Sunday, May 31, 2009

And then there were 2

Photos from yesterday:

At the start.

Superfan/superhost/super mom MARILYN


Superfan/superlittlesis Mia

Cornering in the melting heat.

(All photos courtesy of superdad/superhost Mike)
Lins took off this morning to nurse her wounds and heal her lungs. She has been a total trooper the past 2 weekends totally supporting her teammates both on and off the bike--so while I'm sad she left I'm glad she is going to take care of herself.
Today's race is supposed to be a real kick in the teeth--its got a steep hill (from what I hear) and typically shatters into little groups. Oh and of course there will be the heat as an added layer of joy!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tough in Tulsa

Today was day 2 of the Tulsa Tough. The race was L-shaped with a slight hill, some wind and some serious heat. For those that know me, Tiff + heat = bad times. Just ask the hubs if you don't believe me. I went down and rode the course this morning before the tire melting heat really set in. I connected with our uber awesome host Darrell down at the race before heading back to the compound. Took a little nappy then Lins and I rode down to the course.

I put a baggie of ice in my sports bra and drank like crazy. I roamed the course in search of the shadiest, breeziest spot. Much sitting. Not on a trainer.

Within the first 5 laps there was a HUGE crash--taking out about half the field. I luckily dodged that bullet. Unfortunately, Linsey went down on her bum--but she was back on her bike. The wreck was so bad they actually neutralized the race. OMG. Not what should be happening (the huge wreck, not the neutrality).

The silver lining of that gnarly cloud was that Darrell completely styled us out with several refills of water. (Steve--I DID carry 2 bottles with me!). Refilled bottles and poured water all over myself. I actually was able to lower the core temp to slightly sub-boiling. We let the ambulance off the course and then the race was re-started, as a 40 minute race. Surprisingly there weren't a ton of attacks. The pace was definitely kept pretty high by the teams--but no moves were getting away. I scored 2 primes ($100 and $200) and then there were 8 laps to go. I was stuck too far back. I knew this. I could just write the same thing I wrote from last night. I needed to move up, I would try to move up and get pushed back. Try again. Finally just stuck it out in the wind and moved up as much as a I could. I thought I finished somewhere around 12th in the field sprint but the results had me at 16th. My brain was probably too fried to count so what do I know?
Shelly Olds took the win with LVG in 2nd. It was a tough race with the crash and the heat.

Tomorrow's race is supposed to be technical and hard with a hill. I'm actually looking forward to it. For now, some sleepy time--and send me some speedy, ballsy (but steady) vibes!

Okie Noodling

Lins, Mo and I landed in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Thursday. Lins picked me up from the airport and we headed to our AWESOME-est hosts. I must offer a depiction of the setup"
house #1 Darrell and Melissa with their 2 cutey-est kids Mattie and Mia
house #2 Marilyn and Mike with 5 cats and a SWIMMING POOL

house #1 and house #2 have connecting backyards---so let's just call our host set-up the COMPOUND.

Getting to race all over the country is so amazing--what's even better is the people we get to meet. I have been so fortunate to be treated to incredible hospitality in most of the places I've been...Tulsa has been no exception to that!
(Kimo and Randy: Recognize these guys? Here's me hanging with Bud and Lisa--they were our connection to our awesome hosts and they cheered us on in Friday's race!)

As a town Tulsa is impressive--its not that big but has a lot of art, culture, trendy spots and general interesting goings-on. We are staying in Midtown--a mere few miles from all the races.
And talking about racing, our first race was on Friday Night in the Blue Dome District of Tulsa. Hello trendy fun times!

(Lins and I share a pensive moment before the start)
We had a BIG field, I heard something about 90 starters? Damn that's a lot. I had decent position for the start and just kind of tried to hold that for the 1st part of the race. Tried getting
in some early breaks but nothing stuck. The course was a figure 8 (so tons of turns) and once you got towards the back it was hard to move up. I got swarmed towards the back in the later part of the race and with 5 laps to go just tried to do what I could to move up. Lins and Mo had unfortunately both crashed out of the race earlier. With 3 laps to go I just stuck it out in the wind to try to move up as much as possible. On the last
lap I basically just held onto my not totally ideal position and finished 14th in a big fat field sprint. You can check out the results here at cyclingnews.

(photos courtesy of Mike)
After the race, I reconnoitered with my wounded teammates (both are ok, Mo's bike was pretty messed up) and with our awesome host families and with Bud and Lisa. It was so great to have all these awesome Tulsa-ians there to take care of us! Of course I had a big love fest with Bud about the Randypants--they miss you in Tulsa kid!
I cheered for Wherry for a few laps before going to a nearby pub with Lins for garden burgers. We headed back to the compound and hung out at HH2 with Mike and Marilyn. They have been a ton of fun and very instructional as to the need-to-know things about Oklahoma. For instance, not only did I learn what noodling is, I was informed there are MOVIES on the subject! That rules, where can I get the soundtrack?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Always a bridesmaid...

Steve wearing his bridesmaid's dress at Chung's wedding.

While the hubs was splitting too-small pants on the dance floor (in his words: "good thing the shirt was long"), I was racing bikes in my own little Valhalla, aka Durango, Colorado.

Sunday morning (the day after the road race) was pissing down rain. I had plans to meet up with good Ridgway bud and badass in all things Danika. My hardcore teammates opted to hang tough on their trainers and Danika and I went to the Steaming Bean on Main St. Durango. As we were polishing off our beverages, the clouds parted and the sun came out. We did a lovely little spin up past Turtle Lake. New road lover Debby and Kinsey joined us (after Kinsey took 2nd in his crit) for the mellowness. I rolled back to Comp-town in time for lunch before I met up with the rest of my DFT teammates for the afternoon criterium in downtown Durango.

With Marisa winning the omnium, our plan was to protect her and hopefully get a win. Carmen McNellis from Colavita ended up initiating a break containing 2 Colorado Bikelaw women and me. With 4 people in a break, 2 of which were overall threats to Marisa, I didn't want to work. Once we lost one of the Colorado Bikelaw girls, I was game to work and thus took my turns at the front. Marisa and the rest of tmy DFT teammates blocked like champs back in the pack.

I've won a few field sprints at this crit (though there was always someone off the front) so I was really hoping for a win. I won 2 primes pretty easily coming out of the last corner in 2nd place. I was hoping it would be fast coming into the last lap but it wasn't fast enough and Carmen was able to get a jump on me right before the 2nd to last corner. I dorked the last corner and while I was closing in pretty fast, she was able to hold me off for the win. It was disappointing--but at the same time it was great to be in the break and I felt really good. And while its frustrating--its also the cool thing about bike racing--the fact that tactics and good decisions play so much into who gets to throw their hands in the air at the end of the race.

Both Velonews and the Durango Herald did nice write-ups on the crit. Wherry--bestest pro dude on the planet--won the men's crit. It was AWESOME to be racing with all the fans on the course. Hearing my name at various points along the course was totally sweet: Melissa, Meredith (who was 5th in her crit), SP, Kenny (2nd in the 3's), Comptons, Jimmy, Danika and the rest of the Durango peeps were ALL out there. So great. I could see but not hear Moira yelling on each lap.

After the race, we got some dinner and recovery beverages at the Steamworks brewery. Marco (our interim director) also joined us with his wife and supercutey little boy. It was a lot of fun hanging with the teammates and their S.O.'s

Sunday morning was the time trial. The course is really great starting out FAST with some rollers and ending on a climb. I was happy with my ride, feeling like I went as hard as I could. I dorked a few corners and ended up doing a 36:58 which was over 2 minutes off of the winner, Kristin McGrath's. My time was the EXACT SAME as last year--but it looked like almost everyone was about a minute slower than their times from last year. Or that's what I heard at least. So I'm going to take that as hey I got faster (and have a TT bike this year). Now I'm really lusting after a TT helmet and disc. Teammate Marisa ended up in 4th. Since Terry took 3rd in the TT and the crit, she was able to steal the omnium overall from Marisa by ONE point. And with the ominum paying to 5, I of course finished 6th in the omnium. Looks like the hubs wasn't the only bridesmaid this weekend.

Notwithstanding those small setbacks, it was a FANTASTIC weekend capped off by a spectacular pallet fire at Comp-town. I still have a ashes in my hair and a smoky smell to my skin. I'd call myself mesquite flavored with a slight hint of road trip nastiness.

Two days at home and then I'm off to Tulsa Tough on Thursday. I'm FIRED UP for some more racing and really hoping to improve my results!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fun times in Durango

I left the 'way on Friday, stopping in Ouray to say hi to the good peeps at the Tisdel Law Firm (my first job out of law school). The drive was uneventful but bella vista filled. After picking up my race stuff (water bottle + gel is far superior to t-shirt!) I headed to Comp-town aka the back 40. I got a warm welcome from Bitsy, Precious and Zoe--its always so great coming to Durango. Got to do a little hang time with Moira and Ted before sleepy time.

Saturday morning was the Iron Horse Road Race. Last year the event was cancelled because of snow. This year was looking ominous--but thanks to some sacrificial xmas tree burns and the fact that a bunch of us carried our rain jackets--the weather held! We had a great field in the women's pro 1-2 field. Former winner Mara Abbott was back along with some of Colorado's best chica climbers. Can't leave out newborn superstar Alisha Welsh from the 801 either (she and mtb hubby Dave came down for the fun too). 

We rolled out of town at a fairly mellow pace (like every year) and as soon as we crossed the railroad tracks, Mara Abbot was on the front driving it. By the top of the 1st climb, things were pretty shattered. Teammate (and eventual 2nd place) Marisa was ahead in a group with the uber climbers. Next were a couple of differently morphing groups--of which Ambre and I were in. I tried to hang with a group of 3 but I popped off that before too long. I was caught by a group including Ambre, Shantelle and Tiffany Cromwell. Shantelle and Tiffany rode away and then it was Ambre, a Specialized rider and me. We lost Ambre and I just tried to hang for dear life on the Specialized rider's wheel on the climbs. I played every trick on myself that I could. One thing I've learned is thinking about how much you're suffering or thinking you suck never helps. So I sat there telling myself how awesome I was and how great I was doing. Also called upon yoga practice to think about breathing, relaxing and letting the negative stuff go. Even when the rider I was with started pulling away up Coal Bank pass, I told myself to stay calm, and to think positive ("you can probably catch her on the descent--you DEFINITELY outweigh her"). I also told myself that no matter what I was having an awesome ride (for me) and that I was doing the best I'd ever done in this race. I got some awesome encouragement from Randy (Peak to Peak) when I passed which helped a lot too.

I was able to pass the other rider on the descent which gave me a little boost. As we hit the base of the climb up to Molas I just HAMMERED as hard as I could--trying to buy myself as much time as possible before I figured this rider would pass me. Fortunately, she never did pass me on the climb, and I finished in 12th. 

At the finish I learned the teammate Marisa finished 2nd--only about 10 seconds behind Mara Abbot. Amazing! Was also psyched to hear that Alisha finished 3rd--great! Results here.

After a race, its very common to hear people wondering aloud "what if...." what if I'd gone harder? what if I'd conserved more on this part? Its a real bummer when you feel that way. I know that in yesterday's race--I was totally happy with how I rode. I couldn't have gone any harder--I left everything out there. I wouldn't have done anything differently. I think I backed off when I needed to and hammered as much as I could. There's nothing more satisfying than winning--but feeling like you did everything you could and had the best possible ride YOU could have is also satisfying (in a different way). 

It was a great day for our team: with Ambre finishing in 15th and Luisa in about 17th I think, we had 4 riders in the top 20. 

After the race, I got some serious quality time with the Mapel clan. Meredith and I split a Kobe beef burger at the Pickle Barrel and had some good laughs with the rest of her family and their friends. Back at Comp-town, I burned down about the race with Moira and Ted before we all headed to the Mapels for a big dinner (that was after I ate most of the salami and olives in Moira's fridge--post race antipasto). At the Mapels, I got some super secret race strategy from Jimmy Kight and Ted for the crit today. 

Oh yeah, there's a crit today. Its been pouring down rain all morning. I'm thinking carbon wheels are the ticket. 

In between the great racing--its been super super fun hanging with the Durango crew. Its a bummer the hubs is not here but someone had to represent us at a wedding in Orlando. 

So from the San Juans, Tiffp is out--more race and funtimes reporting to follow soon! 

Friday, May 22, 2009

Doing it the right 'way

I landed in Ridgway, CO last night as a stopover on my way to Durango (where I'll be competing in the Iron Horse Omnium). I stayed at my old house which--thanks to Erik--now looks like a page out of a Pottery Barn catalog. I'm embarassed I ever owned it. I feel like the house gave me a little bit of 'tude--like, "See this is how you treat a house." But then the house really embraced me with open arms. There is something about crossing state lines that really does something for my mental outlook. I just *heart* western Colorado is what it boils down too. I love all of Colorado but the west siiiiiide really has a special place. 

Monke and Anglia came over for some vino and Erik cheffed up a lovely little pasta dish. It was so great to catch up with some good peeps. After an AWESOME night's sleep (yeah San Juan air!) I had coffee with Erik this morning before visiting with some of my old neighb's here. Stopped by Ridgway's awesome-est local bike shop: Peak to Peak bicycles to say hi to Randy and purchase a rain jacket. They are getting some sweet 1x going here in the 'way--and have plans for much much more. I went for a fantastic little ride up Dallas Divide, marvelling at the beauty of this place. Headed back down and am now throwing my crap together to head over to Durango.

This weekend is looking interesting if you believe in weather predictions. Tomorrow is the road race from Durango to Silverton. I know it will have to take place because it was cancelled last year. I'm hoping that purchasing the rain jacket means I won't have to use it. Anyway, things could be hypotherm-eriffic up on the passes and ESPECIALLY on the descent into Silverton. Don't worry Anne- I know that warm gloves are the only thing that matters. 

Get on your knees to the weather gods for a 3 hour window of dryness tomorrow. I'm even willing to meet halfway and take precip halfway up the climb as long as its dry above 10000 feet and on the descent into Silverton. I know that goes against the laws of orographic whatever--but I can hope!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Some quality hubs time

Friday was one last hard interval day before cruise mode. After my workout, the hubs and I headed up to Team Gingerballs' 1st kickball practice. I was on the sidelines on account'a my bum knee...but it was pretty sweet because I got to hang with the other superfan (on the sidelines due to a bun in the oven). I'm so excited for kickball season. The hubs found a basketball on the playground and starting kicking it rocket styles into a concrete wall. Nothing says who's your daddy like smashing a hard rubber ball into cement. Bases were marked with beer bottles, the cooler was placed in the shade, and practice began. Lynsey and I sat on the sidelines with a copy of the rules (which needed frequent consultation--did you know you can pitch OVERHAND in kickball now?). If you think the UCI rules governing aero equipment are complicated, you should get yourself a copy of the salt lake kickball league rules. The team was a little disorganized--but ultimately decided to just scrimmage--so the games began. 2 middle school girls hanging out on a nearby swingset came over and asked if they could join so there were some good numbers for the scrimmage. The team definitely has raw talent, but they are going to have to work hard if they want to go all the way. Uniforms should be coming out soon along with the "athletic supporter" t-shirts designed for the superfans: lynsey and me.

While there was a local race being held a few hours outside SLC, I opted to stay close to home to get some QT with the hubs since I'll be gone the next few weekends. Friday night the hubs threw down the suggestion of doing the Salt Lake Century, since Rick, Lizzie and a bunch of other cool peeps were going to be doing it. That sort of thing isn't really my thing--but because I was just psyched to be hanging with the hubs--I loaded a fanny pack with pb&j's and gorp, got some chain marks going on my legs and joined in the fun.

There was a BIG crew of us rolling out north together. I was getting some nice time with the hubs and our other friends in between dodging the recumbent bikes. We rolled into the 1st rest stop and saw Uncle Hank. I gave him a hard time and we tried to find a camera so we could post a picture of us holding a sign saying "have you seen our friend the Kimo?"

I bounced from Hank over to the Bingham's boys so I could do some smack talking with one of my all-time faves, Chris. We must have really been burning down because when I started looking around I realized there was no hubs, and I didn't see ANY of the people we'd been riding with. Oops. That kicked off a 20 mile time trial to try to catch up. So much for some nice casual riding time with the hubs. Either I'm slow as hell or they had left way earlier because I didn't catch up to Lizzie and the girl posse until RIGHT BEFORE the 2nd rest stop. I rode up to a chorus of "there you are! Steve has been looking for you!" As we rode in, I spotted the hubs. He asked where I had been and said he'd left thinking I had left and then rode back to the rest stop to look for me. I told him he didn't look very hard because I was probably still at the rest stop when he rode back...But it was fine. The 2nd rest stop was the turn around point for the 70 mile ride (since I don't ride 100 miles or over 6 hours) and so that was where I had to say goodbye to the hubs because he was doing the 100 miler with the other boyz. So much for riding with the hubs. After all, we're a TEAM now (line please?).

But, the cool girl posse (Lizzie, Amanda, Awesome Margie, superbad Liz M and x-fit Jen) was heading back at this point so I jumped on that trendy train for a fabulous spin back to town. The hubs eventually rolled home with Rick and both looked like they were ready to ride another 100 miles. Especially after a recovery beer.

Saturday evening we connected with the Woodies and Wayne-o for dinner. We had super yums at Faustina and then some vodka tonics with fresh mint. Woody can make the shite out of a cocktail. And then I can show it who's boss.

Sunday was RICHIE'S birthday so we had berfday brunch at Trio. Because we were a big group we sat in front with NO SHADE on the incredibly heat absorptive concrete. Everyone was putting their napkins on their head and trying to create some protection. I burned the crap out of my chest. Good one. However, I managed to preserve my cycling dork tan even though I was wearing a tank top. I actually dusted off my mountain bike to ride a little dirt with Richie, Renee and Zach (and of course the hubs) which was fun. The J-Gs and Damiano were at the country club (aka Steiner pool) so I actually peaced out of the ride early so I could witness the world championship monster v. gimp competition (it didn't happen.) While I didn't get maximal riding time with the hubs--we still had an awesome weekend enjoying the great temps with some great friends. A good thing since the next 2 weekends are away games...

Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Berfday Glennbro

My lil bro's b-day is today so HAPPY F'ING BERFDAY GLENNBRO! Thanks for keeping us comedically satisfied. I hope today the beer flows like wine, the jam session never ends, and that Jim Gaffigan comes out with a new cd. I'll be toasting you from afar.

What seemed like a good idea at the time...

Last night was the Saltair Time Trial. Chuck from Wild Rose and I rode out to the start. I managed to not crash on my still skittery TT bike on the 15 mile ride out there. I did a lap on the 10k course before doing the "real" one. I was passed within a few minutes by someone I didn't recognize (though I was told he ended up winning) and then Chuck caught me right before the end. I clocked a 15:52 (everyone had fast times it sounded like) and was told that under 16:00 with no aerodorknamic equipment is not bad. So I can live with that.

Then the ride home.

I rode TO the event from work...but the ride home was definitely longer. Before we'd even gotten off the frontage road Chuck asked if he needed to push me. It was Bonk o'clock on the dot. Luckily there was a gas station where I was saved by a superfood and reeses (one of the only candy bars sans partially hydroge and HFC).

My TT bike is sweet, but 3+ hours on it is not so bueno. But hey, a little discomfort for a smaller carbone footprint is well worth it. And talking about carbone--there were some SWEET set-ups out at saltair. Some of the setups looked like they were from a Star Wars set. Like my footprint, my wheels are definitely low in the carbon department. But I've joined THIS cool site which is guaranteed to help me figure out how to sizzle a time trial.

I'm psyched to have a weekend at home because the next few are going to be action-packed (Iron Horse then Tulsa Tough). Its all about some long rides and maximal hubs and friends time here in the 801.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Consuming the fruits (really veggies) of my labor

I had a real pooh Tuesday and Wednesday. I was driving back from Vernal, UT on Wednesday in a FOUL mood when I ran across (not over) a cyclist pushing her bike up Daniels Summit. I stopped to see if she needed anything--turns out she needed a ride to Heber. I helped her haul her TANK of a touring bike into the back of my car in between various work acoutrements and then settled in for the 60 or so mile drive to Heber. I asked her where she was riding from and she answered Moab. For those of you unfamiliar with UT geog--Moab is FAR from where I picked her up. She had been riding for a week, camping and just making her way from southern Utah to California, Idaho and Oregon where she'll be guiding river trips. Needless to say my mood TOTALLY turned around hearing about her total badass-osity. The hubs has always told me that river guides are the tough ones, and I really believe him now. Her name is Darcy and she works for Oars--so I know if I ever do a trip I would use them because they obviously have gnarly people that can deal.

I know some will read this and think that it isn't very badass to get a ride...but in her defense it was a nuking headwind and the road would really suck to ride on. No shoulder + haulingass oil trucks = smooshed cyclist.

It was really fun hearing about her adventure and it totally turned my mood around.

In other good news, the hubs and I enjoyed our first salad from my garden. OK so the ham wasn't home grown (everyone knows you need to have meat in your salad). But the spinaci, microgreens, leaf lettuce and RADISHES were all straight out of Giardini Pezzulo. It was very exciting. Afterward we enjoyed the treats my awesomest mom sent the hubs for his birthday.

Prior to roughage consumption (or cookie justification), I went to the DMV training crit here in the 801. It was a total blast and a great workout. Its a crit held on the DMV driving course and it has a bunch of turns and an uphill sprint. There were a TON of chicks there too--totally dicing it up with the men. We all raced in the men's B race--a break of I think 2 dudes got away. A couple of us tried to bridge but the break stuck and I think I was somewhere in the top 5 of the field sprint. Some spouses stayed to watch their wives race and I think I heard some of them throwing down some motivational cheers my way which I greatly appreciated.

Talking about racing, here are a few pics from the state crit. I *heart* my arm SKINS!

KK and I going for it. Weird to sprint against someone I am used to working for or being lead out by!

More photos from the women's race here.

Tonight is the Saltair TT which should be fun. A couple more hard riding days then I'm coasting for Iron Horse. Word on the street is that Alisha is heading to Iron Horse--and while I'm not a betting girl--I'd say the smart money would be on this wispy thing for a top 3 finish in the road race! Her pro mtb'er hubissimo will also probably be lovin it up on those 10,000+ ft passes!

This weekend the hubs and I are planning on some big mountain rides--to try to get me ready for Iron Horse. Sunday's 4 hour ride was the only ride longer than 1 hr I'd done in about 3 weeks (thanks to all those Speedweek crits). At about the 3 hour mark I was bumming pretty hard and that's when the hubs really decided to kick my ass. Luckily I've been wearing my SKINS all week so I should be ready to BRING it on the weekend. Who's your mommy now Little Cottonwood?

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Utah State Crit Championships

Today was the Utah State Crit Championship at Pioneer Park in downtown SLC. It is flat 4 corner crit and its about a 15 minute ride from my house. We had an awesome field in the women's 1-2-3 race. PCIM and Ski Utah had full teams along with an assortment of strong individuals. PCIM and Ski Utah were bringin it with a flurry of attacks throughout the race. With no teammates I was just trying to pretty much cover everything. My plan was to be 2nd into the 3rd corner and to attack so I could be 1st in the last corner. PCIM Alisha attacked hard on the last lap. I got on her wheel and then was able to execute my plan, and only VERY NARROWLY beat KK in the sprint.

I was really psyched to win, and even more psyched that a bunch of friends showed up to cheer at the race! The JJ's, Woody, JemClems and the hubs were all there and it was totally fired me up!

Chris from Bingham's hooked me up with a little last minute shifting adjust which was great. Everyone should check out the new Bingham Cyclery downtown next to Caputo's. It is an AWESOME space and has a sweet woman's specific section. It is a "no attitude" shop and whether you are totally recreational or hard core--you'll get treated the same.

Coach K had instructed me to do the men's p-1-2 race after my race. I was s-ing my pants about that one. I hung VERY BRIEFLY but was still psyched to get the mini-interval speed work all the same.

Oh I almost forgot about the race before the race! The Kimo picked me up this morning and we got in line for the Wasatch Community Garden sale. It was INSANE! We were there 30 minutes before it even opened and were not even the first 100 people in the doors. There were near fisticuffs by the tomatoes, but the Kimo and I managed to get a nice selection. I picked up some melon and cuke starters too. Just need to find some real estate for them all now.

Its bellissima weather here in the 801. Cool, clean air and sunny skies...there's nowhere else youd wanna be! That'll likely end with the summer haze and heat--but for now, just enjoy it while it lasts!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Compleanno de Hubs and Ancient Chinese Secrets

Today is the 30-(cough cough)-tieth birthday of the man of my dreams and apple of my eye. As McFly would say, Steve- "you are my density." I am going to sail on the coattails of Richie's accolades to the hubs which you can find here. Nice one Richie!

I'm currently on the hunt for a large snoopy replication and a rambutan sack per Mr. Ba Dho's suggestions. Wise and kind Sir, I do agree that the tickle fight would INDEED be for laughings! (see comments to previous blog post).

In other gnus, our cool Utah cycling rag did an interview with me, which you can find at PAGE 19 HERE. If you're looking for the smutty, fun side of racing in Utah, you MUST go HERE. We have some secret paparazzi getting all the gossip on the cyclists in Utah...Even if you don't know the people, you'll still find it amusing.

Talking about tabloids, does anyone else think that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are getting back together since he left Angelina Jolie? I'm telling you, I've been waiting for this one. I really got to bone up on all my Hollywood gossip from spending 12 hours in the Atlanta airport on Monday. I cover-to-covered about every fluff rag I could read and not pay for.

Lastly, I've been getting tired-er throughout this week of barely riding. How does that work? Coach K says that its the 7 days of racing adrenaline exiting my system leaving the pooh legs behind. Perfect just in time for a race tomorrow! We've got the Utah State Crit championships at Pioneer Park tomorrow which should be a lot of fun. And even if its not fun, at least it will be close (and there are rumors there might be some COWBELL??). Anyway, the women's race is at 11 am--so you can farmer's market the crap out of yourself then check out some cool crit racing. (for the really cool crit racing, you'll probably want to watch the pro men's at 3pm)

But before that competition, I've got another race to do. I'm going to hit the Wasatch Community Gardens sale (the Kimo and I are going to camp-out in line like we're waiting for Duran Duran tix to go on sale) and god help anyone who gets between me and those 42 varieties of heirloom tomato plants.

Mother's Day is Sunday. I S'ed the B on getting a card out. Oh I guess "bed" isn't technically a swear (credit to erin on that one). What a loser. I'm going to have to double down for the moms' birthday for redemption. I suck. But my suckiness has nothing to do with how I was raised--because I had the GREATEST mom ever!

Does Mr. Ba Dho have any Ancient Chinese Secrets about how to do something nice for your mom?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Made it!

I finally made it back to the 801 late last night. Lins beat me home (to New Mexico) and she was driving. Oh well. I did finish 2 books though: Dedication and Heroines. Both were fluffy and fun.

Here's a pic from the Athens Twilight Crit last Saturday. If you think its hard to see me, that's how hard it was for me to see the road.

Newberry sent me this link from Cyclingnews. From the last day in Sandy Springs.

And one of the funniest parts of the trip, our school visit to the kids at Pine St. Elementary in Spartanburg, SC. These kids ruled, their questions ruled harder:

"Have you ever raced in China?"
"Have you ever gotten lost?"
"Do you ride to church?"

We did a bunch of laps around the gym on our bikes and it brought the house down. Fun times.

It was SO GREAT to come home to the hubs. My garden is THRIVING (I think the fact that it rained a lot was a big relief to him) and the house was clean! I *may* put my bike back together today. We'll see. Some rest, then we have the Utah State Crit championships this weekend.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Hurry up and wait

On Saturday Lins and I traveled to the stars fell on Alabama (their license plates say that but I don't know what it means). I think the week was starting to really catch up with us-we ended up 16th and 29th. It was a great race won very narrowly by Brooke Miller. Sunday we raced the last race of the need for Speedweek in Sandy Springs, GA. It was in a cute little shopping restaurant area with 6 turns and a hill on the finishing stretch. I won my statutory 2 primes and ended up 15th in the final sprint. I was unfortunately behind a crash but my position wasn't all that great anyway so I can't put too much blame on that. I'm just happy I didn't go down in the crash. Linsey had a great race finishing 17th. We ended up 8th and 15th in the overall so we are pumped. Tina Pic won the overall followed by Laura VanGilder then Kori Seehafer.

It was really a treat to get all this great racing in with some of the fastest women in the country. The people we met and the places we experienced made a fantastic impression on us--one we won't soon forget.

Our excellent host Mark and I watched the mens race as I packed my bike. Good buddy from the old days picked me up at the course for one last really fun dinner before heading to the airport.

That's where the waiting comes in. Since I don't want to have ANOTHER meltdown (or eat the cheesecake I've been eyeing in the coffee shop) let's just say I'm going on hour 7 of being stuck in the atlanta airport. Sniff. Its not looking good for the return of Tiff to the 801 right now.

At least I don't have swine flu.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Back in hotlanta

Last night was race #5 in Spartanburg, South Carolina. We stayed with the parents of the event director in an awesome place super close to downtown. Thursday was a day off so we put skidmarks down out of Walterboro and headed north. After finding our place, we got on our bikes for a mellow spin to preview the course. 

Friday afternoon we did a school visit with the Mountain Khakis men's team. It was a blast. There were a couple hundred kids piled into a gym and we talked to them about bike safety and about being a bike racer. We got a sweet photo with all the kids and then went to get ready for our race.

The Spartanburg course was different in the way that each course has kind of been its own thing. It was a 1k rectangle with wide open turns with some rough sections of the course. With a big headwind on the backside, it was pretty much a race to the 2nd to last turn. The race was pretty aggressive with tons of attacks from Tibco and Team Type 1. I went for a few primes. With 8 laps to go I went for a prime and got a little gap on the field. Meredith Miller bridged up and took a monster pull. I knew it was pretty much a ploy just to make Colavita and TT1 chase (allowing Tibco to set up Brooke)--but still figured it was worth it to at least try to stay away--so I started rotating. With 2 laps to go we were swarmed by the lead-out trains. I went shooting towards the back and just tried to scramble to move back up. Brooke ended up winning with awesome Laura VanGilder second and Tina Pic third. I finished 12th and teammate Linsey had her best finish so far taking 16th. 

I was a little disappointed but I'm super FIRED UP for these last 2 races and really hope to make something happen. We are back at supercool Mark's supercool condo in Hotlanta. We rode to paradise aka Alon's bakery this morning for breakfast and coffee. Chilling for a few hours before heading to Alabama for the Sunny King Crit. Continuing the southern tour!

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