Friday, April 29, 2011

Loss of a bright star

Allison was a shooting star of glittery awesomeness. She was the essence of free spiritedness.

I enjoyed super fun backcountry ski days, hot spring soaks and glasses of vino with her. She sipped her vino from tumblers before everyone (including me) got into stemless wine glasses.

She would stop in Salt Lake on her way between Ridgway and Truckee and get me to take a yoga class with her. She would know the schedule, and she eschewed typical yoga apparel for corduroy pants and crazy print shirts. I have since gotten into yoga--but only Allison could pull off cords in yoga...

She was a mix of rugged individual, complete badass athlete, lover of the outdoors all in a feminine but edgy package. And that girl could turn as many heads on the dance floor as she could on skis/kayak/rock/mountain bike.

She was kind, sincere and generous.

Allison I am so lucky to have known you. You will be missed.
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring in the Wasatch

Gotta love it... It least it will provide a nice contrast to the racing in Hot-lanta and the Cackilackies...
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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Racerheads unveiled

The hubs got his Racerhead kit today. Badass. Check out his butt quote.
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More Sea Otter

Fun video HERE courtesy of budding director MH

and a slideshow HERE courtesy of Ryan, Primal photog extraordinaire.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Stage 5: Santa Cruz

What a great weekend. Good racing with my sweet team and serious qt with our Primal peeps (and BH, MapUncle Dave (owner of Primal) took us to dinner on Saturday night in Carmel. So fun to get to hang with these excellent specimens of humanity. Some might consider it work to hang out with sponsors, but every single Primal peep is someone I could do hard time with... I feel really fortunate to be connected with these good eggs.

We finished the final brutal stage of Sea Otter yesterday. The
Lil Ducky rode like a champ making the final selection and clinching the sprint Jersey (with the major assistance from Liza and MH). I was in the 2nd group but cracked with 8 laps to go and limped in to finish about 25th-ish. After celebrating the Lil Ducky's podium, the hubs and I headed to Santa Cruz to see one of my all-time bf's Erin.
We rolled into Erin's just in time for a little shindig with a bunch of her ( and now my) friends. Her friend Timmy made a huge pot of delicious mole (just ask him and he will tell you, in fact it was quite good though). Over adult beverages and tasty treats, we accomplished much in the way of smack talking and loud laughing.
Of particular note was the Flight of the Concords " Business Time " performed by Erin, with Rob ROCKING the guitar. Ahhhh things that are amazing in this world.

After the long weekend of racing/dealing, I started melting into the couch against my will. Eventually the festivities wound down and I slept a sound, happy, full-bellied sleep.

This morning, the hubs and I took a little stroll to the beach (a 60 second walk from Erin's surf ghetto apartment). Upon our return and the conclusion of her conference call, Erin took us to meetup with Nicooohhh for coffee And breakfast. As Erin possesses a fleet of cruisers, we 2 wheeled our way to caffeination and breakfast awesome-ness. It was a good opportunity for Nicho (real name Nicole) to spend time together because we share a brain (and Erin as a bff ). Its nice to know there is someone else out there with serious time management and organizational issues.

After the quality hangs, we peaced back to the 801. By way of Trader Joe's of course...
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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Awesome sea otter surprise!

Surprise fans Lizzie and her brown Geoffrey showed up for the tt and then the hubs and I crashed their family dinner in Carmel. Good times.
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Sea Otter, some racing mixed in with many other fun activities

4th in the crit, 22nd in the road race. Lots of activities with Primal, MapMyRide and our other industry friends. After the road race Primal hosted a happy hour at the team Booth that was off the hook. Liza got the DJ at the Marzocchi tent to raise the roof (volume) and we had a team dance party. It was pretty much my dream come true.
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The open road

After a suspenseful and stressful few days, the hubs sunk the half court hail mary shot and was able to join me on the norcal road trip. Tiff=happy.

Its weird to not be heading south on interstate 15. Instead we are going pioneer styles and pointing the wagon (limosienna) westward.

Love the desolate beauty that is the west desert (even if enjoyed from I 80).

Wonder what's up with the random sculpture past Iosepa?
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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tour de Snow

We took a page out of the Jensen Voigt book of racing with a 50 mile road race in a snow storm. The hubs had his best result so far as a cat 4 (13th).
In my race Teammate Nicole won and I was 3rd. After much waiting around, the time trial was cancelled due to Caddyshack-like conditions. Someone my have made a "heavy stuff coming down yet" comment.
I couldn't stop shivering but luckily we found a pastry shop in downtown Tooele where I finally had my birthday carrot cake.

Circuit race tomorrow....
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Beautiful day for a bike race

From racing in 90 degrees to a blizzard. Wonder if they will just let me drive the follow vehicle for the hubs' cat 4 race?

Poor hubs. He remarked that there was something wrong about driving west in weather like this (skiing is east).
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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Mrs. Jowegawa

The Jowegawas invited us to dinner at Christine's parents last night. Oh my culinary experience. Not to mention super lovely, interesting people to round out the fabulousness...
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Cycling's version of "American Idol" comes to Tooele, UT

Thanks to Podium Insight's Lyne Lamoreux for that characterization. 

The Nature Valley Pro Ride is cycling’s version of “American Idol.” The top amateur in the Men’s Pro/Category 1 race and the winner of the Women’s Open category at the Tour of the Depot will be a part of eight-rider teams for the Nature Valley Grand Prix, June 15-19, in East Central Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.

The Tour of the Depot is a three-stage, two-day race based in good ole Tooele, Utah. 
Nature Valley Pro Riders who are invited to compete in the Nature Valley Grand Prix will earn free entries to the race, generous travel stipends, team clothing, housing, ground transportation, and staff support for their composite teams. They will also receive pro-level recognition before, during and after the events, including pre-race call-ups and participation in promotional and media appearances.

Personally I hope we get a lot of out of towners for this event, just so I can hear them try to pronounce Tooele.

Herbal and bulbous newcomers

I am happily back in the 801. I was greeted by these newcomers to the garden. My tied for 2nd favorite thing about coming home is seeing the giardino developments (1st is of course seeing the hubs, tied for 2nd with the garden stuff is seeing the peeps).

In addition, the hubs got me a sweet kitchen pressie for a belated birthday gift. I can now cook pasta without having to drain the water out (thanks to the Woodies for clueing us into that one) AND dream veggies at the same time. I'm totally psyched. However, he got me the restaurant size (it seems) so we will have to get on it with abating the water damage disaster zone of our house so we can have people over again.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Treading through the minefield

The Prof models her inflated buttcheek sustained in the crash
In keeping with the general mishap-filled-but-ultimately-good theme of the weekend, we made it through the final burly stage of Redlands not entirely unscathed. With MH's back completely jacked, we started with 7 of us. On the first lap the Prof's chain broke catapaulting over the bars and onto her hip. She went down so hard that she now has a superinflated buttcheek (see above). And no, there is no ice pack in there.

It was a really interesting race. The lead group kept changing up. Ultimately the lil duckie was our top finisher in 15th with Kasey and Nicole right behind.

I'm happy to report that I finished the race for the first time ever. I was in a group about 6 minutes back and I ended up 39th that day. Not a terribly impressive result but a major improvement on my past Susnset experiences (I've never made it more than 6 of the 9 laps). And I can actually say I ENJOYED the race. The temps were cool and the course was awesome. And by the course, I mean the downhills.

After the race, Liza, Em and I met Nicky's hosts (the Koglers) and our hosts Mike and Kylie for dinner. It was super fun to get a little more time with these fabulous people, and to say bye to MH, Nicky, Jenna and Nicole. Liza and I split a ridankulicious fig marmalade burger.  I also did NOT split several glasses of vino.
Cutey-fab hosts
After dinner we hung out with our Vanderkitten cousins little Emily, the DJ, Kat and Mr. Jono.  Vanderkitten is the team I guest rode for last December in Australia.  They have cool sponsors, kits and riders (not necessarily in that order). After the young ones decided to go paint the town, we headed back to Mike and Kylie's.

The following morning while waiting for VK cousin Kat to pick me up, Annie put on a performance with a SRAM bag that didn't quite make it back into Liza's car.  It had some blocks in it so Annie was going crazy trying to get them out.  Too bad they were the cut NOT rip to open variety.
Kylie, Annie and the offending blocks
Annie and Gracie
The whole trip was awesome. Our San Dimas and Redlands hosts were the best.  Getting to spend QT with my teammates (especially Liza and the Lil Duckie since we stayed together) was a total blast.  It felt weird not drinking coffee with those gals this morning!  Our team is learning and improving and figuring out how to make it happen.  Our goddess directress continues to lead, support and inspire us to push ourselves to perform.  I'm super excited for the rest of the season!!
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Saturday, April 2, 2011

All aboard the pain train

3 days down, hardest one to go (tomorrow).
In yesterday's Beaumont road race, we had some ups and some downs. Super teammate Liza flatted and our highest gc rider, Nicole, crashed. Both finished the race but under junkshow conditions. I miraculously made it over the climbs and finished 7th with teammate Em finishing 8th. Yes we should've tried harder to combine our forces to get one of us into at least the top 5, but that's what early races are for, n'est ce pas?
I went for an early morning spin today (which point I mention merely because it was the only photo I took the past 2 days).

After some lovely downtime at our awesome host house, it was time for some crit racing. The Redlands crit is sick. It has 9 corners and is generally fast as hell. We had some mishaps with teammate MH suffering serious back issues and needing to pull out and Nicole going down in another crash (let the record reflect this poor girl has paid her dues to the crash gods!) Nicky and I also got stuck in a crash, but like Nicole were able to get back in.

I ended up finishing ninth with Nicky and Liza in 14th and 16th. We are getting used to racing with each other and learning how to communicate.
In other noteworthy happenings, we had lots of cheering section action. Johnny G and Jen trekked out from the OC disorder (en route to a running race Johnny G will be ripping up tomorrow). In addition, we had our favorite new Rancho Cucamongans the Hewitts, the little duckie's parents, and all our Redlands hosts (with signs) also cheering us on.

After racing we had another yummy team/host family dinner with a rub from Mike for dessert.
It has been awesome to race with this new team and to get the opportunity to learn from the best of the best (co-guest director Tina Pic). While I am fully jiving with all aspects of the experience, I am really looking forward to coming home and seeing the hubs and my 801 peeps. Till then I will be living it up at the sufferfest of the Sunset Road Race tomorrow.
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