Thursday, March 31, 2011

Prologue is thankfully over

Today was the 1st stage of the Redlands Bicycle Classic. Positives: I got to go early, teammates Nicole and Em (the Mayor and lil Duckie) were 11th and 22nd. Negatives: just about everything else.
OH not really. Racing is always awesome, even if it involves 3 miles uphill in 90 degree heat. I finished in 56th place which is dead center in the field. For a cookie eater, its not terrible.

Chilling at our awesome host house with pooches Gracie and Annie (pit lab mixes must be required to have the name Annie).
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


The lil duckie and I had one more fabulous evening in Carlsbad with her family before we headed to Redlands to meet up with the rest of the team. Tina Pic is co-guest directing with boss Susannah. Tina is a retired pro and one of the most winningest cyclists of all time. It is incredible to get to learn from her.

After a little preview ride of the prologue and circuit courses, Liza and did a stop at Five Ten (badass climbing and downhill shoe company). Liza used to work there so we got a tour of the office and got to play on the climbing wall (didn't go any higher than the picture shows). They have an outlet store at their office which is open to the public on Fridays.

Afterward we convened at one of our hosts for a fabulous dinner cheffed up by Tina and Susannah. The family was awesome and it was super fun getting to hang with everyone. We also got our Reynolds race wheels which will get their maiden voyage on tomorrow's Prologue course.
Fun times.
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Diversions and divertimento

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The rough life

Coastal recovery rides... Goodtimes with our Vanderkitten cousins and a stop at a baked goods Paradise.
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

One modicum of joy away from a Benigni speech

Everyone remembers Benigni's Oscar acceptance speech for La Vita é Bella, non? Well I am about that psyched right now.
It has been a great weekend here in SoCal with my teammates.
It has been a blast hanging out and racing with these great girls and if course spending time with our wonderful host family, the Hewitts.
Yesterday's road race left a mark winnowing our 100 person field down to 34(in the main group) at the end. For the record, I am generally not one to be in existence in those types of races. However, the love and respect (in both the hip-hop and regular sense) helped me dig into the depths. There is more to say on the matter but the cliffnotes version is that The Prof and lil duckie majorly helped me get 4th in the road race yesterday. The lil duckie absolutely buried herself to help me get to the front at the end. It was teamwork to the Max.
In today's crit, Liza and the Prof delivered me to a great position and I ended up 3rd behind HTC's Chloe Howling and Colavita's Theresa Cliff-Ryan.
In a super bonus I had Johnny G and some of his family there to cheer me on (along with our Cucamonga 2nd family, the Hewitts).
I currently exist in Carlsbad where I had a lovely evening with the lil duckie and her awesome parentals.
It has all been so great, the only thing missing is the hubs!
I feel super lucky to have so many supportive spheres of humanity, from the hubs and my 801 crew (including coworkers) to my NY famiglia to my coach and coast to coast peeps. These fortunate moments are bellissima!
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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sweet digs

I was up early this am and took a spin on-foot of our immediate surroundings. Beautiful! First picture feature the Adirondack chairs from which I did most of my admiring.
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Friday, March 25, 2011

San Dimas TT

Lil Duckie showcases our Haloband gifts from heaven
Dinner with the Hewitts
Mayor and Lil Duckie
Brava Liza

So Cal pow pow
It may be a shock to hear that I didn't despise today's uphill tt. It was such a cool course, at least that's what I thought on the ride back down. HTC's Amber Neben and Amanda Miller took 1st and 2nd with Peanut Butter's Kristin Armstrong taking 3rd.
Our top finisher was the Mayor, in 27th.
I felt great and had a really good ride (for me) finishing 39th.

We had an awesome yummy dinner with our lovely host family and a chillaxed evening. Road race tomorrow...
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San Dimas pre-race happenings

Sydney Brown styles of car freshener
The rubik's pack job
My interruption of the mayor's zen moment
The focal point (the ceiling swirls) for the Mayor's Zen-ing out
San Dimas TT pre-ride. Won't be smiling during the actual event
After a hefty drive to San Dimas yesterday, the Mayor, Kat and I pre rode the San Dimas uphill time trial course. It was a super cool road that heads up toward what So Calians call skiing-Mt. Baldy.
Afterward we picked up our numbers and headed to the gorgeous home of our hosts, the Hewitt's. The Mayor, little Dickie, Liza and I were treated to some delishy Italiano cuisine before hitting the hay.
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Buon Viaggio Lizzie!

I dropped off my bravissima amica Lizzie at the airport this morning for her epic trip with epic people. She is headed to the motherland for a ski hut trip with some of my favorite peeps on the planet: bro-in-law Dave and Ridgway depth hoars Danika and Sara B.
While it some what a planetary collision (my family, my past Ridgway life and my current SLC scene), there is nothing better than planetary collisions that result in new galaxies of awesomeness!

Besides, I know that much quantities of espresso, vino and cured pork products shall be consumed in my name!
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Monday, March 21, 2011

St. George addendum

Gotta love long port-o lines 5 minutes before the race

Happy to report we made it home from Tour Del Sol last night in one piece. It felt like many pieces when were unloading the shitshow of our van...I'm even happier to report that an official results check put the hubs at 21st in the crit and 22nd in GC. And even cooler was that he had a good time, pushed himself and didn't break any of his gear. (Those of you that know him realize the significance of this).

This is without all the bikes and a bunch of other crap

After the road race, I was in a serious burndown with Master's race winner Karen A.  Was informed by the fabulous equal-rights race promoter Ben Towery September Harvest Moon Crit in Ogden will boast double the prize purse as the men's race.

Women's lib race promoter tells Karen and I about the sick Harvest Moon Crit that will sizzle the streets of Ogden, UT this September
Finally, though this subject deserves its own post, I had to post a picture of the embrocation that one hilarious Aussie who will remain named Ange McClure mistook for shammy cream last year at Redlands. (The professor was the one responsible for putting the matches within the reach of the children). One of my top fave Ange stories.

The Professor displays the offending lubricant
You can see why you might mistake it for shammy cream, until its unfortunate application to the horribly incorrect location

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Stage 4, the drive back home

Start of the women's race, I got told by the official that if I took out my phone during the race I'd be in trouble. But hey, I'm mapping my ride!
Jenna and Muffin, the blind poodle
Jenna and Chas, the seeing eye dog for the blind poodle
Jenna, Chas, Doodles (aka the poodle form of Don King) and the Prof
The hubs and I made it throughthe Tour del Sol and are now in the middle of stage 4, the 4 hour drive home. I have definitely done harder unofficial last stages but this one is no walk in the park. I dozed off earlier only to be woken up by the hubs slapping himself in the face to keep himself awake at the wheel.

In any case, the hubs successfully made it through his 1st stage race. He finished 24th in today's hilly road race and that put him 24th in gc. He definitely learned a lot (I.e. made mistakes) but I think he is psyched to do more.

We girls swept the top 3 today and in the gc. Despite a flat, Nicole was out front for most of the day. The Prof was off the front with Nicole aka the Mayor but gave up her wheel to keep the Mayor in front. We were caught by the small field and the I bridged to Nicole who basically towed me around and then gave me the win.

The course was really beautiful, starting at Gunlock Reservoir and going through the towns of Veyo, Ivins and Santa Clara. Had more fun seeing the other beehive ladies down there including new superstar on the road scene this year, Tayler (who was down there to train and cheer on her boyfriend Matt).

After the race and some serious philosophical discussions on the ride home (because that's what you do with professors), we had Italian style Sunday dinner back in Cedar City with Nicky and Jenna, and their bevy of small furry ones. As always, it was great to see them.

Some working and resting this week before the serious biz of San Dimas and Redlands.
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Saturday, March 19, 2011

San Giorgio

My podium favorite Pocatellians (after Coach K of course)
Sam Krieg, yes he's sitting backwards on his bike. It underscores why I consider him a horizontal man in a vertical world.
Smiley Laura P
PB glam shot
Crit course pretty backdrop
Me and the Prof
Coolin down with the prof and the mayor, against a sweet backdrop

Hubs and Nicky amidst the shit show of the Limosienna
4 cats that the Prof and Jenna are fostering

Muffin the blind poodle
Time trial and crit done. 1 road race to go. The hubs is doing great in his first stage race. He finished 26th (out of 38) in his time trial. Not bad for slapping on a pair of Aero bars in the parking lot 30 minutes before his start.

His crit was gnarly with a shredded field in serious crosswinds. He killed himself to pull his grupetto to the 2nd group and the exploded. You might have seen the mushroom cloud from wherever you are. We think he finished somewhere about 25th.

In the chick race we swept the podium in both events against a small field. In the tt it went Nicky, Nicole then me. In the crit I lapped the field and then Nicole followed suit with Nicky breaking away with 5 laps to go.

We have been having a nice time staying with the professor and her many furry friends (pics above). Also good times running into awesome Pocatellians Sam and Karen, Smiley Laura and of course the fabulous PB.

Road race tomorrow then home.
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