Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Multi sporting

Lovely trail I walked down
Vistas along the road ride out to Dryer Park
Not really. But I had a lovely ride out to Dryer Park in Victor where I met up with the August clan (minus Andy). Anne is a really good friend from back in the high school days when we got into triathlon together. We also got into racing bikes at the same time.
Now she has 3 kids and her kids all rip on bikes and skis. Anne brought a mountain bike for me to ride and some shoes. I parked the BH in her limosienna (of course she has one; hers actually has THREE racks on the back though) and then the five of us proceeded to have a ball on some super fun east coast style single track. It was totally shaded and very rooty.

I was so impressed with her kids, but given their genes its no surprise they are such mini studs. The nine year old twins also demonstrated they are the kids of racers asking me how much I rode per week and whether I had a pro license.

Good stuff.

Super ripper: 5 year-old A.J.
Owen catches air off the jump
Pump track
Bros on the pump track
Mom feed station: Anne hooks A.J. up with some shot blocks and water

August crew
All three know the value of full-fingered gloves. I need some of those!

After our ride Ann and her boys headed off to go school shopping under what Ann described would be "much more manageable" conditions after the ride. I pedalled the lovely 15 miles back to Casa Pezzulo.

Great day.
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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rides and more hang time =super fun

585 J9!
Pezz Famiglia (minus Glennbro)
Camera shy Mary
Pretty 585 riding!
Anne and I in front of Park Ave Bike Shop
Numero uno Park Aver Alejandro
Super reme fun. I ran into my dear friend Anne on a ride and a little stopby at the good ole park ave bike shop. Also, had fabulous dinner at my bro-in-law's restaurant and then a protracted evening with my sisters. And there is a J9 doppelganger in tge 585. The pic of the superxmcutey. I miss the 801 J9!!!
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This just in from the 801

The hubs sent me this photo--which was--in his words "the best homecoming present EVER!" He drove back to the 801 from CO on Sunday and was very happy to be greeted by the beer case sized basket (for my NEW townie) and these BEST EVER PETZL HEADLAMPS.


Now I need some photos of the garden (which I'm also very thankful to Mrs. Yohson-Gammon and J9 for keeping it alive)...I miss it! How will the hubs do this week? I'm envisioning coming home to a school bus sized zucchini.

Chris Thater crit and other haps here in the upstate NY

Group ride Pezzulo styles: L-R neighbor Hailey, Sophia, Mom, Izzy, Mrs. T, Prof, Soigneur Meme and  Paul
The pair that beats a full house: The Prof and Mrs. T

The Prof and I combobulated in good ole Ro-cha-cah (Rochester, NY where my parents live) to head to Binghamton for the Chris Thater Crit last Saturday. The Prof was a super champ teammate as always and helped me get 4th.

After the race on Sunday morning, the Prof and I "led" a group ride from casa Pezzulo. It was awesome. It was somewhat of a circus getting out of the house because there is always a lot of activity here. My mom, normally a spin class taker, agreed to head outside for our awesome 17 mile ride along the Erie Canal and Genessee River.

Soigneur Meme and Paolo
My mom points out notable sights to the Prof along the Genessee River (we even saw the brewery-The Coors of the East!)
High Falls
Pezzulo Falls (nice on Prof)

We had a great time on our ride under overcast Irene skies. Luckily things didn't get too crazy from Hurricane Irene here in Rochester. The skies were pretty dark and the wind was nuking but it stayed dry. It was nice to be out of the sun (after getting baked in SLC and then Aspen). Unfortunately for the pro men, their race was cancelled on Sunday because Irene was wreaking havoc. I felt fortunate that we raced Saturday and could just hang out on Sunday. In addition to the Canal, we also initiated the Prof to Bagel Land bagels...How could you ever call that abomination from Einstein's or most other places in the west a true bagel after experiencing the real deal?

Late Sunday afternoon I dropped the Prof at the Rochester airport and then headed home in time for a dinner party extravaganza with the Monsignor (My parents friend Anthony who married us in Italy) and others. My mom and my brother-in-law Jason cheffed up a killer dinner. We made a trip to the farmer's market that morning in Brighton and obtained lots of yummies including grass fed Delmonico steaks. side note--there are a million farmer's markets here. It is amazing!!!

Other than that, I've just had some really nice relaxation and hang time with my family. My nieces Isabella, Sophia and Francesca are adorable and really fun. Even when they are picking their noses.
Busted! But honestly, who DOESN'T pick their nose in the car?
Izzy erects a password protected tollgate
It has been a great trip here in the upstate NY. I will be heading to St. Louis for the Gateway Cup on Thursday. Till then, I'll be drinking coffee and chillMAXing myself to the bejesus here in the 585.

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Is it obvious we are related?

A little visit to the bakery with the neices.
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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Salt Lake, Crested Butte, Aspen, Rochester, Binghamton

Tokyo, London, Paris is so five years ago. The prof and I shot the hurricane gap with our travel and racing. We combobulated ourselves in Rochacha at my parents house. Soigneur Meme and her "assistant" Paul totally took care of the Prof and me ensuring our timely arrival to Bingamton for the Chris Thater Memorial Crit.
My mom and sister also came to cheer us on which was so great.

The race was a lot different from last year. This year came down to a field sprint. Even though the Prof crashed earlier in the race and covered all the moves, she laid it down on the last lap and helped me get in position and I ended up fourth behind Theresa Cliff-Ryan, Jo Kiesanowski and Erica Allar.
In the final laps the skies became very dark. We finished mere minutezs before the rain started.
It was so great racing with the Prof and tomorrow we are going to take her on the quintessential Roc recovery ride: CANAL PATH!

Then I get to relax in Roc with my family before heading to the Gateway Cup. Of course I'm already missing the hubs. We had a really fun last night in Boulder (the hubs is still there). Had dinner at Drewster's with Uncle Sid, Jane, yohiney, la Paquita, Shindig and the Glennbro. Super fabulous to see some peeps in the 24 hrs I was in Boulder before heading to the east coast.
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Coach K and Kat save the day

Let the games begin...Last week the hubs and I had to pack for...its like there's too much to esplain, so I will sum up (can you name the movie even though I didn't get the exact quote?)
The hubs and I had a crapload of shit to pack and think about last week when we left town for a two week trip for me, ten day trip for the hubs. To make it more interesting I was driving Daves car with all his stuff (as he had to travel for work) with the hubs driving the limosienna with all our crap plus dave's bikes.
We kicked off the weekend getting way too late of a start (since we wanted to get to Crested Butte before dark). The hubs collected Dave at the Montrose airport and I managed to find a good camp spot up Slate River Rd. However I had to enjoy the campsite from the car as it was pitch black and I had no Petzl headlamp and nothing with which to make a fire. Not a prob as I continued to listen to Like Water for Chocolate.
Eventually the Hubs and Dave arrived and we built a fire and hung out for a bit.
The next morning we woke up to Dave asking where his road bike was? I guess it wasn't enough that we only remembered his mtb.
Actually it was a serious f* up because many of the week's activities would be involving road bikes.
Anyway I got ahold of Coach K who were going to be driving to Aspen in Sunday and they agreed to bring the bike.
Let me publicly announce my eternal gratitude for that.
Saturday we met up with Dave's friends Ben and Rebecca for a short ride. That night we had dinner at camp and made a SICK fire. I have burned many things and now I can add tree stump to that list. The roots make a nice air space and then the trunk really lends a nice vertical aesthetic to the whole experience.

We couldn't come close to outlasting that fire and had to go to bed.

This morning, we headed into town to meet up with Monika who was also in CB. She and her dude Gannon met us at the coffee shop. It was so awesome to see this dear old friend. She is one of a kind and seeing her made me MISS her like crazy. But to ease the parting she did a scream laugh before she and the boys headed off to ride the 401 trail.

I had to get to Aspen as I'm doing a stage race here starting tomorrow with my team. It is so beautiful here and its a real privilege to get to compete at such an amazing venue.
Time trial up to Maroon Bells tomorrow. I am glad I could enjoy the views on the ride today because tomorrow's trip up the 7.8 mi climb promises much more suffering than sighing over the beauty.
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The Yogurt on My Pretzels

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