Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What's up buddy?

Just enjoying the flora and fauna here in the 585. Went for a straight up enjoyment only ride this morning. I also destroyed my legs on an ultra run. 2.5 miles uh huh that's right. Blistering supra (as in not sub) ten minute miles. Its so awesome how cycling fitness (to the extent I have it) transfers to nothing. Actually it crosses over nicely to sitting on the couch. In that regard I am full on cross training.
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Monday, September 26, 2011

The grand cannolli, literally

Toasting the end of the season: Moi, Liza, Prof and Mary

When my sister was little, she referred to the "grand finale" (of fireworks, the circus, whatever) as the "grand cannolli". If you have been lucky enough to experience good cannolli, you would probably agree the two are similar in sound as well as in effect.

Anyway, this past weekend was my last race in Boston at the Mayor's Cup. The race occurs largely in part due to the efforts of Olympian now Mayor's transportation advisor Nicole Freedman. Teammates Prof and Liza joined me for the culmination of our long but amazing season.

We stayed with a super cool family in Cambridgr, MA. Kate, Andy, Aubrey and Griffin treated us to wonderful hospitality and a fabulous-but-too-short experience in Beantown.
Prof ready to ride at night: note the reflective "ears" on her borrowed helmet

Rest of the Toscanini's bound crew

We arrived on Saturday and after an amazing dinner cheffed up by Kate, we headed en masse to Toscanini's, a ridiculous ice cream spot on the M.I.T. campus. The Prof and I rode bikes with Kate while the rest of the crew caught a lift in Mary's sweet ride.

The race itself was great. Such a cool course right by Quincy Market. My good bud TJ and her daughter came to cheer us on, it was so great to see her. My sister Mary also came to visit rugby friends in Boston, watch the race and give me a ride back to Rochester. Our host family Kate, Andy and Griffin also pedalled over from Cambridge to cheer and cowbell their heads off for us (AWESOME!)
Maura and TEEJ!

Me and the Prof with our most awesome-est hosts: Kate, Griffin and Andy

Prof and Liza were great teammates and in the finish I took 6th and Liza was 8th. I was somewhat disappointed and feel like I kind of let them down, but that's just how racing goes. Its certainly not a bad result in with the tussling going on in the finish I am definitely happy none of us crashed--especially Liza who gets married in a week!
Photo credit Velonews.com

Boston has been my last race of the season for the last two years, and every year I have to go to the North End for a cannolli. This year was no different. The Prof, Liza, Mary and I grabbed a bite to eat before putting the Prof in a cab for the airport. Afterward, the remaining 3 of us headed to Mike's pastry for the requisite cannolli. Now the season is officially finito.

Liza and I rode back to Cambridge and then Mary and I did the uber rally drive through the night back to Rochester. I was powered by cannolli so I was unstoppable and drove the whole way. I think I only yawned once.
Check out the cannolli selection---heaven.

Chocolate, chocolate chip and amaretto cannoli. Also pictured, Mary and Liza.
Gorgeous day in Rochester...the hubs joins the famiglia here tomorrow...Can't wait!
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Slacktational performances

I have felt pretty off the back of life lately. It has been hard to motivate to train and the mountain of dirty clothes looms along with the other "to do's".
Not that I am really complaining... more just commenting on my sub par performances of late.

HOWEVER, many good things abound for the hubs and me. We had a super fun dinner with the Yohnson-Gammons Sunday night and our garden is still rocking the squishies and pomodori.

I did my last workout of the season yesterday as I head to Boston this weekend for the Mayor's Cup. This will transition into a family visit which the hubs will join next Tuesday. The sojourn will culminate with a visit with Randypants, Janet and Kate in D.C. before we return to the 801 (more or less) for GOOD!
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Sunday, September 18, 2011


Vegas is disgusting but I had a great time with my teammates, sponsors and friends from back in the Day (Josh, Mojo, DZ and Dirty). The prof and I ended up on a mobile social where we rode down the strip. Instead of riding back up the strip we failed to realize the ride ended at a party in a non-sweet part of vegas that was very far from our hotel.

Totally worth it.
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Roadtrippin' with the Prof

I drove to Cedar City last night to rendez with the infamous prof. We are heading to Vegas for Interbike.
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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Double sessions and kool aid

Double friend session with the Woodies yesterday. They rule.We rallied over *just in time* for breakfast.  It was kinda the jerk maneuver on our part but we really missed those guys, plus if you have enjoyed the culinary arts practiced by chef Woody, you too would be willing to commit etiquette errors.

We had pre-planned dinner hangs with them so it was pretty much the super score for the hubs and me.

Also, bring on the kool aid, I got some 5 finger ridankulousness. I am a born again runner. If ten minute runs count.
Corn from the Woodies garden (my mistress garden as Mrs. Yohnson-Gammon calls is)--that I planted!
SPICY gazpacho with tomatoes, garlic jalapenos and spices from the Woody-Stiff community gardens
Cucina di Woody
Woodies with the hubs phantom hand
Blurry but still cute
So reason 1,389 that the Woodies rule: in addition to getting me a sick basket for my cruiser, Woody helped the hubs perform surgery so that the monster basket could actually go on the bike...
Cruiser surgery performed by Dr. Woody and his assistant the hubs
My cruiser has a successful surgery--the basket can now carry a cooler "safely"

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Not the race car driver, but still a stud!

Had surprise spontaneous visit from dear friend Danika yesterday. She was heading back to Ridgway after guiding in Wyoming. We didn't have much time but it was some good quality catch up. A lot of laughs in addition to some tears sharing memories of some friends that have recently passed.
Thankful to the universe for what I have, especially my friend peoples.
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Teeming from the tillage

This is pure beauty to me.

The hubs did a great job watering while I was gone. I give him a passing grade on harvesting (see monster zuke photo infra). Anyway, I am loving the garden action right now and this post is just a full garden geek-out.

Plenitful pomodori!
Sweet meat and and some other kind of winter squash
Is there a little league team I could donate these to?

Back 40

Winter squash vine...Its ALIVE and trying to take over the garage.

Ciao fennel seeds! Can't wait to bring you to my next biscotti party!

Frankenvines of spaghetti squash

Traffic jam in the back 40

Kale growing in hay bales


Profumatico basil!

More profumo from the rosemary

Sage making a comeback
Who says you can't have veggies in the front yard? Not this clandestine tomato plant hiding amongst the salvia and asters.
This sunflower wants to go play with his friends. Sorry buddy.

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Now where was I?

This just in...one tired, bedraggled happy-to-be home camper.

This past weekend, I headed to St. Louis for the Gateway Cup. I had a great time catching up with teammates and hosts-now-friend Dana and Jerry.

La Lizard and I stayed with new friend-hosts Vanessa and Aaron at their awesome abode in University City. Had a great time hearing about this enduro power couple's adventures (Iditarod on bike in February!). They treated us fabulously and even hosted a super delish-y dinner on Saturday night.
La Lizard

Super guest rider demonstrates her aptitude at holding her spot whether in the pack or on the street (for the Prof to park)
Le Boss and her hubby Doug

The Prof, Jenna, Muffin and super guest rider Jackie stayed with Dana and Jerry while the Boss was at a hotel and the Sexy Beast stayed with some friends.

La Lizard as frequently seen on phone
Jenna and the Boss at post dinner fro yo
Bee whisperer Dana administers a controlled bee sting to La Lizard. Apparently this is a real thing
Prof makes coffee while Dana continues to do Apitherapy
La Lizard recuperates on the couch while Maggie checks up on her.

So the racing was ok. Not great. Not bad. We had some misfortune (me flatting day 1) and some during race miscommunicating...but we helped the Prof take 3rd in the field sprint on the last day. Everyone rode well but we just didn't quite finish it off. But I was super happy with how all my teammates rode and we definitely enjoyed ourselves.
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