Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bouncing through Durango and lazing in Los Alamos

The hubs and I miraculously got our shit together and put some skid marks down on our way out of the 801. We made it to Durango just in time to get some quality burn-down time with our friends Moira and Ted. The next morning, Moira cheffed up some breakfast mush-gush (C's term for goulash) and coffee. We managed some hang time with super awesome C (Moira and Ted's daughter).

After breakfast, Moira, Ted and C (short for Cecilia) took us on a lovely snow hike in the next valley over.

C "training" the pound puppies.

Actually she was really great with them. Beautiful Compton-Compound grounds also pictured.

Durango hike!

Why am I always so far behind?

Reservoir Dogs shot of C, the hubs and Ted.

While short, it was great to do a little mini catch-up with session with some of our fave Durango peeps.

We rolled into Los Alamos on Thursday night (aka Christmas eve) to the casa della famiglia di hubs. Bro and sis in law Dave L and Fritz cheffed up a delicious dinner with a cooked ham contribution from Fritz Sr. Super great to reconnect with all the excellent members of the famiglia di hubs. Anyone that came to our wedding knows how much Gramma rules. For real. Super feisty, sharp as a tack, and a lot of fun to talk to.

Christmas day we enjoyed a nice Barranca mesa hike.

Post hike, Fritz and I headed over to Sid and Jane's to "help" prepare some of the Ukranian Christmas dinner.

Everyone knows I can't cook without vino so we of course had some chef's little helper.

Sid is actually the hubs' uncle, but he's more like a cousin--or maybe even a little brother. He is a blast and his S.O. Jane is rad and never gets chapped about lateness (of course Fritz and I were late to get to their house).

Professional Pierogy (pronounced ped-o-hair) assemblers: Uncle Sid, Fritz and Jane.

Fritz and me. We love the new Christmas tradition.

Christmas was really nice. I learned some of the Ukranian Christmas tradition and we added some of our own touches too. One of the OTHER super great Christmas events was getting our wedding quilt from the hubs' mom. She is an amazing quilter and she recently finished our wedding quilt. It is amazing and the most intense, awesome colors ever. Really lucky to have such an incredible gift.

Definitely missed the Pezz clan but was happy to not be air traveling right now.

We have subsequently been doing extended morning coffee hours with the occasional hike, ski or yoga sesh thrown in for spice. The New Mexico colors are an assault on the senses. The air is clean and the landscape is truly breathtaking. The hubs and I are spending a few more days here before making our 'way to visit couch potato, Danika, monkE and the Ridgway peeps.

Viva la vacay. And viva les cookies.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Still not packed

We are still not packed, we both have work to do, its dumping in southern Utah, and we're meant to be in Durango by 10 pm tonight. We are also not speaking to each other until we're actually on the road (by agreement). Ahh the stress of vacation.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pears rule!

Chef Woody (or it should be Wood-ini, since he can cook the shit out of italiano cuisine) treated us to delish dinner last night. He created some splendid lasagna for consumption by the J9, the hubs and me. At the last minute we were treated to a surprise guest appearance by NEZZY, which was awesome.

It was a fantastic night and the vino was flowing like wine. Since Nezzy is a family man now, he doesn't do qt with Woody like he used to. So the surprise visit was cause for some major guy love along with some good ole days east coast debauche-ment stories. It ruled.

We also got to relive some of Woody and the hubs' ski day (which they did last Monday). In addition to mach speed and checking out cute girls, they also discussed "the pants problem" (tight in leg/booty area; super baggy in waist area) faced by their wives. Nice. What can I say, this trunk has got some junk AND pears rule!

It was a super fun night and really fun to get to see Nezzy. It was freezing and disgusting air on the walk home. I felt like I was in a movie because the hubs was trying to run home but we were holding hands (more for stability then affection) and I felt like I was in an action movie where they are running from the explosion holding hands. With the gnarly air--it does make it seem smoky. And I was getting dragged along. So not efficient. But pretty fun. If you live near Liberty Heist Fresh and you heard loud laughing in the middle of the night, that was probably me.

Now the hubs and I are not doing a good job packing to get ready for our trip. I hate this part.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Dropping a knee, dining and downward dogging

The hubs and I had a nice weekend here in the 801. I downward dogged at Avenues Yoga on Saturday morning. I needed to get the chi flowing as I was massively worked over by the the asskicking delivered on Friday. And my knee was NOT PSYCHED either. After many hip openers, the knee was less pissed and while the hubs went shopping (for himself, not for gifts), I hit up 24 hour fatness for a little qt on the spin bike.

Saturday night we festivized with a bunch of our favorite peeps. I cooked up a little baked penne for Richie, Renee, Rick, Liz, Rodney and Laura. Weird that everyone's name started with an "L" or an "R". Hmmmm.

It was a super fun night and totally great to see these kids.

Sunday morning the hubs, Rick and I met up with Katy and Eric for little ski tour in Red Pine. We were also joined by Susan and Ron. I'm happy to report it didn't end up being a "katy andrews tour" (caterina's name for all long epic tours) as the hubs and I peaced out after one run. It was a lot of fun catching up with those heads and making a few turns. And, of course, getting my ass kicked on the hike up. My favorite part of the tour was the bag of pecan date bars Katy busted out at the top (strange that I wrote that after saying I'm slow uphill).

After skiing the hubs and I headed up canyon to Alta where we met up with the Yohnson-Gammons and Damiano. The hubs and I watched a sleeping Nocciolina (2 month-old Hazel) while her parents got to take a run together. We then commenced a solid hang session which was super fun. Sanctuary much you guys!

We made it home in time for me to get to Aves Yoga which was a nice way to finish off the active part of the weekend. Recovered with some leftovers from dinner and a few episodes of Boston Legal. Magnificent.

The hubs and I are preparing for a large journey as we head for the Zia state on Wednesday for Festivus. We are taking 9 days to visit fam, friends and hopefully ski and ride our brains out. On the menu we have scheduled hang time with the Durango peeps (staying at Chez Compton--woo hoo!) and the Ridgway peeps. I can't wait.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Thanks for the a$$ kicking

The Powder Princess aka Mrs. Jowegawa and her buddy Helmet aka Chris kicked my ass today in the backcountry. Big time.

The closest I got to them all day...

We started hiking at 9:30 and were back at the car at 3:30. The snow was great though conditions were definitely sketchy. I know we skied something off of Reynolds, Shangri-la, part of Little Water (which we aborted) and something else. I never really got the chance to look around much as I was racing to keep up with these 2 (who weren't even charging).
Helmet is a mutant. He was 5000 miles ahead AND he was breaking trail. As for the Powder Princess? Mrs. Jowegawa DOES NOT STOP. She didn't even take her pack off until about hour 3. When I made a comment about it she responded "I've really streamlined myself in order to keep up with these guys."

Note to self: Need to streamline yourself

I was a complete cluster with my gear. Well I don't think that I'm usually that way--but compared to these guys I was definitely was. We'd get to the bottom of a run at (more or less) the same time and I would have one skin on and they'd already be hiking up. It was like the scene in Elf when Will Ferrell says, Ok start making a pile of snow balls and the kid makes one and Will Ferrell has a pile of like 500 snow balls. Maybe these 2 hardcores are actually elves.

It was a REALLY fun day. The skiing was pretty great and the peeps were super awesome. I totally channeled Erin, on the last run of the day, I was changing my gear AS FAST AS I COULD and the elves were just waiting for me to get my shit together (They were totally nice about it). When I was finally ready I totally did the "god you guys, can we go? I'm sick of waiting for you, I've been waiting for you all day."

Despite the massive headache (ran out of water about half way through--which is surprising because there wasn't even really time to ever drink or eat), I'm so jazzed. It was GREAT to get out of the disgusting valley air-AND-my knee is not too sore!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Congratulations Coach K!

Big congrats to Coach K--aka Kris Walker--for defending her national title! In what was deemed to be the "most exciting finish of the day", this superstud (MD and MOM) won the women's 45-49 race in Bend, Oregon this past weekend. AWESOME! She also had a very respectable finish in the women's elite race as well (which Katie Compton won for the umpteenth time).

Congrats also to Dayna Deuter who sacked up for the big time and had good finishes in both the masters and elite races as well! Of course KS had a strong showing representing like she always does.

In holiday news, I'd like to say happy 4th day of Hannukah.

Also, if you haven't gotten an xmas tree yet, my mom offers the following advice (as she and my aunt went and got one this weekend):
1. Bring your own saw- the ones at the tree farm suck
2. trees look much smaller in the wild
3. take the wagon ride once you have your tree.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Micro tour, macro brunch

The hubs and I busted up to PC to do a pre-brunch mini tour with Rick and Cortez (Rick's dog).

While we were waiting for Rick to excavate his truck, the hubs refused to either look at me or smile for the camera.

Rick with some slab activity on the roof of his truck.

We hiked up a part of Deer Valley that isn't open to the public yet. It was dumping!

The hubs, Rick and Cortez (or the ears of Cortez).
How can I be so far behind and we haven't even started going uphill yet?

It was super short but still great to be out. And I'm happy to report my knee stayed relatively ok too!

After the micro tour, we sketchily headed back down to the SLC for myfave Trio brunch with superawesome Laura and Rodney. Both the brunch and the company were awesome. I consumed breakfast pizza like it was my j-0-b.

Quote of the brunch goes to Laura: "There's no "I" in team just like there's no "me" in f*&^ you."

Lizzie and Rick post brunch, procuring some fancy gingerbread/poptart/crack.

It was a great weekend and a good, mellow start to the ski season. I have just received word that the hubs is coming down with a powder flu and will be seeking medical assistance from Dr. Woody at the Alta clinic tomorrow. And, the insane-o dropped off his mega watts. Everyone should consider themselves warned.

We have more storminess on tap which is great. The air quality has improved and the mountains are getting their act together (once the avalanche danger settles down a bit more).

Finally--real winter!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

1st tour of the season

The hubs and I did our first tour today! It was not the ultimate in solitary backcountry experience (we skinned up snowbird)--but it was still really fun. After getting yummy gluten "rich"'s bagels, we met up with Rick and his buddy Doug at the Snowbird parking lot. Our skin up was like a serious game of frogger. Instead of taxis, buses and cars it was snowboarders and skiers.

I was really nervous about my knee. I have had 2 surgeries on my left knee (the first from a soccer injury in high school, the 2nd from a squash--not the vegetable--injury during law school). Why do my mind and body disagree so much about those cutting motion sports? I jacked my right knee skiing in March--and basically spent all summer and fall doing nothing but riding. No running, no hiking--NUTTIN! Both knees have had pain and instability. Anyway, the hubs and I have a superfun hut trip planned in CO so I wanted to make sure a) my body would work and b) my gear still worked. Though it was a short tour (hiked to the top of some lift, a little less than 2000 ft, and then skied down), my knee felt ok. It was sore but it was able to do tele turns. I am hoping that the beaucoup amounts of yoga might be behind this.

As for my fitness and muscles--whoa nelly. Ski touring is hard. The turns on the way down (despite being on a groomer) were REALLY FUN but SO SO SO PAINFUL!!!! Screw the weight room---I just need to make lots of turns this winter. I have always maintained its a sprinting (not so) secret.

We managed to avoid getting plowed into by any knuckle draggers or groups of kids doing pizza/french fries and we had a great time! Rick and Doug have already been out a bunch--but this was the hubs and my first time out. We were stoked. It was so great to be doing outdoor activity again. The Wasatch fresh air was a welcome change from the stale air of 24 hour fatness.

The ABSOLUTELY BEST part of the tour was at the top. It was snowing pretty hard and I realized I had forgotten my goggles. I thought I was going to have to go Euro styles and rock the shades only on the descent. Bummer. To my ultimate joy, I discovered my goggles in the pocket of my pack--THANKS TO THE HUBS!!!! In response to my proclamations of joy and love, the hubs simply replied "I thought you might want those." The hubs = the best.

To repay the universe for the delightful morning--I will now take myself to 24 hours of fatness for 1 hour on the spin bike. There. I typed it. Therefore it must happen.

We have multitudinous amounts of snow in our futures (knocking on wood as I type that). Very exciting.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing---I hope you are finding some time to embrace the elements. They like affection!

Friday, December 11, 2009

For the upstate NY homies

Oh my god. They nailed the accents.

La cugina canadese

In a super major awesome turn of events, my canadian cousin Justine came through the 801 yesterday. Justine married into my super trendy super elegant and awesome Italiano family in Hamilton, Ontario (that is in Canada). Justine is an uber corporate badass (bank exec) and lives life at a frequency I can't comprehend. She travels internationally, she works a ton--but still makes time to exercise a ton and be a super fun, awesome mom. Don't believe me? Keep reading.

A few months ago, Justine and Alessandra decided they wanted to adopt a cat. The cat they intended to adopt wasn't up to Conrad's standards (and he didn't want a cat in the first place). While rejecting the local feline option, he commenced an in depth research project to determine a suitable cat. He eventually settled on a breed--and when they began searching for breeders--discovered there weren't the world!

They found a breeder in Idaho Falls, and after looking at a map and realizing that Idaho was, in fact, a state (most Americans don't know that either), Justine decided she was going to come to the 801 to pick up the kitty and slum it with her Utahrd cousins!

I picked Justine and the kitty (Miao Miao--as named by Alessandra!). She was so little! I made Steve come home early so he could supervise Simon (his cat) and ensure a safe kitty environment for the new arrival.

The hubs and Miao Miao

Cugina canadese Justine and Alessandra's new bff
Can't wait to see Miao Miao dressed in doll's outfits being pushed around in a stroller :))

Kissing cat cousins--or--Lady and the Tramp

We hung out at our pad for a little while and let the cousin cats meet. Simon (a pound cat) tried to steal Miao Miao's organic cat food and then tried to convince her to eat some of his shwaggy stuff downstairs. We were joking that Simon would teach Miao Miao low class habits but that they would help her survival in the wild. That will never happen because Justine had to sign a contract stating that this princess would never go outside, be bred, or do anything to endanger the cat or its pedigree (it had papers!).

Once all the house wildlife was secured, we grabbed a little dins at Mazza. Justine found herself especially thirsty for a glass of vino after the many attempts to convert her on her plane trip to SLC.

We grabbed some java on the way to the airport this morning. We smuggled Miao Miao into the coffee shop (too cold to leave her in the car!) but nobody notice what Justine had in her bag.


It was super super fun to get some hang time with our most excellent cugina, Justine. Lots of laughs and sincere promises to figure out a way to get together SOON!!!

Zurini-Fedak clan--Siete i migliori!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Old and new favorites

Friday night, the hubs and I hopped on the Woody party bus (with Mini G) for an excursion up to Park City. The reason for said excursion was an invite from Rick and Lizzie for veggie and meaty chili at their humanly inhabited dog house (they have an awesome house--they also have 3 dogs). All of the aforementioned are some of my long time favorite peeps. There were some new kids on the block also in attendance: F-word Nicole and her husband Paul. These kids=my new favorite peeps. Something about the name Nicole and awesomeness seem to go hand-in-hand (at least as far as my experience with cool chicks named Nicole--NICOH).

Hanging out with Lizzie, Woodies, et al is always fun. For some reason, last night was REALLY fun. And that's not just the home made margaritas talking (but you DO have a gift, Rick).

Got a good burn down session with Mini that kid. On the way back down to the 801, we had fun comparing the leg sizes of Mini G and the hubs. (2 of Mini G's legs = 1 Hubs honey is strong).

Good times and good laughs with everyone. Had fun getting to know f-word Nicole and Paul. I pretty much always like Lizzie's friends. An original Jersey girl with a taste for the alcohol and a trucker's mouth, I LOVED f-word Nicole. Thanks for letting your planets collide Lizzie!

The Woodies were in full effect as well. Woody is almost always up for fun times in the wee hours. J9 (Mrs. Woody) occasionally rallies but definitely prefers an earlier bedtime. As the hours rolled by like seconds, I eventually noticed that J9 had been conspicuously absent for a bit. She apparently went for it with a little nap time in the spare bedroom. I f'ing love having friends who aren't afraid to take care of business.

Anyway, the food was delish-ular and the company was spectaculous. The hubs and I consider ourselves lucky to have such superstars in our lives!

And on another good note--woke up to SNOW here in the 801 this morning!!! So awesome to see. The hubs and I decided to be good Amerkans and go SHOPPING for a new coffee maker. We hit up Spoons and Spice. Wow. Why has it taken me so long to check THAT place out! There were so many choices and I was really pushing hard for the super fancy grinder/espresso/drip coffee maker. Yes these MACHINES can cost the same as a new carbon bike. But this is coffee we are talking about! The hubs got side tracked by various grinders. "Because its all about the grind." The hubs can purchase nothing without researching a product to the bejesus, so we walked away with a new cutting board and sifter pour moi.

Later in the afternoon I layered the crap out of myself and rode my mountain bike outside. I have realized I simply can NOT ride indoors for more than an hour--so I've got to try to augment the inside riding somehow. It was awesome. I totally crashed at an intersection around 15th and 15th (I got distracted by a scooter that was skidding out and I wiped out too). I totally felt like Mojo because I got up basically saying "I'm OK!" but no one even asked me if I was all right! Haters.

Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful low pressure systems. Viva la atmospheric disturbance!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Post TG hike with La Nocciolina

Had a lovely ride to the northern regions on Friday. I always forget about going North of the SLC. Friday night Richie and Renee cheffed up a TG part deux. 3 words: Cornish Game Hens (or is that 2 words?). It was great to see those kids and the dins was delish.

After opting out of racing cross in poopy air on Saturday am (downward dog instead), the hubs and I met up with the Yohnson-Gammons and the newest addition to their family: La Nocciolina (aka Hazel). On her almost-2-month-birthday, we did a lovely walk up the summer road at Alta.

La Nocciolina staying rested before the hike...

If we could only teach her how to say "bring out the laser" while bringing her pinky to her lower lip.

Papa Yohnson-Gammon assisting with the lambykins one-sie hiking outfit.

Mama Francescone carried her little one in her bjaby bjorn. The pair borrowed the hubs' down vest for some additional protection from the elements.

Stupid camera phone.

It was super beautiful out there. The skiing didn't look appealing but it was AWESOME to be up in the Wasatch. Definitely got me genuflecting to the Norse gods of flakes for more snow in the montagne.

We hit up Lone Star for some football sized burritos post-walk. Got some more hang time with Famiglia Yohnson-Gammon while La Nocciolina snoozed. It was a great day and the bambina was a superchamp/supercutey.

Because I'm REALLY TRYING to ride my bicycle again, I headed to 24 hours of fatness Saturday evening to ride indoors. I thought it would be empty but I walked in and just thought to myself "look at all these losers working out on a Saturday night." Then I walked by a mirror.

Wait a second...

Came home and the hubs and I watched the movie "Up" thanks to Erin's recommendation. It was cute. We then continued our The Office marathon since we can watch it thanks to Netflix on-demand. Why did we have to learn about that?

That show rules. The "whether Hillary Swank is hot" debate? Classic.

This morning the air quality didn't seem too bad so the hubs and I got out for a Giro di Draper. today. It was definitely pretty brrrrr around 4:30--but luckily we were able to obtain warmth and chais at the Beans and Brews in Holladay. It was close though.

Hope everyone's digestive systems are back on track. I say, bring on the Christmas cookies.

Friday, November 27, 2009

TG eve and beyond

Twas the night before Thanksgiving, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Since work emptied out a little early that night, I did the random rally to the Beerhive, supertrendy diet coke establishment here in the 801. I walked in and saw some of my favorite people in the world, totally unplanned:

Ok that was really the first time meeting James, but he gets favorite people status by association with the other kids.

Shane "waxing" poetic about a certain subject...I freaking love this guy.

It was a super fun night. The hubs rallied to get out of work at a decent hour and so did Rodney, super awesome Laura's beyonce. I was totally overwhelmed by the awesome-ness.

A couple heads from work also joined which was great (it was actually their idea to go). Since I'm all about consuming local--Shane introduced me to the High West (was it whiskey or bourbon?). Wow it was awesome. Maybe a little too awesome.

What things looked like in my world, upon leaving the Beerhive. HUBS, WAIT UP FOR ME!

After drinking dinner, Rodney (the athlete of the group), suggested we go obtain some sustenance of the solid variety. Superawesome Laura, Rodney, the hubs and I headed over to the Naked Fish for some sushi. And sake. It was really fun and the fish was delish.

Its a Thanksgiving miracle! (We made it back to our car)

It was the night of the random rally.

Thanksgiving morn, the hubs and I met up with a work buddy for a muddy mountain bike ride (though said work buddy suggested going early, so the trail would be frozen, the hubs and I were shockingly late). It was pretty comical but not very long. The parts that were snowy were fine--it was just the sunny wet parts that were slightly issue-matic. Lots of screaming (and laughing) and then the hubs and I headed back home. In a spurt of hubs awesomeness, the hubs actually took our mountain bikes to the carwash to be cleaned. Don't worry, he made sure to aim the powersprayer directly at the headset and bottom bracket. Gotta clean those bearings.

On account'a I'm starting to train again, I hopped on my road bike for some extra minutes of ride time. The 801 was pretty empty which was great. Ran into NOB and some friends out riding around filming a documentary on their favorite coffee establishments and fixie fashions :)))

Made it back just in time to rush over the Woodies (and we were still 30 minutes late). We have spent the past 3 TG's with the Woodies. Every year is a little different: different people, different dishes, different pre-dins activities...But every year is ALWAYS awesome!!!

One notable absence was the DBs who were off to the northwest. We missed them but still managed to have some fun. This year's roster included Harris/Fraser/Neah; a couple from J9's work; and a late showing of Scharves and family. The company was fabulissimo, the food amazing(even the brussel sprouts!!). It was super great seeing a one-year-older Neah (a 7th grader). The hubs and I both agreed that all kids should be like her. Totally friendly, cute, engaging and fun to talk to. As ususal, Fraser (Neah's mom) did not disappoint. This woman is a superbadass of hilarity and trendiness.

This year Fraser and I really thought we were bringing our "A" games with the dessert. Woody entrusted me with a recipe for gingerbread with mascarpone honey topping and Fraser and Neah made a fruit gallette. The newcomers to Thanksgiving really showed both of us up with a roasted sweet potato cheesecake with whipped cream and some RIDICULOUS brownies. It was really just a race for 2nd place after that damn cheesecake. I'm going to say the gallette definitely edged out the gingerbread and-come to think of it- the brownies probably did too. What can I say, one spot off the podium is nothing new for me.

Fraser was definitely in love with the cheesecake--but not so psyched about losing (we all have things in which we are competitive). At one point she whispered loudly "I'M REALLY NOT SURE I LIKE THIS NEW COUPLE."

In other TG competitions- there was a Pictionary world championships of boys vs girls. It was INCREDIBLY close and both sides played brilliantly. Cheek to cheek! J9 (and Wendy) proved to be the mind-melters when it came to guessing correctly. However, Todd of the NEW COUPLE was a pretty studly draw-er and drawing guess-er. So it was a fierce battle to the bitter end. The boys actually came from behind to make it to the finish first, but the girls did an uber bike toss on the all-play thanks to Wendy's masterful rendering of a leaf. Much celebrating all around.

I hope everyone's TG was as tryptophantastic as mine and that you are all hopefully getting some time for some fun activities. Viva le long weekend. And let's hope for some snow.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Put the hater-ade down

I must've drankened the hater-ade because I was a total hater this week. Feeling yucky, out of shape, eating like crap, work poopiness. Thank god for St. Hubs. Friday things turned around a bit, though I had to work in the morning, I got out on a nice ride. Well it was sort of a stupid ride (riding stupid places like the mountain dell golf course to get a few more miles) but really gorgeous out and not too cold. Best of all, the air quality was decent too. I saw Alisha and Dave W getting in their winter miles too. I was hoping we'd be heading down Emigration at the same time for a litte rotation action but because they are hard core they weren't ready to head back over when I was. I had to fight the head wind on my own. It wasn't too bad though.

Friday night the hubs and I saw Where the Wild Things Are. The movie was good--even better was the discovery that BREWVIES NOW SELLS WINE AND LIQUOR!!!!! For those of you don't live here, Brewvies is a place where you can drink beer and watch a movie. With the wall beginning to come down (and the changing liquor laws), Brewvies is now serving vino and liquor (which--unlike beer--I can drink).

The hubs and I also discovered Boston Legal on Netflix in addition to Netflix on demand. We have been boning up on some major The Office action. I don't think I could ever go back to normal TV after watching TV on Netflix. Good thing we don't have TV.

Saturday I went and did a little workout with Lizzie at 24 hour fatness. It was the fastest 45 minute workout I've ever done. Then the hubs and I rode out to the Air of Saltyness. It was a full on gnarlissimo headwind on the way out. I was SO SO waiting to get whisked back to SLC on the way home but it sort of seemed like the wind died down. Though that was a let-down, I was super psyched that I "cleaned" the airport bike path in both directions because I have serious skillz. (And I didn't hurt myself either out there, which I ususally do). It was a breakthrough and I opened all 5 gates BOTH WAYS without unclipping and I even swung the gates wide enough so the HUBS could get through without unclipping.

Ah the things we do to make stupid rides more fun.

Fun on the maximum security bike path (its next to the airport)

It was still a fun ride and great to get some hubs time--even though it was too windy to talk most of the time.

Where did this pic come from? Don't we live in a desert? Yes I'm being very tricky. This is the marina out at Saltair (Great Salt Lake).

Hubs on the maximum security bike path. Delta flight comin in hot.

I was planning to do the cyclocross race today. However, I woke up really NOT wanting to do it. JEM called and we met up to ride out there. While waiting for her, I tried to adjust my seat and stripped the seat bolt. Hey, a sign is a sign. I traded in the cx bike for the road bike (ahhh much better) and rode out to the race with JEM and then kept heading south to get in some more kilos. Sandy is THE PLACE to ride on a Sunday. Who knew? I headed east on 9600 South and got some great qt with some sweet vistas of the Wasatch. I headed back down Little Cottonwood/Wasatch under darkening skies and increasing winds. Was happy to be back home.

Trying to resist the desire to drink the hater-ade. Have to travel for work :( but soon it will be Thanksgiving at the Woodies. Just need to make it 3 days this week.

Remember, we live in a pretty sweet place.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Thanks 801

Yesterday was a brisk but sunny day in the 801. To back up, however, the hubs and I joined the DBs, Woodies and Mini G at Naked Fish for birthday sushi on Saturday night. It was dern good. Even though Jem says its lame to eat the tuna on account'a they can regulate their body temperature and are wicked smart, I was enjoying those scholarly chickens of the sea ENORMOUSLY. Seared, Nigiri'ed Pokie'ed. Everything. Afterward we went to the my fave the Red Door where some dirty girl scouts showed us who was boss. (the drink, not the real thing--though I have been craving Samoas lately in case anyone knows any clean girl scouts--the real thing).
We had a super fun night and somehow didn't regain conciousness until frat boy wake up time on Sunday. After many cups of java, I moto'ed for an afternoon ride. It was super gorgeous though very cold.

I would like to commend the Wasatch on getting a decent start to the winter. They've still got a long way till I will announce the Verdicts (my skis)--but I was filled with optimism as I gazed out at the rocky loveliness.

2 hours on Friday and 2.5 hours on Sunday. I better be careful about overtraining.

I ran into Alisha on Wasatch changing a flat. We rode and chatted until I turned and burned at 6200 South and she kept keepin on b/c she be burley like that.

Since I had a bunch of work to do the hubs and I busted over to the Patagucci outlet for the last day of their sale. Oh my awesome-ness. I was having so much fun but the hubs had drankened some of the hater-ade and was not loving it up in the dressing room with me. Anyway, even though the hubs *almost* rained on my parade, I got tons of stuff (nothing I was looking for) including the jacket I've been fantasizing about (a long puffy--but not too puffy). Thanks Caterina for giving us the beta on that!

Afterwards, instead of doing the work I need to do, I made some soup with my frusen tomatoes. It turned out pretty well, esp accompanied by some Naan BREAD (E- that's for you). Finally focused on getting some of my shizz done. But then it was late and I was tired so I woke up at oh-five-hund-o to ride to work. That was ouch-y. And then I got to ride home in total darkness too. However, I would like to congratulate myself on successful apparel selection. Two words: wind pants. If you hear something swishing behind you--you'll know who it is...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Some people are smart, others not so much

The roads dried up this morning and the sun came out (temporarily at least). The hubs and I made a plan to ride with Rick down here in the 801. I headed over to the Yohnson-Gammons to assist with trainer installation (on account'a mama J-G needs a little exercise whilst getting QT with la nocciolina). On my way over, I rode into a blizzard. It was a wall of white. What happened to the blue skies? Things changed quick. I helped them with the trainer and then headed back out. I met up with Rick and Steve to just do a little wintry spin. About 30 seconds after heading out, Steve flatted. Very surprising.
As Rick was getting the tire off, Steve's CO2 prematurely evacuated (you know what I mean). You can see the puff of white in the picture. Good thing those are freezing cold.

They got the tire with one of Rick's CO2 cartridges and we headed off with the plan to ride for an hour through the neighborhoods (in a snowstorm). Until 10 seconds after we started riding and Steve's tire went flat again. We used another CO2 (Rick we owe you several cartridges now) but nothing stayed in. Steve started hooking it back to the Yohnson-Gammons (about 5 blocks away) and Rick and I just headed straight for home to get the car.

We totally froze our asses off on the way home. And every light seemed like it was red. The brakes were not performing flawlessly either. An hour ride in the snow would've *maybe* been ok. A 30 minute ride in the snow with 30 minutes of stopping and standing around was pure stupidity.

We made it back to our house soaked and freezing. Lucky for us, Dr. J-G decided to just give the hubs a ride home (after the hubs did what he described as the longest walk of his bike). Best part of the day was getting to do some hangtime with Lizzie when she came over to collect her frozen boyfriend. My garmin read 10 miles and 2 hours (didn't shut'er off while dealing with the trainer at the J-G's). Rick remarked I probably could've pushed a wheelbarrow and generated similar stats. Anyway, I still enjoyed some recovery chocolate--as was my right. Now its time to do some work before Caterina's birthday.

Sometimes stupidity is fun.

Snow dustings

I moto'ed to get my butt up Emigration yesterday. Does anyone happen to know if they've recently lengthened and steepened it? It felt like it. Who's a paragon of fitness right now? It was FREEEEZING cold and there were some snow dustings up there. It was definitely under 40 degrees in certain parts of the canyon. There weren't many people out but I did see a guy WITH BARE KNEES riding up. OMG. This pic doesn't really capture it (and maybe I was shaking with the cold) but the trees were definitely snow dusted up there.

It was a nuking headwind on the way down. Thanks to the dude in the red who blew by me on the downhill but didn't object that I was glued in his draft on the way down. There was no way I was going to pass up a ride.

I had to work again on a friday off. Kind of a bummer. However, I've determined that being in cars makes me grumpy so I carried my backpack on my ride and went straight to work. Since I'm not motivated to train right now, I'm going to motivate to drive AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE. I find I'm happier that way.

Last night we got to pay a visit to the Yohnson-Gammons to visit Miss Hazel (aka La Nocciolina) on her one month birthday. She is a real cutey. The hubs demonstrated an amazing ability to calm La Nocciolina down (at least temporarily). The Yohnson-Gammons called the hubs the baby whisperer. That was funny.

On the baby scene, Sleaze, Melanie and Presley welcomed Mason into the world a few days ago. I've only seen pictures but he's another cutey too.

Subie snow dusting this morning--YIPPEE.

Its looking quasi-wintry out there! Very exciting. We have Caterina's sushi berfday tonight with the DBs, Woodies and MINI-G. I'm definitely looking forward to it.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Looking for a little moto

Woke up this morning to some great ideas for the garden and a stomach ache from all the chocolate (see previous post). Was met with another quality post from the hubs. I hope the random surprise hubs post gives people a reason to check the blog--to see if the hubs will grace us with his quirky (though SO belated) worldview.

In other belated news, have been meaning to tout the #3 in the nation Albany Sirens rugby team after nationals last weekend (of which my studly little sister is a member). After winning their first 2 games. The sirens lost to Pittsburgh in the semi-finals. However, they won the consolation:

"After playing 3 matches in 24 hours it was an understatement to say our players were battered and tired and few would of blamed them for not giving 100%... but our women dug deep within and played every minute of the consolation final on pure guts, determination and a lot of Albany pride...When the final whistle blew it was 7-5 Albany, and we were #3 in the nation."

Mary Pezzulo, former captain of the Syracuse women's rugby squad also reported:"The Syracuse rugby guys that live [in Houston] came to watch and screamed at the ref like overprotective dads on the sidelines."

We had a little Albany rugby rally this morning to celebrate:

The hubs chugs his coffee instead of a boot

In other upstate NY family rockstar news, Papa esq had a huge victory in the courtroom. Its been all over the papers and TV. I will refrain from posting those links in the interest of demonstrating that said attorney has absolutely NO TIES to the social or political views that have at times been espoused in this forum.

In any event, he successfully took the city to task for mismanaging funds intended for firefighters. While the dollar figure was pretty amazing, I'm personally inspired by the fact that said attorney's father (an Italian immigrant) was himself a firefighter. While he is very unfortunately no longer with us--I'm pretty sure there were some celestial anisette and wandies broken out in heavenly celebration of the "Chief's" son's victory.

I on the other hand will provide a nice foil for the accolades of my amazing relations.

Hey motivation: are you in there?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hostile takeover of Tiff's blog

Right, so I’ve (the Hubs) been placed on the lifetime ban list. I feel like what Jerry and Kramer must have felt after getting banned from Joe’s fruit shop. So I orchestrated a hostile takeover. I hypnotized her with gardening magazines and chocolate in order to get the password and well... Terribly sorry about the delay, but for those who were curious about rest of the details from the 25 hour frog hollow thing, here it is.

Jem being sent off with the the team slogan "Nice Ass!"

When we left off, Jem had just spanked the course and was placing the team into the capable hands of Clem, who was the 2 in the 1-2 punch combo. Unfortunately for Clem, 10 minutes into his lap, his bike’s top tube discovered the seat tube cheating with the down tube, which explosively resulted in irreconcilable differences. Apparently, in the middle of a sizable dip, he mistook a huge “Bang!” for a bottomed out suspension (which was now dramatically squishier). At some point, I’m sure he looked down and had the “ohhh #$^&#@” realization, but it didn’t faze him a bit. He decided to ride the rest of the lap out of the saddle, running the more techy spots (to help prevent his bike from completely exploding). Even with his bike being held together with a shoe string and a prayer, he was able to punch through with a time just over 1:10… absolutely amazing, for the bike and him.

Clem handed the ass off to Tiff and while she was crushing it, asked me if he could borrow my bike for his next lap. I think I saw my bike shudder a wee bit, but I was confident it would work out (he’s only 3 or so inches taller than me, so raising the seat would be the only adjustment). Plus with the new tube and spoke, the bike should be riding like it had just been taken from the showroom floor. Of course that is if I could figure out why the shifting was grumbling more and more. On that note, I quickly went to work tuning the sram grip-shifting when I noticed that the derailleur was at a slight angle to the cogs. At the time I thought this was a bit odd, the engineer in me told me to refer to a working bike (yeah, the derailleur was perfectly parallel to the cogs). A slight yank (ok, maybe a bit more than slight), and the thing was shifting a tad better even though it was far from parallel. I comforted myself by chalking the difference to a sram vs shimano thing. In the back of my mind, I knew that I could always just stay in the biggest cog (that should be safe as a two-speed after all). As for Clem using it after me, I was sure I’d get the shifting figured out during my next lap.

Fueled with soft ginger cookies and some string cheese, I was charged up and ready to make up for my last lap. The going was great for most of the lap. 40 minutes in and I only had to adjust the shifting cable tension 4-5 times, but as this can be done on the fly, I didn’t even lose any time. Up comes this techy section that I had practiced about 8 times to find the perfect line. On one side, the train had a step up, on the other side of the step up was a tight fit between another huge rock. I chose the line straight over the step up. Just as I got my front tire over, bang, I nail the center of the step-up with what I thought was my big chain ring. No prob, at worst I crushed a chain ring tooth… there’s like 40 more where that one came from, so I should be good. The next pedal stroke however was not to be. It was the same feeling as when you swap out your chain but forget to put new cogs on (chain skip). When I looked down though, to my horror I saw that my derailleur had now found a home around one of my spokes. The current predicament brought some fond biking memories flooding back. A riding buddy from grad school, Chris, had powered through this situation and had ended up with a trail of derailleur parts sprinkled along the road like a trail of tears. Well, at least that didn’t happen. I sighed in relief and looked back down at my sad rig, but noticed that the derailleur hanger had broken clean off, bummer, so now it was more than simply getting the thing unstuck from the spoke.

The broken hanger reminded me of the same poor Chris who had also been afflicted with this problem 85 miles into our ride around the White Rim in 92-106 degree weather and 40-50 mph gusts of wind (but that’s a whole other story). The moral of that story was, aside from the obvious, never put your bike upside down to fix it. A flat, a gust, and in an instant, his hanger was no more. It’s not as if it was a unique experience, but it did clue me into the idea that I could turn my bike into a single speed (which is what he had to ride for the remainder, not exactly a gimme). Without further ado, I got to work trying to decide what gearing to choose and a short 17 minutes, some hard lessons in chain tool usage, and 6-8 “got everything”s later and I was back in the game. As I was finishing the lap, my only thought was ‘sorry Clem, I guess your gonna have to ride a single’. My other thought was ‘I wonder how much time I lost’. Turns out a lot, I was also the proud recipient of our team’s slowest lap at 1:24.

With the exception of a “I heart my bike” bell that deserted Tiff in a moment of need, the next few laps were run without incident. Clem wisely decided to use Jems bike instead of mine. While resting before the next night lap (how the hell did I end up with three of these) I thought it better to fret about which single speed to use rather than to recharge my lights. I seemed to remember that one could get at least 3 hours out of a single charge and a combination of recharging them after the first night lap and doing the math I figured I had a good hour of charge left. If I just used one light at a time, I should have plenty of charge left for the whole lap. About 5 minutes into the lap and that logic wasn’t looking too hot when my head lamp winked out. Now it was a race against time on a more lethargic single-speed and significantly more lethargic (and crampy) legs. Although the moon had been full and shining brightly for my last lap, it was setting for this one. So I guess I don’t have that going for me. I spent the next 50 or so minutes trying to re-calculate how long I had used the lights on the other two laps and wondering how fast I’d be able to go in complete darkness. Luckily, I made it to the final section of single track before my last light gave up. At least I wasn’t surrounded by snakes. One doesn’t realize how bright these bike lights are until they go out in the middle of a ride. You really can’t see a damn thing. I had some vague notion of the trail, but I can’t be certain I stayed on the single track. All I can say is that some heroic sage brush sacrificed itself for my cause.

The next few hours were a blur, but along with Clem getting his best time on his fifth lap, some smack was being thrown around about batteries being unplugged prematurely and clothing being donated to the Frog Hollow organizers. All in all, it was the best mountain bike race and 25 hour event I’ve ever been a part of (also the first of each). I’d do it again in a heartbeat, but I might take the Dawg into the Wild Rose for some rehab first. Since Clem won’t be needing that frame, perhaps I could steal his derailleur hanger.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Looking at the milk carton

Because my motivation and the top of my bike bell are both missing.

What is the deal with that? Maybe they are on vacation together in Southern Utah. That's about the time both were last seen...

I have got some serious laziness happening. I did, however, motivate to make some decent minestrone last night (yeah frozen tomatoes!). Root vegetables are in season and are sounding good. Had a little bit of a scare regarding some green potato situations. All seems to be ok though.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Breach of contract

Well, my guest writer breached his contract (failure to deliver the contemplated product in a timely fashion). In other words, the hubs didn't get around to part II of his 25 hours of frog hollow race report. Oh well. He didn't get to talk about how he broke his derailleur hanger, flatted and crashed; or how Clem broke his frame, and how I LOST THE TOP PART OF MY BIKE BELL (let's face it, the biggest tragedy of them all). Well let this post constitute the hubs' official ban from writing on my blog. Until he decides he wants to again, that is. Hell, if Michael Vick gets a 2nd chance, so can the Hubs.

If you want to drill down for more details, you can check out results here.

In other gnus, the hubs and I had a fun night ride with Rick on Thursday. We re-lived some of our glory and generally had a good time. Friday was another gorgeous day in the 801. Though I don't work on Fridays, I had to work in the afternoon so after downward dogging I slooooowly pedalled into work. Friday night we helped the Woodies move a hot tub. It was an impressive feat of engineering and everybody's lower lumbar is still intact. We got to see the DBs and the Nezzies.

Most positive person on the planet (PPP) Lindsay with Nezzy jr.

Dr. Evil and Mini Me. Yeah!

It was super great to do a little catch up and hang time with some of my favorite peeps.

Saturday, I woke up and decided to not race 'cross. I registered but was not feeling the love. Coach K says no bike related stress right now so in lieu of racing I crashed this bro-brah boyz ride.

The hubs, the Insane-o and Sr. Simonis

After riding the low stuff in PC, we went over to Rick and Lizzie's. The hubs went out for ANOTHER ride with Rick while Lizzie and I took their 3 dogs for a walk and did some smack talking...

Saturday night we had dins with uber Bad Ass Professional esq Laura and her finance Rodney. Super great to catch up with these kids.

Sunday morning was another downward dog morning and then we had my favorite brunch at Trio with Richie and Renee. Heard about Richie's ski vacation involving the small MT resorts and a trailer that he and il Sturgino will be sleeping in for a week.

Otherwise, the hubs and I are enjoying a mellow fall with minimal travel, some mountain biking and a lot of hang time. Last night we watched an eh-spanish movie with Penelope Cruz called Volver. It was sort of trippy but pretty good. Penelope Cruz is a single mom and she doesn't have much money. I couldn't help but be reminded of the Jim Gaffigan line about Halle Berry in Monster's Ball--where he says that she's so good looking its distracting: "I was watching that movie Monster's Ball where Halle Berry plays this impoverished woman, and the whole time I'm thinking; 'why doesn't she just become a model'." She could get some photos together--she could be the next Halle Berry.

Penelope wasn't as impoverished--but it is kind of ridiculous--especially when she's cast with normal looking people.

Anyway, it was a decent flick.

While this mild fall weather is pretty nice--the air is starting to get a little yuck--and I really wouldn't mind some SNOW (even if my knee is poopy)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The details

So here's a little write-up from the 25 hours of Frog Hollow race...

The hubs and I arrived in Hurricane late Friday afternoon. We stopped by Over the Edge Sports in Hurricane to pick up our numbers. Owners DJ and Quentin gave us a little course beta and specific directions. If you are riding in that area--that is definitely the place to hit up. The shop is really cool too. DJ advised us on a specific lube to use which ended up serving us well on the dry dusty course.

We made our way over to the course. It was nuking winds with not much protection. I did what any sane person would do--hunker down in the car and eat pita chips and cookies. The hubs eventually convinced me a pre-ride would probably be smart so we headed out onto the course. It was several miles of gradual up-hill on a dirt road followed by a mandatory dismount into a SUPER FUN swoopy downhill on the JEM trail. The single track was a lot of fun, very flowy with a few technical ups. This was followed by a slightly downhill dirtroad section and then a pretty technical section of the hurricane rim trail.

All the pita chips and cookies were really doing a number on my tummy so I was definitely walking the dog. We made it back to our camp and waited for the JemClems to show up.

It was a VERY mellow event. I think the race had less than 100 participants (and that's for ALL the categories). So we felt like we had tons of space at our campsite and unlike 24 hours of Moab it wasn't a dust clogged generator purring cluster.

The JemClems eventually arrived with all the fixins for a legit 25 hour race: spring bar stand up tent, table, chairs...the full deal. And tons of food. And more beer. Rick (our 5th) eventually showed up in the middle of the night.

The next morning we headed to the costume.

Jem gets the double take.

We got our final instructions and then took up position to cheer on our runner and 1st rider, Clem. (These 24+ races usually start with a run in order to try to spread people out).

At the start line there was definitely some legit costume action:

Wonder Woman is my favorite!

This guy had the fastest male lap. And he did it in disco pants. You can't see the shirt he's wearing--which says "NOTICE ME".

Clem was 2nd behind Mr. Notice Me in the run.

He had a fast first lap, finishing right about the hour mark. So I was up next.

The first lap was my favorite lap. I felt great and had a total blast on the course. I crashed on the switchback after the mandatory dismount section, but luckily it was not the same side I crashed on at the cyclocross race. And I had a nice sagebrush to break my fall.

I finished my first lap in 58:46 which ended up being the fastest female lap and handed the reins over to the hubs.

The hubs ALSO had an awesome first lap, riding the course in 57:57--which was the fastest lap on our team! He ended up breaking a spoke on this lap--but didn't realize it till later...(that is foreshadowing)

Rick was up next and also rode a sub hour lap, and then Jem rounded out our 1st rotation.

She *hearts* her mountain bike.

I got the last full daylight lap and then it was into the night...(imagine ominous music)

Enter guest writer, the hubs...
please forgive the change of style. I'm a blogging beginner. This one is for the Sleaze... and all the rest of the folks that know me well as the "junk show".

So, backing up a couple of steps, imagine what normal people do before a big event like this. Yeah, they take their bike into a local bike shop (aka. The Wild Rose) and get em tuned to racing perfection. Joanna, Tiff, and Rick all took a ride on that luxury cruiser and guess what, with the exception of Rick (perfectly demonstrating the "moth drawn to the light" effect and it's obvious consequences), they all had mechanical free laps. Clem and I, on the other hand, were confident that our Konas were in prime shape and up for the challenge. A few pre-rides in the weeks before the event, and I was pretty psyched with how the Dawg was loping. Although the shifting did seem to be a tad on the "auto" side. But I thought to myself... that'll probably work itself out on the ride. Oh, I forgot to mention that I had a slow leak in the front tire, my line of thinking was that as long as I topped it off before each lap, it should be money, I mean, why waste a perfectly good tube.

Pre-second lap realization: Fast forward to the 25hour Halloween madness and the few hours before the night laps. During my first lap, I had this sense that there was something a bit noodly about the rear wheel and was wondering if I had somehow missed another slow leak in the rear tire.

Clem came blazing in after his second lap (also under an hour), but seemed to have decided that he needed to round out his costume with a bit of makeup (so that the ass would blend in better with the recently attached rubber balls which were a good light weight substitute for the trucknutz we had been contemplating). Alas, the only thing he could find on the trail was this redish-brownish powder. Luckily, his rolling around in the dirt hadn't affected his time and had left his balls in tact.
At that point, Jem, feeling as though the trail had unabashedly been staring at her ass, decided that she couldn't wait another four laps before she went out and slapped it in the face for the offence. Which I'm happy to say she accomplished quite well. She had no idea, but she had unknowingly given me even more time to neglect the slow leak in my front tire. When I was getting ready to hit the course again, I looked down at my rear wheel and noticed that one of my spokes had given up the ghost. Now that wa-wa sound I remember hearing from the back wheel a few weeks ago was starting to make sense. I was contemplating just riding without it when Clem offered up his wheel until we could fix mine. A bold move on his part.

After Jem got back, the trail had learned it's lesson and Tiff turned another amazingly fast lap (just over an hour). She was loving her Yeti, and it wasn't letting her down. Dusk was approaching and that meant lights, balls, and glowsticks for the Dawg. After the long rest, I was feeling super fresh and ready to attack. Two other 5-person coed teams had taken off at about the same time as me, so for the first time I had some rabbits to chase. I soon left them in the dust and was feeling pretty good so I decided to see if my Dawg had any handling skillz when to my surprise, it did but I didn't. I went down pretty hard, got up, and quickly realized I had a flatted the front tire. Hmmm maybe it was leaking a bit faster than I thought. Nearly 8 minutes later (turns out the pump I had borrowed from Rick was capable of an impressive 1 psi per 100 pumps), I finally had the rig back up and running and finished out the course with a respectable 1:10. I was thinking to myself, "sweet, at least I got the 'first wreck' jitters out of the way, and I even got a new tube out of the deal". Other than the flat and the slightly worse auto shifting, the Dawg was still being my best friend.

I sent Rick off into the night for his second lap, we exchanged the team motto "nice ass!", and I promptly went back to camp and plugged in my lights' batteries. I hate to say it, but this may have been my smartest and perhaps only sensible move of the event. Out on the course, however, Rick was putting his stans no-tubes to the test. He had contemplated recharging the old glue before the race, but adopted my "I'm sure it'll be alright" school of thought. And I'm certain it would have been, except that he wanted to re-enact the "it's so beautiful" line from a Bug's Life. His sirens took the form of a lone sharp rock in the middle of an otherwise perfectly graded dirt road (i.e. the super fast portion of the course). Luckily a CO2 cartrige did the trick and he didn't even have to change the tire, only a couple of recharges with his pump. His mishap cost him less time and he Armstronged it in (think Leadville) to the tune of an amazing 1:07.

Next up was Jem, and now that she had shown the trail who was boss, claimed a great time, her ass hanging out tauntingly the entire way. A quick check of the results, and Jem had helped us put the next closest team more than a lap behind.

(To be continued...)

a little trailer for the next post...

The Yogurt on My Pretzels

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