Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bouncing through Durango and lazing in Los Alamos

The hubs and I miraculously got our shit together and put some skid marks down on our way out of the 801. We made it to Durango just in time to get some quality burn-down time with our friends Moira and Ted. The next morning, Moira cheffed up some breakfast mush-gush (C's term for goulash) and coffee. We managed some hang time with super awesome C (Moira and Ted's daughter).

After breakfast, Moira, Ted and C (short for Cecilia) took us on a lovely snow hike in the next valley over.

C "training" the pound puppies.

Actually she was really great with them. Beautiful Compton-Compound grounds also pictured.

Durango hike!

Why am I always so far behind?

Reservoir Dogs shot of C, the hubs and Ted.

While short, it was great to do a little mini catch-up with session with some of our fave Durango peeps.

We rolled into Los Alamos on Thursday night (aka Christmas eve) to the casa della famiglia di hubs. Bro and sis in law Dave L and Fritz cheffed up a delicious dinner with a cooked ham contribution from Fritz Sr. Super great to reconnect with all the excellent members of the famiglia di hubs. Anyone that came to our wedding knows how much Gramma rules. For real. Super feisty, sharp as a tack, and a lot of fun to talk to.

Christmas day we enjoyed a nice Barranca mesa hike.

Post hike, Fritz and I headed over to Sid and Jane's to "help" prepare some of the Ukranian Christmas dinner.

Everyone knows I can't cook without vino so we of course had some chef's little helper.

Sid is actually the hubs' uncle, but he's more like a cousin--or maybe even a little brother. He is a blast and his S.O. Jane is rad and never gets chapped about lateness (of course Fritz and I were late to get to their house).

Professional Pierogy (pronounced ped-o-hair) assemblers: Uncle Sid, Fritz and Jane.

Fritz and me. We love the new Christmas tradition.

Christmas was really nice. I learned some of the Ukranian Christmas tradition and we added some of our own touches too. One of the OTHER super great Christmas events was getting our wedding quilt from the hubs' mom. She is an amazing quilter and she recently finished our wedding quilt. It is amazing and the most intense, awesome colors ever. Really lucky to have such an incredible gift.

Definitely missed the Pezz clan but was happy to not be air traveling right now.

We have subsequently been doing extended morning coffee hours with the occasional hike, ski or yoga sesh thrown in for spice. The New Mexico colors are an assault on the senses. The air is clean and the landscape is truly breathtaking. The hubs and I are spending a few more days here before making our 'way to visit couch potato, Danika, monkE and the Ridgway peeps.

Viva la vacay. And viva les cookies.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Still not packed

We are still not packed, we both have work to do, its dumping in southern Utah, and we're meant to be in Durango by 10 pm tonight. We are also not speaking to each other until we're actually on the road (by agreement). Ahh the stress of vacation.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pears rule!

Chef Woody (or it should be Wood-ini, since he can cook the shit out of italiano cuisine) treated us to delish dinner last night. He created some splendid lasagna for consumption by the J9, the hubs and me. At the last minute we were treated to a surprise guest appearance by NEZZY, which was awesome.

It was a fantastic night and the vino was flowing like wine. Since Nezzy is a family man now, he doesn't do qt with Woody like he used to. So the surprise visit was cause for some major guy love along with some good ole days east coast debauche-ment stories. It ruled.

We also got to relive some of Woody and the hubs' ski day (which they did last Monday). In addition to mach speed and checking out cute girls, they also discussed "the pants problem" (tight in leg/booty area; super baggy in waist area) faced by their wives. Nice. What can I say, this trunk has got some junk AND pears rule!

It was a super fun night and really fun to get to see Nezzy. It was freezing and disgusting air on the walk home. I felt like I was in a movie because the hubs was trying to run home but we were holding hands (more for stability then affection) and I felt like I was in an action movie where they are running from the explosion holding hands. With the gnarly air--it does make it seem smoky. And I was getting dragged along. So not efficient. But pretty fun. If you live near Liberty Heist Fresh and you heard loud laughing in the middle of the night, that was probably me.

Now the hubs and I are not doing a good job packing to get ready for our trip. I hate this part.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Dropping a knee, dining and downward dogging

The hubs and I had a nice weekend here in the 801. I downward dogged at Avenues Yoga on Saturday morning. I needed to get the chi flowing as I was massively worked over by the the asskicking delivered on Friday. And my knee was NOT PSYCHED either. After many hip openers, the knee was less pissed and while the hubs went shopping (for himself, not for gifts), I hit up 24 hour fatness for a little qt on the spin bike.

Saturday night we festivized with a bunch of our favorite peeps. I cooked up a little baked penne for Richie, Renee, Rick, Liz, Rodney and Laura. Weird that everyone's name started with an "L" or an "R". Hmmmm.

It was a super fun night and totally great to see these kids.

Sunday morning the hubs, Rick and I met up with Katy and Eric for little ski tour in Red Pine. We were also joined by Susan and Ron. I'm happy to report it didn't end up being a "katy andrews tour" (caterina's name for all long epic tours) as the hubs and I peaced out after one run. It was a lot of fun catching up with those heads and making a few turns. And, of course, getting my ass kicked on the hike up. My favorite part of the tour was the bag of pecan date bars Katy busted out at the top (strange that I wrote that after saying I'm slow uphill).

After skiing the hubs and I headed up canyon to Alta where we met up with the Yohnson-Gammons and Damiano. The hubs and I watched a sleeping Nocciolina (2 month-old Hazel) while her parents got to take a run together. We then commenced a solid hang session which was super fun. Sanctuary much you guys!

We made it home in time for me to get to Aves Yoga which was a nice way to finish off the active part of the weekend. Recovered with some leftovers from dinner and a few episodes of Boston Legal. Magnificent.

The hubs and I are preparing for a large journey as we head for the Zia state on Wednesday for Festivus. We are taking 9 days to visit fam, friends and hopefully ski and ride our brains out. On the menu we have scheduled hang time with the Durango peeps (staying at Chez Compton--woo hoo!) and the Ridgway peeps. I can't wait.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Thanks for the a$$ kicking

The Powder Princess aka Mrs. Jowegawa and her buddy Helmet aka Chris kicked my ass today in the backcountry. Big time.

The closest I got to them all day...

We started hiking at 9:30 and were back at the car at 3:30. The snow was great though conditions were definitely sketchy. I know we skied something off of Reynolds, Shangri-la, part of Little Water (which we aborted) and something else. I never really got the chance to look around much as I was racing to keep up with these 2 (who weren't even charging).
Helmet is a mutant. He was 5000 miles ahead AND he was breaking trail. As for the Powder Princess? Mrs. Jowegawa DOES NOT STOP. She didn't even take her pack off until about hour 3. When I made a comment about it she responded "I've really streamlined myself in order to keep up with these guys."

Note to self: Need to streamline yourself

I was a complete cluster with my gear. Well I don't think that I'm usually that way--but compared to these guys I was definitely was. We'd get to the bottom of a run at (more or less) the same time and I would have one skin on and they'd already be hiking up. It was like the scene in Elf when Will Ferrell says, Ok start making a pile of snow balls and the kid makes one and Will Ferrell has a pile of like 500 snow balls. Maybe these 2 hardcores are actually elves.

It was a REALLY fun day. The skiing was pretty great and the peeps were super awesome. I totally channeled Erin, on the last run of the day, I was changing my gear AS FAST AS I COULD and the elves were just waiting for me to get my shit together (They were totally nice about it). When I was finally ready I totally did the "god you guys, can we go? I'm sick of waiting for you, I've been waiting for you all day."

Despite the massive headache (ran out of water about half way through--which is surprising because there wasn't even really time to ever drink or eat), I'm so jazzed. It was GREAT to get out of the disgusting valley air-AND-my knee is not too sore!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Congratulations Coach K!

Big congrats to Coach K--aka Kris Walker--for defending her national title! In what was deemed to be the "most exciting finish of the day", this superstud (MD and MOM) won the women's 45-49 race in Bend, Oregon this past weekend. AWESOME! She also had a very respectable finish in the women's elite race as well (which Katie Compton won for the umpteenth time).

Congrats also to Dayna Deuter who sacked up for the big time and had good finishes in both the masters and elite races as well! Of course KS had a strong showing representing like she always does.

In holiday news, I'd like to say happy 4th day of Hannukah.

Also, if you haven't gotten an xmas tree yet, my mom offers the following advice (as she and my aunt went and got one this weekend):
1. Bring your own saw- the ones at the tree farm suck
2. trees look much smaller in the wild
3. take the wagon ride once you have your tree.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Micro tour, macro brunch

The hubs and I busted up to PC to do a pre-brunch mini tour with Rick and Cortez (Rick's dog).

While we were waiting for Rick to excavate his truck, the hubs refused to either look at me or smile for the camera.

Rick with some slab activity on the roof of his truck.

We hiked up a part of Deer Valley that isn't open to the public yet. It was dumping!

The hubs, Rick and Cortez (or the ears of Cortez).
How can I be so far behind and we haven't even started going uphill yet?

It was super short but still great to be out. And I'm happy to report my knee stayed relatively ok too!

After the micro tour, we sketchily headed back down to the SLC for myfave Trio brunch with superawesome Laura and Rodney. Both the brunch and the company were awesome. I consumed breakfast pizza like it was my j-0-b.

Quote of the brunch goes to Laura: "There's no "I" in team just like there's no "me" in f*&^ you."

Lizzie and Rick post brunch, procuring some fancy gingerbread/poptart/crack.

It was a great weekend and a good, mellow start to the ski season. I have just received word that the hubs is coming down with a powder flu and will be seeking medical assistance from Dr. Woody at the Alta clinic tomorrow. And, the insane-o dropped off his mega watts. Everyone should consider themselves warned.

We have more storminess on tap which is great. The air quality has improved and the mountains are getting their act together (once the avalanche danger settles down a bit more).

Finally--real winter!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

1st tour of the season

The hubs and I did our first tour today! It was not the ultimate in solitary backcountry experience (we skinned up snowbird)--but it was still really fun. After getting yummy gluten "rich"'s bagels, we met up with Rick and his buddy Doug at the Snowbird parking lot. Our skin up was like a serious game of frogger. Instead of taxis, buses and cars it was snowboarders and skiers.

I was really nervous about my knee. I have had 2 surgeries on my left knee (the first from a soccer injury in high school, the 2nd from a squash--not the vegetable--injury during law school). Why do my mind and body disagree so much about those cutting motion sports? I jacked my right knee skiing in March--and basically spent all summer and fall doing nothing but riding. No running, no hiking--NUTTIN! Both knees have had pain and instability. Anyway, the hubs and I have a superfun hut trip planned in CO so I wanted to make sure a) my body would work and b) my gear still worked. Though it was a short tour (hiked to the top of some lift, a little less than 2000 ft, and then skied down), my knee felt ok. It was sore but it was able to do tele turns. I am hoping that the beaucoup amounts of yoga might be behind this.

As for my fitness and muscles--whoa nelly. Ski touring is hard. The turns on the way down (despite being on a groomer) were REALLY FUN but SO SO SO PAINFUL!!!! Screw the weight room---I just need to make lots of turns this winter. I have always maintained its a sprinting (not so) secret.

We managed to avoid getting plowed into by any knuckle draggers or groups of kids doing pizza/french fries and we had a great time! Rick and Doug have already been out a bunch--but this was the hubs and my first time out. We were stoked. It was so great to be doing outdoor activity again. The Wasatch fresh air was a welcome change from the stale air of 24 hour fatness.

The ABSOLUTELY BEST part of the tour was at the top. It was snowing pretty hard and I realized I had forgotten my goggles. I thought I was going to have to go Euro styles and rock the shades only on the descent. Bummer. To my ultimate joy, I discovered my goggles in the pocket of my pack--THANKS TO THE HUBS!!!! In response to my proclamations of joy and love, the hubs simply replied "I thought you might want those." The hubs = the best.

To repay the universe for the delightful morning--I will now take myself to 24 hours of fatness for 1 hour on the spin bike. There. I typed it. Therefore it must happen.

We have multitudinous amounts of snow in our futures (knocking on wood as I type that). Very exciting.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing---I hope you are finding some time to embrace the elements. They like affection!

Friday, December 11, 2009

For the upstate NY homies

Oh my god. They nailed the accents.

La cugina canadese

In a super major awesome turn of events, my canadian cousin Justine came through the 801 yesterday. Justine married into my super trendy super elegant and awesome Italiano family in Hamilton, Ontario (that is in Canada). Justine is an uber corporate badass (bank exec) and lives life at a frequency I can't comprehend. She travels internationally, she works a ton--but still makes time to exercise a ton and be a super fun, awesome mom. Don't believe me? Keep reading.

A few months ago, Justine and Alessandra decided they wanted to adopt a cat. The cat they intended to adopt wasn't up to Conrad's standards (and he didn't want a cat in the first place). While rejecting the local feline option, he commenced an in depth research project to determine a suitable cat. He eventually settled on a breed--and when they began searching for breeders--discovered there weren't the world!

They found a breeder in Idaho Falls, and after looking at a map and realizing that Idaho was, in fact, a state (most Americans don't know that either), Justine decided she was going to come to the 801 to pick up the kitty and slum it with her Utahrd cousins!

I picked Justine and the kitty (Miao Miao--as named by Alessandra!). She was so little! I made Steve come home early so he could supervise Simon (his cat) and ensure a safe kitty environment for the new arrival.

The hubs and Miao Miao

Cugina canadese Justine and Alessandra's new bff
Can't wait to see Miao Miao dressed in doll's outfits being pushed around in a stroller :))

Kissing cat cousins--or--Lady and the Tramp

We hung out at our pad for a little while and let the cousin cats meet. Simon (a pound cat) tried to steal Miao Miao's organic cat food and then tried to convince her to eat some of his shwaggy stuff downstairs. We were joking that Simon would teach Miao Miao low class habits but that they would help her survival in the wild. That will never happen because Justine had to sign a contract stating that this princess would never go outside, be bred, or do anything to endanger the cat or its pedigree (it had papers!).

Once all the house wildlife was secured, we grabbed a little dins at Mazza. Justine found herself especially thirsty for a glass of vino after the many attempts to convert her on her plane trip to SLC.

We grabbed some java on the way to the airport this morning. We smuggled Miao Miao into the coffee shop (too cold to leave her in the car!) but nobody notice what Justine had in her bag.


It was super super fun to get some hang time with our most excellent cugina, Justine. Lots of laughs and sincere promises to figure out a way to get together SOON!!!

Zurini-Fedak clan--Siete i migliori!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Old and new favorites

Friday night, the hubs and I hopped on the Woody party bus (with Mini G) for an excursion up to Park City. The reason for said excursion was an invite from Rick and Lizzie for veggie and meaty chili at their humanly inhabited dog house (they have an awesome house--they also have 3 dogs). All of the aforementioned are some of my long time favorite peeps. There were some new kids on the block also in attendance: F-word Nicole and her husband Paul. These kids=my new favorite peeps. Something about the name Nicole and awesomeness seem to go hand-in-hand (at least as far as my experience with cool chicks named Nicole--NICOH).

Hanging out with Lizzie, Woodies, et al is always fun. For some reason, last night was REALLY fun. And that's not just the home made margaritas talking (but you DO have a gift, Rick).

Got a good burn down session with Mini that kid. On the way back down to the 801, we had fun comparing the leg sizes of Mini G and the hubs. (2 of Mini G's legs = 1 Hubs honey is strong).

Good times and good laughs with everyone. Had fun getting to know f-word Nicole and Paul. I pretty much always like Lizzie's friends. An original Jersey girl with a taste for the alcohol and a trucker's mouth, I LOVED f-word Nicole. Thanks for letting your planets collide Lizzie!

The Woodies were in full effect as well. Woody is almost always up for fun times in the wee hours. J9 (Mrs. Woody) occasionally rallies but definitely prefers an earlier bedtime. As the hours rolled by like seconds, I eventually noticed that J9 had been conspicuously absent for a bit. She apparently went for it with a little nap time in the spare bedroom. I f'ing love having friends who aren't afraid to take care of business.

Anyway, the food was delish-ular and the company was spectaculous. The hubs and I consider ourselves lucky to have such superstars in our lives!

And on another good note--woke up to SNOW here in the 801 this morning!!! So awesome to see. The hubs and I decided to be good Amerkans and go SHOPPING for a new coffee maker. We hit up Spoons and Spice. Wow. Why has it taken me so long to check THAT place out! There were so many choices and I was really pushing hard for the super fancy grinder/espresso/drip coffee maker. Yes these MACHINES can cost the same as a new carbon bike. But this is coffee we are talking about! The hubs got side tracked by various grinders. "Because its all about the grind." The hubs can purchase nothing without researching a product to the bejesus, so we walked away with a new cutting board and sifter pour moi.

Later in the afternoon I layered the crap out of myself and rode my mountain bike outside. I have realized I simply can NOT ride indoors for more than an hour--so I've got to try to augment the inside riding somehow. It was awesome. I totally crashed at an intersection around 15th and 15th (I got distracted by a scooter that was skidding out and I wiped out too). I totally felt like Mojo because I got up basically saying "I'm OK!" but no one even asked me if I was all right! Haters.

Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful low pressure systems. Viva la atmospheric disturbance!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Yogurt on My Pretzels

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