Thursday, July 23, 2009

James Brown's Celebrity Hot Tub Party

Like James Brown's Celebrity Hot Tub Party, Cascade has so far been pretty Hot-dah.

If you like Where's Waldo, see if you can locate my Shoulder pic from stage 2.

Stage 2 was an 80 mile road race with a climb the last 10 miles. It was another HOT ("make it cold") day and the 70 miles leading up to the climb was decently fast. Unlike the day before, there were lots of attacks and the race was pretty active. After the Queen of the Mountains sprint, a break of 7 got away (though it eventually got pulled back on the climb). I was drinking the sh$# out of myself thanks to the feeds I got from teammates and our most excellent-est staff Tom, Julian and Jason. Despite the maxi-dration, when we hit the climb, it was like the oven beeped to say it was pre-heated. Time to throw the roast in. Now everyone had to deal with the same conditions so I'm not saying I would've done a whole lot different if it were oh, say 20 degrees cooler. I'm just sayin I was in the hurt locker (with said locker being inside a sauna).

(photo of the climb that made me its bitch, it is pretty though)

The race basically shattered to smithereens on the climb (as the officials stated on the race radio according to Tom and Jason). Nonetheless, I found myself in one of the many groupettos with teammate Ambre and a few other girls--all just trying to survive. The heat on the climb was just oppressive. The worst part was that my feet were completely en FUEGO. The sides of my feet still feel raw. But I just tried to keep my sh&^ together and not freak out, cry, or curl into the fetal position. Riding up, we reeled in a lot of riders--people just cracked.

Teammate Marisa had an awesome race finishing 15th (about 1.5 minutes down from the leaders). Super guestrider Anna was in a decent sized group about 5 minutes off the leaders (with Lins right behind that group). Ambre and I were in the smithereens behind that group, about 8 minutes down. Webcor's guest rider, Evelyn Stevens won (her 2nd win so far) with Cath Cheatley from Colavita in 2nd and Kristin McGrath (VAC and cool Durango girl) in 3rd.

So for GC, that means Marisa sits in 15th, Anna is 49th, Me 64th, Ambre 70th and Lins 72nd.

After the brutality was over, we drove back down the hill.

Yeah camera phone! It makes all photos picasso-esque.
Like the Tour, we also have a time trial today (ok sleaze, I know you'll give me shit for making that comparison). Tomorrow is a hard stage in the mountains. Then, the CRIT is on saturday (which I'm looking forward to!)
2 down, 4 to go.
For now its just eat, ride, sleep, talk about riding, eat, sleep. All in a super super cool location, with rad teammates, stellar staff and stupenous hosts. Yeah Bend!


frizatch said...

It's 90-bleah here in Boulder as well... I'm the wimp and hiding inside a shady house to avoid the heat. Don't desiccate woman!

CJ said...

As long as it was HOT, in the Hot Tub!

Good race today T. I see you finished mid pack in a climbing stage. I bet me great advice gained you 10 GC places. As a reward tonight go get yourself an extra celery stick! And wash that down with some cookies!

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