Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Snuck it in

A workmate informed me yesterday that an impending storm might make the Crest trail hitherto unrideable. With all that roadie racing--I hadn't ridden my mountain bike more than a handful of times--and I hadn't yet ridden the Crest trail--one of the gems of Wasatch riding!

Armed with such information we raced up Big Cottonwood Canyon and dropped a car at the trail's exit point (we were going to shuttle the trail because of waning daylight) and then dumped bikes and bodies into vehicle #2 to make our way to Guardsman Pass. We rode the new (well new to me) singletrack access to the base of Scott's Pass and then busted out the ride. We were racing the remaining daylight hours and impending storm. The winds were gusting like crazy and I almost got blown off the spine (while walking my bike down it of course). My flat tire at the top of Mill D didn't help things either...but we finished the trail just as it was becoming too dark to see.

Even though I'm not really riding this week--that was well worth it (and was more downhill than uphill anyway).

There was some serious storm-age last night and today the mountains are obscured from view.

The idea of snow is definitely exciting--but a little worrisome at the same time (as our early snowfall years usually result in a poopy snowpack).

Either way, its nice to get a little precip here in the dry dry 801. I know that even my drought tolerant plants are loving this!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Getting back into the swing....

I am fully embracing the off-season. Like a jerk I have driven to work for 2 days in a row. I'm 100% off the bike this week. (bussing it tomorrow, I promise). It was really nice to just come home from work and hang out with the hubs. The hubs has been tapped by the green thumb and has gotten into harvesting the pomodoros. We went locavore for dinner last night with a nice caprese salad with lovely selection of heirlooms and basil from the garden. Trew in some garlic from giardino Francescone, olive oil and some crazy salt (ps--when you're cooking Italiano you "trow"--not "throw" things into bowls--See Godfather scene where Clemenza is teaching Michael how to make sauce).

From il giardino Pezzulo

We walked over to the heist (Liberty Heights Fresh) for a little fresh mozz'. We paid $10 for some Bubalus Bubalis fresh mozzarella di bufala. It was so amazing that we actually kept it separate from the tomatoes to be enjoyed on its own. We put the tomatoes on some toasted rosemary bread for some true bruschetta (which is fresh tomatoes, basil and grilled bread).

Our evening's enjoyment was further heightened with a little visit from Lizzie and Moxie. It was awesome to do a little catching up with one of my favorite peepls and we sent her up the hill with her own assortment of heirlooms and grape tomatoes.

Aside from that, I'm really looking forward to relaxing, hanging with the hubs, catching up with friends, and mitigating the squalor of our house.

I can't believe the season is over. It went by so fast. I have a tremendous sense of gratitude for EVERYONE who has helped me out this year: all my friends (both in and out of SLC), my family, all my host families (The Atlanta peeps, The Tulsa compound dwellers, the cool Bend docs), Coach, Coach K, the best mechanic EVER, my AWESOME TEAM and fabulous director MH, and above else THE HUBS! I feel so so so lucky to have such amazing people in my life--and to have the extreme good fortune to have met all the great individuals in the multitude of places I raced a bike this year! I never would've learned about Okie noodling, seen a weiner dog move at the speed of light on a Vancouver seawall, learned about how the regional variations in southern "barbeque," experienced the forgiveness of the California tollboth companies, been exposed to the delicacy of the frosted muffin in the best coffee shop in Boise, or seen the smallest downward dog on the planet!

I met new people, reconnected with old friends and family, and felt the awesome support of all my friends that showed support by cheering me on at the races (We ARE going to Brianhead--summer 2010!) and just generally keeping tabs. And to all my peeps who are still willing to be my friend despite my selfishness and MIA-status: THANKS for taking me back!

So I'm sending out the grateful good energy vibes to all you rockstars, for the Californians, Oregonians, Washingtonians and Vancouverians, with the headwind the goodness might take a little longer to arrive--but know that I'm emanating the luff to all of you!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

A sweet ending to a great season

Enjoying some post season recovery cannoli in Boston's Noahth End.

Whew what a whirlwind! I'm finally back in the 801 after some coast to coast adventures for my final races of the 2009 road season--recounted as follows...

On Tuesday night, I drove down to Vegas with Sly Fox and his lovely gf Shauna. We took the hubs' car but the amenities were 100% provided by Mr. Fox. Not only did he bring satellite radio and GPS to the table, he wanted to drive the whole way. That's what you call a win-win situation.

I checked into my room at the Luxor. It smelled like a Georgia basement. The carpet was wet in places and I was pretty sure I could see actual mold spores. Did I mention it was midnight? After calling the front desk, I was provided with a "fan." I thought I would be getting something that would just waft the odors away from my face while providing a little nice white noise. What I got looked like free-standing jet engine. Since they weren't going to give me another room, I plugged in the equipment and put all my luggage on the bed to keep the comforter from blowing off. I tried watching TV to take my mind off the situation but I had to crank the volume so loud it was ridiculous.

I hate Vegas.

I finally passed out and dreamed about Toto and the Wicked Witch of the West.

Wednesday night was Cross Vegas--a UCI race attended by all the heavy hitters. While I would liken my 'cross racing abilities to Martin Short's swimming abilities I always do this race because its such a cool event. Tom Jow had given my bike a little TLC (ok a lot from what I hear) and I actually rode the thing twice before the race (3x if you count my warm up).

The race was fast and furious from the start and painful throughout the whole thing. As with every year, about 20 minutes in I said "that's it, this is my last one." And that's when I started noticing the dollar bill hand-ups and suddenly I had a whole new outlook. I'm not saying I necessarily grabbed any of those dollars because that will get you disqualified (not that I need to preserve my 27th place or anything)--but it definitely made me smile and somehow I came away from that race a few dollars richer.

My residence in the pain cave got showcased in the Bicycle Retailer Show Daily (a publication put out during Interbike).

I heard my name yelled around various parts of the course. The other awesome thing about this race is there's always a good chance of running into some high quality individuals. I saw Dirty Dan in the parking lot, awesome dude Tim from AZ at the start line (he just happened to be in Vegas during Interbike) and I heard the voice of Big Al at various stations around the course. Dave H from Canyons was also a welcome sight during the beating. Thanks to EVERYONE that cheered me on during that fiasco though--it really does help!!

Katie Compton asserted her dominance on the course ahead of Katerina Nash and Georgia Gould. In her 1st real cross race, Alison Powers took 8th, Little Amy D was 9th and superstud roadie Laura VanGilder was 10th.

One of the best parts of the night was getting to cool down with Coach K after the race. Coach K also raced but is coming off a bunch of injuries and sickness. Cross Vegas is almost always her springboard into awesomeness as she just gets stronger and stronger as the cross season progresses.

Back at the de-Luxor, rad Laura was waiting for me! Laura (a good buddy from SLC) had been throwing out the possibility of coming to Vegas to see the USA Crit Finals. I thought it was just cool of her to even suggest the idea. Anyway, in an uber rally--she flew out Wednesday night (at the last second) so she could watch the crit on Thursday night--SO AWESOME! I didn't actually believe she was going to show up until I saw her in Vegas...but show up she did- and boy am I IMPRESSED she made it happen.

On Thursday, Laura worked at the pool while I "tried" to relax in the shade.

What can I say, I just can't relax in Vegas. Between the smoking, the concrete, the heat and the dregs of humanity...I just can't unclench. And the fact that Starbucks (which I'm embarassed to admit I patronized) wouldn't put coffee in MY mug--they would only put it in a paper mug that they would then pour into my mug.

Vegas can turn you into a hater real quick.

Thursday evening was the USA Crits Finals. I love this race. Maybe I only like the race but in contrast to how much I hate Vegas my like becomes love. Either way, I really dig this race. My first year doing the race in 2007 I finished something like 19th, last year I was 10th, then this year I was 4th (behing LVG, Christina Smith and Brooke Miller). I was really psyched. Admittedly, the field was smaller than previous years--but there were still strong women and I'm still excited about my finish. Photos and write-ups on Cyclingnews.

Aside from having Laura there, another super bonus was running into Chad--a bud from the way olden days of racing who works for Sram. It was totally great to run into him and take a little trip down memory lane. I also did a little hang time with the cool ladies of Vanderkitten (who won the USA Crits team overall) post race.

After packing up my bike, Laura and I did some direct muscle replenishment--consumption of delicious and nutritious buffalo burgers. Yee haw! We got a couple hours of some Z's before getting up at Oh-400 hours to catch our flights. Aside from the quality hang time with Laura, it was a huge help to have someone there who also had to awaken at a godawful hour and get on a plane. That was brutal--but totally worth it.


And where was I flying, you might ask? Well to the east coast of course, for the TD Bank Boston Mayor's Cup the following day (in addition to getting the chance to see family and friends!)

Normally, the Vegas crit is the last race of the season. This year, the addition of this AWESOME race with equal purses for the men and the women was definite motivation to make the trip. When I found out that a dear friend from high school was going to be around that weekend, I pulled the trigger. To reinforce my good decision, the Justino got on board for the fesitivities along with my 'rents! Under these circumstances, the weekend would be awesome no matter what happened with the race.

On Friday night, the Justino and Sil picked me up from the Boston airport. Got some good catch-up time with them in the car and at the Casa del Quirk (house of Teej, CQ, Thomas and Petey the dog). It was super great to see all these kids--especially since both couples have kiddos on the way!

Teej and Chris have a sweet house in Acton, MA. I kept asking Teej what it was like to be a real adult. She's a mom and a mom-to-be, she works, she has a sweet house. How does she do it? Oh and she makes my stomach hurt with laughter.

Saturday morning I assembled my bici and headed to Downtown thanks to the Quirk family mini van (thanks guys!). The Quirks dropped me off at the Marriott Long Wharf were my parents and cool sister were staying. My sister is in law school a mere few hours away so she rallied over to Boston to visit friends and get a little Pezzulo family hang time.

Me trying to absorb some of the Mary awesomeness.

In addition to being a badass rugby player and total character, my little sister hooked me up with a sweatshirt to wear before the race. While it had been a billion degrees in Vegas, it was a bit crisper in Beantown. I forgot about cold weather cycling clothing.

The race was one of the coolest events I've done all season. I though it was a really hard course. The pavement was challenging and there was a slight hill on the backside. The race was pretty aggressive and the fact that there were $8000 in primes made it pretty insane! Tina Pic won ahead of Brooke Miller and Jen McRae. I ended up 10th and was pretty happy with that. Full results posted here

Field sprint

Team support (pops, me, justino, moms, Sil)

It was super fun to race with family and friends in attendance. My mom, dad, the Justino and Sil all came and cheered me on. It was really great--I loved it!

After the race, we headed back to the fabulous hotel (secured by a little last minute team mom and dad sponsorship). We showered up and walked over to home aka Boston's North End--yougottaproblemwithme? Teej made reservations at an awesome restaurant called Locontes. We met up with Teej and Chris and sis Mary brought 2 of her rugby buddies that live in Boston. It was a truly wonderful way to cap off a great season. On that festive note, Teej, Chris and I stopped at a little pastry shop on our way back to the hotel for some treats (see photo above). We did some more hang time with la famiglia before calling it a night. My sister and I really lived it up in the deluxe accomodations with the 300 thread count sheets and fluffy pillows. Mary got up at the crack for a rugby game in Connecticut and I enjoyed some coffee and brekkie with my 'rents before embarking on what seemed like a million hours of traveling.

The blog post ends with me HAPPILY greeting the hubs at the SLC airport very late last night and one more GIANT WAVE OF GRATITUDE to all the participants in the awesome-ness of my last races! Having all you guys around made it really unforgettable!! Thanks to everyone for the texts, e-mails and check-in phone calls! It really means a lot to feel the love!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I thought Gozer was about to appear

But then I saw the rainbow and knew I wasn't going to have to call Ghostbusters. I'm loving these little fall afternoon time disturbances (especially from the safety of a vehicle--where this pic was captured). Fall might be the best time here in the 801. Temps are nice, air seems a little better, colors starting to happen...

And I'm definitely turning the corner with the SARSebola I've been fighting since I got back from St. Louis. I was able to manage a 2 hour ride before work on Thursday and yesterday was three.

I'm definitely continuing the yoga train too. I think that has definitely helped get the lungs and body back on track. I downward dogged with awesome Laura on Thursday night. Laura is one hard-hitting, super smart badass barrister who doesn't take shit. Consequently, I wasn't sure how she would respond to the uber groovy "now feel the energy on the outside of your skin at the same time as the energy inside you." Personally, there are only 2 instructors (ok 3 including Wayne even though he's not really like that) who I would think would annoy but in fact I LOVE LOVE LOVE! I think its because they don't take themselves too seriously and they always make me smile. So while I love this instructor, I wasn't sure if Laura would be turned off (because she usually yoga-sizes at the 'drop and give me 20' yoga place in town--thanks for that term Erin). But she didn't mind it and said that since she's NEVER around people like that, she actually finds it to be a good thing. So that was cool. WE ARE ALL GEMS! :)

From Friday's ride going up Big Mountain. One of my faves.

Planning to head out one one more medium longish roadie before its chill time. Not that these are really training rides, there more mental reward rides. Getting into le montagne for soul satisfaction.

Oh and I should probably ride my cross bike at last once before Cross Vegas next Wednesday. What?!

In other nationwide news, the hubs sets out on his last day of Cycle Oregon today. He comes home tomorrow--yippee! And let's pour one out for single speed worlds in Durango (I think today). Sending Dirty Dan some speedy vibes and hoping all the Durango peeps are having they-selves some fun. Crazy 1x-ers.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

When all else fails, you've gotta hit the mat

In this period of total pooh feeling, I haven't been able to do much. On Sunday I dragged myself to a super mellow yoga class. What a good idea. Yoga is always a good idea. My joints and muscles really are a big giant bowl of Capn Crunch after a whole summer of the riding position (flash to Ryan T who knew he was in riding shape when it hurt to sit up straight). I've continued the yoga theme every day since and its been pretty great. I mean I'm totally pathetic--but its not about that right?

Yesterday I actually shammied up and rode for the first time since last week. 60 minutes. Who's a fitness machine?

I'm still congested but definitely feel like I'm turning the corner. I knew I was feeling better when I returned to la caffeina for the first time in a week. Coffee, you knew our separation was only temporary! I could never leave you!

In this period of yucky feeling coupled with freaking out about the last 2 races and the lack of training and total self doubt, Coach finally set me straight saying "why don't you just get better so you can race." That and the hokey pokey really are what it is all about. Let's not complicate things after all.

And on other uncomplicated topics, I got to see some of the awesome peeps for a little celebration of Amanda's coronation last night. I met up with Evan, Amanda, Rick, Lizzie and late arrivals Terry and Chas at Trio. Evan and Amanda had a little burley session with Rick as Evan and Amanda had gone on a super death ride in Sun Valley over the weekend and Rick ran the mid mountain marathon on the heels of pacing someone in the Wasatch 100. Rick and Evan were talking about how during the suffering they were telling themselves how great it was because it was so good for their souls. Evan had the best quote "I was thinking to myself 'I'm really glad we don't even have any water right now because that might make this a little more pleasant.'" Embrace the gnar!! Well burley people, I salute you from the rigorous schedule of level one yoga classes I've been doing.

In other good news, I'll get to see Alex G in Vegas! Super psyched for that! In even better news--the 'rents are going to come to Beantown for a little race spectation and hang time! One of my bestest buds from high school--TEEJ--is also on tap for that weekend, along with il Justino!

On the Cycle Oregon front, I finally talked to the hubs last night. He is enjoying riding around Oregon with 2000 of his closest friends. He and his boss have been dicing it up on the climbs with a guy who is actually wearing a polka-dot jersey. That is awesome. I'm looking forward to the hubs' return even though I'll only get to see him for 2 days before I leave for Vegas and Boston. Deep breath.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I feel like pooh but I still have a good life

The funk-nastiness I came down with this week has really put me down and out for the count. I don't think that's how the expression goes but it is what is happening with me so I'll use it anyway. I've got the major unhappiness in the upper respiratory regions and a general malaise. Its been a slight bummer what with all the fun people around. We have had sis-in-law fritz staying with us, the glennbro came into town for the weekend and so did Mr. and Mrs. Johnny G.

Despite my grossness, the DBs came over for dinner on Thursday night. DB time is always good. Mr. DB aka Wayne-o the insane-o is a yoga instructor and bike mechanic. In my book that makes him the supreme authority on everything. In response to my unwillingness to hug anyone, the DBs told me about some alternate ways to show affection they had read about in the New York Times. Don't let a little swine flu interrupt your ability to display affection!
The NYT helpfully provided an illustration. I myself have been employing the "very low" risk of infection method of showing affection. I call it the "flu hug." Because instead of screaming at someone that wants to give you a hug or shake your hand "Don't touch me I'm sick" you can instead divert the intended method of affection into a "flu hug" all the while explaining how you are under the weather otherwise you'd be engaging in a more high risk display of affection such as the hubs' personal favorite "the bro hug."

Thanks DBs!

The Glennbro made his way into town on Thursday night. I got some good qt with him along with his hilarious buddy Brad (a Sean Leschke look-alike, seriously, they could be related).

Friday I did a lot of sleeping and blowing of the nose with a little feeling sorry for myself thrown in for good measure. My big exercise for the day was walking to Smiths to buy tissues. I ran into Richie along the way who was getting ready for the mid mountain marathon the next day. Look at Richie "getting ready" for his big marathon while waiting for me in the Smiths pharmacy.

That would be a zone diet compliant chicken wing.

Friday night I bathed in alcohol (the non-drinking kind) and cooked a little pasta with buffalo bolognese for Richie and Fritz to fuel them for their big run the next day. It must've worked b/c they both did awesome in the marathon. Richie, who was on his honeymoon a mere week ago--finished the thing without cramping. Riding the razor's edge as he called it. Fritz finished and HOUR FASTER than she was thinking. Good thing I was on time for once in my life.
While Richie, Fritz, and host of others (including RICK who had paced someone in the Wasatch 100 the night before and Terry S) were in the pain cave on the mid mountain trail, I connected with some of my fave chickies for a mini mtb ride at Deer Valley. Abby G, Caterina and J9 headed up together on Saturday morning.

(Me, J9 and Abby G practice our table top tail whips...nice and safe on the ground of course.)

(Camo Caterina.)

She is an uber badass but she really hates attention so hopefully she's ok with the posting of this picture which doesn't reveal her true identity.

After a very nice, short, mellow ride, I headed over to the Canyons to cheer on the running peeps. Luckily I was early because Fritz ended up finishing over an hour faster than she had anticipated. I must have subconciously known that because I'm never early for anything. She finished in 4:12 and was the 16 woman. AWESOME! I got to see former teamamte KK finish too (14th woman overall). Though she was a little disapointed she looked awesome and I was psyched to see this superstud cyclist in her secret running life.

And super lucky for Fritz, she got to run the last part of the marathon with Johnny G who is in town with Mrs. Johnny G for a family reunion! AWESOME! Johnny G is a legit runner and he told Diane that the cat's out of the bag--she is a trail runner--no 2 ways about it!

Mrs. Johnny G aka Jen came by before too long after finishing a hike with a bunch of her family members. Flu hugs all around! It was super great to hang out and celebrate Fritz's awesome finish.

Saturday night Fritz, J9, Glennbro and his buddy Brad and I partook in the SLC dine around at Tin Angel. Two words- Yum my. Prior to which I attended the bambina shower for Mrs. Yohnson-Gammon. This event was hosted by awesome Nicole and makesmespitwateroutlaughing Lexie.

I got in one more hang sesh with the glennbro this morning before he headed out of town. So great to see him. Also got a little hang time with Fritz before she peaced out of the 801 as well. While I feel like a shell of myself, it was great to see all the peeps this weekend.

Send me healing, fortifying vibes! The body has to sack up for 2 more races and then everything can crumble. C'mon immune system! You can do it!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


In addition to his studly self, the hubs brought bestest sis-in-law back from the tour de san juans. Fritz (my s-i-l) is running the mid mountain marathon this weekend and caught a ride back with the hubs from the 'way. As you may recall, the hubs was doing an uber tour with his bro Dave and our brothah from anothah mothah Drew. Fritz sagged for them on account'a she needs to save her legs for the big run.

Yesterday was a haze of life for me. Post mortem travel and tiredness and funktifications. However, I had a lovely salad with the hubs (yeah pomodoros and carrots from the garden) along with a little vino. Fritz came back from a run to join us for a small glass of goodness and a little formaggio

Fritz's response to "say cheese"

Welcome back hubs! He is also down with the fromage.

Haggard moi

I'm still not feelin' like a million bucks, more like a million Zibabwean dollars. Which reminds me of a recently read book and a recommend: "When a Crocodile Eats the Sun, A Memoir of Africa" by Peter Godwin. I'm not usually into non-fiction but it was good (thanks mom!). I also recommend "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society." (thanks Erin!).

I'm workin' some serious exhaustion and scratchy throat. Time to hit the garlic (sorry hubs), echinacea and zinc.

Having fun peeps visiting is a definite perk-up though. The Glennbro is coming into town tomorrow night. While he's staying with one of his bro buddies he is still makin' time for the older sis and I can't wait! Will hopefully get tuned into some good movies and comedians.

And I also had a little perk-up when Lynsey sent her photos from Richie's wedding. Some selected favorties:

The hubs and I doing cowboy poetry. He cuts a fine figure, the hubs does.

The OCHO aka table of the young kids and then the hubs and me. Pysched for the doccia de Lynsey this weekend!

Love these heads.

Dr. Yohnson-Gammon (and dad-to-be), Hibbs and the Hubs.

I freaking love these guys.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Good times in the Show Me state

I'm back in the 801 and not feelin' like a million bucks. But I had a great time doing the Tour of Missouri Gateway Cup. Brooke Miller of Tibco ended up sweeping all 4 stages--an impressive feat for sure.

My sweet new wheels went out of true during both of the first 2 races. The bestest mechanic EVER--Steve from SRAM--took matters into his own hands and gave the rear wheel some true TLC. Lucky for me, the wheel stayed true through both of the last 2 races.

(Day 1)

(Day 2)

Sunday's race was the Giro della Montagna. It was in a certain neighborhood characterized by a certain ethnicity. Here's another hint:

As Mo and I pre-rode the course--which could've been my grandparent's neighborhood back in the upstate NY--I says to myself, I says Tiff, if there is one day that is going to be your day, it has to be today. OGGI! No bee stings (like during the race the day before, my ear has finally returned to normal size), no wheel issues--maybe even a little buona fortuna on my side.

Needless to say, I was pretty fired up for this race. And the smell of pizza wafting in the St. Ambrose parking lot? Fuhgeddaboutit.

(was really hoping they would sponsor a prosciutt' prime)

About 16 minutes into the race, there was a HORRIBLE crash pretty close to me. Unfortunately, Carmen (from Colavita) and a bunch of other girls went down. There were bodies slamming into barriers and then slamming into each other. Somehow the carnage tide didn't sweep me away. Thank you god, universe, whoever for that one. Teammate Lins wasn't so lucky--she had bodies flying over her and she hit her head and cracked her helmet. She, along with several other riders abandoned the race. (ed. note: Everyone is ok for the most part though)

The officials neutralized the race to get medical staff on the course to deal with the aftermath. While this gave me, Gwen and Mo a chance to check in with each other (and see that Lins was ok) and a chance to PEE (shhhh); it was also a chance to get a little shaken up. Yikes. But we lined up again and began racing again--in a definitely smaller field.

(on teammate Gwen aka the sexy beast's wheel)

With 5 laps to go, I tried working my way up and tried to hold onto position. I was able to hang in about the top 15. With one lap to go, there was a split (which I was behind) but I ended up sprinting for 11th. I was psyched--though I realize there were many people not in the mix due to the earlier crash.

Saturday night Lins, her marito Miguel and I cheffed up a little dins and hung out in the hotel room. Lins and Miguel are definitely science-y type people.

Note the careful examination of the ingredients of Rhumba, Gatorade and Vitamin Water followed by the detailed analysis of the variations between the three. Miguel grew up in the same freaky smartypants hometown as the hubs so that explains a little bit.

The couple that nerds out together...

We had a super fun time, drank a little vino and probably stayed up too late.

The next (and last) day was the Downtown crit. Lins was back in action as she luckily had brought another helmet. The course was super cool and finished on the same finishing stretch State 1 of the Tour of Missouri.

(The final corner and finish line.)

The course was wide open and fast like all the other courses. There were some break attempts but nothing stuck. Gwen got a prime which was SO COOL because I don't think she considers herself much of a sprinter---but she definitely secured the prime in a sprint! As the race wound down to the final laps, the trains weren't really getting set up in full force. My teammates were super awesome and were looking for me to make sure I was close to the front. I was tentative about getting too far up front since the speeds weren't super high coming into the final laps. On the last lap, teammate Lins did everything she could to get me as far up for the 2nd to last corner and I ended up 14th. Monday's race had the biggest payout so we were all psyched to be going home with some money. I'm definitely hoping to improve on these results---but there are only 2 more races in which to do it!!!

Monday afternoon I headed back to the race course to check out some of the Men's Tour of Missouri action. It really cool to see all the big times live and up close--and there isn't too much cooler than seeing a Cavendish win. I should've taken notes.

All in all, it was a great weekend and the racing was awesome. The race was super organized and they really gave the women some awesome treatment. I'm super appreciative and will definitely be back next year!

Definitely starting to feel a little cooked. May be time for a little dirt therapy.

I'm also happy to report the hubs had a successful tour de San Juans. Despite some run-ins with flats, broken spokes and apple pie, the trio completed their 3 day tour and were all appropriately psyched and tired.

For now its mental and physical recovery and trying to get some quality hubs time before he leaves in a few days for Cycle Oregon! It may be exhausting at times, but our lives are never boring!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Gateway cities

I arrived in St. Louis, MO, the Gateway to the west on Thursday evening. We have been getting the super awesome treatment here. I was picked up on Thursday by someone from the race, along with Lauren Hall. I went for a nice ride on Friday morning around St. Louis. I have to say it reminds me a lot of my hometown, Rochester, NY. Something about a city that was thriving back when waterways were used for commerce and is still a big city but not quite what it was. Its very green, the people are nice, and there some really sweet old buildings. It definitely has the flower city feel!

The rest of the DFT gang arrived on Friday: Lins and Miguel, Gwen and her husband Mike and Mo. We headed to our race in a nearby park on Friday night at 8:30. It was an insanely fast race. It wasn't that it was super hard. It was definitely hard---but it was JUST SO FAST! Just like motorpacing.

OK just brief interlude to thank the douche that walked into the computer room here at the hotel for the massive mucus throat clearing noises. In my head I'm dumping hot coffee on him. Awesome

Anyway, the race was awesome. Super fast, kinda sketch in the dark--wide open with sweeping corners. It was trippy racing with the shadows and lack of vision (despite the lights)--but totally great. It was a little confusing at the end with the laps. The announcer and the lap cards were not totally jiving--but my bad for not being clued in. Anyway, Mo and I were somewhere in the top 30 with Gwen just behind.

We woke up Saturday in the pouring rain. Things dried out for our race in the afternoon but a drizzle actually started DURING our race. However, it was still fine. The best part of the race was Lins taking a prime. I also won a prime and then floundered in the finish.

I'm going to throw up from the disgusting human in the room with me, so more updates later.

Hope everyone is having a great Labor Day weekend!

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