Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bidding adieu to the Woodies

The Woodies had us over for dinner straight out of my Nonna's kitchen. The deliciousness had a slight tinge of bitterness as they are leaving the 801 for a whole month for a Euro Odyssey. I will really miss them!
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fun dinner with the peeps

Piccola Z and la Nocciolina hanging tough at the Yohnson-Gammons. We enjoyed delish homemade veg burgers. I brought some salami for appetizers. The hubs did a good job holding Z.
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Friday, February 25, 2011

Extreme City Creek Spin

To escape the toxicity of the disaster zone (aka our house), I headed up City Creek. I got snow cliffed out before the very top but it was beautiful. A balmy but gusty 45 degrees.
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Never mind about being psyched to come home

Nothing like spending the day with disaster cleanup specialists, plumbers and contractors. Thanks to our tenant not letting us know about a toilet leak we returned to Willy Wonka's house.

As Mr. Jono would say, "nobody died," but it is not a very relaxing situation.
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pointing the horse to home

The hubs and I (and Buddha and Godzilla of course) are headed for the 801. While it was an outstanding trip we are really looking forward to coming home. We hit the road this morning (after the requisite trader Joe's stop). We hit Vegas traffic (can someone please explain the point of Vegas again). We also got to enjoy the Virgin River Canyon in daylight (one of the coolest parts of the drive IMHO).
And a little memory of our trip (post-ride photo, this one in focus)
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Monday, February 21, 2011

The awesome results of cucina Johnny G

A stopover in the OC disorder for a kickass dinner a la Johnny G (and return of pk's bike). Wordup to the harissa spiced yams, inspired by Natedawg. Much couch time and serious chillaxin at my home away from home. Brilliant.
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fun rides in the desert

Good times with the Bros Lawrence, Twila, my 'rents and their entourage. Good eats, sweet riding and fabulous peeps. Ruzzulos rule!
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Friday, February 18, 2011


So the camera phone photo does more justice to the pavement then the ocean, but trust me it was sweet
Hubs and coast, but the hubs is not coasting
It may not be my Nonna's housedress but it still gets me in the mode (molte grazie to Rick and Kim for my fave piece of clothing)
The hubs and I did a sick ride yesterday to Dana Point. We hit the PK gas station at the requisite time (25 miles from home with an hour of daylight left?) Maybe not that bad. We did make it through Live Oak Canyon with a little light. No need to draft motorcycles. The only downer of the day is that there wasn't time for a coffee or fish taco stop at Laguna Beach. Next time.

Came home and had dinner with Johnny G. and Jen (after their workout of 60 quarters--maybe not that bad--I'm just obsessed with Once a Runner now). I cooked up a little ground turkey bolognese over some mostaccioli...Good stuff. Nothing gets me in the Pisano mood like cooking sauce in an Italian Stallion tee shirt.

We are having a weather debate today (good thing Dave arrives tonight) about risking rain for sweet Silverado Canyon or risking traffic to get to the dry desert sooner. Life is sweet when that is your major dilemma of the day.
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Short spin and sushi

The hubs and I did a short spin in Redlands yesterday before heading to a bait shop for tasty dinner with Johnny G and Jen. Skies are blue today and we should be getting some more two-wheeled goodness here in the OC disorder.
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love the riding, weather and Golden Spoon...

But could never live in Southern California..
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A godsend for those sweaty angels among us

Move over sweatybands, Halobands are the answer to the prolific perspirer's prayers (are you listening J9 and Jel?). The little duckie brought some of these miracles on ice for us to try out this past weekend racing in Phoenix. I have been known to sweat like a banshee and have tried many different approaches to browmopping. I totally dug the Haloband. It was absorbent and light and PINK (though they have other colors as well). Its got a little grippy band so it doesn't slide around. I'm psyched to get my hands on one with ear covering for training in the winter conditions that are sure to greet me when I'm back in the 801 after my sojourn to SoCal. The bands are reasonably priced and made by a cool, small, family-owned San Diego company. Check 'em out.

Recup'ing in the OC disorder

Gardiner Botanical Gardens

Hubs mugs for the camera and his coffee cup
After trying to mitigate the pervasive road funk in my car yesterday, I spun around the OC disorder under some all bark no bite clouds. So great. Loved it up in Live Oak Canyon.
Afterward, I took a page out of the downward dog book of Glennbro and tried out a medium hot yoga class at a Core Power studio nearby. It was intense but I managed to survive. My yoga mat may never be the same.

Today it is precip'ing pretty hard.  However, despite this rainy day, all is sunny in my world with last night's arrival of the hubs.
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Wall comes down

I arrived in the oc disorder without much incident yesterday. I loafed around Johnny G and Jen's pad and made a plan with Jen to go to yoga. When she came home I was very pleasantly surprised to find out Johnny G was going to join us for his first downward dog experience. I have never seen him eat quiche but I always knew he was a real man. I view this as the wall of yoga hating dudes coming down. Will the bros Lawrence possibly drop their Communist ways? Tis the season for peaceful regime changes after all.
In other great gnus, the Hubs arrives this evening, God and Delta willing. I cannot wait to see him.

More pics from Valley of the Sun
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Monday, February 14, 2011

1st and 2nd at the crit and my newfound obsession with Justin Bieber

GC monster podium

Road Race Podium--P.S. thanks for the peanut butter Alisha!
Hijacked podium
Tim has a man moment at sunset on the walk to the Grammy party
Fun peeps!
More fun peeps

This picture does not do the disco ball justice

Yesterday's crit couldn't have gone better. Though I wasn't feeling like a million bucks (mentally or physically), an awesome burndown sesh with teammate MH hugely helped me get the head back in the game.
The crit was fast and aggressive (more so than the last time I raced it). We scooped up a bunch of primes and kept the attacks going. Teammate EK aka little duck was a nonstop machine chasing down moves and countering her own attacks. The Sexy Beast, Sunshine, Nicole and brava Liza were constantly in the mix. I want to also give serious props to Primal/Treads regional riders Julie and Anne. And I know little Nora would've been rockin it if she hadn't crashed! You wouldn't have guessed these girls had come from snowy, frigid Coolerado the way they were throwing down ALL 3 days!
It was awesome having Holly, Becky and Angie (more regional gals) for their great support and enthusiasm. Team dad Donovan was a godsend as well.

Finally, our goddess directress Susannah...leader, supporter, interference runner and total glue holding it all together. Best of all is her loud laughter ability. She is a paragon of excellent-ness (it IS SO a word).
And on the subject of awesomeness, after saying goodbye to everyone, I called up my favorite Phoenician family, the Wilsons. Tim told me to come on over and that "the neighborhood was active tonight." I pulled up to their sick pad with the sweet views of South Mountain. As I walked up to the house (sweaty and nasty from the race) total badass mom/exec opens the door fully decked out in fancy garb. She greeted me with a "you're gettin' dressed up tonight!"--an interesting proposition considering my fanciest attire was a *pretty* clean tee shirt. I showered and borrowed a dress and jewelry from Jeannette but had to stick to my own sasquatch-sized flip flops. I then accompanied Tim, Jeannette and their 2 rad sons Jake and Justin to a Grammy party being hosted by their fabulous neighbors. They had a red carpet and everything.
The party was super fun. That is the coolest neighborhood ever. A bunch of the peeps had actually been to the Grammies and one record label owning attendee had actually been a recipient of said award. Yes that is an unabashed attempt on my part to play at sounding trendy.
Everyone was dressed up (even the kids) and the hosts provided amazng treats, bevvies, during commercial tunes and a DISCO ball for during commercial rug-cutting. Above all else was a super comfortable couch and a totally sick TV. I was glued all night. I nearly peed my pants during Justin Bieber's performance (I swear I didn't know about him even though I read US Weekly in the checkout line at the grocery store).  Are you kidding me with those dance moves? When he was then joined by Jaden Smith (aka Will Smith jr) AND then joined by USHER--my underwear needed changing. Who knew I had the proclivities of a 15 year old?

Needless to say I ended up staying the night in the Wilson's fire office.

In all, it was a fabulous way to end a challenging but satisfying weekend.
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