Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Splendid times in Durango

Hubs in the crit
Hubs cornering
More hubs
Coolest downtown crit ever
Post crit partial podium with winner Lauren Hall and superhero Wherry and Durango local personality Chad
Gluten free peanut gallery at Mary and Travis'
Jenna and bella hostess with the mostest Mary
Hubs did awesome and we had a SUPER fun time with the Durango peeps. To pimp an Erin quote, the final bbq at Travis and Mary's blew the happy center in my brain...

We have now returned from our southwest adventures...

The prof and Jenna (and the muffins) got to park their RV at the sweetest camping spot in all of Durango--Moira and Ted's aka the Compton Compound. Incorporating the Prof and Jenna into the Durango crew was like mixing macaroni and cheese, or chocolate and peanut butter...Nothing short of a brilliant combo...Add in some quality time with a million other amazing locals and visiting 801-ers??? It really did just about blow the happy center in my brain (copyright Erin).

The hubs finished 48th in the cat 4 road race (out of 130!) and 8th in the crit. Rock star. I was super proud of him. And he had a fun time.

I finished 7th in the road race (I had a great ride!), 2nd in the crit, and 6th in the time trial. That put me in 3rd place for the omnium behind Kristin McGrath and Jeannie Longo. Durango Herald write-ups here and here.

Stoked would be an understatement. The prof was a total hero in the crit working her butt off to ensure the break I was in stayed away. She also let me borrow her disc wheel for the time trial so I could try to improve my omnium spot. She was a superchamp the entire weekend both on and off the bike. I feel really lucky to have her as both a teammate and now friend!

And now to the task of putting the pieces back together upon returning from a 10 day trip. Thank god for J9 who not only ensured our return to an alive cat, and thriving plants, but actually left us furniture! Being pathetic has its privileges I suppose.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

More activities in the plural Alamo

Massage, awesome public transpo, a sweet Co-op, a walk in the woods with dogs AND a chile cooking lesson with Beth's buddy Uncle Syd (he returns the greetings) and Jane. I could get used to this place...

I would also like to note the hubs is getting some serious leg props both of the blogular and personal variety. Its cool but not totally (thats just the inner small Tiff talking).
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Recovery spin

The hubs, Dave, Drewster and I had a nice spin around Los Alamos yesterday. Dave and Drewster are breaking up the band by heading back to Boulder. I am against this.
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rest Day

Here we are back at the ranch in Los Alamos...drinking coffee and reading about the cycling world's reaction to Tyler's appearance on 60 minutes...Its a bit rainy here and we are wondering how we were able to avoid that (see last September's post about our east coast bike tour).

In more mundane cycling news, here are our routes from MapMyRide...in case you want to get your own fix of chiles, gorgeous views, cool churches and lots of roadside memorials...

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

The grand cannoli (or what non-Pezzulos call the grand finale)

We ended our vuelta di northern New Mexico yesterday. I started off with hurty knees and a slightly poopy mood. The wind didn't help things either. I was seriously considering hopping in the limosienna when George drove by. However, the size of my breakfast and the fact that he spent a really long time at the Vietnam vet memorial (its actually anti-war) and didnt pass us till much later prevented my tapping out.

After about 15 windy miles, we turned off onto what can only be described as the coolest road ever. It was narrow, windy and flanked by ponderosa pines on one side and a creek on the other. And it was mostly downhill. Because Davebro is the smartest human in the world, he suggested we stop for a snack and to more fully enjoy our environs. As I was thinking about the unappetizing bar in my pocket and wishing so hard for the salty snacks in the car, George suddenly rolled up in the limosienna like a fairy ridemother (score another one for Oprah and the Notebook). I had what I can only describe as the best meal of my life (bread, avo, carrots, hummus, bbq kettle chips, grapes and chocolate). The sun was warm and the mountain-pine-laundry smell was intoxicating. We finally picked ourselves up to finish the remaing 50 miles of our 80 mile day.

We continued along incident-free (minus getting chased by some sheep dogs) with another stop at about mile 50 in Mora. It was another small New Mexico town but THIS one offered glass bottle hecho en Mexici Coca Cola. No high fructose corn poison.
Does USADA know about this stuff because I rode the last 30 miles like I had just taken a feed from the Astana team car.

We finished off the ride in Las Vegas (New Mexico). George met us at the plaza in the historic district of town. Because what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, don't ask me about the green chile covered burger, fries and milkshake I may or may not have enjoyed.
It was a great trip and I really loved getting to enjoy this part of the Zia State en bici. George is a total rock star and in true Lawrence style he not only dealt in the car the whole time we were riding, he drove us the 2 hours back to Los Alamos. He can now add soigneur to his list of skills which include snowmaking consultant, particle accelerator physicist and trip-planner extraordinaire.
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Our night in Eagle Nest

We finished our Sunday ride to Eagle Nest at some sportsmans cabins with a lake view. It was nice to have a kitchen for cooking dinner and the next morning's breakfast. We also got to spend a nice evening and morning with our "support crew" of the hubs' parents.

Most people don't know too much about the ski resorts in Northern New Mexico (unless you are from Texas, apparently). I am happy to report we discovered you can rent parabolic skis there though. I wonder if you can get one-pieces and ear muffs too? (note-the part about the skis was the hubs Wasatch snobbiness superiority comples, the part about the styles was just me being a small person in general.)
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Day 2 pics

"Gorges" views of the Rio Grande, one flat tire, and a beautiful climb up Bobcat pass from Red River.
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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Serious attitude adjusting

Day 1 of 3 day Zia state bike tour, Los Alamos to Taos.
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fairly uninspiring

Fun weather in the Wasatch!
For lack of a more articulate way to encapsulate the recent goings-on, I will simply say "blah."  I returned from St. Louis sore from my crash (on the bike), freaked about the other crash (the rental car) and ready for some downtime. Luckily the weather has fully cooperated with my Coach K mandated time off the bike (she told me it was going to be a divorce, and I couldn't even answer its calls). With the protracted winter we're having this week, that wasn't too hard.

So who can really explain the general malaise? Maybe its the lack of exercise, maybe the lack of Vitamin A from the sun. Or maybe just feeling like everything I touch turns to shite and I suck at everything: cycling, life, and everything else. Ok I don't REALLY feel like that, but I don't feel like a big winner either.

I give myself a C-. Its passing but not acceptable.
However let's review the week's positives:
- Awesome dinner with the Jowegawas---totally inspiring Kohlrabi-apple salad!
- Another awesome dinner with the Yohnson-Gammons, the little Hazel bean is becoming a little girl and she is so cute! And greens from Mrs. YG's garden!
- Fabulous dining with the Justino, Sil and Nolan at their sick new house. Nolan is also adorable! And they moved stumbling distance away from us!
- mini visit with J9
- Coffee talk with Lizzie this morning; Lizzie = the best
- Yoga with Kat
- Home time with the hubs

I feel slightly better committing those silver linings to writing!

I have been pooh in the diapers and TIIIIIRED but not really sleeping normal. Just out of sorts. But lots of cool stuff happened this week and really Tiff you just need to HTFU.

The hubs and I leave for a long trip. We are going to ride the enchanted circle in northern New Mexico with the Davebro and Drewster. The 'rents and grandma of the hubs shall be providing us with able support. So I know it will be awesome. But the rest of me doesn't realize it yet.

We will spend the week in the hubs' hometown of Los Alamos...Looking forward to time with his fam and Uncle Syd and Jane and checking out the new coop.  After some post-ride downtime, we head to Durango where a confluence of some of my favorite people on the planet will be occurring. And there's a little bike race. And the prof and Jenna are slated for an appearance! Good things on the horizon. In the meantime, definitely need to do some HTFU'ing.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Some 801 haps

A fun spin with the contender kids and a visit to Reynolds Cycling for some post crash wheel checkups (pronounced good to go by Alan!)

After those enjoyable experiences, I swung to the opposite end of the enjoyment pendulum. I crashed my bike and a rental car. Silver lining: hanging with awesome hosts Jerry and Dana and of course my fabulous teammate the Prof.
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