Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm not sayin' its a good thing

But sometimes (in the wise words of Johnny G), karma really is a beeyatch.  For those of you who are mystified by links...There was a story in the Minneapolis paper about a guy getting hit by a truck while riding a bike he had stolen (carrying bolt cutters).  Death is always a tragedy...but I do wonder how the bike fared in the wreck?  And how have I messed up my own karma by even writing about this?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The weekend of almosts...

Another good weekend here in the 801.  After an awesome chick mountain bike ride with Mrs. Yohnson-Gammon and Jem (its one word, it doesn't stand for anything--she's just truly outrageous), the hubs and I had Fab dinner with uberbadass Laura and Rodney on Friday night.  I finally nailed rosemary whole wheat pizza crust.  Taking Caterina's advice--I also sassed up my anise-almond biscotti with a chocolate dipping.  I had been scared off of choco-dipping biscotti as I do not possess a double boiler.  Thanks to Caterina's, cool-inary tip on melting chocolate in a ceramic mug in a pot of boiling water---I don't even NEED a double boilder!

I served up some pizzas topped with the remainders of my garden...They were pretty tasty if I do say so myself.  If I only had a cow I'd be almost completely in house.  Despite the hubs' predisposition to lactardation, he still hearts hisself some queso...We can have chickens here in the SLC...maybe cows are next?  Then I wouldn't need to buy manure from Home Despot...That would be sweet.

Saturday was the Black Diamond swap...The hubs *almost* made it out of bed to join me...but he just couldn't hack the 7 am car pack up and departure.  As a consequence, he can't get mad about my selling our tent and other items (for cheap).  Caterina and Wayne-o let me crash their table at the swap.  I had a lot of fun peddling my wares with Caterina's "merch-ing" assistance. We even had some bike tire fare wars to the benefit of the swap shoppers.  Though I had to get up too early, I had a lot of fun with Caterina, I got rid of a bunch of stuff and made a little cash...

I almost thought about doing the cross race but I was knee deep in haggling world...What is that people love to feel like they're getting a deal.  Like "Hey I'll give you $3 for this, you have it priced for $5."  Whatever sure.  Plus getting to the cross race would've violated my carbon footprint cyclocross status (only racing the ones I can ride to).

I downward dogged with Lizzie on Saturday afternoon before doing a spontaneous stop-by Damiano's new place.  Got to see a bunch of my favorite kiddos including an in-town Zach.  Had some good laugh times with these most excellent of peeps before walking home where I *almost* made it to the skitini party.  The moresocials were having a soiree which I had really been looking forward to... However, upon returning home to a stressed out/working all day hubs, I opted to hang tough at home with him.  We watched a GNARLY movie called Wardance.  I cried through the whole thing but loved it anyway.  It was an amazing film about kids at a refugee school in Northern Uganda who compete in a music festival.  BRUTAL is an understatement.  An excellent experience all the same.  Richie and Renee stopped by on their way home from the party (I love living in the hood!) and plied us with some Dark and Stormies and lightened up the mood a bit. 

This morning, I *almost* raced cyclocross but opted for staying in bed so that my bike would stay clean.  Its about the bike, after all.  Had a nice morning with the hubs (who had to work AGAIN) before catching a yoga class with a visiting Carmen S.  We caught up over some lunch afterward, which was great. 

In this weekend of almosts, the hubs has worked almost the whole weekend.  It just does not compute.  How can a human being take it?  Well, he is pretty smart and very motivated. 

Snow on tap here in the 801!  If you think my garden is over--you are wrong!  I'm going to attempt overwintering a few items and I'm also going to try to construct a cold frame (without drilling somehow).  I rescued most of the green tomatoes this afternoon which I intend to freeze for winter-time soups and sauces.  Yum.

A weekend of almosts was a perfect weather preface to week that might be almost winter!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Puttin' in the big miles

Still basking in off-season mellowness...but I have spiced things up a bit with a little riding here and there...On Wednesday I rode in Millcreek with my old teammate Jen Dial (different last name now--but that's how I know her).  We were teammates in 2000!! And then I fell off the face of the racing map and totally lost touch.  She and her husband recently moved to the 801 from the east coast and we finally connected for a ride.  She is retired but she and her husband totally kicked my ass on the mountain bike (of course).  It was really fun to catch up and Millcreek was GORGEOUS!  There was a bit of frost on some of the shaded parts of the trail.  Winter feels much more realistic up there than down here!  I'm also happy to report that my Yeti is back in action after a trip to the warranty hospital (rear shock).  On the winter note, the Insane-o helped me get my new badass T-Races customized to my sasquatch-ian feet...I don't have to be embarrassed by my pre-historic ski boots anymore.  I also can't use them for excuses anymore either. 

Yesterday I hooked up with Superfit and Tayler (last name not Swift but I always think it is--and she is swift on her bike too).  These two fun cuties made 2.5 hours on the bike go by like it was nothin'.  Superfit had already done her pool workout for the day. do they do it?  Much laughing and funtimes abounded.  Definitely look forward to more miles with these kids.  They just might be my secret ingredients to winter-time fitness.  And in terms of other secret ingredients, Richie came over to show some mobility "moves" last night after running his mental health loop.  I'm looking for some moto for the weight room and Richie is definitely the guy for that!  Look out Hans and Franz.
Winter weather on tap for the weekend.  It has been absolutely gorgeous here in the 801--but that has also lent itself to the prolific aphid bug populations that have been driving me crazy and are just disgusting in general.  So bring on the killing freeze!  That means real cyclocross weather too!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Business opportunity

Mrs. Jowegawa and I are going to look into franchise opportunities:
Awesome-ness.  And I really do need these!

Or I can always see if I can get a job at Cox, Payne and Shaftman...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Just when I thought I might be ready...

Just when I'm considering getting on a certain social networking site which we will call visageliterature, something like this comes out and I just can't do it.  Of course I have a blog that has me on display, but its just got to be different somehow. 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Off season sort of

After almost 2 weeks off the bike, I hopped in 2 cyclocross races this weekend.  Ouch.  Saturday was held at the State fairgrounds.  While the race wasn't until 11:30 I didn't wake up till after 10 am thanks to a little too much fun with the Yohnson-Gammons, Justino, Sil, JemClems and Richie.  The Yohnson-Gammons were especially motivated to hang out since La Nocciolina fell fast asleep in her pack and play and hasn't been sleeping through the night so well.  We hung out, drinking vino till the wee hours and then finally called it a night.  If I hadn't pre-registered for the race there's no way it would've happened.

So they called it a "roadie" course.  I must not be a roadie, because I was seriously flailing on the course.  I did enjoy it though.  CoachK and Sarah Kauffman got off the front which left Erika, Jen Hanks and I chasing.  I rode off the course at one point (well many points) and Erika gapped me.  I caught back up to her but just couldn't deal in the corners.  Kris took the win and I finished 4th.  It was an AWESOME scene!  Tons of spectations and TONS of women racing!  It was really great to see such a big field.

Saturday afternoon Caterina and I helped the Woodies in their backyard.  This involved much shoveling of dirt and using a pick axe.  I had "I've been working on the railroad" in my head.  Caterina and I still had a lot of laughs (does Woody give you breaks?) and I think we got a lot done!

This morning I woke up sore and tired.  Who's to say whether it was the cross race, the manual labor or both?  Unfortunately for me, I had pre-registered for today's race (because the hubs wanted to race too!) so I had no choice but to roll myself out of bed 1 hour before the race started (I love races within riding distance!).  Kelsey smoked us in the women's A's.  It was impressive.  Erika was 2nd and I finished 3rd.  Many of the girls that had raced the day before were absent, unfortunately.  Today's course was so different.  Once again I was not a model of fluidity in the turns and was generally doing much flailing.  I still had a good time and got a good workout. 

The hubs lined up in the men's singlespeed race.  He rolled up with 2.5 tires and a front shock.  Not exactly a picture of speed next to the skinny tires and rigid bikes.  Nonetheless, I'm very happy to report HE DID NOT FLAT OR CRASH and finished 3rd in his group.  Considering his tank of a bike, I think he rocked.  Seeing him out there racing, and doing so well on the Queen Mary-esque bike made me want to sell some bike stuff so he can get a real cross bike...I think he's just going to get some different tires and ride a rigid fork next time.  So I guess I get to keep my Easton tubulars for now.

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone is enjoying fall!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Reality check through film

It is officially the off season.  Ten days off the bike for a physical and mental reboot.  Lots of attention to other home and garden projects and time for general catch-up with all the peeps.

We celebrated the return of our law school prodigal son: il Justino on Friday along with the 1st compleanno della Nocciolina on Sunday.  The Glennbro and Soigneur Meme were also in town over the weekend.  Glennbro made us all feel lazy with his daily 11 mile runs and afternoon workouts... We also enjoyed hearing about Meme (and her friend Joyce's) adventures at Outerbike and on a road bike tour down in Moab.

With all this fun, the hubs and I have been balancing it out with a sobering movie kick.  A few nights ago we watched City of God--movie about kids growing up in the Rio de Janeiro slum.  Last night we stayed with the general do-you-realize-how-fortunate-you-are theme and watched A Walk to Beautiful.  A documentary set in Ethiopia, it chronicles one woman (a girl, really) and her attempts to travel from her village (6 hour walk from a road) to a fistula surgery hospital.  I recently read Cutting for Stone which deals with the same subject.

We are having ridiculous weather here in the 801.  I broke the riding dry spell yesterday with a little mountain bike ride (yes that's right) up City Creek and down Bobsled.  I basically had the trail all to myself--which is a good thing as I needed to change my shorts after riding down Bobsled.  Avoiding all those jumps and tricks was hard work!  I need to channel the badass-ness of Caterina's baggies!

Hope everyone is enjoying the seasonal gear shift.  There really is nothing like fall in the 801.  It typically only lasts a few days--so seize the ephemera!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Photo update

Pics from the trip (hubs finally dug his camera out from under some dirty clothes).

Supercutey Maura and Teej's fancy pedicure

Mayor's Cup:

Awesome fanclub: 'rents, hilarious Ferraros and Drewster


Post race 'splaining

My sister's place at Albany--notice the bikes in the storage room dining area


Soggy but safe in Phoenica, NY

Buonissimo dinner in Bainbridge, NY

George and Kathy perform a crux sag maneuver, relieving us of our packs 40 miles away from Rochester (they just happened to be in the neighborhood)

Awesome last 15 miles on the Erie Canal--Where is the mule named Sal?

More photos here.
Forgot to mention the grand finale where Drewster took the stage win (because the hubs and Dave missed the turn onto my parents' street).  Whatever a win is a win.  We also awarded him the best young rider (not that he's young--but he's young in riding years--and he totally rocked the house on the ride)...The hubs got the maglia gialla, because he is a monster stud and was carrying a coffin-sized pack the whole time--while kicking our asses on all the climbs.  Post event Jens Voigt award goes to Dave because he is the ultimate hard man/go-to guy in the truest sense of the word.

Monday, October 4, 2010

The return

The hubs and I made it back to the 801 last night--thanks to J9 for the airport pickup.  Great to be back home, I harvested a ton of tomatoes today along with a butternut squash and a crookneck.  House is in disarray but I think this week's rain + mandatory off-bike time will take care of that. 

Saturday, October 2, 2010


We have had such a fabulous week.  After racing the Boston Mayor's Cup, I headed to Albany with my sister.  The hubs, his bro Dave, and our  non-blood bro Drewster rode from Northampton to Albany in the rain.  Monday night we had a sweet intersection of old and new getting some pizza and wings at the Elbo Room around the corner from Mary's apartment.  I'm told the Elbo Room was the site of many a great night for my parents during my dad's law school days.  From what I heard, my sister has continued the legacy there. 

Tuesday morning, Drewster, Dave, the hubs and I set off into the Catskills from Albany.  We got rained on some, but it was a fabulous ride along the Hudson River and then into the mountains.  We rode through Woodstock as the rained turned cats and doggish, which was--of course--the moment Steve got a flat.  After dealing, we rolled into the little town of Phoenicia for our 1st night of credit card camping at the Phoenicia Belle B&B.  Owner Tom was awesome and let us clean our bikes by the woodpile.  We grabbed dinner and some z's after our 75 mile ride.

Wednesday we had marvelous weather!! Blue skies and crisp air provided an excellent backdrop for another challenging day in the saddle.  We rode through parts of New York I had NEVER heard of (despite growing up here), and ended up in the town of Bainbridge.  After buying some groceries, we pedalled a few miles out of town to our destination--a cottage along the Susquehanna River.  I cooked up some pasta and we enjoyed some vino with a neighbor before turning in for the evening.  I think it was about an 80 mile VERY HILLY day.  Yes, they do have hills here in the northeast.  Just ask the Drewster.

Thursday was a slight debacle.  Definitely type II fun.  We woke up in a SERIOUS downpour.  F-bomb.  And we had about 75 miles to our next B&B on Cayuga Lake--just north of Ithaca.  We made it 30 miles to the town of Whitney Point and figured out there was a bus we could take to Ithaca.  We had some sweet pizza and garlic knots (the lunch special) before catching the bus to Ithaca.  We were SOAKED and freezing.  Once in Ithaca, we still had to figure out how to get another 15 miles to Trumansburg.  Oy, I'm not ready to really talk about it yet.

However, we did end up at our destination---probably my favorite spot.  The Black Walnut Inn is a new B&B on Cayuga Lake along the Fingerlakes wine trail.  The owners were fabulous people and the accomodations (and breakfast) were amazing.

Friday we were treated to gray skies but no rain.  It was a little chilly but we had a gorgeous ride along the lake and then home to Rochester (75 miles).  We had buonissimo lunch in the town of Seneca Falls before Steve dropped the hammer for the final push into the Roch.  It was really neat to ride with these guys into my hometown on routes I've ridden over the years. 

It was a GREAT way to end my road racing season--though not exactly what I had on the training schedule (time off the bike for the week).  I really enjoyed having my world consist of my little backpack, my bike, and my friends and family.  Talks were had  about future trips--and I'm definitely game--it was a really great way to see some cool parts of the northeast!

Another grande festa tonight before heading home.  More details on the trip may be forthcoming; but wanted to give a little rundown for those who were wondering if we made it (which we did though we had to cheat by taking the bus for 45 miles).  Final words on the trip?  If it wasn't raining, it was a headwind--but it was still awesome.

Recovery in Rochester

Bros Lawrence watching recovery football

Recovery cider doughnuts

Have been enjoying some post-ride recovery action in the 585.  We have a full house here in the Roch.  The hubs parents, Drewster, Dave, and of course the hubs and I are all crashing with my 'rents.  So awesome to have everyone here.  Much recovery vino and good family times.  The hubs' parents went to the Margaret Woodbury Strong Museum and to a quilt store in Victor.  They are serious about seeing stuff when they travel.  My mom took us all to get cider doughnuts in Webster and then we went for a walk in Durand Eastman Park along Lake Ontario.  Awesome.  One last Big Night dinner and then we all scatter to the winds...

Made it!

After a week of awesome riding across Mass and New York (I only did the NY part), the hubs, Dave, Drew and I rolled into Rochester.  So cool to see some sweet parts of New York...Details to follow soon.

The Yogurt on My Pretzels

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