Monday, November 29, 2010

A VENUE to some calmness

Yeah holidays! Waiting for some photo documentation from the Thanksgiving extravaganza (hint: J9--send me some photos!)...But it was EXCELLENT!  A horde of 22 descended upon the Woodies.  Prodigal friends Mel and Seth (not really, but finally they're BACK from Canadia) also joined in the goodtimes.  Along with the fabulous standbys (Harris, Fraser and coolest kidnotreallyakid Neah and the DBs), there were some sweet new additions including Craig and Saram, Lauren, the Nezzies and J9's parentals.  As usual Harris's brussel sprouts and Fraser and Neah's hilarity failed to disappoint.  Fraser and I tend to be quite catty to anyone new that shows up--especially if they are really good cooks.  We scared off some friends of J9's last year (as Neah and Mel pointed out--so who ends up winning? Bring back those brownies) and this year Woody's co-worker JJ seriously BROUGHT it with the desserts.  Fraser and I tried some of our normal scare tactics but anyone that makes a chocolate creme like that isn't going to back down for nothing.  This girl was tough and got right back in our faces...that is when our faces weren't full of her amazing confections.

It was a lot of fun.  The hubs unfortunately gave (received) a little too much thanks and had a pretty unstable walk home (viva le friends living within stumbling distance!).  He ended up not doing so well but he was pretty funny in the process.

On Friday, I got a few hours of riding outside (thank god) and got a chance to get a little meetup time with CoachK who was down for the cyclocross race series (which she continues to dominate).  On Saturday I rallied with my new teammate Nicole for 4 hours in the frio frio which was SO GREAT!  So psyched to have such a cool, STRONG, lover of the 801 elements teammate for next year.  Looking forward to some more Belgian style rides with this badass.

I've also been enjoying some great calm within the storm (have I mentioned its a winter wonderland here?) at Avenues Yoga.  This little oasis within an oasis (its in the Avenues) has generously agreed to sponsor me this winter--a serious boon for my brain and my body!  They have a ton of awesome classes and it is THE BEST space for downward dogging in my humble opinion.  I plan to do some flow-ing and some restore-ing this week.  Its worth checking out--and the 1st class for UT residents is free!

Enjoy winter whether you have the white goodness or not!  The only bad weather is weather that doesn't change (sorry so cal dwellers! love visiting you guys though!).

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Primal/MaymyRIDE Professional Women's Racing p/b BH Bikes

 Write-up in Velonews
 Daily Peloton
Bike World News and
Podium Insight

And the Sleaze's response:
"This is so awesome, I can now cyber stalk you where ever you go.  Then I will look at your watts and compare them with mine.  Finally I will get another mapping program that lists all the dessert shops around SLC and call your director to let her know when you are slacking."

Hey Sleaze, maybe I'm just filling up my water bottles at those bakeries!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Top 5 things of an otherwise pooh week

I came down with a minor form of the Sars-Ebola last week and was just in a pretty serious pooh-funk.  I think the hubs considered installing some Koala stations in our house so I could change my pooh diapers.  The head was just NOT in the game.

Nonetheless, I still have a list of the top 5 things that happened last week, in reverse order as follows:

FIFTH PLACE GOES TO...Making this soup.  I had to go out of my ingredient comfort zone for this witches' brew soup with the ginger and lemon grass---but it was awesome.  Even culinary cognoscenti the Woodies thought it was good.  I was technically *unaware* that lemongrass is used for flavor and not for consumption (though the internet says you can eat it--but maybe just vegans, and not pregnant people? so who knows--I'll take Woody's advice and chop it in bigger extractable pieces next time).

IN FOURTH PLACE...A visit to the Wasatch Community Garden's "Tomato Garden" where I'll be volunteering this winter.  What an awesome space.

IN THIRD PLACE...Trip to a farm in Warren, UT to buy cheap straw bales for my cold frame!!!!  I've been wanting to find a way to get cheap straw or hay all summer and thanks to an awesome tip from the community garden volunteer coordinator---I found it!

SECOND PLACE...Dinner with the Woodies, Liz with a special Justino guest appearance.  Everyone knows that vitamin C, zinc and buffalo meat are the secrets to kicking a cold.

TOP STEP OF THE PODIUM goes to receiving this most awesome t-shirt from New Hampsterian readers Rick and Kim.
I wore it all week to fight the funk.  No joke. In addition, I feel that this just *might* be my ticket to a a real pull-up now...Though I'll probably need to get a blessing from Father Carmine first.

And its pink.  Hell to the yes.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

2011 Team

I am really excited for my 2011 team:Primal MapMyRide Professional Women's Racing Powered by BH!  Check out the write up in Cycling Utah on account'a the roster boasting 3 beehivers (its on Page 5)!

Big win for smalbany

Albany Knicks take DII National Championship!

This photo obviously not taken from my sweet camera phone
Last week I found myself watching a lot of women's roller derby movies while riding the trainer and it really got me in the mood to support badass women's contact sports.  Fortunately for me, my sister's rugby team, the Albany Knicks, was going to be playing in the U.S. Women's Rugby National Championships in Mesa, AZ on the weekend.  The chance to go support my sister (and get some warm weather training) motivated me to do some laundry and put down some skidmarks out of the 801 on Friday morning.  

On the way down, I stopped in Panguitch, UT (is it a cross between a penguin and a sandwich?) for a little spin.  The hubs raved about the riding there after doing the Desperado Dual and he directed me to ride part of Red Canyon while I was there.  Though it was rather chilly, my rear wheel had about 40 psi and I had forgotten a floor pump, I set out on my ride at about hour 4 of my drive.  I'm so glad I stopped because the short ride was long on views (breathtaking, actually) and there wasn't much traffic.  I even got accosted by Slyfox when I was fighting a headwind back into Panguitch (he was heading to Tucson for some bike transactions- random but fun to run into someone).

As usual, things turned somewhat ugly around hour 6 and as it started to get dark.  Nonetheless, I made it to Phoenix without much incident, timing my arrival perfectly with that of the Wilsons as they arrived home from a party.  The Wilsons=the coolest family ever.  I knew Tim from a long time ago 24 hours of Moab team (There's a Bush in my Chainey) and whenever I have the good fortune to cross paths with him and his awesome family--it NEVER disappoints.  

The next morning Tim and I headed out on a sweet 4 hour ride around the valley.  It was great to get in some cruisey miles and catch up with this awesome specimen of humanity.  We returned late afternoon in time for some chillaxin' in their backyard while shooting the breeze with pretty much everyone coming off the trail (as Tim is the mayor of South Mountain).

Elevated legs and a sweet blurry desert view (glass of vino not pictured)

That evening, chef Justin (Tim and Jeannette's 9 year old) and I made some pizzas and salad.  When Tim left to watch the fight at a neighbor's Jeannette said "hey we don't have to watch sports since Tim's gone--what movie do you want to watch?"  Justin picked Toy Story 3 (which I had never seen) and since the Wilsons have the totally sweet home layout (you can cook and watch the big screen at the same time) I was thoroughly entertained while cooking.  Justin was a great sous chef and probably the coolest 9 year old I have ever met.  Obvious credit to the parentals.   

The next morning I did a short mountain bike ride with mayor Tim before heading to my sister's CHAMPIONSHIP game.  I hadn't brought a mountain bike but Tim had a 29er for me to borrow while he did the rounds, shaking hands and kissing babies out on the trail.  I really enjoyed the 29er on that roll-y desert single track!  I can see where they hype comes from.

After our ride, I headed out to watch the Albany Knicks crush the Albuquerque Atomic Sisters in the DII championship game.  After blowing out their opponents in their games on Friday, Albany was ready to rumble in the final.  I'll admit I don't know much about rugby--but this was NATIONALS and there weren't many fans for the far from home Albany team.  Aside from the rules, I also didn't know that people don't do cowbells at rugby games.  I guess that's more for the endurance sports.  However, I was undeterred and rolled onto the field ringing the shit out of that cowbell.  And I was the only one.  I'd be lying if I said I didn't get some looks..

Albany got off to a slow start with Albuquerque scoring twice.  I really had to go for it with the cowbell and Albany rallied hard by the middle of the 1st period charging ahead.  Both teams played really well and I had a great time watching.  Mary--the prop--was a machine out on the field.  Impressive.  

When the whistle blew the score was 34-22 Albany--WOO HOO!!

I was super proud of my sister and of all the girls that gave it everything out there.  
Celebrating with the trophy
Nevada, Mary "she doesn't need a nickname Pezzulo and Claudia "mom/attorney/worldcup player" Braymer
Mary Pezzulo and Albany Knicks #1 cowbell ringing fan
After the game I headed back to the Wilsons to get in a few more hours on the bici.  I rode a beautiful, mellow climb up South Mountain--great vistas. I headed back in time for an awesome dinner and some more hangtime with the Wilsons.  While alternating snoozing in a comfy recliner chair and watching Phoenix play the Lakers--I got a text from Mary about the "social" that was happening.  I motivated to go and buy my sister a drink to celebrate her victory...I walked into a bar full of partying rugby chicks.  Let's just say its not exactly like anything I'd ever seen before.  In addition, it took me a while to find my sister since there were about 10000 people that look like her. 

These girls were A) not shy and 2) not afraid to have a good time.  There were costumes.  There was also a mechanical bull. Damiano would've loved it.  When I asked Mary where her other teammates were she said that some had left for the airport while others had already gotten themselves kicked out of the bar (they had arrived 2 hours before the social technically started).  I had a blast meeting my sister's teammates and the players from the other teams.  These girls were a riot and everyone has a nickname. 

I stayed way longer than I was intending before heading back for a little sleep and then an early departure for my all-day drive.  Upon my return I was met by the 2 greatest things EVER: the hubs and a little GIFT from some readers that is going to get play in its own post.  Let's just say, I can't wait to get back in the weight room.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Get your scrum on

 With the advent of colder temps and atmospheric disturbances (awesome!), I've been having to log some trainer time.  Not really used to this whole training in the winter thing...And I have never really been a fan of the trainer. I knew I was going to have to spice it up with some entertainment.  Both CoachK and Coach had suggested the sufferfest workout videos, and I know other people like to watch bike racing videos...However, I've decided I much prefer to watch roller derby while riding the trainer (THANK YOU NETFLIX!)

 How could you ever watch cycling after you got a taste of this??

My 2nd favorite has been watching running documentaries--because runners are crazy.  This documentary of the New York City Marathon promoter, Fred Lebow, was AWESOME.  While I was sweating A LOT, some of that saltiness was definitely tears.  Lots of sweet 70s coverage and music.  Makes me think of my dad and his DA buddies banging out 5 milers at lunch back in the day!

Since I've been watching a lot of roller derby documentaries while riding the trainer--I've decided to do a last minute rally to watch my sister play in the DII USA Women's Rugby National Championships.  I will also get to ride and hang with awesome Tim Wilson and his hilarious family Jeannette and their 2 boys.  At this point the plan is to squeeze a ride in somewhere around Panguitch--a little bit of the Desperado Dual if you will--before heading the rest of the way to hooked on Phoenix.

My sister's team, the Albany Sirens, qualified for nationals after beating Portland in their league playoffs.  It was a sweet underdog move as they had lost to Portland during the regular season.

My sister Mary Pezzulo, former captain of her Syracuse University Rugby team, is a 3rd year law student at Albany Law School where she continues the legacy of our dad GEP Esq at both the institution of higher learning (the law school) and at the local institution of higher consciousness (the Elbo Room).



Thursday, November 4, 2010

Order is restored

Awesome vessel of brilliant humanity--Mel--has returned to the 801.  Well she currently roams the 435 but she is at least in this beehive state again after being gone for a billion years.  She is my friend that has a worse mouth than me (that's for you Sleaze) and roughly equivalent time management skills.  I AM SO HAPPY SHE IS BACK!

In other not so sweet news, we have to get a new furnace.  Well, we technically don't *have* to, if we want to walk around in sleeping bags, which we kind of already have to do anyway...But we are going to do it.  Really its just because the furnace guy is a Sopranos cross between Pussy and Silvio...I don't even know if he's of dago stock--but the mere fact that he evoked those images made me feel safe in his heater installing hands.  Let's face it, we do not always enjoy such flavor (or in my case, familiarity) here in the 801, so basically he had me at "hello, how yous doin."  I swear to god I kept waiting for him to drop a mingia. 

So we get to drop the cost of: (insert awesome sweet list of things we want) we get to have a new heater.  But it is 95% efficient so we can feel good about that.

In no particular order of importance, I would also like to report that the hubs is having a man-date with Woody tonight.  This was AFTER I uncorked the mag of vino.  So I'm taking a page out of the Erin book of blogging and letting the creative and viney juices flow...or leach onto the it were.

And on that non-sequitarial note...I finished "Recipes from the Dump".   An ok read, but the main character got on me nerves.  I started John Irving's "Widow for One Year" till about paragraph 2 when I realized I had definitely seen the movie.  I don't think it was called Widow for One Year--but it was brutal, and kind of gross (the movie, not hte 1.5 paragraphs).  John Irving and his weird sex stuff.  I don't know.  Or maybe that's living in the uptight 801 talking. I think I need to treat John Irivng like after dinner liqueur--heavy and kind of gnarly and only to be enjoyed on very rare occasions.   So I then started "A Free Life" by Ha Jin.  Much better, but stressful.

In further non-sequitarity, I rode the shoreline to work today and that was awesome.  Yes I carried my commuter back-pack.  No I did not ride Bobsled.  I was nervous that something important would fly out of the already stuffed pockets (last time it was my keys).  The trail was great (no one was on it) but the 801 has the pooh air layer totally creeping back in!  We need some atmospheric disturbance stat!

Finally, I have a confession to make.  I got home from work today and the front door was open (the hubs was home).  However, instead of the hubs being right inside the front door--the only thing visible was his new FS 29er mountain bike and my road bike.  I'm not a stickler for details...but I hate bugs getting in the house and I also hate advertising the grab and go bike shop.  So something completely awful came over me.  The Arrested Development father possessed my mind and body and I grabbed the hubs' mountain bike and put it outside in a hidden spot (don't worry--it was still totally visible to any passerby on the street).  I sauntered into the front door and the hubs came from the back of the house.  I asked him where his bike was and panic ensued.  Ok I can't even type anymore.  I can't believe I did that.  What a class A shitty human being.  Right before the panic turned to despair I told him his bike was outside.  With his visible relief, I somehow became my normal self again and was totally horrified. 

At least I didn't say "And that's why you don't leave the front door wide open."

Anyway, I'm going to straight to hell.

But then who went out for man beers with Woody?  Yeah I still think I'm ahead in the sucky person points.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bring on the raw eggs

Some may say I, too, have now drankened the kool-aid...and while it BURNS, it tastes good.

Me and my good bud Richie (a seasoned cross-fitter--before it got huge), met up with Jason Moreland of SLC Crossfit last week.  The goal was to help me design a secret weapon strength program for the winter.

This put me way outside the comfort zone...We worked on some movements I had only seen on TV (Hans and Frans and the All Drug Olympics), like deadlifts, cleans and kettlebell swings.  The gym has a no nonsense come to taste blood kinda deal.  Unlike a 24 hour fatness, the only cardio equipment consists of a few rowing machines.  Its a sweet space with a lot of room and the entire floor (room?) is padded so you can throw the big meat around without consequences.

The first meeting was to evaluate my goals and to make sure I could do the movements safely.  With my octogenarian body (2 knee surgeries and a host of other injuries), we had to be careful and anything super jumpy is pretty much out for me...

Though Jason is a pretty serious badass, he was super patient and encouraging and really broke down the intimidating movements.

Richie and I went to 24 Hour Fatness to do the first session on Sunday night.  I knew I was in trouble when sweat was pouring during the warmup. Good thing I had Richie, he helped me modify a lot of the stuff.  Turns out real pull-ups are not something that are accessible to me at this point.  I'm not ashamed.  I had to do the push-ups chick styles.  For that, I am ashamed.  That is going to have to change.

In any case, I'm pretty psyched on the program!  Even though I can't straighten out my arms today (this is after 2 sessions).

I'm asking Santa for an Italian Stallion t-shirt.

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