Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A little media action

The Press-Enterprise Newspaper did a story on Redlands stage 1.

I'm in the video and also quoted in the story. The video has a good shot of guest rider Karla before the road race too.

Monday, March 30, 2009

When the cat was away, the mice did play

And while Tiff was away at Redlands, the hubs definitely did some playing of his own back in the 801. A storm blanketed the Wasatch with some of the white goodness, and when the hubs got the call from Richie, there was only one thing to be done.

Take the Big Daddys up Argenta with some good peeps.

(Il Sturgino, Nera and Richie pictured above, hubs not pictured because he took all the photos).

Photos of the tour (and some good vids) posted here
Richie's write-up here

Since I had such a good experience with guest riders this past week, I was hoping the hubs would appear on my blog as a guest writer. He declined, but may have been overheard saying "I felt a tiny bit guilty about poaching the untracked couloir before everyone else...but not that guilty."

Redlands Stage 4: The Drive to SLC

Well I managed to finish Redlands only to get time cut on the drive back to SLC.

But before we get to that, I wanted to recap the weekend after the prologue. Friday was a 75 mile ouchy road race. I made it up the climbs on the 1st lap only to get shelled on the flat cross wind section after trying to move our GC rider up. Chased back on through the caravan and then got dropped for real on the climbs that 2nd time up. But so had a lot of people. Formed a group with a couple riders that a few teammates eventually joined. Megan had really pushed herself to try to move Marisa up (which helped ensure Marisa's staying with the front group) so she ended up in our grupetto. We also absorbed Liza who had had a mechanical. Teammate Linsey pulled our group like a banshee and for a while we actually had the main group in sight....but the headwind was out of control and it just couldn't be done.

Saturday's crit started out by getting MARINATED in the sun for 30 minutes. Doh. Tiff not so good with the heat. We sat there baking on the asphalt and even though I was drinking, I was burning like a dicso inferno. The crit was fast and furious and so awesome. The course was technical, and through the streets of downtown Redlands. At about the 30 minute mark I dropped anchor and couldn't deal. I finished in a group off the main field and then went and sat under a sink at a chiropractor's office that was on the course. Guest Teammate Liza was 8th which was awesome--especially considering she was on a neutral bike. All my other teammates finished with the main field including our GC rider Marisa. So good job everyone.

Best part of the crit was having Johnny G and Jen out there. They got some awesome photos. They were standing on a particularly sketchy corner which they characterized as "getting more chewed up each time the pack went by." As they were horrified by the nature of the corner and how fast everyone was taking it--to their dismay they discovered a banana peel in the corner (left).

I like this photo because it aptly characterizes how I felt immediately afterwards.

Sunday was a ridankulously HARD but AWESOME race. We were going about 22 mph in the "neutral" roll-out until we hit the base of the climb and all hell just broke loose. The circuit was pretty hard--you were either climbing or descending at all times. But it was a really great course. I made it 7 of the 9 laps before getting pulled (and still got a GC placing). Marisa unfortunately had some mechanicals so Megan and Liza were our best finishers on the day. Linsey, Mo and Karla also rode really strong.

Then came stage FOUR! The drive back to SLC. Just like on Friday, there were sick cross winds and all those damn semi's just gutter-bombed me on the I-15...I could get no draft. Thank god Linsey and her awesome-est husband Miguel packed my bikes in my car for me. I would probably not have bikes now if they hadn't done that---the winds were so strong. When the winds let up, the snow came down. Or more like across. Felt like mach speed with the blurry snowflakes and when I thought I saw Ewoks I knew it was time to pull over. I was less than 100 miles from SLC but I had to pull over and have some miserable, uncomfortable "rest" on the side of the road. Made it in this morning about 6 am--well outside the time cut (at least as far as my job is concerned). Luckily they are letting me start tomorrow.

All in all it was a tremendous weekend. I'm totally inspired by my badass teammates and so grateful to our interim director, Marco, Miguel and all the other people who gave us such great support throughout the weekend. I'm exhausted, sunburned and can't wait for more!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Note to self

I've recovered from the trauma of my trip to CA. And in other good news, justice has prevailed as I received an e-mail from the CA toll roads that I don't owe them $0.30. I shudder to think of the spectacle I made of myself on film. At least it might provide a little humor over the water cooler. Probably some Utah cracks too.

I arrived in Redlands on Tuesday and picked up teammate Mo. We met up with teammate Linsey and our interim director Marco to pre-ride the TT course. It was great to get to know my new teammates a little better and Marco is a total superstar. We connected with Liza Rachetto and Karla Kingsley, 2 of our guest riders back at the AMAZING place where we're staying. By looking at a map, one might regard Redlands as a less than desirable place. Its seems nestled in a snarl of freeway interchanges and flush with major industrial craziness. However, this would be way off the mark. It is a super cute town with cool mountains and orange and lemon groves everywhere. We are staying at a Victorian B&B which is incredible. Reminds me of old east coast houses with all the intricacies, little nooks and crannies, funky hallways, and beautiful ornate details.

Marisa and Megan (the sick climbers originating from the MIDWEST?) filtered into the house late Tuesday.

Today (Wednesday) was the prologue at Redlands. Amber Neben won followed by Mara Abbott. Amber's time would've been midpack in the men's race. Holy crap! Anyway, the team did well--Marisa was our top rider about 1:30 off GC followed by Megan and Linsey (who had a GREAT ride!). Liza was next and then Karla, me and Monique. To be honest, I was happy to crack 14 minutes (for 109th place!) but we'll just keep that between all 5 of you and me. Winning time was about 10:40 so I was about 3 minutes off of that. Now I'm not a mathemagician---but I'm thinking I can probably make that up with a little hard work and a little creativity. I just need to sabotage about 100 bikes and then the glory will be ALL MINE!

The TT bike was probably not the optimal choice for uphill prologue. If I had ridden my road bike I'm thinking I could've at least gone about .0000001 seconds faster. I probably could've done a better job tying my hair back and using less safety pins. Precious grams. Time trials are funny that way.

However, it was great to actually RACE the bike--which was my original intent. While my own result was far from stellar, I actually enjoyed today....It was so cool to be riding at such a high caliber event. We drove tomorrow's road course in the afternoon and then got some food at a dinner hosted by some local people (with a spectacular house in the hills). We drove the course in 2 cars (in true So cal style) and we had radios. Someone made the mistake of giving me a radio. You put a handheld radio in my hand and I become another person. Its like the lines from Airplane just take over. I get transported back to collegiate racing and using the radios while in the porta-potties. Good to know that I've been able to mature over the years. After a few minutes I was ordered to give the radio to someone else in the car. Miguel (Linsey's husband) was totally encouraging me and that didn't help either. As we finished driving the climb, he told me to radio the other car to ask where the climb started. Yeah, not helping :)

Off to bed (or napping in between the 20 pee breaks I'll need during the night)...Tomorrow's stage is a 75 mile circuit race with some technical crazy turns and climbs. Should be interesting--Will definitely be great (especially if I can abuse the radio like I'm planning to).

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I was supposed to be working in the southeast part of Utah on Monday and Tuesday. This was going to work well for me since I have to be in Redlands, CA on Wednesday since the Redlands stage race (slight panic) starts on Thursday.
I drove down yesterday morning in a snowstorm to beautiful blue skies in St. George, UT. After we finished our thing, I hopped on my bike for a little leggie spin out in the evening. I live in a sweet place. St. George has SUCH cool red rock and awesome mountains close by. An abundance of national and state parks as well. I need to check out the road riding down there more! The mountain biking is supposed to be fabulous as well.

When I finished riding, I had a message that the meeting for Tuesday was cancelled.

WOO HOOO! and events unfolded thusly

Monday, 7:15 pm: hang up phone, check watch, cancel hotel reservation, don't change out of shammy (every second counts!) chart course to the OC disorder . Psyched!

7:30 pm: Call Johnny G to let him know I'm coming Monday, not Tuesday, leave message.
8:30pm: still driving, haven't heard from Johnny G. Still in shammy
9pm: hit Trader Joe's in Vegas, change out of shammy, salad, apples carrot, sammie and a few choco dipped macaroons consumed. Had sort of been detoxing from the big night with the woodies the night before (hey when you're solving the world's problems, bed and drinking water can wait!).
9pm: Late check-in at Johnny G's arranged. Yeah! A place to stay!
9:30pm: more macaroons consumed. Green tea. Fading a little.

10pm - 1 am: A heinous blur. At some point I skidded into a well lit arco parking lot and made sure I was visible to the cashier before covering myself with the work clothes I had worn that day and passing out.
1:15 am (?): Peel of the business casual cocoon and roll out of the blueberry (my car). Shuffle into Arco. Exercise the Nuke-u-lar option. That's right, buy diet mountain dew from Arco, fun size snickers are on sale: 4 for $1; get those too

2am: Diet Mountain Dew consumed. Candy and remaining macaroons consumed. Apples and carrots thrown on floor (I was hoping they'd be confiscated at the Ag check point- no such luck)
2:01 AM: Feeling like a character in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Awake but sort of existing in a parallel universe. Nothing makes sense. Cars seem to be able to fly. Signs and light posts come to life.

(?): On the toll road, probably 20 or so miles from Johnny G and Jen's. Exit at the wrong Portola. Goddamn you to hell Google maps. If they're so smart they need to have a different mode for normal users, and sleep deprived caffeine and sugar crazed users. Make my way back to the toll road.

(?) AM: Try to get back on toll road. Machine doesn't take my dollar. Its spit out. I have to get out of car to get it. Scrounge for change. 30 cents short still. Try to the dollar again. Its spit out in the wind. Scream expletives at the machine and at the camera. May have gotten on my knees. Not sure. Look for phone numbers on the booth/building. Try to mime to the camera that I TRIED to pay and its not WORKING! Try dollar 40000 more times. Still not working. Google toll roads to see what to do. F you too google. Start crying. Start driving.

2:45 AM (?): Get to Johnny G's. Get bike in garage. Every sound is like an explosion. Feel like a total jerk

3:00 AM: So tired and so awake. Stomach feels like crap. Eventually some sleep and crazy dreams.

It was a bit of a saga. Last night when things were glazing I was rueing my decision. Was feeling gross, tired and becoming a hater. But now I'm here, I've had some sleepytimes and I'm PSYCHED!!! Today is a day off from riding which is awesome so I'm using my spafinder gift certficate (thanks sisses) for a little pampering today. I probably could use a colonic too...But I think I'll just stick with a facial.

Will get some good hangs with Johnny G and Jen tonight before heading to Redlands tomorrow! The adventure is underway. And its GORGEOUS weather here!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I have some GD hardcore friends

Official definition of dawn patrol:
a flight, esp. during the early days of military aviation, undertaken at dawn or early morning in order to reconnoiter enemy positions.

Mountain dweller's definition of dawn patrol:
A practice undertaken by die hard back country skiers with desk jobs.

In many mountainous areas throughout the world--many lawyers, software engineers, doctors, etc. lead (not-so) secret double lives. By day they are smart successful career people. But these individuals can also be found in the pre-dawn hours skinning up peaks so they can get some turns before kicking ass in their respective professions.

Common practice involves gaining a peak just as the sun rises so that turns can be achieved and the individuals can be found at their desks by 9 am--acting as if nothing had happened in those wee hours of the day.

Last week the hubs did a manly dawn patrol with Rick and Richie. They are studs. Still don't believe me?

see for yourself: here

They hiked up the ridgeline between little and big Superior in Little Cottonwood Canyon (which had some sweet snow). They skied the south face of Superior (not so sweet snow):

What the skiing lacked in epic-ness, the adventure of it all more than made up for it (of course I only heard about it because I was in BED like most of the normal world). More importantly, sounds like some quality "man moments" were had by all.

Today, the hubs and I along with our other friends Jem and Clem (along with dawn patrol Rick) rode our BICYCLES up Big Cottonwood Canyon. It was AWESOME! So beautiful! It was Rick's 1st rode ride of 2009 and Jem and Clem's 2nd. And these guys are studs. And Clem had gone for a big trail run before hand (which I didn't find out until later).

There was a training crit today---but it just didn't SPEAK to me like the opportunity to head into the mountains with good friends on 2 wheels. The hubs and I are so lucky to have SUCH GREAT friends here in the 801---its just a super bonus that they are all such badasses! The combined 13 feet of Jem and Clem towed us home after the ride so I could head back to Wild Rose to pick up my Cannondale Six!

Wild Rose was so great (as always) and did an awesome job getting my ride dialed. I also got my TT bike (the Slice SPEED SHADOW) all dialed in. One of the Wild Rose heads--Patrick--burned my new favorite descriptor into my cerebral cortex. Patrick is a stud of a mountain biker and a great mechanic. Despite the disdain he has for all things skinny tires, he got on the Slice and proclaimed: "This thing is [F-Word] NASTY!"

Priceless. Its not fast, its not sweet, its F-WORD NASTY! Yeah I'll need to be telling that to myself next week at Redlands.

I have all my necessary equipment within the confines of my abode--its just a matter of getting organized (both for work and the race) in the next 24 hours. Woo hoo can't WAIT!

Friday, March 20, 2009


I spent several hours last night with Chuck C working on my TT position and making sure my bike complies with the UCI regulations. John Iltis was there for a bit to offer his expertise. They were AWESOME!

It was like an LSAT question trying to make sure everything was copacetic. Change one thing, that messes up 10 other things. I can't believe how hard core the rules are. And apparently, my bike will probably be weighed and measured prior to being able to compete. Really? Wow. This must be a serious race.

Chuck was a HUGE help and I feel better about not being a complete dumbass on the TT bike. And even with all his help, my cables are stretched so that I can't turn left right now. Good thing I'm not a track rider. I'll get it sorted today in between the million other things I need to do to get ready for Redlands. My Cannondale Six should be BACK IN ACTION for Redlands which I'm so psyched about! I have a new super sweet fork to put on, thanks to the Wild Rose boys. I will definitely need to pick up some diet cokes while I'm out of state to reward all their awesome work with my pain in the ass problems. I *heart* those heads.

Got the Hubs' photos from the weekend up on Picasa, you can check out race photos here and hang time photos here.

In other excellent news, there are little green nuggies poking out of the ground in my vegetable plot! The lettuces are on the move...Rapini and broccoli are showing signs of life. The carrots and beets aren't doing shit, lazy bastards. Of course those would be my favorites. Since I'm leaving on a week trip starting Monday (work and then Redlands) there should definitely be development while I'm gone. For some reason things don't grow until I leave town.

Let the shit storm begin!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Race pics, good friends and being a dork

Make new teammates, but keep the old....

Love this pic of Margell and me. Margell is my former teammate, roommate and great bud. More importantly--SHE is the reason I will never touch partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. It was more than 10 years ago she indoctrinated me against the evils of the "poison" as she called it. Everyone said I was crazy--but hats off to you Margell--being ahead of the FDA curve! Anyway, this picture is from the CU crit I did last weekend...Oddly enough, I think the last time I raced this course (while racing for CU) was with Margell as a teammate.

An actual field!

The break: Mara Abbot (not much in the way of protection from the wind), Teammate Megan, Kori S, Alison P and me. Trying to hang on during Mara's pull.

More break

Normally I never allow photos from this angle to see the light of day. But its blurry enough I can live with it. Plus--the FLUHTEERONS make for a nice backdrop.

Finishing 4th.

Exuberant fan.

Hey, you wouldn't have been so relaxed had there been WEREWOLVES! SWEET jacket btw. Is that what I think it is?

Fun times.

On Sunday the hubs and I (along with D&D, and Drewster) met up with the Famiglia Tetonia for some Moe's/Vic's action. Beth rode with us till she started her intervals and then Drewster and Fritz turned back at Jamestown. The hubs and I rode superyames (can you say paperboy weave) and then headed back to Boulder. It was really cold and windy. And the real rub of it was there was a headwind going up the canyon, and, you guessed it--a tail wind coming down the canyon. What a tragedy of air pressure gradient! A true WASTE! My knees felt real crunchy at the top of superyames (I'm talking the pavement still--not all the way to Peak to Peak) so we turned around. We took quick showers back at the Wonky Raccoon (Dave and Diane's house), threw our crap in the car, and then met the moms, Glennbro and ZIA MEME at Foolish Craig's for a pre-road trip lunch. Zia Meme had just finished a week long bike tour in Tucson and was heading back through Denver on her way home. She and my mom cheffed up quite a feast all'italiana for glennbro and his buddies on Sunday night.

It was a fantastic trip to Boulder. Sort of sucky drive home...but what're you gonna do?

On Tuesday I rode my TT bike to work. It was my first time riding it EVER. So yeah I'm going to place myself SQUARELY in the category of DORK! But it was a success because I didn't take myself out. I did get passed by many commuters on mountain bikes...But I would've been going faster with flat bars and knobbies if I were me too! The Wild Rose heads tell me its more stable at speed. And I guess I'll have to call that a theory--sort of like evolution :)) But it is SWEET and I can't wait till I figure out how to ride it. I'm going to ride it in the prologue at Redlands so at least I've got that going for me. I think I'll feel better once I get fitted to that fastfunnybike (which Chuck C has graciously volunteered to help do).

After my total dork episode on the TT bike, the hubs and I went to Joanna and the C-Lemons for my belated berfday bash. Bestest bud ever LIZZIE planned the event and it was so great. All were in attendance. It was another fall off the stage backwards into the arms of your people. The Woodies gave me some Limoncello! (will it make it to Thanksgiving?) The DB's hooked me up with wildflower seed mix for my gardening OBSESSION (AWESOME!), Evan, Amanda and Maddy gave me the coolest card with Maddy practicing her signature all over it (LOVE THAT!). Richie and Renee and everyone else stocked me with vino. Joanna made LASAGNA and Lizzie made a "better than sex" cake. No really, that's what it's called! And Maddy took a break from rolling around with the dogs to help me blow out the candles on my cake. It was a "file away" night.

My knee continues to be a little crunchy from a gnarly cold weather ride last week, but I've been able to start doing my workouts for the week. In one week I'll be wrestling my TT bike up the Redlands prologue! I am scared shitless of Redlands--but REALLY looking forward to getting to race with my awesome team and to compete in such a FULL ON event! I'll even get a Johnny G and Jen dose too!

Send me the healthy knee and body vibes next week. I'll be needing everything I can get!

And thanks to my excellent friends for dealing with my crazy race schedule and having the belated b-day. I'm loathe to miss out on the opportunity to be showered with affection and attention! You guys all rule!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

First race

On Friday I turned 20-14 and I received an AWESOME berfday present. The hubs came and met me where I had been working all week and we drove to Boulderland together. #2 awesome unexpected birthday present was arriving at Dave and Diane's (bro of the hubs and his wife) and Diane had made carrot cake--MY FAVORITE! Awesome b-day gift tied for #2 was getting to have a lovely birthday dinner with the moms and my bro (my mom is in town visiting my brother here in Boulder). Awesome b-day gift #3 was all the messages, v-mails and texts from you people I'm lucky to call friends. My birthday was a total fall off the stage backwards into the arms of all my people. Thanks for being friends with a dork like me!

Today was my first race of the season. It was also my first race with my new team, DFT p/b Treads. I convinced team boss Megan to come up to Boulder to race. She has to drive from Denver to Boulder every day for work so she really wanted to do a race that was closer to her house. Totally understand that one. But she capitulated to my pleas and agreed to come to Boulder. I think she was glad she did because she and I, along with teammate Gwen made it into the break. The race had about 50 women along with some serious studs. About a quarter into the race Alison Powers from Team Type 1 attacked and teammate Megan went with her. Gwen and I bridged up and so did Alison's teammate Kori Seehafer. A girl from Lipsmackers and Mara Abbott of Columbia High Road were also in the break. Alison and Kori started attacking the crap out of the break once the break was established. Between that and even just trying to hang on Mara's wheel when she was pulling through was a challenge. We ended up losing Gwen and the Lipsmackers girl with about 10 laps to go. Kori and Alison continued the onslaught and the rest of us just tried to cover. With one to go Alison launched a huge one and Megan and Mara went with that one. They had a moment's hesitation though which was enough to give Alison the gap she needed for the wind. Megan outkicked Mara and I ended up 4th. Teammate Gwen was able to stave off a charging field to hang on for 6th which was awesome. We had superstud Monique, Joan, Susan, Leigh and a bunch of other cat 3s and 4s back in the field blocking for us. For a bunch of the DFT riders, it was their 1st crit EVER and they all did awesome.
I had such a blast racing in a big field with good riders. I truly had fun!

It was awesome to race in the old hood. Even better was running into the peeps. Beth was there--always so awesome to crack up and smack talk with her. Margell, a former CU teammate from a million years ago was also racing. It is so cool how all this bike racing over the years has allowed me to meet such stupendous and fun people. The cookie fairy aka the SLEAZE deposited some cookies at my feet at the end of the race (next time make it a prime sleaze!) which totally got me through our ride after the race. Got to see Teton, the Lajinks--some of the best from the old days. It was so cool to have my mom and bro along with the hubs, dave and drewster cheering me on. I am so lucky to have such great people for famiglia!

After the race, a whole bunch of us rode another couple hours--and let me tell you its like I'd never left this place. We aren't likely to move to Boulder anytime soon--but I could get used to living in a place like this again PRETTY easily. I miss Colorado (I do *heart* Utah though!)

We've got dinner plans at a trendy Latin American restaurant tonight. Its going to be 60 here in the PRB tomorrow so the hubs and I and a couple other buddissimos will probably head up to the peak to peak (e- will not go the girl scout camp meltdown route). Boulder has some of the best road riding of anywhere. Though the hubs says people don't wave here either. You can do big flat rides. You can do amazing mountain loops. I have been jonesning for some peak to peak highway action---its a high alpine road that connects all of the canyons. It would be like if there were a road connecting Mill, BCC, LCC and American Fork. Hey UDOT, why don't you go ahead and get on that? The hubs says we have to leave early b/c we have a loooooong drive back to the 801. I guess we'll see how the vino consumption goes tonight.

WOOHOO 2009 racing season is HERE!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I forgot about skiing

Until Johnny G and Jen called me from the airport on Friday morning. I was trying to find some balls to ride and was having a tough time of it. It was grey, cold and the forecast was for snow.
When Johnny G suggested a short ski tour on friday afternoon tour in Pink Pine in Little Cottonwood Canyon, it sounded way better than freezing my ass off on my bike. We hit Rich's bagels on the way out of town (every tour should start with a toasted asiago cheese bagel with avo and tomato!) and started skinning LATE in the afternoon. The hike up was awesome. Johnny G and Jen, straight from sea level, totally kicked my ass. The turns were fantastic. Even though it had been a few months since I had last skied--it was like the excitement and love just came right back.

On Saturday we toured in Silver Fork. The hubs joined us on this one, and we had a blast once again.

Here's Johnny G shredding some pow--would you believe this guy lives in Orange County?

Once again I had my ass handed to me on the skin up. For the record, riding does not help with skinning (hiking up hill with skis on). I think I require a little more mechanical advantage.

Here I am, downslope of the faster hikers, as usual.

Johnny G doing some extreme trailbreaking. This picture is for Richie since he thinks this is what all the skiing is like in Big Cottonwood Canyon:

(Its nice that the hubs decided to pull out the camera on one flat section of the whole tour)

A little lunch on the ridge and line selection:

Awesome Jen

The hubs ripping

Me, hoping everyone's having fun at the RMR right now.

And a little post tour partial team photo on a snow bank in the Solitude parking lot. Poor people skiing in all those tracks.

And of course since this is the Wasatch there's nothing like feeling like you had a great day till you run into friends that did five times as much as you. For those of you in the know...You can probably guess who we ran into...

(imagine the theme song from Jeopardy)

Katy A and Erik! They skied a bajillion vertical (at least 3-4x what we did) and had been out since the crack of dawn probably. They also seemed less tired than us. As they headed out to the road to hitch back to their car, team one lap cracked open some diet cokes and headed up to the bar at Brighton to meet up with Rogerdawg, who was visiting from Ridgway.

It was an 80s weekend on the radio station we were listening to and we were pretty into it. We came up with some pretty fierce competition rules for playing name that tune. Johnny G upped the ante with throwing down a 10 point reward for correctly guessing the next artist BEFORE it was even played. At some point we met up with Roger and his buddies for a couple more diet cokes before we headed back down the canyon. We put our dinner fates in the hands of the 80s--saying that if Duran Duran came on we'd go to Lone Star (burrito place--not the chain steak place). Otherwise we'd just make dinner at our house or something boring like that. So on the way down we were on pins and needles because we were kind of getting psyched for Lone Star. Finally we just decided we wanted Lone Star and as we were pulling into the parking lot RIO came on. The planets aligned and there was universal harmony (along with delicious burritos).

Today (Sunday) I returned to the lycra world and did the group ride from 9th and 9th. There was a crash on some railroad tracks which was terrifying but everyone was fine. Then it was a nice medium hammer out to Salt Air and then south to Cottonbottom. By the time I hit Wasatch to ride back to the Casa I almost put up a windsail so I didn't have to pedal at all (there was a serious wind out of the south today). The ride was great--but that whole daylight savings (and all those diet cokes last night) had really messed up my clock (i.e. I woke up 15 minutes before the ride) I ate next to nothing on the ride so I was starvin marvin when I got home. Johnny G and Jen had gone for a run (the nuking ridge top winds worked to talk them out of another tour) and so we went to my new favorite place for some lunchner--Au Naturale. This place rules--healthy fast food. It probably has poisonous things but it seemed perfect and the ahi sammy was delish. We then bid a teary adieu to Johnny G and Jen before setting off to Home Desperate for some home items.

It was a super great weekend--and great to get some fun touring in with some excellent peeps. Back to reality, sigh.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Had to use the Fred Flinstone brakes this morning

We got a nice blanket of snow here in the 801. There's only one bike to ride in conditions like this and that's a cross bike. My ride to work is mostly up hill so instead of braking on the way to work, I will usually just stop pedalling when I need to stop. So I really have no occasion to do much brake checking on the way to work. Its a minor climb of flat for most of the way until the 50% downhill grade into the parking garage where I park my bike. I must've snowed and iced up my brakes but good because as I hit that final descent, nothing happened when I started braking. Facing certain clotheslining across the gate arm (that lifts when you swipe your badge) at the bottom of the hill, I took it to defcon 1 and got one foot down for the concrete skid. I just made it around the narrow space between the metal pole and the gate arm--but I did body check the end of the gate arm and the shaking plastic, metal and wires echoed throughout the parking garage.

I also seemed to have turned into an elevator asshole. I was riding the elevator from the 2nd floor to the 5th floor and someone got on with me on 2 and pushed 3. After he pushed 3 I did sharp intake of breath, looked at him and said "one floor? that is so bad!" I then noticed he was wearing a visitor badge meaning he didn't work in the building. He basically yelled at me that he'd never been to the building before and didn't know where the stairs were. Who the hell am I anyway? I was riding the 'vator for a mere 3 floors?

It must be like a gag reflex because I did the same thing this morning. I, along with another gentleman got on at B, I pressed 5 and he pressed 1. I didn't notice till he apologized and without thinking I did another sharp intake of breath followed by a "that is so bad!" He started to explain that he ran 3 days a week but had a bad knee but at this point we were at floor 1 and he was saying this over his shoulder.

The thing about giving people shit for taking the elevator for only one floor is that they never have time to ask me why my fat ass isn't taking the stairs. 5 flights would probably do me good!

Its another gore-juice day here in the 801. Its like the snow deep detailed our city and its just sparkling. The sky is a vivid blue but there are tons of cumulus clouds stretched out over the valley. Its clear enough to actually see shadows of the clouds across the valley at the base of the Oquirrhs. Pretty cool.

Get your ride in this afternoon because its looking like more precip is on the way tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

So True

Anyone who reads this blog is likely to be familiar with steepandcheap.com. If not, its part of backcountry.com and they post one item for super cheap and sell it to they run out. That is pretty cool but what is even cooler is the daily dose that broadcasts what will be showing up on the site that day. I never really look at what is going to be on the menu because I'm usually focused on whatever random thing the author is writing about. It is often pretty classic. For example, today's musings on blogs:

"One of my friends sends me e-mails every couple days to let me know that he's posted new items to his blog. It's like, hey man, the whole point of having a blog is so that you don't have to e-mail me with news all the time. It makes it easier to ignore what's going on with you in one convenient place. I've read that an average blog gets one reader, which makes sense. After all, some blogs have hundreds of thousands of readers, so there must be hundreds of thousands of blogs with no readers."

So true. I'm sure my blog is balancing out the trendy blogs with low readership. So I promise to never e-mail anyone about the blog because its true...the whole point of the blog is so you don't have to get dumb e-mails from me about my dumb life. You can just read about it on my dumb blog. Please note that I always welcome e-mails from my friends about what's going on in their lives.

We have got some WEATHER moving in! I got my workout in this morning before work because even though its supposed to be 65 (OMG), the precip percentages will be increasing througout the day. And the wind too. Even at 7:30 am the wind was already starting to jam. I thought that I was a rockstar doing efforts up Emigration till I saw Bart looking like he was going uphill when he was going DOWN Emigration. And of course I learnt for myself once I turned around.

Hopefully this front delivers something as we have several noteworthies coming in town for to enjoy the (diminishing) pow. Rogerdawg, esq, is arriving tomorrow night and Johnny G and Jen arrive on Friday. The hubs takes it upon himself to feel responsible for the conditions when guests come to ski. I remember the Sleaze being out here and noting that Steve was so apologetic if there wasn't major dumpage for out-of-town guests to enjoy. When the goods arrived on the last day of the Sleaze's trip--I remember the Sleaze asking if Steve had sat Alta down and gave it a good talking to. Something to the effect of- you can't embarass me like this--really, have some common decency.

Talking about the Sleaze, its looking like the Sleaze and the Sir Mix-a-lots (his new team) are planning to come to the SLC for Tour of the Depot. I think some other Colorado peeps (including a few of my own teammates) may do the I-80 sizzle to enjoy some sweet Utah road racing. I myself will probably be counter-sizzling over to Colorado in the upcoming weeks to get some racing in. The Moms will be in Boulderland visiting Glennbro the weekend of March 14 so it might be a good opportunity for famiglia time and a little CO racing time.

If you're trying to ride today--get your butt out there SOON! I just looked out my window and its as if the 2 tall conifers are trying to get my attention with all that waving.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fun times

Our good friend the Justino is in town so we caught up with him on Thursday night for dinner. He was supposed to come over at 7:30 but we didn't see him till closer till 8:30. With my complete lack of time management skills, there's not really much I could say about it. Il Justino lives in Massoftwoshits now on accounta his famiglia being there and his job. I think he is over the non-glacier glacier skiing and is ready to move back to Utah though. And of course, there's no way he could have friends as cool as us back there.

The weather has been decent here so I've gotten in some nice rides. I got in a cold 3 hours on Friday. Since I already can't deal with Wasatch and its only the very beginning of March, I ambled up North and then on my way back in I came across the Legacy Parkway Trail. That was sweet. It looks like it will one day connect to the Jordan River Parkway which would make for a sweet bike path route! Still have to contend with the goatheads on JRP; but in theory we are getting closer to something resembling civilized society with developments such as these.

On Saturday the hubs and I met up with good buddies Clem and Joanna aka the best people to draft behind EVER. They are both 6+ feet tall and strong as hell. Riding behind them is *almost* like motorpacing now (SLY where are you btw??)

We went out to super trippy Saltair (out at Great Salt Lake--I always forget about that place) then headed South into Magna (past Colosimo sausage--I was tempted!) and then home. Its been fun to try to get creative with rides going West and North. I mean really we are just biding our time till we can ride in the mountains around here. Normally I wouldn't really be thinking too much about my bike right now as it is admittedly still ski season...but with Redlands fast approaching I'm a little more focused on the bici than usual for this time of year.

Clem and Joanna invited us over dinner with 2 of their other friends. Fondue with shallots and the yummiest cookies for dessert. And for those of you who are real performance nutrition insiders, you probably know that fondue is the new steamed vegetables and it will make you a champion. When you read that in Carmichael's next book you can say you read it here first.

I felt like a crazy person because for some reason I was WIDE AWAKE at 5am this morning. So I got up and tried to do productive stuff. Did the 9th and 9th ride which was great. We climbed over Suncrest on the way back (ouch). I didn't crush it but I didn't suck either so that's good. D-$ (that is shorthand for D-money which is shorthand for Darren) was on the ride and he totally turned around at the top and rode the last section with me. Normally turning around is a big no-no for people. But for some reason I was totally psyched that he gave me a little pep talk up the last little bit. Probably because I didn't technically know where the top was.

I'm also getting going with the wedgetable garden. No clue what I'm doing but seeds are in the ground. I kinda feel like Beavis and Butthead when they have to grow something for a class. They throw the whole packet of seeds on some asphalt and dump a slurpee on it. I'm maybe a half step above that. I figure if the universe wants me to have vegetables, that shit will sort itself out. Its been a lot of fun to be rooting around in the dirt. The hubs capitulated and agreed to let me take over most of the backyard which I'm happily doing. At some point we will probably just throw in the towel and hire a professional so it doesn't look like total crap--but for now I'm having fun with it.

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