Saturday, July 30, 2011

Not sure what we did in a past life but it must've been good...

The hubs and I have had a very social week. So great seeing our peeps. We are so lucky to have such rad friends. The fact that they have mad culinary and outdoor seating capabilities is just the proverbial icing (non hydrogenated of course).
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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The hubs was thirsty

But thats because he is a ginormous stud that rode Big Cottonwood, up Mill D, up the Crest, down to mid mountain, back up to Mill Creek and down 55 miles (mostly dirt) and 7000 ft of climbing. Wow.

I saw a cowboy on my ride.
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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Friend catchups

It has been really great to catch up with the peeps. Especially when said peeps have sick decks upon which one may imbibe the cold beverages and consume the grilled yummies. Top notch barbies with Richie and.Renee Thursday and then the Woodies last night. J9 fell asleep right at the picnic table but even that didn't stop us.

We saw Richie today post crest crash. The slow speed ones are the worst. And Richie told us to see Tron even though "it makes reality so boring." Richie is the best.
We heart our 801 peeps.
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Friday, July 22, 2011

Feeling better

1st pomodoro harvests!
Romas looking good
Moro pomodori
Harvested, curing garlic
Alternate staking materials, with basket removed.
Four days off the bike, chill time at home and catching up with friends equals a vastly improved Tiff. And the garden is doing smashingly. I think straw mulch is the secret.

In other news of good things, I both lost and found my wallet today. I left it somewhere and I nice person called me and I was able to retrieve. I was a little down on humamity hearing of some recent bike this was good for restoring some balance (at least in my brain, for my friends balance will be restored witb the return of their can happen!)
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


The prof and I solidified the yellow and red jerseys on the last day of Superweek on Sunday. The race was in Evanston, IL and so I got to see Keith M, his wife Lisa and their son Thad. The venue was sweet...good crowds and a decent field. Since I didn't really need to go for the sprint points, I raced aggressively along with the prof. With three laps to go, I attacked and got off the front with Jamie Wong from team Hing Kong. I ended up winning which was especially sweet since the hubs made it for the last six laps.

Moi, Jamie Wong, Prof, Muffin and Jenna
Podium for overall and for sprint jersey
Sprint points overall: Carrie Cash, moi and Jeannie K

We drove back to Milwaukee for one last awesome night with Chris and Melissa. After three hours of sleep we were up to catch our flight. The misery was so much more palatable having the hubs there with me. That and the prosciutto we brought from Trader Joe's. What can't cured pork products fix?

Despite my corpse-like condition, I headed into work for a few hours. While my cold had improved sunday, I was back to square one by Monday night. I had to shut things down right after dinner for 14 hours of z's. Things are slightly improved today but I am workin on some serious physical and mental letharge.

Nonetheless, it was a good trip and it was so great to have the hubs out there for the 2nd half of the trip. Happy to be home now
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Superweek other-ness

PAs we close in on the last day of Superweek, the Prof and I still hold onto our respective yellow and red jerseys. Yesterdays race was really cool. Held in a trendy Milwaukee neighborhood, it drew a good sized crowd and pro womens field. A break of two got away shortly before a sprint lap and in tbe end we finished 7th and 8th

We had an awesome fan base with Chris (an old grad school and epic adventure buddy of the hubs), Melissa, their son Everett, their friends and of course super awesome new best friend Rickie.

Everett is hilarious and calls me Puffany.

After the race we grabbed some dinner with Chris and co before heading back to Chris' place.

This morning, I finally felt a little better (head cold abating!) And went to breakfast with Chris, Melissa and Everett. As Chris and Melissa are a one car 8 bike family we ambulated awesomely to breakfast. Chris and Everett in the Bakfiets and the hubs and I on the tandemania. Melissa pedalled ahead of us and when we caught up to her Everett proclaimed "mommy you are dropping the hammer". He may or may not have had some prompting.
We got some breakfast and watched the tour at a super sweet bar that offered a free beer to the Tour watchers. Great morning and super fun catching up with great people.

Vino shall be consumed tonight.
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Steve rides Rickie's World Record bike

In an awesome Superweek development, the hubs arrived in the good land last night. I unfortunately made a little mistake packing Steves bike so he was without a rear wheel to ride out to our race.

Luckily Rickie came home a little early and was kind enough to lend The Hubs his world record holding bike (he currently holds the world record on an undisclosed ten mile loop near his house).

This ride is sweet and it got the hubs.out to the race course just in time to miss both the race and the podium. He thought about hopping in the mens pro race with it. That would've been sweet.

On a race note-I felt pretty poopy today with a scratchy throat, stuffed nose and general achy blah. We were able to keep any dangerous moves in check and in the end I lead out the prof for 3rd and I ended up 5th. Prof is still in yellow and I am still in red.

I have been enjoying getting to know some of the international riders, especially Hong Kong's Jamie Wong. We have also had fun hanging out with one of the soigneurs from Taiwan, Su Chen.

Three more races and dinner wit Rickie at his favorite restaurant tomorrow night (Cajun)...And hopefully things improve for me in the nose and throatular regions!
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Host entertainment

Awesome times here in Milwaukee at Rickie's pad. I woke up with the scratchy-scratch throat today and feeling kind of flat. Separate post for the race (prof 6th, me 10th, we keep yellow and red jerseys). In spite of the pooh physical feelings, Rickie totally kept us entertained when he got home from work and then we made him watch the Tour and try some kale chips (he had to chew gum because he was grossed out by them).
Milwaukee host Rickie provides post dinner entertainment for Jenna, the Prof, Doodle and Muffin
Jenna said "You'll have to try juggling with firesticks" to which Rickie replied: "Funny you should mention that" and then busted out the magic

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bring on the cheesehead state

I am in the poodle mobile (aka the Prof and Jenna's RV) heading to Milliwaukay--the good land.

Had a grand time racing in the shytown area and staying with the Sexy Beast's parents. She is an awesome person and total studette--but very modest. There should be a mandatory parental introduction for people like this so you can ACTUALLY learn how truly studly.they are...For instance, I got to learn that low key Gwen was a state champion and All American in college. Love it.

In yesterday's race, I was able to hang onto the sprint jersey and lead out the prof (with Gwen's help) for the field sprint, helping her keep the yellow jersey. There riders from the Hong Kong and Taiwan teams which have kept the racing animated. There are some.Olympic hopefuls and I hope by the end of Superweek to be able to pronounce their names.

Best part of yesterdays race was the jersey presentation. Eddy Van Geist presented the yellow and red jerseys. He played the Italian on the Cinzano team in Breaking Away (one of my all time favorite movies). He presented the jersey he wished me luck in keeping it and said that threw down the Breaking Away reference saying "the Cinzano team is going to root for the last name Pezzulo." I told him that made my whole Superweek.

Last night Gwen's mom cooked an awesome dinner and Gwen's sisters came over with their families. Had a fabulous time and played a few intense rounds of Dominoes.

Today we got to.mix things up with a road race in Willow Springs, IL. It was a cool course that reminded me of the rolling, wooded parks of upstate NY (Mendon Ponds in particular). There were no sprint points so we decided to race pretty aggressively. No breaks ended up sticking so I lead out the Prof but went too early and thus she was 4th (but maintains yellow).

Got to cheer on old school buddy Keith who represented in 1-2 race (yeah dad with gnarly career).

Heading to the famous Ricky's house in Milwaukee as I tomorrow in Brown Deer (I wonder why they call it...) Sorry tgat may only be funny if your name is Erin.
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Sunday, July 10, 2011

A few more Geneva pics

We had an awesome dinner last night at Gwen's (the Sexy Beast) parents house in Orland Park. Mike, Gwen's husband, cheffed up some ridiculous steaks. The champion Prof whipped up a tomato, cuke and avocado salad and I, of course, added a regular salad to the mix.

It has been awesome staying with the Erffmeyers (Gwen's parents). They are lovely and amazing hosts. They have a beautiful home and a big screen TV upon which I am currently watching le Tour. I just watched a gnarly crash which made me think of my fallen teammate Emily (lil ducky).

The Ducky was taken out at stage 2 of Tour de Toona with a shattered humerus and separated shoulder. Massive, massive bummer. I didn't see it but as I watched the horrible crash at the Tour where Jurgen Vanden Brouk sustained the same.injury (along with a host of other riders that were seriously messed up) I wanted to throw up and cry at the same time. Luckily the Ducky is strong like a bull and will pull through like the champ she is. In the meantime we will be seriously missing our super fun, super strong teammate.

Race 2 in Homewood, IL this afternoon.
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