Monday, December 26, 2011

Nuevo Mexico xmas

A fun christmas hike followed by frenzied pierogy making for the traditional Ukrainian dinner.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Peeps visits and hitting the road

Johnny G (aka Bambi) and Jen (aka Thumper) came to the 801 this week for some Thumper family time and some skiing (they live in the OCDisorder). They made a little time for us which was completely fab and they also ripped the hubs' legs off on a trail run before we left town on Friday. There's a reason for their scampering woodland creature nicknames.

I had to work Friday so we were even more off the back for getting out of town to head down to Nuevo Mexico. We hit the road just in time for I15 rush hour but we were undeterred since we had beaucoup amounts of snacks and the itch to get the hell out of no snow yucky air land. Our eyes were bigger than our road trip stomachs because we decided to try to do the full 10.5 hours only to tap out at about hour 5.5 in Dolores. Randomly, we stayed at the Outpost which ended up being the same spot the Hubs, Davebro and Drewster stayed on their San Juan bike tour.

We walked to the Dolores River this morning before leaving and were greeted by a fox crossing the river. It is so good to be in the San Juans CO mountain towns. We got some Christmas Miracle  breakfast burritos in Mancos and are now banging out the best part of the drive to Los Alamos, NM where the hubs' family lives. We are really looking forward to some fam time, especially with Davebro, Sid and Jane (I will tell Uncle Sid you said hi, Beth).

Wishing everyone merry merries, holly jollies, mazeltovs and happy kwanzaas.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday festivities

Damiano, Oakley and bella Senora Yohnson-Gammon
Fun dining extravaganza at the
Yohnson-Gammons on Friday night. Awesome seeing the JC Superstars, Damiano and Oakley and the Beautifulpeople  (Jarrett and Nicole). Bella senora Yohnson-gammon channeled Nonna Francescone and cheffed up some serious deliciousity. I could've made love to the prosciutto wrapped dates all night long. The gnocchi was also to die for.
Damiano was in typical form showing up in totally dapper styles in a powder blue suit. And for the first time ever I upset someone (Jarrett) by referring to that certain gym as 24 hour fatness. He demanded explanations and when what I gave was unsatisfactory he ordered the name be changed to 24 hour rippedness...and made sure to use it ad nauseum to drive home his point.

Last supper Yohnson-Gammon styles...JUDAS! Would you like a beverage?

Jarrett and Oakley

Max from Where the Wild things Are

Reading the jokes while coronating ourselves

Aw the hubs, his crown is too big. Or his head is too small...
Great night with super fun peeps.

Saturday night we got in some more holiday spirit fancy culture styles with the Woodies. We small plated it up at Eva before heading to Cirque de la Symphonie at Abravanel Hall. Oh my wow. It was amazing. We had a Kimo, Lechefski and even a Mel sighting there. Fun seeing everyone and the performance was incredible. Resolved: work harder in yoga.

On Sunday, During the day, the hubs logged some groomers at Alta with il Justino. For payment, he had to be my date Jazz Vespers at the First Unitarian Church. Local jazz musicians tore it UP on some great xmas music. The pianist is amazing, and we had seen him a few weeks ago at a Herbie Hancock tribute. Since it was a free concert it filled up quick and was standing room only. Still very enjoyable (especially since I found a vacant seat about halfway).

Hope everyone is enjoying some holiday spirit...(even though that's what terrorists say---See Christmas 30 Rock episode: Jack and Avery's Christmas card).

Friday, December 16, 2011

Extreme stairs on the work commute

They keep doing switchbacks Cinque Terre styles all the way up to the top (you can't see it all).
I have been riding the bus and then walking the last mile or so to work. It is a really nice walk though one of my routes involves an extreme stair section.
One of these days I am going to attack those badboys at full speed wearing a hoodie with a t-shirt on the outside and sweats with shorts on the outside.

On an different AND unrelated note (except after I eat this I should probably go run stairs), I present exhibit A on how to ruin a salad.

Thousand Island dressing from the salad bar at my work cafeteria. Definitely not organic...Definitely lots of unpronounceable ingredients and most like high fructose corn poison.
What can I say its been a slow news week. If you are looking for a little something more...or you are feeling like a p.o.s. at your job or at some other aspect of your life, check out Erin's awesome blogpost.

I'm just relieved her doctor is debunking her gluten is bad for the knees theory.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Crashing the dinner scene

Facial hair Richie, Threshold Rodney, Renee, Uber Laura and the Hubs

I have crashed some sweet dinners the past few nights. The hubs and I had a great dins with badass Laura and king of threshold Rodney on Sunday. Richie and Renee were there too which was sweet as we hadn't seen them in a trash dwelling varmint's age. Laura and Richie made me appreciate my job on account'a the fact that they are hard hitting mofo litigators that work a TON and carry some serious responsibility whereas I work for the government and have a much more cas situation...relatively speaking. Appreciations for my employer and my weeps.

Last night I crashed a dinner with Lizzie and her super coolio chick friends (j9 you were missed!) Lizzie has awesome friends. Great to see JJ (of Sun Valley fame), Maggipannetone and Denise. I have officially designated myself the president of the Denise fan club. That is one funny chick and anyone who can drink Woody under the table gets lifelong props from me. All the gals were top notch fabulissimo (Felicia of volcano skiing fame, x-fit x-treme Jen, yoga spotter Megan, Liz McCool and Danika connected Sally.) My sweet camera phone s'ed the b on the photos I took...but I got a few.

JJ and Lizzie
Not awesome pic of Maggipannetone in pay back for causing Lizzie and me to have math stress with the check. She is actually a sexy baby in real life. Sally and fan club object Denise also pictured.
Snow in the 801 finally!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Much luff for da friends

The hubs and I had a good weekend here in the 801. Woody proved himself (yet again) an indispensable friend by coming over to help the hubs fix the fence. I am happy to report that it now stands upright though the hubs informs me it is a temporary fix as we have what amounts more or less to a scaffold in the neighbors' yard. Luckily its our dirtbag renter neighbors as opposed to our upscale and awesome professor neighbors. We fulfill the hybrid role of dirtbag homeowners.

We went over to the Woodies for some soup shooters before meeting up with Lizzie to head to Vinto. Had a fabulous childhood retrospective between Woody (rural New Hampshire) and Lizzie (apartment life in Manhattan. Good stories.

Last night I dreamed about doughnuts, chocolate frosted doughnuts. Luckily there was Whole Foods cookie dough so I didn't become an utterly depraved human (just mildly).

The hubs and I met up with Tom Jow for a little run in City Creek. So awesome to run with home though he is full on chi running styles and its like he just floats up the trail. He gave the hubs and I some good tips (faster cadence) and we had a great time in spite of the complete hell air quality.

This 801 weather situation really needs to shit or get off the pot.

Friday, December 9, 2011

The week in review

The temps really plummeted this week along with all motivation to de-marshmallow myself (aka exercise). I have deprived myself of the use of my car (got a ticket for expired reg and haven't been able to motivate to deal with that either).
Even this bike rack needed an extra layer in these Arctic conditions

My automotive deprivation has led me to alternatively trasnsportate myself to work. I enjoy taking the bus and the 20 minute walk I have up to the Capitol after I get off. I also enjoy the people watching and conversation listening too. If I feel like a piece of shite in life, I generally award myself a passing grade after watching and listening to some of my fellow alternative trasnsportaters.
I also got to connect with best bud Lizzie for some Chanon Thai and dinner smack talking. Awesome to see her but sucky we don't see more of each other.

And my favorite quote of the week (sorry if its not funny in type, it was funny in person) goes to coworker eminem...I had to ask him something I didn't want the office at large to overhear with the convo proceeding thusly:
Me: I am going to ask you something in  pig latin.
Eminem: ok
Me: (asks question)
Eminem: (blank look) ok why dont you ask me in regular latin.
So yes I still highly enjoy my weeps (work peeps for the new reader).
The hubs and I are also plotting a major home remodel which is horrifying but hopefully all the fights will result in some good blog-terial and in some non project styles of living. Our house gets so freezing at night we need to sleep mummy styles.
Hope everyone is staying warm.

Lit up tree that looked really cool on my walk to the busstop, the essence of which was not really "captured" by my phone

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Visits di Glennbro

Had an awesome visit with my brother this weekend. We enjoyed some high culture at the Utah Symphony (badass pianist Kirill Gerstein played a Liszt Concerto) along with some sweet brother-sister chi activation at Avenues Yoga.
He provided us with much entertaining in the form of ivory tickling (who doesn't love the piano version of Touch of Grey?). He regaled the Woodies and DBs with tales of concert ticket winning and he took Woody's ballbusting about the Buffalo Bills with good humor. He did some serious burning down with J9's mom about music.
Before taking him to the airport, he schooled the hubs and I on a great run in City Creek. It was a great visit.
Baby its cold outside here in the 801! Loving the suggestions of real winter.

We did not consult each other before suiting up...

Hubsio Cippollini

Glennbro tickles the ivories (thanks go Gramma Steph for donating her piano to us, we love it!)

Friday, December 2, 2011

So much for thinking the wind didn't effect us

Its not Dorothy's house landing in our yard atop the wicked witch of the east but it still sucks.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The month of mustaches and a lame lack of blogging on my part

November is a great month for those who love mustaches, large birds and goin from summer to winter from one day to the next (at least here in the 801). Unfortunately for me, I have been on a Hi-hate-us with da blogging. While this probably doesn't pose much of a hardship for my few devoted readers, with the possible exception of my mom (Thanks for being the #1 blog fan mom! you're the best!), I have to admit I'm somewhat disappointed in myself. I enjoy the self check-ins and opportunities to ramble...but seems to have been slightly leveled by some haterade this month.

November saw a return to full-time desk working and pretty much a mass exodus from bike working. I know many readers were concerned about the drastic change in my life, but let me assure you, I haven't SERIOUSLY considered burning down the building or throwing a computer out the window yet. So things are going a lot better than was to be expected. One of the best parts of my job is my superfly co-workers and supervisor: G-train, eminem and Hurst aka my WEEPS (my work peeps--not to be confused with my BEEPS aka bike peeps). It has been awesome getting to know them in the context of a full workday--which leaves time for some good burning down when the wizzle (work shizzle) isn't totally hitting the fan.

Otherwise, I've been pretty low energy and not feeling superchampy--thus the relative lack o blogging. But December is going to be different. I can feel it.

Hope everyone is enjoying fall and that all the 801 readers still have their garbage cans and roof shingles intact (we had a 303 style wind event last night).

You'll be hearing from me soon. Putting the words into action. The action into words, however that is supposed to go.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Super off the back Boulder pics

I have been wicked off the back of life these days. I am so off the back I can't even come up with an explanation or even an excuse. I'm not going to get mad about it.

Anyway, our trip to Boulder 2 weekends ago (though it feels like it was 5 years ago) was great. My awesome bud Anders (comman Lynn) was visiting from Seattle with her cool kiddo Jackson. My sister Mary was also visiting in search of a job. The hubs and I got some great time in with Davebro, Drewster, La Paquita and of COURSE the Glennbro. It was a beautiful weekend in the 303 though the Chinook winds were nuking...So that was slightly disappointing. Nonetheless, while we didn't do much in the way of epic riding, we did some funruns, a nice hike and a cool little ride. Above all we had a great time seeing fam and friends AND the trip happened to intersect with the legendary Tour de Dewey (if you have to ask...) Got to see a bunch of the cycling life peeps (Beth, Teton, Margell, the Lajinks and pretty much every aspect of my fun person life from the 90s). And I laughed my ass off.
Sisters, Esqs.
Dave, Anders and the Glennbro
Jackson suggests the name "Sunburned Pigs" for the Glennbro's band...Which the Glennbro duly noted
More hang times at La Paquita's
Hubs and Davebro in pretty Eldorado Canyon

Teton "officiating" the Tour de Dewey TT

Man moments on the hike

Tour de Dewey mayhem. It's not a bad photo, it really looked like this.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

To the 303 and beyond

Great time in Boulderland this weekend...not a great time on closed I80 on the way home.

And we are still not home.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

The visual evidence for the previous post

Blindfold route

Superfit and I can do the Cottonbottom loop blindfolded as we have ridden some version of it no fewer than 3 times in the past 5 days. Good thing its a great loop especially with Superfit's bonus Wander Ln option (road construction notwithstanding). Yesterday we logged another blindfold route and this time we were joined by the notorious T-swift. More accurately, I joined these kids in their ride. We had a great time in spite of the Wander Ln portage and operation Beagle Rescue 2011 (Superfit is an animal lover of Liz-like proportions). Great ride with these awesome chicks aka my 'beeps' (bike peeps). Aiming for 303 departure this afternoon. Let the shit show begin.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Slow on the uptake (pause) and other things

I have managed to squeeze some enjoyment in among some varied weather and life conditions...The foregoing events seemed to have happened a long time ago...but are still worth mentioning. I'm feelin' a little foggy and slow these days. Feel free to come up with an excuse for me, right now I got nothing.

Superfit, our new bff Markymark and I beat the storm on Friday for a great little roadie ride. We gambled on a road closure sign...and lost.

Superfit goes cross country after we gamble and lose; Markymark plans his move in the background
Then the storm beat up the Hubs and I on a run in City Creek on Saturday. But it was a beating we thoroughly enjoyed and also counts for our first freshies of the season! In other news of beatings, my Achilles is doing pretty well...I established some ground rules for myself: I can run no more than every other day and I approach every run ladder styles (1min run, 1 min walk, 2 min run, 1 min walk...) up to the point where the heel starts to hurt. I'm up to 10 minutes but that still amounts to about an hour of running with 10 minutes of walking. So that is sweet and also hard to add it might be less.
Bella City Creek post storm--One of my favorite kind of days in the 801! Blue skies and snow...

Hubs before he got mad at me for making the run too long.
Saturday night we festa'd ourselves with the DBs, Woodies, Jowegawas and Newberry. We concocted a seating situation but employing tablecloths and the lovely flowers from the Yohnson-Gammons to hide the card table extendo seating option. I went outside my normal Italiano cooking styles and made a zucchini coriander soup, asparagus with tomatoes and goat cheese; beet avocado quinoa salad and roasted pork tenderloin with orange balsamic glaze. The Woodies brought the yummiest ever antipasti olives, cheese, bread and salami and Mrs. Jowegawa made a beautiful salad. Caterina made a red velvet cake that Woody and I went to TOWN on (more than 2 pieces but less than 5 and I will say no more). Woody and I worked up an appetite in the kitchen--he came in at the crux moment when the shit was hitting the fan and kept the meat from being over done and the veggies from getting cold. Thanks chef Woody! Everyone brought amazing vino too. Yeah friend peoples!

A la Last Supper styles- JUDAS! would you like a beverage?! (who can name that one?)
Caterina, Newberry and the Hubs
Woodies and Mrs. Jowegawa
Sunday morning we roused ourselves (which the end of daylight savings made somewhat easier) for a group ride from Cafe on 1st. All I can say is that it was the chicks that had balls as it was mostly an estro scene with the exception of Markymark and Moby. Lovely ladies PB, Laura, Allison, Juel, Mama Nisie, and of course Superfit all displayed some serious cajones showing up in the cold for the ride.  They also peer pressured me into showing too. I tried to go the "Its pretty cold so if you guys don't want to go I'm totally cool with that" but I got totally smacked down (PB told me to "Buck up buckeroo") and Superfit also laid down the law and said I would be standing her up along with a million other people.

In the end, there were 4 finishing out the ride with both genders equally represented (Moby, Marky, Superfit e moi). We got a GREAT 3 hour ride with a key stop at Rich's bagels in Holladay (god bless those pumpkin choco chip bagels).

Superfit stays back with my slowness while the boys duke it out ahead

Yeah 801!!!
And now the week...Coming home in the dark is somewhat brutal...but viva le arrival of winter!!! The only bad weather is weather that doesn't change.

And we are off to the PRB (People's Republic of Boulder) on Thursday, so stay tuned for news of the mothership. Till then, get the puffy coats out of storage.

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