Thursday, October 29, 2009

And we're (almost) off!

The hubs and I have been talking about packing for our trip down to Hurricane, UT for the 25 hours of Frog Hollow mountain bike race. What is it about the thought of packing that just makes me want to eat cookies? Now the cookies are gone and so I'm going to talk a little more about what I need to be doing.

In fact the ONLY thing I've done is register. The JemClems are basically doing everything. Note to self: Always invite organized Germans to do fun things. They have skillz.

Even the hubs has gotten on the motivation train to charge up our lights.

OK, time to pack some shammies and puffy coat and dust off the camping gear. It should be a lot of fun. Go Team Fall Back Crack and Sack!

Looking forward to the time change

This morning's ride to work was brrrrr and dark. I'm looking forward to the fall back of the clocks as much as I am to the debut of Fall Back Crack and Sack at this weekend's 25 hours of Frog Hollow.

PS that is not the sun coming up. Its a car.

It is supposed to be AWESOME weather down there. It is definitely feeling wintry up here which is very exciting. The avalanche reports have actually started too!

Snow on the small mountains.

The hubs maintains that the Oquirrhs look so much cooler with snow. Throw in the cloud cap and I have to agree!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

2010 Team

Details are finalized and for 2010 I will be riding for We will be riding some sick Cannondales again and we have added some super studly women.

You can support the cause by acquiring some cool stuff including coffee mugs and Eco bags. Clothing is also available here.

For those in the Boulder/Denver area, check out the cycling college nights that will be held at Treads.

And in a super cool development--new for 2010, we are partnering to support The Gathering Place, Denver's only daytime drop-in center for women and children who are experiencing homelessness and poverty in Denver. One of the super great programs they offer is The Card Project, which provides a safe environment for these women to express themselves through art and earn income. I know I will definitely be ordering my holiday cards through them!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Winter time!

It is full on nevicando here in the 801 today! I totally fred-commuted this morning. The only cyclist things I wore were shammy (underneath windpants), shoes (old ones that can fit wool socks) and an old helmet. Otherwise I looked like I was going skiing or hiking. BUT I stayed warm and mostly dry on the way to work. Not sure about the commute home as the rain turned to snow. As of this morning it was snowing an inch an hour up at Alta--WOO HOO!

Knowing what was coming, I busted out of work a little early last night to get one more bobsled run.

There is nothing better than a shoreline commute home that ends with the bobsled!

Sunset over the High Sodium Pond. (thanks Erin!)

Our plan for a team Fall Back Crack and Sack night ride tomorrow night is probably out--given the current weather conditions. However, the weather is still looking good down south for the weekend's 25 hour mountain bike race! In stark contrast to the weather, my fitness is not looking so good. However, the company and whole experience should more than make up for silly, irrelevant things like that.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Silly rides

We had an AWESOME dinner at the Woodies last night! Woody made pasta fazool along with some turkey lasagna. Caterina made some epicurious 4-fork peach and blueberry dessert. It was EXCELLENT. Even better was getting to hang out with some of our favorite people and seeing the DB's Italia and Espagna photos.

Italia. sigh.

Everyone left, including the hostess (off to bed) and so Woody, the hubs and I watched Twister. Does anyone else think Helen Hunt and Lele Sobieski (sp) are related? That husky droopy thing they have going on?

The hubs and I rode bikes home under a super cold, amazing, beautiful night. Suck it cars.

This morning, ok, afternoon, we met the JemClems to ride over the Shoreline over to North Canyon in Bountiful. We were also joined by Ben. Ben was unfortunately thinking this would be a little lap on the Shoreline, 2 hours max. Instead it was a 4 hour epic. With freezing temperatures and serious needs for caloric replenishment. To his credit there were no complaints at all. One comment that it might've been nice to have a jacket...but that was at the end of the ride. Hats off to all the kids on the ride. The hubs was a super stud. The JemClems always are good ones to have around. Yesterday's crash owies were no unnoticeable but the good news is that I think I'll live.

I was EX-HAUS-TED on the ride. I carried the lantern rouge all day but it was still a great ride. There was some annoying pavement and dirt road but the single track was fun. The descent down Mueller Park was DRY (mostly) but FREEZING!!! It was somewhat a silly ride...but enjoyable (once I was done). We did not see any mountain lions. We ended up at the JemClems where we finished off the rest of my mom's excellent sauce with some pasta and honey-wheat garlic bread. (looks like the JemClems will not be having toast for brekkie tomorrow)

I made the hubs watch Romy and Michelle's high school reunion. Ok it was awful but anything with Janeane Garofalo is ALWAYS worth it...The hubs is having hisself some X-men therapy right now (or movies for guys that like movies as my brother and dad liked to call them) to try to bounce back.

We've got some wintry weather this week. However, the weather is (so far) looking good down south for our big 25 hour race next weekend. This is your last week to try to have post-work funtimes as the clocks fall back (crack and sack) next weekend. So get out and enjoy this crispy nugget weather!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Gelato, landscaping and crashes

The hubs and I headed up to PC on Thursday night for una serata bellissima with Rick and Lizzie, the Woodies and Terry and Chaz. We made some sick pizzas (using some delicious sauce that my mom made when she was here). It was an EXCELLENT night with fabulous food, company and convo. Thanks guys, for educating me about Jonestown--where the phrase "drank the kool-aid" came from.

I rode monkey bikes on Friday in PC. I *heart* my bike just like my bike bell says. I rode Flying Dog (or some part of it I think? I don't really know) with a friend from work and a buddy of his. The trail was in GREAT shape and it was a super fun ride. Afterward I hit up my new favorite place-Traces-a garden store right around the corner from my house. I spent some time getting inspired by their amazing garden (really more of a farm--right here in the hood!) and then got a bunch of bulbs for random yard planting.

The hubs and I had a mellow night together last night. We checked out Bella Citta--a sort of new gelato/panini place in town. I thought the gelato was great. They were definitely going for the authentic Italian effect. However, they were playing opera music. While opera music is Italiano--gelato places one frequents at night always play bad euro pop. That's just been my experience though (in Italy). It was good, I definitely recommend it.

Post gelato, the hubs let me pick out some movies. He will watch anything. I am not of the same mind.
Unfortunately for him, I was in the mood for chick flicks. We both paid the price. While Bridget Jones seemed like just what the doctor ordered in Blockbuster---it turned out to be stupid and annoying when inserted into the DVD player. Same thing with the Onion movie. I thought I couldn't go wrong with that one. Turns out they just need to stick to print media.

I showed up at the 'cross race today about 45 minutes before my start. I'm not what you might call "totally" "focused" "on racing" right now. But as usual, I had a good time. There was a pavement climb to start things off. Erika P lead it out and I attacked up it. KS was right on my wheel and promptly dumped me in the turn-y part of the course. Erika caught up to me. We had KS in our sights and then I stacked it hard into a corner. Erika avoided running into me and rode off. I futzed around with my chain and then continued on. I was a little bloody but basically fine. Definitely kinda took it easy after that and just held position for 3rd. I think it was PB and Laura P rounding out the top 5 or a super studette from the U team. There were a lot of flats so some people didn't get their fair shot.

It was super fun seeing all the cx ladies. It is AMAZING to have our big fields! I just love it. JEM did her first cx race in about 3 years and was 4th in the B's. She just crushed it in a half marathon in Moab and was loving the run-up. Cheered on Clem in the 1x race (his 2nd of the day) and then I headed home.

I milked the hubs' sympathies and he bandaged my wounds (after I did some screaming in the shower) and then he took me to get a latte. I've really discovered the latte as a recovery drink. For the 2nd time this week I fully enjoyed the caffeinated goodness post-ride.

We've got a team Fall Back Crack and Sack ride tomorrow. Not sure what we will do with the current precip situation. In the meantime, the hubs and I are off to hear tales of the DBs foray to the motherland (Italia) and Espagna at Chez Woody.

Regardless of your temperature and precip situation--enjoy this change in season. After all, the only bad weather is weather that doesn't change!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Family hardcoreness addendum

I almost forgot to mention some more family hard core action from the weekend. The Glennbro ran his 1st half marathon in 1:43:13 with a pace of 7:53. AWESOME.

And my lilsis Mary's rugby team qualified for nationals over the weekend (which will be in Texas in November).

And in non-family family badassness, Anne Tysso/Nevin took 3rd at Norwegian Nationals in the half marathon (running it in 1:20:25). She was a superstar on the bike but now she just nordic skis and runs. She *hearts* to train :) and even though she can't be epic like she used to she is still a superbadass!

Erin did an uber post about the trip to the Grand Canyon which should definitely be checked out. Its hilarious and the pictures are awesome.

In other extreme moments, the hubs and I went to visit the Yohnson-Gammons last night in order to meet la Nocciolina (the little hazelnut).

The hubs gets talked into holding La Nocciolina. According to the hubs this is the youngest baby he's ever held (and it is also the 2nd baby he's ever held).

Miss Hazel was born on October 11 (a few days early) and is a super cutey! See for yourself by babysitting her in the lodge at Alta this winter so her parents can take some runs together (I suggested they make her a one-sie that says "babysit me for beer!")

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My family is hard core

It has been pretty eventful around the pezzawrence household this past week. My mom arrived last Sunday and set to work making my life easier--cleaning, organizing, cooking and taking care of the hubs and me. It was awesome. She collected her good buddy Susi from the airport on Tuesday and headed to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon to start prepping for the rim-to-rim hike (a 24 mile mike with about 6000 ft of vertical gain!).

On Wednesday, 2 more R2R team members showed up: Aunt Meme and one of my bestbuds Erin. Aunt Meme (my mom's sister) picked up where my mom left up totally taking care of things at our house. We got our asses out the door on Thursday (after 3 return trips to the house because of forgotten keys, forgotten phones and the like) but were finally on the road in time to make it to the North Rim for dinner.

The North Rim was awesome. There were people but not overly touristy it was mellow and very beautiful. Steve's dad, George, and Steve's Uncle Syd had also arrived by that point along with my mom's hiking buddy Linda (from S. Cal). We enjoyed the sunset on the deck at the lodge over the Grand Canyon. It was really incredible. My mom's friend Susi hurt her knee and decided that embarking on the epic would probably not be a good idea. She was disappointed but had a good attitude about it.

After dinner, we retired to our awesome reserved-by-George cabins. I bunked with Aunt Meme and Erin. It was kind of a new thing for me--not to be the one getting my stuff all sorted out for a big effort...but it was nice to just kick back and not worry about it. Especially since there was 5:15am departure time. Yikes.

The team all made it to the starting line while I got a little more sleep. Susi and her new bff Mary (a friend of a friend of a friend....) met me at my cabin and we departed the North Rim.

As my knee has been pretty harshed out since March, I opted to do team support and drive everyone's stuff around to the South Rim. Susi headed off with Mary and I checked out the Rainbow Rim Trail on the North Rim.

Even though I thought I was going to have a lot of time, I had to keep it a short ride to make it to the South Rim in time for the "finish". However, I had a lovely (though short) adventure.

I had to drive 24 miles on a dirt road but there was NO ONE at the trail head! The trail meanders along the rim--connecting some amazing view points. The way to do this is to camp at one of the lookouts and ride from there. The trail was a lot of fun--rolly, fast, shaded (and no real steep climbs). A trail that would be *hearted* by single speeders and the Kimo.

After a short (but awesome) ride, I hauled ass to the South Rim. George figured the earliest they would be done was 5:30. I was driving into the South Rim at 5 when I got a text from Erin that she and the hubs were done. So awesome. They were inhaling the rest of their food and shivering at the trail head when I found them. I was super bummed to miss them finishing but SO PROUD that they crushed it!

Susi was waiting at the top so we hiked down to cheer on the finishing hikers. The field had blown apart at the base of the climb. People were sort of staggering up to the South Rim. I was cheering them all on. I was also not jealous.

Uncle Syd was next up the trail, followed by Aunt Meme and Linda. George started feeling pretty sick with about 3 miles to go so my mom was hanging out with him. We met them with about a mile to go and George was feeling BAD! My mom finished off the hike with Susi (GO MOM!) and I hung out with George. It was dark by this time and I was a little concerned. George is a seasoned hiker but was just having some seriously funky stomach. That sucks. We sat on the side of the trail and I enjoyed the conflagration of stars in the canyon. You could see the Milky Way.

Steve and Uncle Syd came back down the trail to see what was up. The four of us slowly headed up the trail. Steve offered to give his dad a piggy back, but George just gutted it out. The hubs=the best.

George (AND ALL OF THE HIKERS) are completely studly.

We had a good dinner and then everyone hobbled off to bed. Ok, maybe not everyone hobbled because apparently, all the women (Aunt Meme, Linda, MY MOM and Susi) went for a 2 hour walk along the South Rim the next morning.

The following morning, I enjoyed kicking Steve's ass on our walk to breakfast. He gets harshed out by my slow walking (or what he calls "Italian pace") but I pretty much crushed him on Saturday morning. I should add that the hubs "trained" for the hike by going to the gym a week before the hike and doing the stair master for an hour. He is super fit from all the riding he's been doing...but hiking? not so much. Like AT ALL.

After an awesome breakfast at El Tovar Lodge and some team photos (they let me be in the photo even though I didn't hike- HIKERS ONLY!), Erin, Steve and I headed back to SLC.

My mom, aunt and Susi headed back to SLC in a separate car as they were flying out of SLC the next morning. We all just passed out and the next morning I woke up to the smell of my mom cooking. Seriously? She didn't even look tired at ALL and had actually already gone for a swim that morning. AMAZING! My mom and aunt totally cheffed up an amazing breakfast of french toast, frittata and fingerling potatoes (the caviar of potatoes according to chef Woody--and I concur). Though they had to pack and catch flights, somehow I ended up with a spotless kitchen and a big pot of sauce bubbling on the stove. My mom needs to visit more often.

We had a great last morning together before everyone flew to the east and west coasts. I'm so proud of my family (and non-family family) for their big accomplishment! I was happy to run support for this event as all these people have helped me so much over the years with racing and other things. It certainly doesn't begin to repay them--but it made me feel good to at least make an effort.

I feel super lucky to have such fun adventurous people in my life!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Sadly, Danika took off on Sunday. We attempted a short mountain bike ride but my left eye swelled up uber-gnarly styles and so I couldn't see and felt like total crap not even 20 minutes into the ride. I thought about posting a picture because I looked like an extra from Girlfight or Million Dollar Baby--but thought better of it.

It was awesome to get some good hang time with Danika.

Harvesting some cherry tomatoes for the drive to Vegas.

I slept all afternoon and woke up in time to go pick up the moms---in town for a few days before she and a bunch of our family and friends hike the Grand Canyon from rim to rim.

On Monday, as I still looked like Rocky VI, I worked from home and let my mom take care of me. It was so awesome having my mom in town. She cooked an AMAZING dinner for a few friends last night. Eggplant and pork tenderloin on the grill. So good. A polenta cake for dessert. Wow. Oh and she (with the help of bestmechanicever Tom J) CLEANED everything up. THANKS MOM!

I rode my road bike for the 1st time since racing in Boston. Weirdness. I went home at lunch and had some of my mom's home made soup and then she dropped me off back at work (with mountain bike) on her way to pick up her friend Susi from the airport. They are going to Thelma and Louis it down to the Grand Canyon. It is super cool to have parents that like to have adventures as much as their kids!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fun peeps

Met up for some martinis with ex-co-workers on Thursday night at the Red Door. Excellent value. LAH-lah made me crack up as usual. Ruple, Allson the hubs and I got some dins at the new Thai restaurant at 9th and 9th. I thought it was really good. The hubs said it wasn't heavy or oily or who knows what enough for his taste.

A little shaky after 3 martinis. The blueberry got to spend the night on 300 South.

On Friday after yoga, I rode the Shoreline and ran into mini G and her friend Miguel.

It was a gorgeous day in the 801!

Friday night the hubs and I hung out with Danika and her pooch Avellana for dinner. Danika is a dear friend from Ridgway, CO. She brought happy small town mountain vibes to our city home. It was super great to catch up with her.

Danika and I hit the Farmer's Market this morning on the way to the cyclocross race in Ogden. I'm definitely not in race mode right now but it was a lot of fun to show up to the race and see more fun peeps. KS (Kathy Sherwin), coach K (Kris Walker), Dominating Dayna, PB, the lovely Ski Utah Ladies, congregants of the church of the big ring, and all the wonderful ladies of cx!

There was a bit of a scuffle on the 1st lap involving a pass gone awry. That allowed Kris to blaze ahead (as KS and I were part of the scuffle). KS and I chased but KS was super strong and FAR superior to me technically (hey she rides mountain bikes for a living!). She passed Kris and I dangled behind Kris for the rest of the race. Dayna and Erika were chasing hard but then I think Erika had a mechanical. It was a lot of fun and there were tons of people out. Heard a bunch of cheering around the course which I definitely needed.

I used my sick and extreme mountain bike skills to ride a log on the course that most people were running (b/c it was actually faster to run).

PB's husband was on the barrier run-up section and when I almost slammed my bike into the barriers he yelled "be safe Tiff!" Thanks A-ron! Sometimes you need reminders to CTFO. And it made me laugh too.

So it was KS 1st, Kris 2nd and moi 3rd. KS has had one HELL OF a year as far as getting the shit beat out of her in life---so its great to see her crushing it even though she has just started training again. Kris has had major injuries--and I was stoked to see her getting her mojo going too.

It was a total blast and I'm looking forward to doing a few others this fall as the of non-racing schedule of fun activities permits.

I love that its all women on the course at the same time. There were about 40 women that showed up to race (in the A's, B's and C's). I was super psyched to see and I look forward to racing more with these awesome ladies!! It's really great that the race organizers are giving the women the course (not having us race the same time as the men). And I think its encouraging for the women that are getting into it too!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Team

You'll probably be reading this on Velo News here pretty soon, but there's a new Team on the Scene:

Team Fall Back Crack and Sack.

FBCS will debut at the 25 hours of Frog Hollow down in Hurricane, UT on Halloween weekend. While not expected to place well in the actual event--the team is hungry for the top step of the podium in the "team costume contest."

Lead by the German powerhouse duo of the JemClems, the team is rounded out by Rick, the hubs and me (and my general lack of mountain bike skills).

Since its the weekend where the clocks "fall back", the race is actually 25 hours--its also the inspiration for our triple entendre team name. Hoo yeah bring it!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nightride/Commute home

The hubs called me this afternoon at work and offered to meet me at the trailhead at 6:30pm....with lights! Of course he had me at trailhead...

We met up and rode the opposite of what I rode to work this morning, with my purple commuter backpack (thanks mom!).

Sunset over Great Salt Lake; photos like this make me want an actual camera--because what I saw was really f'ing sweet. What I captured with my "equipment"? Marginal.

Time to put the light on. I look like I'm on a Wild Rose boyz ride with those eyes. I don't know what's up with that.

Awesome. I'll need to work on shutter speed and settings. Oh wait I don't have those options.

No hubs in photos on account'a he was 1x'ing and he hauls ass. And he wasn't carrying a backpack. Yes this is the 2nd time I mentioned the backpack.

I know at this rate the Shoreline may turn into the Boreline...But I'm definitely enjoying it by treating it as my new way to and from work.

Commuting detours

Last night I took a little detour on my commute home to ride the shoreline from City Creek to Bobsled. It was great. Bobsled was a mob scene--and it definitely has more stuff on in than I've seen in the past. I'll leave the car jumps for the Insane-o but I am interested in trying to take some of the turns that go up around the trees. In theory at least.

I eyed Caterina's little ladder at the bottom of the trail...but I'm definitely not ready for that yet.

I had so much fun I decided to take another detour on my ride to work this morning, up Dry Creek and over to City Creek.

This is definitely not 800 East.

Good morning Salt Lake City!

It was definitely on the chilly side--but so great. Best part was having the trail to myself. The 2nd best part was getting to ride with my NEW accessory!

SO SO happy about this. I wanted one of these since I saw it on Erin's beach cruiser in Santa Cruz 5 years ago.

I got it over a year ago and was just too lazy to ever "install" it. Maybe I was waiting for the right bike upon which to honor it.
While waiting for a little bit of light this morning, I slapped this puppy on my handlebars and had a notification-tastic ride! Bike bells are the best.

Monday, October 5, 2009

New to town

As I was discussing my weekend plans with Jem (hitting up the Farmers Market) on Thursday, she noted that its like I just moved to town (with the season being done). The weekend definitely might've been the same as someone who just moved to town as I hit up some of the 801's best offerings.

Saturday morning the hubs and I did up the SLC Farmers Market. It was AWESOME!

The hubs maybe not as psyched as me about the Farmers Market. He also got stuck carrying everything.

It was overcast and a little chilly. Perfect for procuring local produce, cheeses and meat!

In addition to the yummies and the flowers--there are lots of other things at the Farmers Market:

This kid was the CUTEST! He had some serious cat-like reflexes. I'm so bummed the picture I tried to take of him stacking plastic cups didn't turn out. Probably because he was moving so fast. If things don't work out with stacking, this kid definitely has a career in Vegas.

Saturday afternoon we met up with 2 of my little brother's good friends, Kevin and Brad. Brad moved here about a year ago and Kevin was visiting from SoCal. We rode the Flying Dog trail in Park City (my 1st time this year--yeah, did I just move here?). Jem and Rick joined us for the ride which was really great. Parts of the trail were totally blanketed with the fallen aspen leaves creating a red and yellow carpet. It was really cool. The Yeti was awesome.

Since we met at Rick and Lizzie's house, we got to check in on Lizzie-aka the Patient. She just had a gnarly shoulder surgery and was in some rough shape. She is not someone that can handle sitting still so its bad times. I hear she is doing much better now, though.

We woke up to a big thunder storm on Sunday morning. Loving it! We met up with the Yohnson-Gammons for bestbrunchever at Trio. I actually went for a little run in the afternoon (in anticipation of possibly doing some cross). I can handle about 30 minutes on a soft trail before the knees say "NO".

Sunday evening, the hubs and I had a little dinner and movie date. We checked out a new Asian fusion restaurant called Rice (it was pretty good) and then went to see "It Might Get Loud" at the Broadway Theatre.

Date night.

I love the Broadway Theatre (again, hitting it up for the first time this year like a newcomer!) Its not fancy--but it reminds me of the best theatre ever, the Little back in hometown in Rochester, NY. You can get espresso to go along with your movie, Ritter chocolate--and now--edamame! Its the best.

The movie was just OK. If you are a boy or if you are really into music you will probably like it (Jack White, Jimmy Page and the Edge come together to burn down about guitar). I got a little bored but definitely dug the music. It made me want to see U2 live. It also made me think of Erin who said how great the White Stripes were live.

Today is an awesome day in the 801. Cold and blue skies with good air quality. Good stuff!

Friday, October 2, 2009


I've been enjoying the down time this week and the colder weather. The puffy even got broken out.

Puffy in the garden. Flip flops not pictured.

I downward dogged with Jem at lunch yesterday. She gave me some good tomato knowledge and inspiration (she is one of my gardening gurus). Last night the hubs and I did a big harvest of all remotely red tomatoes (nights have been chiiiiiill-y). The plan was to cook them and freeze them...But we ended up basically eating them with a little shpagett' along with onions and basil from the giardino. Good stuff.

Rapini--lookin' good. Taste: tbd

I downward dogged this morning and am trying to put my life back together. Dropped off my MOUTAIN BIKE (you heard me!) to the best mechanic ever as tomorrow looks like perfect fall mtb'ing weather. My lil bro has a good bud coming to visit one of lil bro's OTHER good buds here in the 801. We are planning to ride tomorrow afternoon which will be great--the one bummer is that the Glennbro will be in Boulderland instead of the 801 with his buds. We will pour one out for you Glennbro!

I'm also planning to hit up the Farmer's Market tomorrow (finally) for some plantable garlic and other local yummies. Mrs. Yohnson-Gammon loaned me Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver--and its got me inspired to 1. grow more stuff and 2. patronize farmer's markets whenever possible. I've been enjoying reading this while drinking my "Comfort" tea (thanks guys!). Love it.

Here's to good harvesting!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A little psyched for skiing

Yesterday post stormage.

It is a gorgeous day in the 801. Yesterday's weather blanketed the Wasatch with a little baby pow. It must be that time of year because it was reported that Mrs. Jowegawa (in the words of Tom Jow) was "very distracted" on the back of the mountain bike tandem over the weekend--focusing on the potential ski lines across the canyon instead of the snaking single track upon which she was pedaling.

To add to the excitement, the hubs and I went to the world premiere of the new Powderwhores move: Flakes, for a little free-heeled free-minded excitement.

We got some qt with the JemClems and Kat and Ryan. Saw a bunch of other peeps (Mini G, Ruple and Allyson, Vijay and Heather and of course Richie and Renee).
It was excellent to see these kids and I must say it did light a little fire of excitement for skiing!

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