Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Winning imaginary primes

Write-up on the Beaufort Crit in Cyclingnews.

Linsey and I continued the need for Speedweek in Walterboro, South Carolina today. It was 25 laps on an approximately one mile loop in downtown Walterboro. In a basic repeat of Beaufort, I won the first prime (along with another prime) and ended up 9th. Tibco was back in action and the set up Brooke Miller for the win. I also won an imaginary prime too. These crits have been AMAZING with all the sweet money primes---so I think I must've gone BACK in time (2.2 jigawats) to a prime lap and just totally went for it. Only there was no prime in real time. Yeah. Awesome. Linsey ended up 26th and rode great.

Afterwards, 2 of the local law firms hosted a reception with food and bevies right by the course (so we could watch the men's race). It was awesome getting to check out the local legal scene in Walterboro. The local judge was there along with his law clerk. When 2 of the lawyers were figuring out who was going to clean up the reception--I indicated I thought that was what the law clerk was for? They called the law clerk over and he had a good sense of humor. At least I think so. The alcohol being consumed by the fine barristers of Walterboro along with their very thick accents made things somewhat incomprehensible--but f-word hilarious. We got treated to some more FANTASTIC southern hospitality before turning in for the night.

Tomorrow is a REST DAY and we a have a 2 hour drive to Spartanburg. I'm really starting to miss the hubs--but I don't want the racing to end! It has been such a blast!

One of the best parts

In my rush to try to get the chronology of events last night, I almost forgot about one of the best parts of the week so far. As we cooled down after the race in Roswell, GA on Sunday, I heard my name screamed from the sidelines.

Shannon Greenhill.


Shannon, Viking Anne and I raced and trained together in college in Boulder. More than that we basically spent every second together doing who knows what. I think there was a lot of riding, a lot eating (especially Great Harvest samples) and a TON of smacktalking. There were sleepovers. 
I hadn't seen Shannon in about 9 years so it was SO FUN to catch up with her--talk about how crazy Anne was, and just have a good walk down memory lane.

Photo courtesy of Amy.
After stopping bike racing, Shannon became a kickass adventure racer and is now just an UBER multi-sport woman. We had a lot of laughs after the race and I think I'm going to stay with her on Sunday. 

And on the picture note....
Pic from Athens, courtesy of coach

Where's Waldo pics of me in Athens and Roswell courtesy of the Sleaze, coach and of course cyclingnews:

THANKS to all my friends and fam for the e-mails, texts and calls. I really appreciate them!
We're going for a nice island hopping spin (mom: we're close to Hilton Head) then heading to Walterboro for tonight's race. Right now the weather is gorgeous and our awesome host dad just handed me a cup of coffee. Yippee!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Southeast sweetness

Sit back, this is going to be a long one....

The hubs and I met some of his workmates for drinks at the Bayou on Thursday night. The hubs works too hard so it was cool to throw back some diet cokes with some of his workmates. I met the pres of the company and suggested they have the next xmas party at cucina toscana. And don't chintz out--there better be an open bar. Diet cokes all night long. He *sort of* laughed.

Friday I flew to Atlanta and was picked up by bestest teammate ever Linsey Sandoval. LS had roadtripped out from the Zia state with fellow New Mexican Liz Cash (coolest last name ever). My sweet sponsored Wild Rose/Tom Jow/Pika bike bag was under the inches requirements so there were no lame-o extra bike charges. SWEET! Thanks guys!

We drove to our host Mark's condo in super trendy Midtown Atlanta. Coach Newberry connected us with his buddy Hans who works with Mark. Mark, LS and I walked to a cool nearby restaurant for some tasty vittles before heading off to bed. Mark's condo was f-word awesome and he was even awesome-er, taking us on a nice little spin around the hot-lanta neighborhoods. We stopped by Hans and Annie's house on our ride. We did some Newberry trashtalking (not really) and got to meet their 3 wild cool kids. It was awesome to meet people that "Love us some Mike Newberry". Yeah--that was the best quote ever.

Saturday was the Athens Twilight Crit. You may have heard of the professor that went on a crazy shooting spree on the university of Georgia campus. Well, that was where our race was. We lined up with some serious badasses, Brooke Miller, LVG, Tina Pic and tons of strong individuals. There were 20,000 fans and as we sped around the rapidly darkening course--I had a momentary flash of pure psyched-ness. It was FROM THE GUN just totally strung out. All the teams but especially Tibco were super active. I ended up 18th which was in the money. Teammate LS had some bad luck with a bad start and getting stuck behind some crashes. The race was awesome, the crowd was incredible, it was a great experience. 

Sunday was in Roswell, GA. I felt a little more comfortable in this race. Was able to move around and not just feel like I was hanging on for dear life. A large break got up the road with all the big teams and a bunch of strong individuals. Bummer. LS and I just hung in the field and I ended up about 6th in the field sprint for 16th overall. Teammate LS was 26th and so we were both in the money. Yippee.

Sunday night we went out for burgers with Mark and Hans joined us for a beer. LS and I got some f-word good bison burgers and we were stoked. Went for a little ride with Mark and Hans on Monday and then hit the road for Beaufort, South Carolina. We picked up Liz (rider from NM who drove out with LS) and headed south. We arrived at our host Dean's house on Monday evening. Dean lives in an amazing house right on Battery "Creek" in Beaufort. Now in the west, we tend to consider a creek something you can walk across. This was really more of an ESTUARY (I'm so psyched I got to use that work)--like a salt river. In sum, it was incredible. As the sun dipped lower, casting a beautiful light across the creek, we sipped a lovely red as our wonderful host cooked dinner for us. 

Tuesday morning LS, Liz and I spun into town and got a coffee at Common Ground, a great spot right on the water. We did a good job blending in with the locals as we were taking pictures and going crazy as the swing bridge over the Intercoastal Waterway swung open to let some boats through. I took a swim in the creek behind our host's house and just had some more good chat time with LS. Proving she's pretty much the best teammate and person ever, we took my weirdly shifting bike to Low Country Cycles, an awesome local bike shop. We were a little time crunched but made it back with enough time to ride over to the race (tonight). 

Team Tibco was a notable absence but pretty much everyone else was there and raring to go. I took a $100 prime on the 1st lap and that fired me up for the rest of the race. I got another prime later in the race and ended up 9th in the final sprint (a field sprint). I was super stoked and had such a great time racing. Our host "dad" Dean was out on the course and he was cheering like crazy. It ruled. LS rode real aggressive and ended up 23rd. Again both in the $$. At this point we are sitting pretty to hopefully net a profit on this trip!

We had a GREAT dinner with Dean in downtown Beaufort. We are here tonight and then we head to Walterboro, SC for a race tomorrow night.

It has been a killer experience--I've been having a GREAT time: racing/hanging with LS, getting to meet such cool people, and riding in some incredible events. I don't want it to end!

The rest of the team starts Gila tomorrow as we log crit #4 out here. Yeah DFT p/b Treads!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm with the band

Not really. Here's a pic of one of my fave bands jamming it up at Alta! Look closely to see the festivities at the top of High Boy!

I *heart* Lake Effect! Lead singer Drake is as good on the guitar as he is at doing mortgages! Gotta love the double life! I feel like I'm channeling Mary P in this photo. I've got the puffy and the hoody--just need the unwashed hair pile on top of my head

Pic is courtesy of the KIMO.

T minus 24 hours till I leave for Atlanta. Don't ask how the dealing/packing/getting ready is going.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just when the diaper is feelin poopy...

you gotta remember how COOL people can be! I spent the first part of the week traveling for work. Lame. So I'm tired and overwhelmed and trying to juggle the cluster of logistics that will be racing in the southeast for the need for speedweek. And as I come up for air for a second--I just have to acknowledge how awesome my friends and teammates are.

We have been uber fortunate to get connected with some awesome host families (truth-be-told: the best part of racing!!). However, we were coming up short on places to stay in Georgia, but a bunch of awesome DFT teammates and friends called in their chits and came forward with places for us to stay! So so appreciative of the awesomeness of people. Zia state teammate Linsey and I are going to be staying the first part of speedweek with a friend of a friend of coach newberry. I'll probably get to meet one of coach's old racing buddies from backintheday so hopefully there will be some good stories.

So things seem to be falling into place....but I'm not going to rule out the option that I may end up hitchhiking or showing up at a host families house in a tow truck (yes that happened once). No matter what type of planes, trains and automobiles arise--just gotta remember that it will ALL work out and is going to be a BLAST. Bring on the chitlins, humidity and night-time racing!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Last Day of Alta

This weekend was the Last Day of Alta. Its in caps because its like a holiday. I wasn't skiing on account-a my bum knee. But Lizzie agreed to ride up Little Cottonwood so we could partake in the festivities. However, there was a good lead-up. With the "spring" weather all week, I wasn't able to really start riding till Thursday. That mean a 4-day block of intervals ending on Sunday. I got in some awesome recovery beverage and steak with the Woodies on Saturday night. It think the vino rosso flows through my veins because we consumed copious amounts and the hubs was a mess on Sunday morning (maybe b/c he sunburned the crap out of himself skiing on Saturday) and I felt fine. The only reason I know I *might* have over-consumed is that I woke up early. If that doesn't sound alcoholic-y, I don't know what does ("I have to drink so I can get up early in the morning").

Its a good thing I'm really OK with sleeping in.

Sunday morning we rolled over to Richie and Renee's for a delicious brunch. Everyone was getting their costumes going for LDA--which was a circus theme. There were some adult men trying to squeeze into kid lion and tight-rope-walking costumes. It was pretty classic.

I left to do my intervals and then met up with Lizzie and Tommy J to ride up Little Cottonwood Canyon. We picked up Lauren B along the way and made our way to la boca della canyon. Tommy J burned back down Wasatch and the girls began the climb. It was SO BEAUTIFUL! Lauren eventually had to turn around ("do the right thing" as she called it) since her husband was at home with their kiddo and most of the neighborhood kiddos too from the sound of it. Lizzie and I continued up the canyon. As we neared the top, the main road was closed for avalanche control work so we had to take the bypass road. ouch. There was a snow wall at least 15 ft high in some places. It was cool. A little scary. We met up with the JemClems who were chillaxing in their lounge chairs in the snow with some cold beverages. Lizzie and I de-shammed and then began participating in the festivities. There were some AWESOME costumes up there and some way too tight white pants happening. The circus crowd looked so great. The hubs was dressed (appropriately) as a jester. He was acting like one too skiing on Clem's leather boot/skinny ski set up too. Sounded like a sight to behold. Please send pics and video if you have it.

Drake's band Lake Effect was also playing. They are the best. I want to get married again and hire them to play at our wedding. Saw f-word nasty Patrick from the Wild Rose who had scoped out the best acoustic location in the concert area and was loving up the bass player's mastery. All the old school peeps were up there including: the KIMO, Nezzy, Jeff O, etc. It was SO FUN to re-connect with the peeps at the base of Alta--site of so many happyfuntimes. DBs were notably absent and MISSED (we poured one out for you guys).

Shortly after Lizzie and I arrived at Alta, there were some pretty big, unexpected wet slides that closed the road for several hours. (Yikes!) There's only one thing you can in that situation (As Clem phrased it: "do we go wait in line or have more drinks?"). That took the pressure off having to leave.

We eventually drove down the Canyon into the sunset with the JemClems--a great way to end a really fun weekend. I get a pretty easy week of riding this week before heading to the need for speedweek on Friday. Can't wait!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Me like tatanka

My new favorite carne is buffalo. I cheffed up a little fettucine bolognese with some of that-nearly-hunted-to-extinction-by-the-paleface delicacy last night. Good stuff. Along with some out of state diet coke procured on my recent trip to CA--it was delish. Sauteed the buffalo in some left-over vino from when the sleaze and his teammates were here last weekend, then added the rest of the sauce makings. I know a recovering vegetarian (maybe even a VEGAN) that fell of the wagon into the hooved arms of the buffalo. Its the only carne she'll eat. That's got to mean something. Plus--buffalo (really BISON) are a lot better for the environs than their domesticated wimpy dumbass cattle counterparts. I think this stuff is cool. Of course, if we want to consume meat, the more responsible thing to do would be to hunt. Maybe the hubs can hire Teton--not as a cycling coach--but a hunting one.

"Spring" in the Wasatch (as in the full week of winter we just had) seems to be making way for warmer temps. Just in time for some hard training before heading to Speedweek in the southeast. Today is day 3 of a 4 day block of intervals. I wish I loved training as much as this girl. Coach Newberry sent this to me a while ago--then Redlands guest riders Liza and Karla brought it up again. This chick RULES. I think she *hearts* her trainer as much as Karen Appleby-Krieg (who was 2nd at the TT at Tour of the Depot and had trained EXCLUSIVELY on her trainer until that day). Stage 1 was her FIRST RIDE OUTSIDE apparently. I just can't wrap my mind around that one. Karen gets the Nestle Crunchtime player of the race award imho. Karen, see me at the next race so I can personally laurel you with a king size snickers.

And in other random spewing, easter looked like it was a lot of fun at the Pezzulo household back in the Roch:

Little pooh-bear matching nieces, Sophia and Isabella. Sophia has got some GUNS!

Ok, time to go ride. Clothes just came out of the dryer. Butcher the hell ride!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

At least my garden is psyched

More rain again today. Hopefully the carrots will man up and do something.

I guess its a good day to take my bike to the doctor--it really needs it. My cassettes are in shambles, my brake pads are in shreds, and I don't think I have any wheels are true. Time for some Wild Rose love.

The sleaze had a pretty brutal drive home after the race on sunday.... but here's a pic before full misery set in:

The Reverend Sleaze in all his glory with one of the most devoted members of the church of the chocolate chip cookie.

Here's a podium shot from Tour of the Depot:

Yeah Dr. Seuss stripes! Love em! From left to right: Heather Albert, Superstrong Alisha, Crusher Nicole Evans, Nicky Wansgaard and moi. Unfortunately 2nd place Kris is missing--she had to peace out back to the Pokie...Also not pictured are my awesome SKINS and Crocs--which I'm faithfully wearing.

No champagne because it was Sunday and we are in Utah.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Stage racing makes my brain hurt

This weekend was Tour of the Depot here in the 801. The stage race drew a lot of people in a lot of the fields. A bunch of people came from Colorado including the Sleaze and his Mix 1 teammates (they took 2nd and 4th in G.C.) and my teammates Luisa and Sandy from Colorado. The women's field was definitely not your typical local Utah race. With pros like Nicole and Nicky, plus all the super strong women from Utah and Idaho--we had a really good field.

The weekend started off with a tour de hood for the Sleaze and his teammates. Then we cheffed up a big dinner and used every table we could find (including a camping table) so everyone could sit down. We had a full house with the Sleaze and his team, Luisa, me, the hubs--and our awesome friends who agreed to host most of the out of town riders. All the Cooloradoans were full of questions about Utah. Especially since Jimmy T had just read "Under the Banner of Heaven". We had a fun dinner and then the host "parents" took their riders and everyone went off to bed.

Saturday morning was the 9 mile TT. First 3 miles were slightly uphill, last 5 were mostly downhill with a slight rise to the finish. It was my first REAL TT on my TT bike! My Cannondale Slice was AWESOME! I was kind of wanting a disc and an 11---but the bike itself was sweet. Nicole Evan won, but then the next 5 riders were all within 1 minute of Nicole's time. I was 6th (separated by only a few seconds from the 4th and 5th place riders). Teammates Sandy and Luisa finished 14th and 11th respectively.

Saturday afternoon was a 5 mile circuit we raced for 5 laps. I was hoping to get the time bonus on the 2nd lap--but it was not to be (despite a good leadout from Sandy). On the last lap Nicole, and serious up and coming rider Alisha got a gap on the owie riser at the top of the climb. Nicole won AGAIN and Alisha held off the field. I learned from my mistakes in the time bonus sprint and won the field sprint for 3rd. Somehow that moved me into 5th. I was told there would be no math.

Sunday morning was a 49 mile road race. I had no idea what the course was like, where the finsh was or what the time bonus sprint was like. Good one. I totally dorked the time bonus sprint getting stuck behind a wall of riders (we only had half the road). I was really pissed and started to make the lame excuse that I was stuck behind people. But I had to stop myself because part of being a good sprinter is not just being able to go FAST but also knowing WHERE to be and WHEN to go. I should've been just sitting at the front since it was slow--so I wasn't blocked in. Lesson learned.

There was a slight climb a few kilometers before the finish. Alisha launched a huge attack and it shattered everything. Nicole and Kris were able to hang and then Nicky, Heather, me and a few others were chasing. Kris dropped off Nicole and Alisha and then Sandy came around and took a big pull and got me within striking distance of Kris (which was awesome). I bridged up to Kris and brought Nicky with me. I started to try to figure out the math of things in my head with where people were in GC and who had won time bonuses and whatnot...then I realized that Heather and Karen (who were both ahead of me in GC) were behind me and Alisha (who was very close behind me in GC) was ahead of I switched gears from thinking about how I could set myself up for the best possible finish on the day to how I could best improve my GC chances. I just started hammering and Kris and Nicky sprinted around me at the end. Though it kind of sucked to race the race that way--it allowed me to move into 4th--so I was happy.

After the race Kris showed me her piece of paper where she'd written down how many seconds individual riders needed to get to pass her in GC. That's pretty smart. Its probably why she's a doctor. She knows stuff.

The racing was a blast. Sandy and Luisa were awesome teammates, and I really look forward to riding with them again. It was super cool to have a bunch of the older and newer talent in our field too--the more burly riders we have---the better it makes us all is how I look at it!

Anyway, stage racing is fun--but all that math and weird tactics hurts my brain. I'm definitely looking forward to the need for Speedweek in a couple weeks where every race is its own race. Getting to race with my new teammates and getting to see the Sleaze and Jimmy T was awesome. Hopefully the Sleaze will get me some pics soon so I can post them post-haste.

In other weekend news, we attended a delish dinner at the J-G's on Saturday night where their new prego status was announced. Very exciting! All of our "young friends" (as we call them) were there. We love these guys--but inevitably-a comment always gets made about some "old person" by which they usually mean the person is in their mid-30s. A category in which the hubs and I squarely fall. We *heart* them all the same. We were having a good time but it was starting to get late and when they started pulling out the Rock Band instruments--I hygrated the keys from the hubs and headed for home.

The hubs had a GREAT day of skiing with les Woodies, the JemClems and Rick. The Woodies stopped in when they were dropping off the hubs and so I got to hear about a couple of good Woody near altercations up at the resort. Man I live for those stories. Almost as much as I live for J9's comments. The hubs and Woody were talking about F-word this and kick his ass that--J9 turns to me and asks "what high school do you go to"--she kills me sometimes.

Shower time and sleepy time--laundry and everything else will just have to wait (they're getting pretty good at it).

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Non-stop precip

Rode home in the rain last night. Sore throat and knee is still very owie. That's what you call a mess. Couldn't sleep and weather was precipitous again this morning so I activated my chi and went to 6 am power yoga! I got a deep tissue massage on tuesday to deal with the knee issues---and felt more pain after (which may be the point because its deep tissue). But I don't know--consistent yoga practice might be the better answer. Its definitely cheaper.

We've got a ton of peeps influxing the 801 this weekend. Reverend Sleaze and his sir mix-a-lot teammates are coming to open up a can at the Tooele stage race this weekend. Teammates Sandy and Luisa are also coming--which will be fun too. If I can just get my messy self together we just might be able to accomplish something.

I was thinking about it--and while I can't count the number of times I've stayed with the Sleaze; he has NEVER stayed with us here in the 801! Granted he doesn't come out here--only when he can't take poor Colorado snow (and he obviously doesn't ski very much or else he'd be out here more). And then he always stays up at the resort. I've been crashing on couches, futons and normal beds at the various casitas de sleaze since I can't remember. He (and his then cool girlfriend now wife) let me crash on their couch FOR A SUMMER while I was studying for the Colorado bar exam 5 years ago. Now that is a good friend--and an understanding girlfriend. With coolness levels like that--I knew she was a keeper, and sure enough they are married with bambino now.

With the large guest population increase--the Woodies and JemClems totally stepped up and are taking care of the overflow bodies. Yeah awesome friends. That is so massively above and beyond just bein a good friend. Serious karma banked for you my friends.

The nourishing rain is supposed to abate later today, so hopefully the out-of-towners will be able to get a little spin around the 'hood tomorrow before I chef up a big one.

I need to pound my total wellness cocktail: glucosamine and echinacea--to stave off my physiological foes. For those who are nervous about the weather--you'll be in good shape by later this afternoon (or at least that's what I told my bike this morning when I loaded it in my car this morning like a loser). Its looking like it will be another GREAT weekend for powder enjoyment in the Wasatch too!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pics from Moab

We had another nice ride in Moab on Sunday. We rode to Deadhorse State Park and then to the entrance of Canyonlands. We live in a cool state--that's one thing I know fosho. We ended up going about 4 hours and then the hubs and I hightailed it for the 801.

Sandy and me, in DFT kits, prior to Friday's ride which ended with a call to Annie for a ride from the Shell station.

Annie busted out the cheezits on Friday's ride. I totally teased her about it but then I tasted one and then apologized--I forgot how good they are. But seriously--I don't think I've had a cheezit since I was in kindergarten. Too bad there was no apple juice to go with...and a nap rug.
Despite the snow on Saturday, it was a good weekend of riding. The rest of the pics, along with a typical hubs video (where he films while riding) can be found here.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

"I'm trying to get to Moab"

The hubs and I drove through an epic snowstorm on Thursday night to get to Moab. We woke up to dry roads and were psyched. The skies were looking ominous, so we opted to do some rides that weren't super committing. We rode Arches National Park and then about half of our group (the hubs, teammate Sandy and her husband Mitch) decided to get some more miles out to Potash. We picked up Allen, another warm weather seeker from the Front Range, and headed out for the extra 25 miles. We all sort of ignored the drops we were feeling on our way down the Potash road. Spirits were high, we were going big...we had another person to share pulling...And then about right after the half way mark, it started precipitating for real. And the wind picked up. Precip turns to hail. Ouch. Its ok, its burly, we're still moving. We hit the 5.5 hour mark...we're definitely headed back toward the main highway into Moab. Things starting to get a bit crux-y...but I'm feeling good, we're moving, I'm thinking everything is going to be ok. It starts to rain/hail harder...just as we're turning onto the main highway back to Moab


Mitch has a flat.


We stop. I instantly get cold and my knees start to harsh out. I know we still have at least 45 minutes back to the condo (we are actually staying outside of Moab). I'm starting to mentally freak a little.

Enter total yo-bro dude. Homie rolls up on an uber DH bike (from the direction of Moab) and comes over to us. It is REALLY windy. He approaches us, he's clad in a hoody, trucker hat and sweatpants with his helmet on his backpack. His bike probably has more travel than all mountain bikes owned by Tiff and the hubs. He practically crawls across the road and comes up to us. The exchange went like this:

Dude: I'm totally lost!
me: Where are you trying to go?
Dude: I'm trying to get to Moab! Which was is Moab?
Sandy (pointing up to the sign HE'S STANDING UNDER): Moab is 2 miles that way (the way he was coming from)
Dude: F&*%!

At this point his trucker hat gets blown off his head. He goes off to chase it and try to find his way back to Moab.

Despite that most excellent comic relief, I hit the breaking point and give the hubs the signal and we start riding back to town. We make it to Moab and it is POURING and freezing. We pull into a gas station, get coffee and call Annie (who had intelligently headed back to the condo after Arches). Annie--superstar that she is--drives the hubs-mobile into town to come get us. By this time Sandy and Mitch have also made it into town. As she rolls up, she proclaims "I was wondering when you guys were going to call."

We cruise back to the condo and head straight to the hot tub. Core temps start to rise, and spirits start to follow. We had an awesome day of training (about 6 hours, on the edge for me) capped off by what else--dinner a la Tiff of course.

This morning we woke up to several inches of SNOW. Really? Snow in Moab? Well, that can only mean one thing, going back to bed. We ended up having a lazy morning and then getting a wet 1.5 hours in the afternoon. Annie's husband Chris was totally keeping it real--wearing the baggies, nothing on his legs, a gore-tex jacket--and as of this posting, he's still out riding. Hard core. Its because he's a mountain biker and not a pussy-ass roadie like the rest of us. (*note: The hubs would've stayed out but surprisingly opted to ride back home with me! I love it when he surprises me like that.)

The rest of us got coffee in town and headed back to the condo. Saving it up for a nice long hard ride tomorrow (when it will be dry again! yippee!). The mellow day was actually a blessing in disguise, as it will ensure fresher legs for more hammering tomorrow (in the better weather). And a little break for me knees too.

In addition to being in awesome Moab, Avivah--future super star--has been riding with us. She is 14 and she is awesome!!! It has been a blast having her at our little mini-camp--and I think we will be seeing big things from her in the future. And she's a rare breed, I haven't seen her texting, e-mailing, facebooking or any of the like the whole time she's been here! She is a teenager that can actually interact with humans--humans that are a LOT older than her. I've been making an effort to tone down my profanity usage--but I think a few uncensored things have still slipped through. EARMUFFS!

Tonight is movie night and getting psyched for another big day tomorrow before heading back to the 801.

I hope everyone is enjoying the major pow!!! The hubs is aware of the 27 inches that blanketed Alta--while he was a little sad to miss out--we both know that all our friends were probably having a major love fest in the Wasatch!

Definitely missing those warm temps in Redlands. That's ok because I firmly believe that there's no such thing as bad weather--only weather that doesn't change :))

That's why we live where we live! Vive les extremes.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Heading to the moby

The hubs and I are putting skid marks down out of the 801, heading down to Moab for some (hopefully) warm weather riding with some Colorado teammates. I have barely ridden since Redlands, just starting to feel human again. And those organic poptarts have been a little TOO tasty these past few days. So it will be great to get in some good miles with some good peeps. We may even ride DIRT (gasp) on Sunday. Who loves Slick Rock on her hard tail? Hopefully we'll ride something super technical that will make me bitch so much the hubs will have to capitulate to dialing me in on a new knobby set-up! Unfortunately that's not how he works.

Weather is looking good down there. 30% chance of precip on Friday and Saturday. What does that really mean? That in any given moment there's a 3 out of 10 chance you'll get rained on? Those are decent odds. Or is it that there will be rain 30% of the day? Yeah, not into those odds. All my explanations suck. Either way I'd rather take a 30% chance in the desert than on the east coast. But what do I know?

Those staying in the 801 should definitely be in for some maximal pow enjoyment. A little sad to be missing out on the good skiing---but it is definitely racing bikes time, and my knee can not handle ANY lateral movement after the injury (or aggravation thereof) which occurred in Johnny G's kitchen before Redlands.

Whatever your mode of recreational ambulation: boards, wheels, bare hands, yoga mat, whatever--hope you enjoy it this weekend!

The Yogurt on My Pretzels

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