Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Good recovery

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Uintas tour and special man date

Just got of the phone with Mr. Coach K (Coach K's husband).  I asked him when I'd see him down here racing (they live in Pocatello) and he said he's a skier until April 18.  So here's a little post for you skiers...

The hubs and Woody had a man date for some ski touring in the Uintas this weekend while I was at Redlands.  Hopefully I don't get in trouble for posting since they saw no one out there.

They fired up Woodies snowmobile to access some amazing terrain.  Fired up Woody + untracked awesome terrain=EPIC

The 'biled in pretty far from what I understand and then hiked and skied their brains out:


Woody ripping



The hubs lays down another ramen noodle


Worked over hubs (but very psyched)

nice helmet

Want to check out some more? Do it here on our Picasa page.  Looks like there could be more of this heading our way for all you rippers!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Shirtless Minnesotans

Whoa I did actually make it back from Redlands at 2:30 this morning!  Just like last year, the unofficial final stage ended up being one of the harder ones for me--the drive back to Salt Lake City after racing the circuit race--oy vey.  That pretty much did me in.

Luckily I had my buddies here to keep me company.  Thanks to PK and co. for giving Mr. Buddha a new friend.  We had some good conversations on the drive somewhere after 10 pm and several coffees.

However I'll try to zoom it out for the weekend flyover...

I put the skid marks down out of the 801 at about 2 pm on Tuesday--OC disorder or bust. Arrived about 11:30--a little frayed around the edges--but not too bad.  Got some short but solid qt with Johnny G, Jen and PK's brother from another mother--Natedog.  Also picked up some sweet wheels--Benji--you are majorly owed by me.

Wednesday night Colorado decided to do its typical snow a ton in the city and zero in the mountains--thus screwing almost all my teammates with their flights.  Our director Liza (who was also racing) was able to switch her flight to the O.C. Sweet. One problem, no room in the blueberry for another person and bike bag.  Natedog to the rescue with his manly truck.  This burly dude swapped his manliness form my blue subie (with a pink sticker on the back) so I could pick up Liza and have a vehicle with racks in Redlands.  Those tri-donkeys are good peeps.

Somehow everyone ended up (eventually) making it to Redlands.  We stayed at an awesome b&b--a converted mansion near downtown Redlands.  It was awesome.  Lins and I bunked together as usual and probably didn't get enough sleep (because we keep chit chatting when we're supposed to be asleep) but its so fun so who cares.

Thursday's prologue was great.  Seemed like the times were somewhat slower than last year (Amber Neben's winning time and Mara Abbott's 2nd place).  I used my OXYGEN right before the race and rode the course 40 seconds faster than last year.  I think it also helped NOT doing it on a TT bike like last year (who did I think I was anyway?)


Riding before the crit (nice one mh)

Friday's road race was ok.  Best part was Liza staying with the main group and getting 9th, Ine Teutenberg won--getting her within striking distance of GC. 2nd best part was Lins and MH only finishing a minute down.  Sunshine Band 1 (Kasey) finished a few minutes behind them, with Gwen, Sunshind Band 2 (KC) and I some MORE minutes behind in the 68 mile race.  Teammate Amy had major breathing problems in the pollution which was a total bummer but kept a great attitude and got the heck out of dodge to get her stuff sorted out.  I was totally worked after the road race.  Though I wasn't alone out there, it was hard and it really kicked my a$$.  A climb was added to the first lap and then we did the same 3 climbs from the previous years.  My legs were dead weights and I was nervous about the crit the next day.  I took an ice bath (in the icy cold pool at the b&b), used my oxygen and got a massage...And thought positive, recuperative thoughts.  We headed out to ride a lap of the circuit race and crit course.  I turned back early to just try to be as rested as possible.

The crit was fast and furious FROM THE GUN.  The 9 turn course was a total blast.  I totally overheated on the start line last year (from sitting out there for 30 minutes) so I was not taking the heat lying down this year.  I stood on the start line just drinking and pouring water and ice everywhere.  It helped that it wasn't as hot too (and that we didn't have to wait as long).  About midway through the race a break of 8 got up the road.  That sort of chilled things a little bit but Amber Neben still kept the pace high to minimize the damage to her GC lead.  Liza ended up getting 6th in the field sprint (for 14th) with Kat, Lins and I finishing mid 20s (I was 32nd) and MH finishing in the pack with us.  Sunshine Band 1 did super awesome in her 1st NRC crit.  She lost contact with the group but still fought hard to avoid getting time cut. Gwen had a rough time with positioning and was unfortunately not able to make it.  That was the story for a lot of girls.  It was a harder race this year!

Sunday's circuit was once again BRUTAL from the start.  The field totally shattered with only about 40 women even finishing the full 9 laps (including MH--WOO HOO!).  Lins made it 4 laps, Kat and I made it 5, Kasey and Liza made it 6.  Rough day at the office for sure.  Despite the hardness, it really is a super cool loop.  Super best part was seeing Johnny G running up the course and then rounding the corner to see a bunch of shirtless Minnesotans hooting it up on the climb (yeah PK and Nate!).  Oh and seeing Jen on top of some rock wall with the camera.  THANKS YOU GUYS THAT TOTALLY RULED!  We watched MH finish and then headed back to the b&b.  Got some more hilarious hang time with the shirtless Minnesotans, Johnny G and Jen before charting the course for SLC.  Are there coconuts up there?  It was super super great to get some qt with these guys!

It was sad to say bye to the teammates.  Liza was so amazing--posting our team's best finishes while at the same time TOTALLY taking care of us.  Matt (Kat's boyfriend) and Mike (Gwen's husband) were essential ingredients to the whole thing.  We couldn't have done it without them.  We had some rough patches with our racing---but everyone kept a great attitude.  I feel so lucky and honored to get to race with such studly chicks.  And its SO FUN!  Can't wait to do it again soon.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

T minus...

Getting ready to put down some skid marks out of the 801 en route to Redlands.  Hopefully everything is packed. One more visit to bestmechanicever Tom Jow before wheels up.
1st stop is casa Johnny G for procurement of new wheels.  I have change for the motherf'ing tolls this time.

Thanks again to Rick and Lizzie for the school night dinner send-off.  Who loves the herd of buffalo?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Stretching out the birthday

Though my b-day was last weekend, since I was out of town, the 801 kids still felt the need to honor my turning 30 (for the 5th time).  And who am I to say no to such celebrations?

On Thursday, the Yohnson-Gammons took us to Vinto.  So great to get the hang time with these lovely peoples including little Miss Hazel who wore a party dress for the occasion (and her first time wearing tights).

On Friday we had culture night with the Nezzies and the Woodies--attending the opera at the Capitol Theatre (La Femmina Italiana).  The Woodies, hubs and I had the super cheap seats.  There was a mexican jumping bean sitting in front of me (WHY WOULD YOU BRING A 6 YEAR OLD TO THE OPERA??) who had ants in her pants before the opera even began.  Then there was a laughing hyena sitting right behind Woody.  Well, you get what you pay for I suppose.  The Nezzies had secured good seats and so at half-time (aka intermission), they informed us there were many empty seats in the front.  We did the surreptitious move-up (just look like you know what you're doing) and consequently had a much more enjoyable time.  I could actually hear the words (and could understand a lot--as it was in Italiano) and I could really see the performers.  I like it.  Woody and the hubs on the other hand kept checking they're watches and J9 fell asleep.  Still fun to hang with those kids.

On Saturday I rode out to the training race at the RMR with Coach.  It was a much bigger field then last time and a lot faster.  I hung in and got a great workout dicing it up in the men's A field.  Exactly what I needed for Redlands prep (starting Thursday).

Saturday night, we were super lucky to get a Woodies double header--going over to casa Woody on Saturday night for dinner with the DB's and Richie and Renee.  R&R got me some gorgeous flowers for my extended b-day and we also imbibed some Cava slurpees to celebrate (on account of the Cava hanging out in the freezer a titch too long)--still delish though.  Woody cheffed up some ridiculous turkey burgers with salsa and a yummy pasta salad with ginger and carrots.  Good stuff.

Sunday was a BEAUTIFUL day in the 801!  It was my last day of workouts before Redlands...and I was feeling the previous day pretty bigtime.  We headed out and did the workout, and then rode back into town with Coach.

Got some good hang time and the hubs got good info on fixed gear conversion (see photo).

I also put in some hard yards in the garden.  Ooooh I love this time of year.  I'm really feeling the dirt-love right now.  I planted tons of lettuce, carrots and beets.  And I'm going for the edible landscape---getting veggies in the front yard.  Snow peas are the new petunias.

I leave town tomorrow night for Redlands.  A million things to do to get ready but I'm really psyched.

Thanks to all my friends for the extra b-day celebs!  You guys rock!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Where did the time go?

Epic times were had last weekend and I am just now getting around to memorializing said times.

The hubs and I put down the skid marks to the 303 aka the People's Republic of Boulder last weekend. A number of events catalyzed the trip: Sis MaryP coming to town, racing with teammates, my 20-15th birthday, the need for visits with the Glennbro and Fritz and Dave--all our peeps.

On Friday, the hubs and I (along with Dave and Diane) met up with my brother and sister along with my sister's hilarious friend Edie and Monika. We congregated at one of my fave local establishments in the 303, the Mountain Sun.

Super delish-y dinner and excellent times were partaken of. Mo's new beau also stopped by. Even though he was super tired from working the ridankulous hours of an ER doc, he perked right up at the chance to do some bio-engineering uber nerding out with the hubs.

The next day was the CU Bikes and Buffaloes crit and it was also my berfday. To start, we rode over to the new casa de Sleaze. The Sleaze and family recently moved back into the PRB from Lafayette. We walked over to Moe's for some gluten-full bagels and Vic's coffee and watched the Sleaze chase around Chance, the ladies man. Glad you're back in the hood Sleaze.

Post breakfast I headed out to the race, a mere 5 minute ride from the Wonky Raccoon. Kat, MH, Joan and Sunshine Band all rallied out for the race. Our field was small but there were some awesome women racing including Allison Powers and Mara Abbott. My old teammate and good bud Margell (also the CU women's cycling coach, also a mom of 2) was also racing. Our team was fairly active making attempts to get away--though nothing would stick. With one lap to go, the race sort of slowed up. I hate that. This was my first time racing with most of these girls and so while we had some loose plans for the race, we were sort of winging it. I prefer the race to stay fast and strung out in the last laps. However, at the perfect moment, MH threw down a big attack which no one immediately reacted to. I had a huge smile on my face because it looked like MH might hold it off for the win. However, the field got antsy and reeled it in.

Glennbro and Fritz

Fan club; Glennbro aka Treads.com fan #1

With a half lap to go, Margell actually whizzed by and gave me a look. We were teammates in college and I guess the old brainwaves just kicked in. I hopped on her wheel and she basically delivered me to the line for the win, with teammate Kat taking 2nd.

I was psyched for the win and super psyched that the hubs, the Glennbro, MaryP, Dave & Diane were there.

Teammates post race


Siblings Pezzuli

And THEN, the celebrations began...

Uber spread at the Med.
Look Beth- you are in this photo--See here's your name.

Post tapas fest we headed over to Juanitas.

En route photography

Yes, this is actually Teton out after dark

I love these heads

Give it up for 624 Marine St--former roomies!

The menfolk hold down a table at Juanitas

After patronizing the awesome establishment that is Juanitas, this race definitely saw a selection. The group was whittled down to the siblings Pezzuli, awesome Edie, Fritz, Mo and the Lajinks!! We worked together to make our way over to Tahona. There was an awesome DJ and an empty dance floor when we arrived--but not AFTER we arrived...

The Lajinks gettin down

Mo can make anyone lose their sh*& on a dance floor

It also turns out one of MaryP's rugby buddies from playing rugby at Fredonia lives in the 303. He was able to bridge up to the group and did a lot of work to keep it going.

MaryP was absolutely rolling me on the dance floor. Edie's 80s aerobics moves were also a real crowd pleaser. There may have been a circle and Fritz doing handstands. The best part? When Mary P threw down some f'ing CARDBOARD on the dance floor! What? That was stupendous.

You are the best Mo

Fritz and I somehow made it home eventually.

We had plans for a ride on Sunday...We kitted up and rode to get coffee and bagels pre-ride. And then, upon emerging from the coffee shop womb into the freezing cold-looking like snow air, we just rode home. It actually started snowing after a bit so we got a chance to do some more social calls.

We headed over for a visit with Kim, Lester and Mackenzie--whom we hadn't seen since our wedding. Got some good hang time with those guys and promises to meet up for riding in Fruita or Moab. We did a walk in the snow/rain with the siblings and Edie before packing it up to leave. One final stop to see the Gracu and Rebecca (expecting twins, very exciting) before finally becoming one with I-80. It was a super fun trip--and with a mini van--its like traveling in your living room. No joke.

My sister said she saw a tee-shirt she was going to get for me and the hubs that read:
Mini Van, Mega Fun.

That tee-shirt speaks the truth, friends.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

You think you're cool and then you take a hip hop class

After week 1 of the real deal training, coach K granted 2 days of recovery. Needed those. Last night Laura and I took a hip hop class at 24 hour fatness. It was hilarious and I sucked. And there were actually some amazing dancer-type people in there! We were way too far in the back and couldn't see sh*&. I like to think of myself as having a little coordination--but after last night I clearly need to re-think that self-assessment. Laura was awesome--when I wasn't almost crashing into her with my wrong way spinning. In stark contrast to the way advanced hip hop--we took a remedial yoga class after ward that was almost lame (because yoga is never lame). I felt like I went from a modern day episode of Fame to a geriatric rehab session.

And its the final countdown to our trip to the 303. A little racing, a little b-day action, a little Pezzulo sibling time and a lot of fun. All accomplished with the able assistance of our sweet new mini van.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

"It was the best day ever at Alta"

The hubs upon arriving home from Alta with Woody:
"Skied with Nezzy and Lechefski, Harris, Jarrett, Nicole, Mrs. Yohnson-Gammon, ran into the DB's, it was the best day ever at Alta."

That was the quote of the day from the hubs.

He probably had some inspiration from the gymnastics meet we went to last night. Awesome Laura invited us to watch the University of Utah women beat University of Nebraska. These women were such extreme levels of studliness. I'm hoping I picked up some things I can use in yoga (yeah right). It was really cool.

The hubs was out the door early to enjoy the feets of pow that fell in the past few days while I slept in and headed out to the first training race of the season here in the 801, the RMR. I rode out with Rodney and did some serious nerding out about training with power. IT REALLY IS A WHOLE NEW WORLD! Nicole E and I raced with the A men. There were ton of flats (including Nicole and Rodney, bummer) but luckily I was able to avoid. A break slipped away but was caught in the final straight away. I was able to hang in and then even had good position coming into the final 180 degree turn (sitting on the wheel of the winner). After coming out of the 180 degree turn, it was a seriously long drag to the finish. Started sprinting, faded, got past by several dudes, passed a few, and finished probably somewhere in the top 20ish I think? It was really fun to see people out there!

I had a nice chat/spin with Nicole afterward and then headed for home while she (badass that she is) went charging up Emigration.

Weather is looking probably good for skiing, not so great for riding...Hopefully good for both.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Pimp my ride, soccer mom stylezzz

I've been waiting to devote a post to this subject...la nuova macchina di the Hubs and me.

The small yet esteemed readership of this blog may recall that the hubs and I laid our subie to rest in Grand Junction. We sold it to the mechanic at the garage where it was towed for $100. Interestingly, we haven't yet received the $100.

Anyway, we (and by we I mean the hubs) embarked on a quest for my I mean our perfect vehicle. My criteria? Big enough for us to sleep in, AWD and I don't want to go to any car dealerships. The hubs, overacheiver that he is, totally came through and then some.

Meet Bertha...also note the dilemma of how today's workout gets done? NOT COMPLAINING, just noting.

Yes we've gotten a lot of shit for our new vehicle including threats to affix "Baby on Board" stickers along with those horrible stickers displaying how many stick figures are in your family and "My kid is an honors student at...." Those are some serious threats btw.

Or there was Johnny G's quote when he first saw Bertha "Of the many vehicles we thought you guys might show up in, sea foam green mini van wasn't one of them."

We may not be cool, but all you haters can suck on the fully reclining seats, DVD player, bazillion cup holders and ability to put bikes in with both wheels on....

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Yoga serious heads vs. yoga goofballs

I love yoga...I can definitely get into the uvy-grooviness of it all, and I feel good after. Some people are super serious/agro about it, both instructors and participants. Totally appreciate those people.

However, I've taken some classes with certain friends who can just make me (possibly inappropriately) totally crack up in yoga.

Here are a few of my favorites:
1. "Look Tiff, I'm doing it!" (the Kimo in 2 legged downward dog, while everyone was concentrating super hard and being serious)
2. "Wow, I feel really dizzy, I can't even really see." (Laura while spotting me in handstand)
3. Jem's foot in my face with Allyson's foot in her face while doing some relaxing twisting...Jem making a sniffing noise towards Ally's foot...much cracking up ensuing. Room was completely silent.

To the super seriousheads, love you all, you definitely get me in that yoga mode...To my goofball friends who make me laugh out loud--you guys rock. While I've attended many classes where there were some mice on motorcycles zipping around the room (hello am I in 2nd grade?), luckily never at the same time with one of the yoga goofballs. I would probably come unraveled with laughter.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Saying yes to No(rth Salt Lake)

Yes my new favorite thing is riding north. Suck it Wasatch Blvd. I have a hard time understanding how there are so many people that grew up in SLC and have never been up Little Cottonwood Canyon. By the same token, I have lived here for about 5 years and never realized the cuteness of the old part of Farmington and Fruit Heights! I am totally in luff! I explored side roads to head north these past 3 days and discovered some really nice ways to head north. Since I can no longer tolerate lights and traffic, I'm even willing to climb extra hills and ride bumpy pavement in the search for Tiff suitable rides...I have been PSYCHED! I headed out with the 9th and 9th group on Sunday. A really nice, big group. They just went the yucky, straight way but still got some of the nice parts. It was ok since there were some really cool kids on the ride like Dr. X and plus a nice draft to sit in while heading north in a headwind. The group headed south before I was ready so I pressed on North to do some more checking out of stuff. It was great. AND I got a tailwind for most of the way home. Love that.

And the other great thing about the weekend was the visitation from Dave and Diane. They got in some good skiing with the hubs and we all got some good hang time (including Vinto pizza with the JemClems).

I'm also exploring the brave new world of training with the Garmin supercomputer. Wow. That thing will tell you everything. Watts, cadence, temperature, direction... just to name a few. Heart rate? Do you want average? average of max? So many choices. One cool thing has been to see how much my cadence sucks. Coach checked out some of my files and says if I don't turn things around he will remove the big ring and all cogs except the 25 on my bike. So yeah. Fun times.

Ok that's way too much tech.

Looking to be a nice day here in the 801 today...

2 weeks till Boulder race, a little over 3 weeks to Redlands and the start of one crazy season!

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