Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm down with OPP and WCG (Wasatch Community Gardens)

The things you do to keep the feet warm on the 801 bike rides. Don't tell the hubs (those are/were his ski socks)

Friday night the hubs and I did some cultural abatement checking out the Sundance flick Hot Coffee. Truth be told that probably deserves its own post. Please go see this movie...Thanks Renee for the spare tix!
Saturday night was a Big Night (think the 8000 course meal from the movie) at Cucina Toscana with the DBs and the Woodies. Awesome to say Wayne aka Wayne-o the Insane-o aka WTI ambulating (he broke his hip skiing about a month ago).

Sunday I worked off maybe one of the antipasti on a little ski tour with the Woodies and Caterina.  While it was beautiful in Mineral Basin the snow was--shall we say--less than ideal.  Sucked that the hubs couldn't come but he was ok with it since he knows he didn't miss much.  Always good to bop around the Wasatch with the peeps though.  On the hubs note, happy to report that he can ride indoors which is good. Surgery is a possibility. We'll see...

This morning I spent some QT at Wasatch Community Gardens with Mrs. Yohnson-Gammon, La Nocciolina and the other awesome winter volunteers.
Seed Matrix
Sweet greenhouse
Volunteers transplanting Mesclun Spicy Mix
Sesh-ing more Mesclun
Moi planting some chard
La Nocciolina Sandwich! Me sporting what the hubs call fraggle hair
Mini horticulturalist
Super fun to do some transplanting and planting in the cozy greenhouse.

In a GREAT turn of events, we had a little mini precip event which blew out a bunch of the nast-ola air! Yippie! Hopefully more snow to fall in the mountains for the descent of Johnny G, PK and co onto the 801.
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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Best peeps ever

#1 reason why we will probably never leave the 801.
And Viva La Limosienna!
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Only in Utah

Look closely

I chased this car to its driveway this morning so I could get a pic of the sticker. Even the hubs (who hates those stickers, and yes I know who is he to be a hater when he drives a limosienna aka the vehicle those stickers were mafe for) might like that one. Maybe my sister mary will give the Utahrds some credit for the irony.
Hopefully coach k will be willing to count the sticker motivated car chase towards the sprints I didn't finish. Said sprints not being completed on account'a the ice cream headache sustained from descending a beautiful but dicey Mill Creek Canyon.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Query: Is this skiing or riding weather?

Don't be fooled by the backpack into thinking I was ski touring. Though I did have a puffy and ski gloves in there for the descent down Emigration.
Thanks to teammate Nicole for the motivational voice mail. I was a total shit show out there but I think I might have maybe even enjoyed it.
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Monday, January 24, 2011


Dustin, Mike and moi...Vanquished stump not pictured (its underneath my foot)
This morning I volunteered at the Wasatch Community Gardens. A bunch of us removed a huge stump...without having the necessary tools (chainsaw?). It was pretty satisfying and I think I managed to avoid any spinal injuries. To the extent I have any pent up aggression, I let it loose with a sledgehammer. This is what everyone does on their rest day, no? Sledgehammers are badass. Dustin and Mike were total superstuds--it was a pretty sweet team effort.

On the injury front, the hubs took a weird fall skiing at Alta and is out of commission with a clicking, super painful knee. Send him healing vibes!
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

A visit from Coach and the Miniberrys

Right before I headed out to ride Coach did a stop by today with his super cutey little girls. They were HILARIOUS. Many of you may have never thought you would hear Newberry say "well we've got to go because someone's got a poopy." Among other aspects of the visit that pretty much ruled. The girls belted out some "tunes" on the piano. Good times.
Then I headed out to the west siiiiiide for some frozen brutality, courtesy of Coach K. More good times.
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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Threading the storm needle and my new favorite place

Headed towards blue skies en bici. I experienced almost every form of precip including rain, hail, snow and I think maybe some graupel. And some sun by Great Salt Lake.

I also stopped by my new favorite place: Wasatch Community Gardens. Mrs. Yohnson-Gammon and I are volunteering there. It is such a sweet space. There's an artesian well in the middle and they have a hoop house and green house (in addition to a ton of now-dormant plots). I am looking forward to spending some time there and getting some inspiration for il giardino Pezzulo.
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Nephew-uncle bonding

Toilet fixing.
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World's worst hostess

I didn't even offer a weak protest when visiting Uncle Sid started doing the dishes (some may remember Uncle Sid as the person Mrs. Teton mistook for a homeless person crashing our wedding).

I think I was remembering something Jane said about Sid doing late night dishes since he doesn't sleep a lot. I might have remembered that out loud.

Hopefully he's having a good time at Alta with the hubs.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy birthday Mel

NnonIt is Mel's birthday this week so I busted up to PowMow for the annual compleanno celebration. Old school buddy (and goalie of our kickass soccer team) Shannon was in town from MN for the festivities as well. She and Mel are some extremely high value.
Super fun sleepover (the bacon sauna!) And then a little skiing. I took a page out of Coach K's book and hiked up the resort and met the whole crew for a super fun run.
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Do as I say...

While I'm not "techincally" "on" "facebook," (Erin's quote loving influence), for all you trendies that are, please companion the team...or whatever its called.  Check out the new kits, rides and I've heard there's a glam shot of me in a TT helmet (if that's not an oxymoron--or just a regular moron)...


Total tragedy...23 year old Carla Swart was killed on a training ride in South Africa.  I can only imagine how devastated her family and friends must be.  While I didn't know her personally, I've raced against her many times and had a lot of respect for her as a cyclist--and that was one small dimension of what comprises a person I'm sure was much much more to many people.  My deepest condolences to her family, friends and teammates.

Life is like a Smiths song now...

I can't get the Smiths out of my head since returning to the 801. I'm getting pale, I have angst and I miss the desert life. I have greasy hair and I'm wearing black. Maybe I am actually turning into Morrissey.  Though I could never fit in his jeans. Sigh. Girlfriend in a coma...

I got a momentary station change thanks to an early morning visit from one of my best buds.
Coffee+lizzie equals smiles. If I had to characterize Lizzie as a radio station it would be bluegrass and Grateful Dead with a little splash of funk.
What's your radio station?

In other great news the air quality finally improved here.

And I just made a sushi date with the hubs.
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Monday, January 17, 2011

For Woody

Even though it was just a short ride on the way home from CA, the hubs still paid homage to Woody with some post-ride refreshment
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Not exactly dying to get back to the 801

Another great ride with Twila and her desert peeps. I hear the air quality in Mexico City I mean SLC is asthma-riffic. Were it not for our beehive crew (and our promised separate Lizzie-J9 bday celeb) I might be pushing for the extended stay program.
Life is pretty sweet right now. Dave and Alisha's latest blog comment also made my week (with the varsity blog comments I get that is saying something). This week life has definitely felt like a quinceanara, bat mitzvah and debut rolled into one.
That should end at about hour 4 of what hopefully not be an epic drive home tomorrow.
In any case, to my few and faithful readers, let my current joie de vivre infect your respective worlds. If only you could smell my mama Pezzulo's sauce bibbling in the villa right now. La vita is definitely bella on planet Tiff right now.
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