Friday, February 26, 2010


Hooked up a mini bike dialing session with bestmechanicever Tom Jow the other night at the Rose of Wildness. As it was a Wednesday night the entire cast of characters was in attendance including DIRTY and even a guest appearance by BrianO!!

I love those guys.

In Tom Jow's capable hands my bike is a little more dialed in and ready for riding once the debris blanket abates a little here in the 801. I'm psyched to have a back-up bike for right now since I'm not taking my sweet new (white) Cannondale out in conditions like yesterday. In addition to the new bike, I also have an SRM to baffle me. Thanks to Iron Lori's coach Mitch, I am set up with an SRM, or power meter integrated into my crank. I am fairly Luddite-ish when it comes to ultra training techiness, so Mitch has been a great resource for helping me figure it out (not that I've really figured it out). He gave me the beta about being able to synch up your SRM with a Garmin--so with the capable assistance of Bill at Treads, I'm set up with the tools. Next piece of the equation is CoachK. Whew that is too much tech talk.

In other happenings, we were treated to a fabulous visit by Dr. Butson. Dr. B was a bud of the hubs from grad school daze here at the U and more importantly (along with Byron), one of his main deathride adventure buddies. I hadn't seen him in years (he now lives in Milliwaukay- the good land) but he was the Spock-esque-outdoorsobsessed-overheated engineer I remembered. It was great to catch up and have some laughs about past exploits.

And the weather is shaping up with the promise of balmy 40 degree temperatures here in the 801 today. It might even be dry enough to ride a white bike for some fun before Dave & Diane arrive for some additional funtimes.

Whatever mode of fun you seek this weekend, let it be neverending and all-consuming!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

SoCal funtimes

Palm trees + pow = funtimes for Tiff and the hubs

Have finally resurfaced from the gnar attack on my stomach and body and the general craziness of post trip dealing! Finally doing a trip conspectus as follows:

We drove to San Giorgio on our way to Palm Springs. Had a fantastic night with Jen and Johnny G (along with JG's fam). Johnny G has a super welcoming and awesome family. I particularly enjoyed meeting the cousins from Alberta. I'm sure if I actually understood what they were saying I would've enjoyed it even more. They were hilarious. They love their curling tournaments and sour cream raisin pie.

Monday morning the hubs and I made our way to Palm Spring to Iron Lori's place. After a micro spin in the dark, Iron Lori Iron cheffed up a great dinner and we had some excellent hang time with her and her super cutey trendy daughter Faith.

As Iron Lori had completed a gnarly 3 days (century, half marathon, century), she took Tuesday "off" just heading to the pool. The hubs and I pulled on SHORTS AND JERSEYS AND NOTHING ELSE (I forgot about that) and headed out for some desert spinning! While we were out riding, Iron Lori's coach Mitch came over and installed my new SRM! ooooh fancy! We had another fun dinner at Iron Lori's on Tuesday night in addition to being introduced to Golden Spoon crack addictive frozen yogurt. So f-word good.

On Wednesday we got the super bonus deal of getting to ride with VB and best ever Twila.

An awesome person, great rider and one of my super faves: Twila

VB and me (thanks for the awesome work on my bike btw!)

We did some QT at the coffee shop in La Quinta and then the hubs and I made our way to the OC to Johnny G and Jen's. We rolled into our home away from home, changed and then headed to Newport Beach to see my parents and the Ferraros, escapees from winter on the east coast. Johnny G and Jen joined in for la famiglia time as well.

Ciao Papa, Ciao Mama, me and the hubs

Full Team shot

It was a fabulous evening with much good foods, drinks and laughs.

In the ensuing days, the hubs and I had some awesome rides in the O.C. and another 2 great nights with my parents. There was some serious recharging of my batteries with all the nice riding and good family and friend hang time.

My favorite OC ride, Silverado Canyon (note the new kit!)

The hubs shows his team solidarity!

On Sunday, while I was racing, the hubs opted to shred the OC gnar with Johnny G and Jen.

The hubs and Johnny G suss out some sweet lines at Mt. Baldy

Jen skinnin'

I guess you know its a bad season when you leave Utah to go to Southern California to ski. Yes, yes, I would not speak of such things so blithely if I hadn't hung up my skis for the season. Sorry. (But it is true).

It was a super fun trip, despite the dengue fever part at the end. I was definitely California dreaming riding to work in the snow this morning. And riding at lunch in a passing hail (graupel?) storm. Whatever, its riding in that stuff that makes you just fall over with joy when you get to actually (eventually) ride in shorts! I guess I might even find it sort of fun.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Simple Green Criterium

The hubs and I finished off a fantastic trip in So Cal on Sunday. The hubs busted out the mega watts for a ski tour on Mt. Baldy with Jen and Johnny G and I headed to a race in Rancho Dominguez. There was a great field with some strong California teams like Incycle and Helens. I had no idea what to expect (as February is a tad early for racing for me), but ended up feeling decent taking 4th. I love my new bike and new Sidis!

After the race I met up with the hubs to drive back to SLC. What I thought was a tweaked stomach from the race turned to major gnarliness on the road. Puking in desert rest stops, fever, total hell. To top it off, the hubs also came down with a fever on the drive. We limped into Mesquite Sunday night, slept for a few and kept driving. The hubs bounced back, me not so much. I was leveled all day yesterday. Serious brutality. At least it didn't hit us during the vacation--now that would've been tragic.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

She said, she likes, the ocean

Goin back to Cali, to Cali, to Cali...

The hubs and I are on day 6 of an excellent vacay. We've done some AWESOME rides and gotten some sweet hang times with our favorite peeps. Great rides with Velo Bum, Twila and Iron Lori in the Desert and some sweet miles in the O.C. disorder. The hubs is the biggest stud ever. We have been doing 3-5 hours every day (he hadn't been on his bike since last October). Yesterday we rode to Newport Beach to see Mama and Papa Pezz on their last night here and the hubs refused to sit down on the ride. I tried to get some photos.

Today we get to ride with awesome Jen and then tomorrow there are rumors of a possible race I might do somewhere near LA. I just don't want it to end!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rain: If you won't go away, I will

Had grand plans for a big ride today but the precip has other ideas. Trying to sack up and go get drenched. I'm planning to run errands so it doesn't feel as much like riding in the rain as it does not driving to go do stuff. Sigh. Can't complain about rain in the 801, we always benefit from moisture here in the arid west...But it does force me to confront my wimpiness about riding in the elements.

The downward dog train has definitely ebbed off from the winter...5-7x is now 2-3x (if I'm lucky). But I did get the chi flowing at 24 hour fatness yesterday and today. Time to don we now the rain apparel and head out there so I can dry off and be presentable for awesome Laura and Rodney's wedding tonight.

And on the note of weddings, I had to obtain some hosiery so I did a quick stopby at Nordstrom Rack post yoga. That place embodies everything I hate about Utah (America in general--but this place really has some regional specific insidiousness). The teenage moms with the screaming children totally shrivel up my ovaries. Its gross. But then I heard David Archuleta singing "Crush" on the radio on the way home and I was proud to be a Utahrd once again. (Why do I love him so much? Can someone please explain?)

And I hope it keeps raining...because the hubs and I take off tomorrow for warmer case you haven't read this blog and heard me talking about it in every post. Time to do some tanning in lieu of toning, Trader Joes', Johnny G and Jen time--and most importantly: Mama and Papa Pezz time. Psyched.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Treading water

One more day of working...Three more days of riding in pollution...

It all comes down to the numbers. Can't wait to put the skid marks down. Now breathe. (But not too deeply with all that smog.)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sink or swim

Just trying to keep the head above water. Riding bikes in cold+ working + life = maxed out tiff. And not totally in a positive way--more in a Koala station kind of way (as in a constant state of poopy diaper). However, the hubs and I are peacing the frig out to the O.C. on Sunday. Really looking forward to some serious chillax time(which means nothing but bike rides and hang time with the 'rents, desert peeps and the JG's- Paradiso!)

Got some excellent girl time on Friday night at a cool pizza/vino locale here in the 801. Lizzie, f-word Nicole and Katie la sorellina did an uber awesome peeps convergence at Vinto. You girls are awesome. Ran into the Yohnson-Gammons post-dins and fired up a great round 2 of evening hangs. The hubs got called in for the action as well.

Papa Dan describing some ski to his sleeping child; though in fairness he may have been talking about the hubs

The hubs and bella mama Lynsey

Party girl La Nocciolina who was SO GOOD at dinner

The hubs had 2 great ski days with da boyz. Saturday we dined with the Woodies, JemClems, Rick and Lizzy and did a little mini super bowl stop by on Sunday at the Woodies. And now life is just dragging me down. I will eventually bounce back. For now I'm definitely sinking more than I'm swimming...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Charged up

So I peaced out of work at the crack of 5 pm on Thursday. When I actually arrived in Boulder really isn't important. I know that somehow I did and found myself in the guest bedroom at Casa Lajinks on Friday morning.

Margell and Brian (The Lajinks) are some of my favorite-est peeps of the Boulder years. Brian and I were roommates for 3 years (with notable 3rd roomates including Anne the Viking, JHK and finally a post grad school Margell). Margell is the reason I stopped eating partially hydrogenated vegetable oil over 10 years ago. Clearly she was way ahead of her time. :) Now Margell and Brian have 2 awesome kiddos and an incredible house in north Boulder. They've definitely come a long way from 624 Marine St.

Friday morning I paid a quick visit to the Tetons so I could see Mr. Sam. Beth was on her way out the door. Nonetheless it was still great to get a quick visit with those heads. I lucked out and got to ride with Margell before she picked up the kids from day care. Margell is one of those friends where I feel like I can just pick up right from where we left off---even if we really haven't gotten quality time in years. It was super fun to get to ride with this awesome friend, former teammate and roommate. We met up with my NEW teammate Kat Carr and her boyfriend Matt. After Margell peaced out of the ride, Kat, Matt and I rode a few more hours in the beautiful Colorado sunshine. Viva la fruit loop!

After downward dogging at Boulder 24 hour fatness, I got to do a little hangtime with Lajinks clan.

Haydn after proclaiming "This is the best night ever!"

I thought she said that because I was there, turns out it was because she got to have ice cream for dessert.

Shortly thereafter, the Glennbro picked me up to go meet Dave and Diane for dinner at Bacaro.
Super great to see my Boulder fam while enjoying Italiano delicious-ness.

Fritz and the Glennbro

Saturday morning I rode with Margell and the CU girls for a bit before heading to the velodrome. It was really neat to participate in a CU ride after all these years (Margell is now the women's coach). Is it just me or are they letting younger people into college these days?

After a short hour, I had to bounce over to meet my team for a velodrome introduction. Its a pretty short track and the walls are 45 degrees in some places. Holy crap. It was a total blast riding on the track. After we got comfortable we did some efforts which were really fun. I had to keep reminding myself not to coast and trying to stop was terrifying. I rode teammate Mo partway home before hustling back to Casa Lajinks to get ready for our big team photos and party.

I picked up new teammate Kat to head out to Treads in Lakewood. As Kat was added to the team for crit firepower, I knew I'd be doing a fair amount of traveling with her, so I wondered what that would be like. Her production of homemade cookies for consumption on the drive to Lakewood leads me to believe we will travel together quite well.

We did photos, picked up bikes and a wide array of many other sponsorship goodies before commencing team festivizing. The party was a lot of fun. Several of our sponsors attended which was really great. The Glennbro attended the party as my guest and became a supporter by buying a team coffee mug. (Thanks Glennbro). My SLC friends will be happy to hear that true to form I was one of the last people there and had to get kicked out by Treads manager, Bill.

Post party, I got a little hang time with the Sleaze and Melanie. Newest addition, Mason, was unfortunately asleep, so I didn't get to meet him. I did get to hear him cry though. Great to get some QT with the Sleaze all the same.

Sunday morning I had breakfast with the Lajinsks (with a quick greeting from Anne L.!) before heading to Golden to ride with the team.

Me and a fit Lins, too bad we never laugh when we're together

We joined on the MOB ride and I got worked on everything that went up hill. Saw some heartrates I hadn't seen since, oh, September of last year. That's why I'm going to switch to power this year.

Luckily, team suicide blonde (MH and Marisa, and that may be the best song ever) and Kat kept dropping back to drag me back to the group. Thanks guys.

Post ride

After the ride, I may or may not have showered, (I don't have to say) and hauled ass back to the 801 for the BEST PART: coming home to the hubs.

It was an awesome weekend. I had such a great time reconnecting with and meeting new teammates. Of course seeing the other Boulder peeps was fabulous as well. Though it was a great weekend, my to-do list for the March trip starts with some QT with Monika and Teton and a bike ride with Dave L, mojo and the Sleaze.

Lookin' forward to my March trip to the 303 and to a great season with a team that I LUFF!

And we're back

Back from the 303 in one physical piece...still trying to put the mental pieces back together. A splendid weekend though. team photo

Notice our happy feet in our pRepair Crocs

And 15.5 lb Supersix Cannondale

Loved riding the Boulder velodrome with teammates. Watch this and get Dead or Alive's "You Spin Me Round Like a Record" going in your head.

More coming.

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