely spin and we didn't even get offended when 90% of the other cyclists didn't wave back. Let's just keep that subject for a separate blog entry.

RMR tonight--think stable thoughts. And don't think about being tired still. Tonight is the last hard effort this week because the San Fran Twilight Crit is Saturday! Fritz and I are going to road trip out there to see Erin in Santa Cruz and Fritz's hometown friend Sharon. Let us not forget the requisite Trader Joe's stop too. Can't wait.

Monday, September 8, 2008

More yummy singletrack

We had another fantastico ride yesterday, September 7 (happy b-day Margaret!). The hubs, Fritz and I went up to Park City to for part II of riding with Lizzie and Rick.

Rick has a solitary man moment with the bikes.

We rode up Spiro to the Crest, down the Crest and then across the mid mountain trail. Let's talk about chicken soup for the cycling soul...b/c that is what you get served when you ride the trails around here.

Here is Sis-in-law Fritz STOKED at the top of puke hill. She lives in Boulder, they don't have mountain biking there (that's just to see if I get any comments for that statement)...ok, maybe they have some mountain biking there...but she was a happy camper, ripping up the 2 days of single track the Wasatch served up.

Here's Fritz and me--check out my bro-brah baggies.

Lizzie is sporting some too. Its because we're extreme.

I am so lucky to be able to call Fritz and her hubs Dave family. Too bad Dave couldn't come out for this trip. I became good friends with Fritz and Dave (the hubs's bro) in Boulder in about 1999. They were my introduction into non-bike racing oriented activities like telemark skiing and hut trips and hiking 14ers. I was a total beater on skis--but they were so nice and cool and not attitude-ful about going skiing with me even though I sucked ass on both the downhill and uphill. They introduced me to fun times in the mountains and they remain to this day some of my absolute fave people to have adventures with. It was through them I met the hubs. Anyway, when the hubs and I got hitched, it meant good friends became family. Pretty cool.

Fritz totally rallied on the ride. She'd gotten no sleep the night before b/c of her extreme dedication to spectating the Wasatch...but SHE was the one who pushed riding the mid mountain trail back to Spiro instead of the wuss out ride the road option. She's a badass. It was the right decision. I was a little ti-ti coming back across mid mountain. But the hubs promised me Este Pizza on the way home, so I was able to persevere.

An excellent way to finish off a spectaculoso weekend of dirt riding!

The truly excellent way to finish off the weekend was with Este pizza, salad and vino.

We are freaking lucky to live here.

so lucky...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I thought I'd found a new sport

Here in the 801, we had a veritable smorgasbord of uber enduro events taking place this weekend: Lotoja, a 206 mile road race in which my teammate PB competed, the Mid Mtn Marathon, in which teammate KK took THIRD...and the Wasatch 100--a 100 mile running race traversing the Wasatch Mountains.

(pictured at left are the hubs, Fritz and I not competing in any of the aforementioned events--you can tell because we're actually smiling)

My very very dear friend Danika (not the race car driver) came out from the 'Way (that's for you couch potato) to do some support for her boyfriend Mike. Mike's buddy Glenn, another good Telluride peep, agreed to come out to pace Mike through the last 38 miles. Sis-in-law FRITZ also came out to (among other things) cheer on hometown friend David H.

The hubs and I decided to do some extreme spectating--a celebration of our comparative laziness if you will--cooking up a plan where we could mountain bike to one of the aid stations to cheer on our crazy friends. We were even able to get Danika away from doing support so she could come and do the ride. Fritz, Danika the Hubs and I left our house and rode pavement to the trailhead.

At the trailhead we met up with one of our favorite esq. couples, Lizzie and Rick.

The 6 of us had a great ride up the Mormon trail up to Big Mountain pass--location of aid station at mile 38 in the Wasatch 100.

David H came through in 7th position (ultimately ending up in 7th, an hour faster than he was intending!). He had a whole bunch of family there at the aid station--he was psyched.

Mike came through in about the top 20 looking great.

At this aid station, they had you weigh in--to ensure you weren't losing too much during the event. Super crew member Glenn ran up the trail before the aid station to give Mike some bottles so he could put on some lbs before weighing in.

I'd like to make a special note that Aid stations at endurance events are a bit different from feed zones at bike races. Different enough where I'd consider switching sports.

Roasted chicken? Avocado? Some people were eating pizza. I thought, hey, this could be the sport for me...Oh except for the part where you do this:

(i.e. the running part)
I mean--they've already gone 38 miles! and a %^&!load of elevation!

Or when this happens:

(Mike wasn't actually sick at this aid station--but he did end up getting real sick and having some serious knee issues, he had to pull out around mile 80).

After these guys came through, we continued an excellent ride, down the back side of Big Mountain on the Mormon Trail over to Rick's house in Jeremy Ranch. It was GREAT! We finished off the ride at our own self-designated, unofficial, non-sanctioned aid station--El Chubasco! It was fun to watch the crazies and even more fun to ride some great single track with some of our favorite peeps.

Epilogue- Fritz rallied and drove to the finish at 4am to watch David H finish. It sounded like a harsh-out fest. Seeing people after they've run 100 miles led Fritz to conclude that bodies aren't meant to do that. I fully agree--I think bodies were intended to do 4 hour mountain bike rides and eat great mexican food. But then again I'd never have to worry about weighing in during an event to make sure I hadn't lost too much weight.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I wish I were Scottish

Or at least I wish I had a Scottish accent. We watched the movie Aberdeen last night. It was good in that indie way. At first I thought I might need subtitles, like a typical thickskulled noncomprehending amerrrrkan. Then when I was able to understand what the actors were saying, it just made me want to be Scottish, particularly when they say the "f-word". Goddamn profanity sounds so cool with that scottish accent. So do the insults. I need to bone-up on my Scottish eptithets.

Riding yesterday consisted of my 35 minute ride to work. Didn't leave work till after 8 pm. Didn't even motivate to change into riding clothes...just put binder clips on my work pants and rode home--basically on sidewalks. It was awesome. Won't let that happen again today. The hubs is dialing in his new ride...The hubs is going to break out the new single speed this weekend, complete with new pedals and new shoes. Maybe even a new Rudy helmet (if his hurt wrist allows.) If you see a white/green flash on the trail, stay clear, he's not nicknamed pummel for nothing. Or you might see him dealing with some catastrophic, ride-ending mechanical. With him, either scenario is possible. It should be AWESOME mountain biking this weekend. Mormon trail is on the menu for Saturday so we can cheer on some psycho wasatch 100 runners. In other freaky endurance news, Lotoja is also this weekend. 2 of my teammates are doing that 206 mile ride (seems more like a ride than a race-ok I'm just minimizing it b/c there's no way I could ever do it) from logan to jackson. Hope they're packing the pb&j's and gorp. I'll have to make sure they get the chainmarks on their calves juuuuust right too.
Good luck you crazies!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Purge the crash vibes

Headed out to RMR for the Tuesday night worlds. On the start line, we were told there was a "water feature" on the course that night. there was a full on lake on the back-side. Yeah steeplechase. My teammate KK and I both hung in with the A men. I felt good and the legs felt pretty snappy. Was psyched to try out the sprint, but there was a crash in the 2nd to last corner. 2 guys went down pretty hard. Aaron (my teammate PB's hubby) was fully airborne. Yikes. I can't deal. KK and I just pulled right over to make sure everyone was ok. Who wants to sprint in a meaningless race (sorry, I know how serious people take it) when there are bleeding bodies on the ground. Yucky...crashing is lame. I'm happy I didn't go down---but it still sucks to be around it. So, as Maggipannetone says: "put it in a balloon and let it go". Let's just cleanse the bad energy and think nice, rubber side down thoughts. Inhale, exhale.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I've got a mule, her name is Sal...

(sing it with me now) 15 miles on the Erie Canal. Pic of my extreme recovery ride post Chris Thater Crit with my good bud Anne. Anne and I used to train together as tri-geeks. Now she's a mom of 3 and still manages to crush it on the mountain bike and cross bike. She came down to my level to spin with me on that gem of all gem rides, the canal path along the Erie Canal (now the Barge Canal).

We met up for our ride at the coolest bike shop in Rochester:

My mom convinced Andy (the owner) to let me work here for a summer when I was 18. Luckily, he doesn't hold it against me (I hope). I guess all is forgiven since he (sort of) met his wife through me. Thank god for cool chick friends that can distract your employer from a complete lack of knowledge about bikes.

Here's a pic of club med-zulo, a great place for some serious R&R (rest and ravioli):

and some more photos from the race...

Engrossed fans, hanging on every moment of the race.
As my dad once said, watching bike racing (especially ROAD racing when you're in the feed zone) is about as exciting as watching a field of corn grow :)))

Precipitation and wedding prezzies

We had a sweet labor day weekend. After the motorpacing session on friday, we had delicioso dins with the yohnson-gammons, richie and renee. My backyard farmer's market delivered basil for the pesto, pomodoros, cukes and arugula for the salad, rosemary for the pollo and of course some zukes for the side. The J-Gs brought a row from their wine cellar, richie and renee brought a Carlucci's carrot cake. The only thing better than the food was the company.

Saturday am: fought of the vino bianco headache with a 5 am dose of Aleve and several more hours of sleepy time. 1.5 hour spin on Saturday was a lovely digestivo for the legs. Note to self: if you don't want to have about 6000 freds trying to "race" you on your recovery ride, then don't ride Wasatch Blvd on a Saturday morning. I have only myself to blame (and of course my own ego issues). Spontaneous pedicure with bestest law school bud lizzie was better than a post-ride massage. We also got some baggy shorts so we can bro out with the best as mtb'ing is about to get full on underway (dude).

Saturday night we FINALLY used one of our coolest wedding presents from fritz and dave---our GRILL! I love to cook, but I must profess an irrational fear of the open flame. The hubs is the same way. And for good reason. When we were trying to light the grill, we let too much gas out so there was an explosive puff of flame. A cursory check revealed everyone's eyebrows still intact. We grilled up some Entire Paycheck tuna steaks. When I say we, I mean the hubs. The tuna steaks turned out great, but I don't think we're natural grillers. The hubs did make sure he had the requisite beer in hand for the grilling---but instead of watching the vittles carefully--he googled the suggested time for grilling tuna steaks and just set his watch. Came inside to drink his beer and waited for his phone alarm to go off. Not exactly the intuitive approach to grilling...But it was tasty!

Sunday was a fantastico ride up Big Cottonwood Canyon with JEM, lizzie, lew and the hubs. The scenery was almost as good as the potato chips and snickers I had at the Brighton store. Though we had plans to do an epic over to Park City, I called it off based on the dark clouds gathering. We descended for an afternoon of yardwork before the storm rolled in.

The storm was AWESOME!!!! I forgot what rain looked like. The hubs and I fell for the sucker hole around 7 pm, we walked up to the Tower to get a movie when it appeared the rain had abated. Just as we were preparing to leave, the skies opened for real. The walk home was awesome.

Our labor day was great too...We did a great flat ride (I always forget that we have those here) and then watched a really good movie. Its called Close To Home; its an Israeli movie about women in the military--and its not a documentary. Two thumbs up.

I wore LEGWARMERS for the first time in many many months on my ride into work this morning. Cyclocross is in the air. Still need to think fast legs for these last 2 crits though!!

The Yogurt on My Pretzels

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