Monday, June 29, 2009

Racing, bbq'ing and hanging in S. California

Just finished up a healthy full 10 or so hour drive. Car is unpacked, its time for bed, and I'm wide awake. Probably still running on the psyched adrenaline from the weekend, or the evil empire starbucks I had in Cedar City at 7 pm. Either way I'm psyched.

But back to the re-cap:

So the hubs and Erin arrived safely in the OC disorder to round out the team roster for the weekend. On Saturday, Erin decided to get after it and go for a little run with Johnny G and Jen's running group. When the hubs and I rolled up to the post run breakfast, Erin responded to my question about the run with one word: "soul crushing." But it was fun times nonetheless. We did some smack talking over gluten-full bagels before the hubs, Johnny G., Jen and I headed out on a little ride in Santiago Canyon. It was awesome. Capped off the ride with a swim/shower in the local pool. And when I say shower I mean rinsing off in the shower at the pool. No shampoo. No soap. And I stuck with that shower program all weekend. I need a deep condition now. For my hair too.

We finished up the day with ceviche in Laguna and more meat products off the grill back at casa Johnny G. Jen and I cheffed up some serious salad from the valhalla Persian market in the OC disorder. This market ruled. I filled my cart with what would've been $100 of produce and other items at Entire Paycheck--but it was not even half that! I was in luff.

On Sunday, Erin and I headed to the race at Manhattan Beach. I had been planning on doing this race because it was on the NRC calendar. However, sometime in the past few weeks or so, they decided to un-NRC the race. I think it was a money deal. Whatever, who cares. There were still 60 speedy women that lined up--though any real presence by the big teams was lacking.

Erin and I picked up teammate Gwen (who totally rallied to do the race on a borrowed bike) in DISNEYLAND and then spent the next 5 hours trying to figure out how to park in Manhattan Beach. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying. We connected with teammate Lins who provided Gwen with a bike to use for warm up. It takes a laid back person to warm up and race on a bike that is not theirs. Gwen wasn't even able to GET the bike till minutes before our race. Lins and I were sitting on the start line wondering how to stall. Luckily Gwen rolled up just in time for the gun to go off.

The race was decently fast--but nothing was able to stick. Lins and I each won some primes and Lins and Gwen were awesome at covering the moves. With 2 laps to go, Suzy Pryde from Jazz Apple took a serious flyer. Lins totally buried herself to reel it in. On the last lap, I stupidly closed the rest of the gap and then got kind of swarmed on the backstretch. There was a huge crash--I felt a handlebar hit my hip and then I heard a scream and heard that crunch of metal. Major bummer. I didn't get stuck behind it or anything, but it did shake me up a little. Ultimately I just had lame position going into the final hairpin turn and was somewhat spent from closing up the gap. I ended up 12th in the field sprint with Koryn Rivera--a junior rider--taking 1st. I wasn't super psyched with my result--but I had a lot of fun racing with Gwen and Lins and totally LOVED the fan support I got out on the course.

Johnny G and Jen made sure I had some bacon-wrapped steak from the previous night's bbq for good recovery. If you think I'm joking you'd be wrong and if you think I was still wearing my shammy when I consumed said red and other white meat, you'd be right.

After the race, we had a romantic walk along the beach (all 5 of us) on our way to Wahoos for some fish tacos. Since I needed to take a shower, we headed over to the neighborhood pool in the OC while "re-hydrating" with some delicious Brazilian rum-type concotions. More bbq, more yum yums, more cocktails and lots more laughs.

This morning, I went for one final spin in the OC disorder. We had a team coffee session before all the kids headed off to work. The hubs is actually staying in the OC disorder to do some collaborating with Johnny G's company on some super secret important stuff. As Johnny G and the hubs were leaving to go to Johnny G's office together, Jen remarked "Oh look, its bring your buddy to work day!"

Post-weekend thoughts: if things don't work out with science, Johnny G could have a very rewarding thought slight less lucrative career as a soigneur; Erin is an awesome friend and still makes me delicately guffaw like no other; why does Jen come out with some of the best lines ever? The hubs just plain rules in any environment, at any time.

It was an awesome weekend. The best part about racing these out-of-state races is no matter how the racing goes--the people around you always make the trip such a fantastico experience. I feel damn lucky to have such wonderful humans that bounce into my orbit!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson's death is effecting me more than I would've anticipated

While driving from southern Utah yesterday to the OC disorder, I heard on the radio that the man of the moon walk and man in the mirror, one glove wearing but multiple surgeries having legend--Michael Jackson--passed away. As Johnny G said, sucks for Farrah Fawcett to have passed on the same day. She was totally eclipsed by Miss Nasty's brother. That's a big deal--she was an ANGEL after all!

Anyway, I'll admit--I felt some emotions when I heard that announcement somewhere in the Mojave Desert. Sheesh, I still remember how excited my sister and I were when we got the Thriller album. I think we had to do some gnarly chores to earn that one. I don't really remember. Lucky for us we had a dad that liked that kind of stuff too. Oh that Thriller album! You remember, with that huge tiger on the back--COME ON (as woody would say). That was f-word sweet. And I DO mean album! Not CD. That's the era we're talking here.

Well, lucky for me, Nevada and California radio was there to help me process my grief. I think I heard Billy Jean about 3 times, some Beat it--no ABC, that would've been sweet. I'm sure they hit up the early days but I was probably out of range at that point.

So yeah, I did a little more grief processing with Johnny G this morning as he read it in the paper, as he commented "I feel like I need to go on TV and cry about this." If you know Johnny G: scientist, sick runner, and hilarious-in-deadpan-nonemotional know that's some funny shit. But really--those stars of the 80s are when a lot of people my age were actually starstruck. Its when we bought ALBUMS and made mixes and had posters in our rooms. I still get a little swoon-y when I hear Take on Me and think about my A-ha poster.

Aside from that unfortunate event, my trip to the OC disorder went smoothly. I did have some heart palpitations on the toll road coming into the OC--but I made sure I was flush with quarters. I rolled in to casa Johnny G at about 10 pm. Johnny G poured hisself a Manhattan--which drink he and Mrs. Johnny G plan to consume every night in honor of Manhattan Beach Grand Prix (a crit I'm doing here on Sunday). If I end up getting some good luck out of this--he will be forced to repeat this performance before every important race! Now that wouldn't be a big deal before a race like America's Dairyland (you drink milk) or Cascade (you just drink a lot of water). I guess I'd be a little concerend about what he'd do before Gateway. Its a good think I'm not doing Tour de WHITE ROCK in a few weeks.

Over Manhattans, I got to do a little catching up with Mr and Mrs Johnny G. It is always f-word awesome to see these kids. They have been tearing up some 5 Ks and are relatively injury free.

This morning after Johnny G and I had our Michael Jackson grief therapy counseling session, I had another therapy session on their back patio while the house was getting cleaned. I read for a few hours and drank a pot of coffee. After I felt ok with everything, I got on my bike and had an AWESOME ride in the OC--as mapped out by Johnny G. My legs don't feel fantastic but my mind feels pretty dern good. I think I'm pretty mentally rejuved after the 2 week off period (which ended with High Uintas last week).

Part of the ride was a little stroll down memory lane as I had to ride part of the road nationals course from last year which was my first date with DFT team director MH. We've (me and DFT p/b Treads) been together ever since in what I consider a very stable and fulfilling relationship. Fun times! And talking about DFT, there will be THREE of us ready to tear it up at Manhattan Beach Grand Prix. Teammate Lins now RESIDES in California del sud (I believe) and teammate Gwen is going to sneak away from Disneyland (I don't know details--I just know that I'm rescuing her from said haven of Americana on Sunday morning) to come and race. The hubs is flying in tonight, and ERIN will be joining us too! S'looking to be a fantastico weekend--with good peeps, good eats, good drinks and awesome RACING! I anticipate some laughing might be on the menu in addition to some good material for future blog posts. So make sure to check back--and of course- thanks for reading!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

High Uintas-Rick and the hubs rule!

This weekend was the High Uintas Stage race in Evanston, WY. The first stage is an 80 mile road race from Kamas, UT to Evanston, WY on the Mirror Lake Highway. Its basically Iron Horse with a downhill (about 5000 ft of climbing). Rick--the biggest glutton for punishment I've ever met--also decided to join in the fun (this was to be his 3rd road ride of 2009).

The hubs and I headed up to Rick's in Park City on Friday night. While the boys went to drop cars in Evanston, I cheffed up our pre-race dinner, a little whole wheat pasta with baby broccoli and a bolognese. I did the Dave L boil the broccoli with the pasta (yes I know I was skeptical--but I'm a convert--I still believe in the necessity of sauce though). I "made" cookies (from pre-made immaculate bakery cookie dough, shhh) for dessert.

We got up to grey skies on Saturday morning. Not a good sign. We headed over to Kamas and all started our respective races. The hubs and Rick's group passed us on the flats (Hi Steve!) which was fun. The women's race was pretty mellow till the road went up. I persuaded Carmen S from Colavita to come to the race (since she had to be in SLC for other reasons), and she took off when the grade got steep. A group of 4 of us tried chasing her down to no avail. I was shelled out of the chase group on the steep part of the climb and was a minute down from the chase group and 2 minutes down from Carmen over the top of the pass. I put it into high gear on the descent and passed the chase group. I was hoping the group of us could work together to try to catch Carmen, but it was not to be. Out on the million miles of flats, I just put my head down and tried to keep the speed up. I had resigned myself to 2nd place till I thought of Johnny Drama and the fact that negativity can breed bad outcomes.

While I didn't think there was any chance in hell I'd be able to catch Carmen I told myself I was going to catch her and I did with less than 10 miles to go. I was really psyched and I think she was pretty psyched not to be riding solo anymore (since her 1st words when I saw her were "I've been so bored!"). We shared the work to the finish which got a little hairy as there was a downpour in the last few miles. It was a little confusing about where the finish was but I think I had a little better view of it than Carmen and so I ended up winning. Despite winning the road race, Carmen won GC with a time bonus for the QOM and a solid minute over me in the TT. I was happy with 2nd.

The hubs finished right after me (though with a better time since he started behind me) and he had a BIG SMILE on his face. I was super proud of him because he set realistic goals for himself and handily accomplished them! He didn't blow himself on the climb and then he hammered into Evanston. The best part of all is that he actually ENJOYED the experience which was huge....Even with the pain, even with the elements---he had fun.

Rick gets the hardman award of the year. Rick has been doing crazy endurance running races but had only been on his bike a few times. He crested the summit a little later and he got hit with some serious precipitation. Rain + 10,000 ft=no bueno. I think there may have been a dash of sleet and hail thrown in there for good measure. Anyway, this guy is NEVER cold and he said he was shaking pretty hard. Yeah, can you say tough? To be shaking, wet and borderline hypothermic and STILL ride 50 more miles? If things don't work out with law, Rick should go on Survivor. Turns out MANY people had to get yanked out of the race because of hypothermia. Damn. So many people had issues that they organizers decided to make the stage race include ONLY the road race and the time trial--and to make the crit a separate race.

After the race, Rick, the hubs, Carmen S and I piled into the subie to head back to the cars parked at Kamas. There was a traffic jam from HELL on the highway and it took forever. While we had planned to hang at the paradise Leta cabin with Richie and Renee, they were still stuck in SLC, we were exhausted and I actually needed to hit a bike shop. With all this adversity facing us, we just caved in and headed back to Rick's in Park City. To truly cap off the ridankulosity for Rick, when he took his dogs out, he got stuck in ANOTHER downpour! The guy is tough as nails. I don't even know how he could walk because I personally felt like someone had taken a baseball bat to my knees like a non-paying mafia debtor.

The hubs and I inhaled most of the food in Rick's house while he was stuck in hurricane high uintas part II. We tried to call. We did what we could. He came back and we ended up getting pizza and movies and enjoying some serious couch time. While we were sad to miss out on the Leta cabin, we had a great time hanging with Rick.

I got up at the CRACK this morning to go ride a freezing wet time trial. We had to park on a super muddy dirt road. I'm not complaining but it was a little bit of a fray. Anyway, my warmup consisted of walking my bike down the muddy dirt road to the start line. Oh I guess you can call the first 5 miles of the TT my warm-up too. But I can't claim any excuses because I think most people were in the same boat. Except for the people who were wearing gloves because they probably weren't blowing on their hands to keep them warm during the TT. Nice.

It was a different course from years past---a pretty stiff headwind on the way out and what didn't feel as fast as it should be on the way back. I thought it was a really good course though. Just wish it was a little later in the morning.

The crit seemed like it was going to get cancelled. But 15 minutes before we were supposed to start, the officials told us to get dressed (I was still in Skins). That meant get dressed, change brake pads and change pedals. Yeah-total professional-that's me. So I kept to today's warm-up strategy (of now warm-up). Carmen and I got away on the 2nd lap. There was some more confusion about which lap we were finishing on so we just agreed to finish together. It was a strange weekend of racing--but still fun. There are a great group of women here in Utah and its always fun getting to hang with a lot of them--especially the supercutey yin and yang twins PB and Tayler.

While it was not a typical weekend of racing--it was highly enjoyable. The coolest part was seeing how studly the hubs and Rick were, and how much they enjoyed the experience. That was awesome and I'm really proud of BOTH those guys!

A few hours to unpack and do laundry before leaving on a work trip tomorrow which will turn into a racing trip by the weekend (Manhattan Beach Grand Prix). While I'm sad to leave the hubs, he will be joining up with me in the OC Disorder at Johnny G and Jen's. ERIN is going to make the southward trek from the Cruz which is Saint-like for some definite hilarity. I can't wait.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Another beautiful day in the 801

It is so gorgeous here today. Hopefully this holds for the race this weekend. Little spin followed by a few hours in the giardino. Harvesting snow peas and getting ready to plant next round of crops. Sometime.
Heading up to Rick and Lizzie's this evening for pre-race sleepover-though Lizzie probably isn't going to be there. Little bike race from Kamas, UT to Evanston, WY (ouch). Should be interesting.

We've had a lot of rain lately and my lungs are feeling less harshed than normal. The air feels clear---coincidence?

Upcoming whirlwind is gathering steam. I'll be racing all weekend and hanging out at the casitas of various friends. I'm traveling for work all week then heading to the O.C. disorder (don't call it that) to see Johnny G, Jen, EAAAAHHHN and to race the formerly NRC event known as Manhattan Beach with teammate Linsey. I'm exhausted and excited at the same time about the brewing fray. What could POSSIBLY go wrong here?

On being an a-hole (part 2?)

Deja vu I think I've posted like this before.

I am fortunate enough to have some of the most stellar friends and fam a person could hope for. Sometimes, I focus on peripheral people/things at the expense of the people who are the most important--and that really sucks. It definitely sparks the self-loathing and is just a general BUMMER.

I wouldn't be surprised if my fiber-optic network of peeps feels that the friendship with me is somewhat unilateral lately and for that I universally apologize and simply state that I LUFF you all and hope that I can somehow repay all the awesomeness directed my way.

Remember, I AM an oldest child! (not an excuse though).

BIG luff and thanks to my friends for putting up with me. Hoping to repay it somehow, some day!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Welcome back pain

Today was the first day in 2 weeks I've gone hard on my bike. I rode out to the little training crit we have here out at the Rocky Mountain Raceway. Under darkening skies, we started out with a warning that the race would be called if it really started raining. Because the course is a real race track it has a pretty sweet coating of rubber that if it becomes wet will create a dog-running-on-linoleum like situation.

There were some stiff winds so it made it a little easier to sit in--and sit in I did till the finish--when I was psyched to hold a decent position and then just ride in for the finish. And LUCKILY the weather held and people managed to keep the rubber side down. Good job everyone.

So crit part was great- the ride home sucked. Why do people have to hammer on the ride home from the RMR? Its such a catch-22 for me because I love getting to talk to my old teammates like PB and KK, but I just feel like my legs are getting ripped off. It feels harder than the race because for ONE I have my commuter extraordinaire backpack on and B, after a hard effort my leggies just want to go like the shampoo: nice-n-easy. I totally got dropped at point and then A-Ron grabbed a fistful of my backpack and (literally) towed me back to the group.

This weekend is the High Uintas Classic. It has an Iron Horse like road race in that it has a huge climb. Unlike Iron Horse you actually get to LOSE all the elevation you gained on the 35 mile slightly downhill ride into Evanston, Wyoming. Its a really great race and it should be fun. I don't technically *remember* the last time I've ridden more than 3 hours--but what could go wrong. The time trial is the next morning and then Sunday afternoon is the crit in downtown Evanston. Its one of those crits where a lot of the locals come out because its an excuse to party. Its no Tulsa or Athens---but it is still extremely good value. The hubs is actually going to number up and do the citizens race along with Rick. We're going to have a sleepover at Liz and Rick's the night before.

But best of all will be getting to spend Saturday night at Richie and Renee's cabin in the Uintas. Vino, views and vitamin I will be in full force. I can't wait!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

We had some time apart...

I've been doing some extreme resting this week. Its been awesome. Yoga, yard and chillin' (yeah working too I guess). So my bike and I, we've taken a little time off from each other. Its not that we don't care about one another--but sometimes you just need a little break so you can realize what it is you really love about one another.

And, Coach K permitted me to ride if it means I don't have to think or care about it. Since our friend Richie was running the Steeplechase this morning, the hubs and I decided to be shammy-fans, and rode our road bikes up City Creek Canyon to do some extreme spectating. Everyone knows that spectating requires 3 essential ingredients:
1. Snacks (cheering is hard work too!)
2. Extra clothes
3. Cowbell (Duh)

So we got up at 7 am to pedal up City Creek Canyon to partake in the fun. So even though I was technically riding (a shammy was involved) I was also carrying a backpack with snacks, clothes and COWBELL! So there was way more mental energy put towards that than the actual riding. (The riding was pretty fun too though!)

The Steeplechase is a trail running race here in the 801. The first part goes up Memory Grove (my bike commute) and then jumps on the Shoreline Trail where it then heads up to Black Mountain. Its a 15 mile jaunt with a little pavement, a little scrambling (on Black Mountain) and a lot of hardcore.

As the hubs and I pedaled up City Creek (a paved road), we started seeing runners on the trail (which just parallels the road at the part). I busted out the cowbell and I got some good responses. The hubs, Renee and I were the ONLY fans out there!

I feel like I've been treated to some ridankulously good fan support in my past few races so I wanted to karmically give back to the fan pool. While I certainly was not as elite a fan as the devil at Iron Horse or the dudes in mankinis at Tulsa (OMG it rules to even put that in writing)--being pretty much THE ONLY FANS for a big chunk of the course was good stuff. Some people were puzzled--most were totally digging it. The temporary emergence of smiles and waves out of the pain made me really go for it with that cowbell!

With all that cheering, cowbell ringing and snacking--I didn't even realize I was on a bike. Until some of the runners started asking if they could trade me. Yeah. No way guys- you paid money to do this, remember? I will give you some extra cowbell rings though.

Anyway, it was great to get on my bike for a little fun ride that was more about supporting other people in their suffering than inducing my own. I think it was a fabulous way to prepare myself for the training that lies ahead.

It started raining pretty hard so the hubs and I busted home after making sure Richie was cruising on his way to the finish. After not riding for what feels like an eternity (4 days), that 20 mile ride conjured up a lumber jack's hunger in me. We met up with superchamp Richie (who did AWESOME) and Renee for brekkie at the Wild Grape (or the Sour Grape as the hubs called it). My big ride + my big breakfast really made the letharge set in--so I busted to yoga where I was a warrior next to superfun Fraser!

The instructor kept telling us to think of something that brought us pure bliss. I was having a hard time coming up with something and then Fraser whispered that she was thinking of french fries. She rules.

Shavasana sure felt good and I think I might have wandered into the REM state as it *may* have been my snoring instead of the instructor's voice which brought me back from the dead.
Had a fun little burn down with Fraser post yoga before heading to procure some more reading materials (finished Palestinian Lover and all my other current reads--so I needed to replenish).

Tonight the hubs and I are going to try to get our grill on again. This time there will be no victims other than ourselves.

If the weather permits, I may actually ride DIRT tomorrow. That sounds fun and non-mental energy intensive.

And we are still getting some serious amounts of precipitation--so remember--think like a garden and be psyched about it!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hitting the reset button

Welcome to planet lazy. I was pretty pooped by last weekend, so coach K put me on a strict recovery regimen meaning I direct "no mental or physical energy toward riding." I did end up going for a little ride on Monday near Capitol Reef--but that was more for sightseeing purposes. I'm on Day 2 of no riding and I feel like a huge slacker. However, that is tempered by the extreme letharge that seems to have overcome me in the past week.

So I'll be slacking off this week (Oh still working full-time I guess)--only doing yoga and playing in the garden for activity. Talking about yoga, I went yesterday and today. Let's hear it for ujai breathing because it was good to get centered again and just be ok with what's going on with my body. Tonight I was treated to a specialty Wayne-o class with Caterina and Abby. Best of all, we hit Au Naturel for some post yoga recovery treats.

My slackosity is being generously supported by mother nature--as it has been pissing down rain. Thank you Gaia! Its like the universe is underscoring my laziness. You've got to feel good about that. Not sure how the universe feels about my chocolate consumption--but I've just really been feeling antioxidant deprived lately.

So, if you're not happy about the weather--I urge you to think like a garden and just love it all up. And if you still have tight buttcheeks about the weather--go take Wayne's yoga class at the Front (or from your local friendly yogi kudu).

Sunday, June 7, 2009

NO SOUP FOR YOU (maybe I didn't want it anyway)

I didn't participate in our state time trial championships this weekend because I didn't register in time. Well, in my head I registered on time, but I think I didn't do an extra click somewhere because when I looked at the start list on Friday, my name wasn't on it. And my pleas fell on deaf ears, so it was no TT for Tiff this year. Oh well.

I probably wasn't in the mood for it anyway. I have been sleepylazyhungry this week. I was waiting to hear whether I could get into the TT on Friday so I could decide what kind of ride to do (pre-race leg openers or a real training ride). Turns out the ride I wanted to do was actually a nap. Sweet, no laundry required for that one. And its a good thing I rested up because we had a fun night on Friday at the J-G's with hilarious Lexie and Brock and Richie. I have 3 words for the evening: Li-mon-cello. Enough said.

Saturday the hubs and I rode Mill Creek Canyon along with our 6000 closest friends. Gotta love upper Mill Creek when the road is (mostly) dry and still closed! Our good friends the DBs and the Woodies joined us for dins at our house. We have an awesome grill---but the hubs and I are both scared of it. However, everyone knows that grilling is a man-job so I decided to help the hubs face his fears directly and invited everyone over for a bbq. With lots of glares, the hubs fired up the grill. Things got a lot more under control once Uncle Woody arrived and could guide the hubs in his grilling pursuits. Turkey brats were on sale at Entire Paycheck (Whole Foods) so we grilled enough of those for a whole T-ball team. Woody gave our grill his seal of approval so we (that is, the hubs) have no excuse to not use it.

The DBs took off early because Wayne had a DH race in Bountiful today (not sure if it happened since it was raining all day). The Woodies, the hubs and I got down to serious business--festivizing until about 1 am. Woody was getting fired up in excellent form. He never disappoints. The key ingredient is Scotch.

The hubs and I had a big sleep-in and just generally dealt with our house. Our yard is going off--I am so psyched. We have a bumper crop of snow peas and shelling peas right now. Totally loving it. Re-planted some more carrots because the current ones are being a bunch of pussies. The rain has been awesome for the giardino and nice for my legs too. I have been enjoying the mellow down time and hubs re-connection time. It has been awesome to put funds back in the friends bank too. Can't ever let those accounts get too low.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Coming up for air

Who says cycling clothing isn't versatile enough to handle other activities? This was my pre-race warm up before day 3 of Tulsa Tough. I wanted to make sure the pool was clean for my post-race cool down and consumption of recovery beverages.

And talking about day 3 of Tulsa Tough means talking about some qt in the pain cave. The crit on day 3 had a steep hill and then a ripper of a brake burning descent (smelled like Little Cottonwood Canyon during spring break). The last corner was at the bottom of the descent as an off camber turn and about 150m to the finish.


The race started out relatively hard. Attacks, breaks, chains, whips, that sort of thing. Of course you had the heat and humidity too. The 60 woman field (pro-1-2) got whittled down to about 30 riders by the last few laps. And, unbelievably, I was in that group. Bud was standing on the hill giving my awesome motivation every time up that thing. Our supporters were so key this weekend.

Anyway, I was tail gunning with about 3 to go and worked my way up with 2 to go. There was a Tibco/Lipsmacker attack with 1.5 to go and I got on that. Was in good position on the last lap and got swarmed on the downhill. Oh well, what're you going to do. The legs are improving--now I need to work on the cajone factor too. I finished 15th and was totally psyched. Shelly Olds got her 2nd win of the weekend. Carmen took 2nd (can't feel bad about losing to her the weekend before!) with Jen McRae 3rd.

I was WORKED after this race. My consistent finishes moved me into 12th in the omnium, so I was psyched.

Superphotog Mike (see Drewster- we do have our own pro photog!) posted his excellent weekend pics on Flickr.

Mo was there waiting (she managed to hang for about half the race on a cobbled together bike--awesome!) with beer in hand for her and water for me. She was a great teammate both on and off the bike. Superhostmom Marilyn slapped cold cloths on my head and totally took care of us.

Post race photo with Mo, Bud, me and uber host/soigneur/fixer Darrell.

After the race, Mo and I eventually pedalled along the awesome river path back to the compound. We headed straight to the pool. I think I sizzled when I went in. Once the core temp came down, I took a shower and had some good play time with the littlesis hosts Mia and Mattie. They were so fun. We had a secret club meeting where we planned some missions and assigned each other super secret club code names. They were awesome kiddos.

Bud, Lisa and all the compound dwellers gathered at HH1 (host house 1) for an awesome outdoor dining experience. Darrell and Melissa cheffed up some amazing pork tenderloin, chicken and veggies. Angel food cake and strawberries for dessert with some good vino and excellent company.

Bud hooked us up with some vid of the weekend. Still trying to figure out how to post. Best of all--he also gave up some goods on the Randypants, OR as he was known in Tulsa in the 90s, the RANDALIZER

Oh you crazy runners. Eat something.
(Can't wait for your wedding, kid!)

It has been pretty non-stop since getting back from Tulsa. I had to travel for work for part of the week and everything is pretty much in a shambles (except for my bike and that's only b/c it got the Tommy J treatment). I'm HOME for the next 3 weeks (not including work travel of course) so I'm PUMPED to chillax a bit and get some hubs and friends hang time. Plus, I can't wait for the kickball season to start. I have been stockpiling oranges.

The Yogurt on My Pretzels

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