Monday, October 31, 2011

Just another Sunday ride

The sign on this headless rider really makes the whole costume
A little background roofraisin' by il Justino

We had a decent weekend here in the 801. The hubs and I rode the boreline on Saturday and then had dins with some of our fave friends il Justino, Sil and (before bedtime) Nolan. Though the Hubs was still oozing High West the next morning, we congregated for a mini group ride from Cafe on 1st (my new favorite group ride) with a stopby at the Halloween 'cross race. We had the hubs, moi, Superfit, Wade, il Justino and Newberry rappresantin'...

Of course it was awesome seeing the costumes and getting to visit with Coach K (she took 2nd in spite of a big crash), PB, Joanna, Clem and T-Swift (handing out the ribbons ad the waffles-yeah!). I believe I much prefer spectating 'cross to racing.


Elder 'crosser

Prisonworker Todd
Wonder Jem

FIXSTER!!! People were throwing stuff at him. He ruled.

Serious chicken
He doesn't even need explaining
Love the Ladybug

For the enjoyment oriented cyclist, we will be meeting at Cafe on 1st at 10:30 for a 2-4 hour ride on Sundays. No D-bags allowed. No blowhardy hammer sessions (minimal hammering may be tolerated in certain circumstances, but then there must be regrouping).

Wade, Newberry (aka Johann), the Hubs and il Justino

We capped off the weekend with a splendid dinner with the Jowegawas and Newberry. I finally managed an ok risotto (what can I say, I'm a southern Italian, not northern) with squash from my garden and some ratatouille. Great night with those kids.

Turns out I didn't even need my Princess Leah costume for jury duty as I didn't make the cut this morning. *Luckily* there is a high likelihood of being called again since it is a 3 month term.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


A smalll number of the bushel of apples from awesome neighbors Deb and Greg
While the general malaise still continues (get over it why don't you?)... The garden did a final bike toss at the line and churned out some last minute goodness. Things have pretty much wound down...but prior to last night's hard freeze, I swooped in to salvage what I could...Eggplant, zucchini, some winter squash and a ton of green tomatoes and fennel seeds...

Thanks to the bounty of friends and neighbors, we received a sh*% ton of apples (AWESOME) and the fruits of Mrs. Jowegawa's canning efforts.

Fennel seeds drying...Garmin monitors their average drying rate
The slugs and mother f***er aphids tried to show the eggplants who was boss but I still managed to rescue some

Jowegawa jams, more toast please
Sweet meant, spaghetti and one acorn squashies

Last vestiges of the garden; garlic planted all along the fence for 2012 harvest; some "modified" cold frames along the brown fence...we'll see...
It is COLD here in the 801. Super crisp and blue skies...feeling on the precipice of winter.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Off the radar in blogging and life

Well, my blogging has been off the radar but not because I don't have anything to say...rather it has been due to some technical difficulties. So I had some sweet super amazing posts (Newberry bday ride, superfun mtb ride with Superfit)...But then my super high tech machine for posting photos with posts (my phone) went on strike. So here is a boring post with no pictures. Sorry Beth!

Interestingly enough, my life began to imitate art (allow me to call my blog "art" for purposes of the analogy)...The lack of posting sort of lead to a lack of luster in my own life. Have been feeling blah and then I spent the better part of the weekend pretty sick. This time instead of the go to sars ebola I usually get, I found myself in more of a consumptive state, with a fever and everything. On the way out we got to have a sweet dinner with Joanna and Clem (risotto!). But I still have felt like a million pesos and sleeping van winkle-ian slumbers with upsetting dreams.

And I have jury duty starting next week with all the other winners. That's right, exactly when I am supposed to go back to work full time.

Ah well so I am not winning life right now...but there are still highlights amidst the doldrums. I'm still getting tomatoes and zucchinis and I planted some seeds in a very modified cold frame...
Thanks for reading and hope everyone is not so sub par right now.
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Sunday, October 16, 2011

A little dirt and other entertainment

Some fun was had here in the 801 the past few days. I rode with supahstahs superfit and Ms. Swift on Thursday. Total blast catching up with these two studettes in spite of a standoff with some turkeys.

On Friday, Superfit convinced me to do a Masters swim workout at Steiner. Though we were on opposite ends of the pool (she in the fastest rockstar lane, me in tge slowest lane), I really enjoyed it and was super psyched she convinced me to go.

Friday evening, a group of peeps came over to test out an awesome game that Mel's friends are "launching" soon. I think that is all the nondisclosure agreement permits me to reveal. It was hilarious and I heard some great stories from the other "testers", Laura, Rodney, Lizzie, Woody, Mr. Jowegawa and Angela. (Accordion lessons!!!)
We feasted on Settebello pizzas along with a Pezzulo salad (tomatoes from the giardino). The DBs also did a little post-sushi stopby and it was great to see them. As they do, one bottle of vino led to another and it ended up being a late night with the hubs, Woody, Mel and me closing out the evening.

Despite the fog we woke up in this morning the hubs and I rallied up to Park City to ride with Hero Wade and Woody. Superfit joined us for the first part of the ride too which (as always with her) was a blast. It was super beautiful up there. We had some snowy parts but the weather was perfect! A little mishap (me missing a turn) still didn't put a damper on the fun.

The hubs and I sort of forgot our 4th wedding anniversary on Friday until my Mom reminded us. We were going to try to celebrate today but we just ended up eating cookies my mom sent. They were delicious though. The 4th year is apparently supposed to be linens...but i think enjoyed the cookies more. We also got two huge bags of apples from our neighbors Deb and Greg (not that they knew it was our anniversary, they just harvested a surplus from their tree). Those were also more exciting than linens. I am planning to apple brown betty myself to the bejesus.

Hope everyone is enjoying fall wherever you are!
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Monday, October 10, 2011

Tri'ing new things

We are enjoying fall here in the 801... The rents di hubs also did a stop which was nice.

I spontaneously entered a baby sprint triathlon Saturday. I had awesome co-worker Hurst joining me for his first ever tri while it was more a born again experience for me (I did triathlons for two years when I was 18 and 19).

It was a 400m pool swim followed by a 12.4. Mi bike and 5k run. The swim and the bike were fine...I was nervous about the run with my pissed off achilles (took the week off of running). I finished the run but I definitely felt the achilles the whole time. Of course the 5k was my new max distance too (previous "long run" being a huge 2.5 miles; I know I'm practically an episode of Biggest Loser).

It was a staggered start and I put myself somewhere in about the top half of people. As a result I didn't really know where I was in relation to the other women. I felt good on the bike and was passing a lot of people (they all said good job when I was passing--- love the low key tri scene!)

After the bike the party was Oh-VER. The run just felt wrong in every way. As I pondered the ache in my Achilles and whether the tri shorts I was wearing were simultaneously causing camel toe and muffin top (apologies to my sensitive readers), I *tried* to think about standing tall and pulling back the ground. Running is hard and real runners are a different breed. Props to you crazies. As I fought a physical and mental battle, two lithe ladies bounded past (note: definitely no ct or mt for these ripped chicks). They still gave me the "good job" as they crushed me.

I focused in on a guy in a red cotton tee shirt ahead of me. Yes, that's right cotton. Check your roadie snobbishness at the transition area bitches! Even better was the fact that said cotton apparel was emblazoned with a "mcAwesome".
As I closed in for "the kill", I saw the number on this guy's leg identifying said compatriot in suffering's age: 15. We ran together for the last mile and as I said "good job" I marvelled at how I could be this kid's mother. Still not sure whether this is a good or bad thing for me, but I gave the red-shirted adolescent many high-fives at the finish. Total stud.

The two women that passed me (Jamie and Carly--gotta get these girls to try road racing!) chatted with me at the finish. What a friendly scene! After cheering on Hurst at the finish, I found out that I had won! Despite time I lost on the run, I had enough time on the bike to win by just 35 seconds! I was totally psyched.

In other "firsts", the hubs, his parents and I took our maiden voyages to Ikea. Oh. My. Ridiculous. As Erin would say there is a fine line between ridiculous and awesome and Ikea is for sure somewhere along that line. We spent 5 hours there and walked out with a bunch of stuff and ideas for our upcoming home improvements.

And finally I could understand why Home Fry makes trips to the 801 from the 'Way to go to Ikea under the guise of visiting friends. Now I know the real reason.
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More awesomeness and champagne with the Woodies

Holy sharkfarts in addition to having the f word greatest friends, I have the f word greatest coworkers. First day back at work and I was met with some totally sweet fanfare to close out my season (especially amazing given all the time and energy directed towards racing left only part of me for working). One coworker in particular(Tippetts) has worked with me long enough to just completely nail it with some of my fave lines across time (see balloon inscriptions supra--the "Performance" balloon is not pictured. Another coworker, we will call him eminem (initials "MM") is like my brother from anothah muthah. Eminem as my nonblood bro inscribed some hilarical balloons of his own (I believe he gets credit for the "cycling sucks..." balloon). Of course my most awesome-est boss j to the izaich, nailed it with the HTFU balloon. Everyone wrote awesome notes on my poster...I am pretty dern lucky to work with these nutjobs.

So while the day started shitty (sad down in the dumps), and actually improved with going to work (fab talks with G and J)...It took a turn towards awesome when the hubs and I capped the night with champagne with the Woodies.

For all that the 801 can give me some serious tight buttcheek annoyance, I have a pretty awesome friend and work scene here. It takes a village...
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Monday, October 3, 2011

No. Way.

Best welcome home ever. Some end of season fanfare from my awesome 801 peeps.
Some. Tears.

I heart you guys.

And I'm not taking it down for some time either. Sweetest touch --in the team colors.
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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rain in Rochester and RANDYPANTS

The hubs arrived in Rochester on Tuesday. We had an awesome visit with my fam and some extremely soggy (but fun) rides.

Like an idiot I got overly excited about running and injured my achilles. Pathetically, that meant a huge increase in miles from 1.5 to 2.5.
Anyway, after a fun ride with Park Ave Anne and Andy, we had lunch with my fam (and the crazy nieces) before hitting the road to visit Randypants!

Our longtime friend and former roommate Randy lives in DC (actually Potomac, MD) with his lovely wife and super cutey daughter Kate. They have a ridiculously awesome living situation. They live in a house within a 40 acre park which abuts a National Park with tons if trails. I tested out the Achilles on a very short trail run (it still hurts) and then the hubs and I went on another soggy ride along the potomac. Randypants and little Kate came out and met us for a few miles (pants running, kate en stroller). We froze on the way home but it was worth it.
Pants cheffed up some pizzas a la cast iron skillet styles and Kate enjoyed some newly introduced into her diet apples (and other jar food items).

Seems like being a baby is like being a pro athlete and being a mom is like being an uber soigneur. (See photos above of Kate resting while Janet mixes bottles for the day).

Great last night with these awesome peeps. Back to the 801 tomorrow. Psyched for some off season 801 peeps hang times. I am in need!
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