Thursday, December 27, 2012

Festivus in the 801

Next year we will get a real tree--Thanks to Nonna for the presents!
Much joy and happiness has been abounding as it has been dumping snow here in the 801.  The Dman went for his first ski (thanks to our awesome Chariot pressie from Gramma and Grampa!). We made it about 30 minutes up the Millcreek road before things went south. We are definitely looking forward to more snow activities with the little dude.

On the presents front--Drewster gave us the Cooks Illustrated Science of Good Cooking. Yes total nerdiness but so awesome. Woody leafed through a few pages and declared the tome must be added to his culinary library. The book is great but the super awesome gift from Uncle Drewster was cooking Xmas dinner for a crew of 12. All I had to do was make rice and salad. Taking on the work and stress of cooking dinner was a fantabulous gift! All that on top of cleaning the whole 1st floor before the guests came over (after a big day of Xmas skiing at Alta).

The Woodies and J9's cousins came over for xmas dinner. 17-year-old Ethan and 11-year-old Piper were total champs and there was much cross examination of both kids and parents (The Hubs and I are always curious to get tips on how to make good kids).  The Jowegawas made it too. While we definitely missed our family--it was so great to do Dman's first Christmas in the 801 with some of our most favorite-est peeps in the 801, the Boulder Uncles--and our new friends from Seattle.

We went total Italian styles---using every available table (including a laundry table) and chair (including the piano bench) to just accomodate as many people and as much food as possible.
J9 serving it up
Tom Jow, and Seattle cousins Piper, Eric and Michelle
The day after Christmas I went on my first ski tour in 2 years! What a shit show. Dave and Drew basically took care of all my details and Dave even drove up the canyon. Woody was actually patient and Tom Jow picked a great spot to ski. I was dreading going--nervous about my knee--nervous about being slow--feeling crappy and tired...But once we were skinning I was brimming with pure psyched-ness to be out.  I really wanted to document the occasion (As Erin says--if there are no photos blogged--it didn't happen), but it was all I could do to keep myself together.  And it was one of those times where I was just happy to be in the moment and that was enough.

It was a blast to make some turns and in true hero form Drewster peeled off early with me.  In addition, there is always the "will I remember how to even ski?" factor (which sentiment was articulated by my friend Shannon--and so resonant) but even that ended up ok too.

Hope everyone had a great Chanumasivuszaa and here's to the WELCOME RETURN OF WINTER!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

All we want for Christmas...

All we want for Christmas are more visitors!!


Dman has been loving the recent spate of visitation.

 Aunt Lizzie stopped over to give the Dman a candy cane (striped hat) and then Uncles Drewster and Davebro flew in from CO for the hollydaze.

Thanks for the candy cane hat Aunt Lizzie

A little Sloaners time too!

Sloaners forgot her hat so Dman gave her one to borrow so our awesome nanny could take them for a walk

I f'ed up my knee (riding hard in the cold plus lunges with "too much" weight?). Who knows. It woke me up in the middle of the night and I was super bummed. Drowned my sorrows with vino and baked goods but turns out those don't help very much. After a great massage yesterday and a little flat spin (plus an inspirational read from Coach K--great timing), I'm putting the*last cookie* back in the box and getting my head back in the game.

Dman and Uncle Drewster--Dman sporting his Boulder T-shirt (thanks Tetons!) in honor of our Bubble guests

Dman "pilots" his exersaucer

Holy Hubs resemblance!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

From the annals...

The Hubs' parents provided us with a stack of "important documents" when we visited NM for Thanksgiving. I guess they got tired of keeping their 40 year old son's birth certificate, understandable.

Anyway, the Hubs finally went through the stack and took some serious trips down memory lane (his parents saved so much stuff like report cards and 1st communion certificates).

Hey, Hotdog called! For the fans, you will see the modern day Bros Lawrence ripping it up at Alta next week!

The item I was compelled to share is as follows--I know there are those of you who will find it...illuminating:

"A Skier"
By Steve Lawrence, Age 15

One season only is the one he loves
A winter making peaks as white as doves
He prays to God for snow religiously
Because the purpose of his life is to ski
A hat and goggles shield him from the cold
A coat he has with colors that are bold
The skis and poles and boots are cusstom made
Outrageous are the prices he has paid
A connoiseur of slopes he has become
Sierra, Alps, the Rockies are just some
He conquers mountains with greatest ease
But sometimes runs the risk of hitting trees
And high off moguls, bumps and jumps he flies
It's quite amazing that he never dies
When normal people judge and call him crazy
He things about the claim and says "Well Maybe."


Monday, December 17, 2012

Pumping post predominantly pictures

Limitations at least allow for alliteration.
(Peppermint bark if you know what the hell I'm talking about)

Dman and future shred buddy Maxwell

Perusing the candles at Golden Braid

Skyping with Gramma and Grampa

Helping mom with strength workout
In between planks

En route to Hubs' work xmas party thanks to Auntie J9 for babysitting

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sponsorship opportunity: Psychic needed

First of all, Cookies to Zia Meme for guessing Richie--I guess I left a bit of a hint; but my Mom guessed CJ. Glad peeps enjoyed the article. "Knitting on a rollercoaster" about sums up my life these days.

Talking about which...I had a sort of emotional/stressful morning at work on Thursday...without getting into all the details--I had to pump in the car with 2 co-workers in the front seat; they were super cool about it and they are awesome people (weeps status for sure)...But that on top of some unpleasantness sort of had me worked over by the time I got back to the 801...I was supposed to do a workout in a 2 hour window before picking up the Dman and I also had the Hubs' work Xmas party that night.

Came home exhausted and totally not into it (if a co-worker reads this--please don't judge my pathetic-ness)...Downed a huge coffee, 2.5 bowls of cereal (naughty kind--not muesli); there were some baked goods consumed...Pretty disgusting. Sometimes this behavior can at least light a self-loathing fire to at a minimum get me out the door and push hard in the workout.
Not that day.
Feelings of wanting to barf, cry and lie down on the side of the road and sleep simply overcame me at about Emigration Market (less than a mile from my house). Banged a U-ey and headed home where I was able to remove my shammy before falling into bed and having the MOST VIVID DREAM about my all my teeth falling out. I even recall getting a glass of milk in my dream to put the teeth in--probably some internet baby health thing filtering through my subconscious.

Anyway, I slept hard and the regained consciousness to pick up Dman and to get ready for the Hubs' Xmas party which was at a fancy country club in Park City.

My "internet search engine" psychic (and super awesome friend and Auntie J9 who came over to watch Dman) informs me that this dream represents a myriad of things that tend to all root in serious anxiety.

No shit.

Anyone having anything more interesting to offer--or knowing of a psyched interested in sponsoring an overweight mom getting ready to launch a serious comeback into the bike racing world--please share.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Needed this

This article was so needed today. Box of Trader Joe's (we have one now!) cookies to anyone that can guess who sent this to me.

You'll never guess because
A) It wasn't a woman and
2) It wasn't a mom

Richie: You are one of the good ones.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cousins-Nonna-Auntie weekend

Aunt Mary!
Dman's awesome cousins came from New York with two of my sisters and my mom. Dman totally dug all the commotion (or as our nanny put it when she stopped over--the tornado that blew through our house).

Breakfast time with Nonna, Izzy and Sophia

Cousin dogpile (Dman models his new awesome onesie from the QB)
Sophia, Auntie Marge and Dman at Tracy Aviary

Sad after everyone left (and sad at how  I look 100 years old)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Weekend haps

We took the Dman for a little hike this weekend and we also checked out the new Trader Joe's. Dman was trying to look for the missing booze aisle . It was weird to be able to buy perishabless (as our goods usually have to survive a long road trip).

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ridgway fashion

We have had a pretty good week here in the 801. Dman is adjusting back to life here and my brain is finally (albeit slooowly) turning on for work mode. There was some stress over my having to wear a suit but it ended up being a Christmas miracle and it fit.

Dman was digging his custom onesie thanks to his Ridgway aunties Monke and Anglia.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The open road appears to agree with the Dman

Dman and his Prababcha (Ukrainian Great Gramma)

We are back from our southwestern Thanksgiving odyssey. We covered some ground...We spent Thanksgiving in Los Alamos, NM (where the Hubs is from). Davebro and his GF Alisha came down from Boulder along with Tia Chris. All got to meet the Dman for the first time. Pics to follow hopefully soon once they are retrieved from the Hubs' camera.

Dman was a superstar road tripper. Even though we drove through several states, his fave place to detonate his diaper was southwest Colorado (Mancos on the way down, Pagosa Springs on the way back). We gave him bottles (of breastmilk and formula) and I pumped so there was no stopping for feeding. Diaper changes gave the Dman (and us) a chance to stretch our legs. Its an awesome drive so there are lots of great places to stop.

Dman and the Hubs logging a little coffee shop time in Durango

The Dman was showered with lots of attention in New Mexico. It was great. Amazingly, he slept through most nights (thanks to the real crib Gramma and Grampa!). Tia Jane watched the Dman so the Hubs and I got to ride with Davebro and Alisha (haven't done that in a while). On actual Thanksgiving we did a sweet hike out Deer Trap Mesa. Since the Hubs hurt his back, I carried the Dman in the ergo. He totally dug the piercing blue skies, washed-out red of the rocks and brown green of the conifers.

Tia Jane had volunteered to cook a turkey--but it seemed wrong to have a veg-head cook a turkey (especially since we got our turkey fill when Nonna came to visit)--so we made Thanksgiving tamales after the hike! It was a total process but it more or less worked and was a really fun thing to do with Tia Jane and Sid. Grampa George, Davebro and Tia Chris came over to help with assembly. Dman was super strung out on account of a unflappable anti-nap campaign--but he zonked out before we even sat down to dinner and several glasses of vino (and perhaps some scotch) were enjoyed. We had lots of yumminess including pies baked by Alisha.

On Saturday we headed home with a stop in Ridgway, CO to see the peeps. We stayed at my old house with Homefry (who cheffed up a ridankulous French-inspired feast). Debby and Kinsey, MonkE and Anglia and Danika and her new SO came over and showered the Dman with some more attention and custom onesies.

The next morning we had breakfast with my old boss Andy and his family. The Hubs watched the Dman and I got to go for a quick ride with Debby, Kinsey and Homefry. They all took it easy on me and it was amazing to absorb some of that San Juan goodness.

On the way home from Ridgway, I asked the Hubs to rate our trip and this is how we responded:
"A+ for Dman; We started out good, horrible middle, good ending. So about normal--actually better than normal because our road trips usually start out bad." (The Hubs and I had a big blowout the day after Thanksgiving on a ride. Coach K saw the file and asked if I went for a run that day on account of 6 miles being traveled over and hour and a half).

So there it is.

We are getting back into the swing of things here in the 801. The laundry and dishes pile and I race around late for everything and totally frazzled.

Dman is adjusting pretty well even though he is not sleeping as well at night as he was on vacation. Oh well. He was happy to see his daycare bud Sloaners yesterday.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Not to jinx it buuuut .....

Dman is rocking this road trip to New Mexico. He had us up and out the door of our hotel in Moab by 6 am. It worked out great for us to meet his Zia Meredith--who took time out of her crazy busy executive day--for coffee in Durango late morning. She called him her "swarthy muffin".

Aside from a massive pooh blowout in Mancos it has been awesome SO FAR.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Not a great packing strategy

Holy hell traveling with the Dman...Take the typical circus of the hubs and I trying to leave town and multiply by a million. Thank god we have the limosienna, it's the only way to fit all his crap! He's a professional cycling team of 8 rolled into 15 lbs of baby bear. Its astounding.

To add to the adrenaline, instead of packing yesterday our brief stopby at the Woodies morphed into a several hour extravaganza . And people kept showing up! Coach, Lauren, mini, Kat....and the drinks kept getting poured.

Before Dman eventually zonked out, he enjoyed some light reading with Uncle Nubrie. Super fun time even though it was the shit show circus trying to leave town...

Monday, November 12, 2012

Nonna visits!

Uncle Glennbro and the Dman

Nonna came to visit this weekend.  Uncle Glennbro also flew in for his first Dman meetup. My mom cheffed up an early Thanksgiving, did some serious bonding with the Dman and cleaned our house and did all our laundry.

Dman oversees the kitchen activities

She was also here for the Dman's first "solid" food: organic rice cereal. That was awesome (there better not be any haters out there judging me for doing solid food at 4 months--hate the game--my shitty ass milk supply--not the player).

Nonna lands some airplanes
Goodnight Moon (I prefer "Go the F&^% to Sleep")

Nonna ran interference on some Dman blowouts too (blowout not pictured)

Glennbro and I downward dogged on Friday afternoon because that's how these sibs roll...Glennbro has become a SERIOUS yogi--it was super cool to be a major weakling in his presence. Sure he's super strong and can do crazy poses--but he has totally GOTTEN IT because the thing I was most impressed by was his ability to FLOAT his from downward dog to the top of the mat. Float like a butterfly! I was a mess in this core class and was finding myself having very un-yogi feelings toward the instructor ("you can do it even if you think you can't!") It was in the style of "L.A. styles drop and give me 20" yoga (copyright Erin).  BUT, the journey of 1000 miles...right?

We also got a big snowstorm here in the 801. Pretty sweet.  On Saturday, Nonna hung with the Dman while the Hubs, Glennbro and I did a spin class at the new Ride On studio. I was not super into the class--having hope that it would actually be a cycling workout and not an aerobics class on a bike. In spite of the class falling firmly in the category of the LATTER, it was still fun to exchange snarky looks with the Hubs.  "You would SOOOO never do this on a bike!"
Wonder why cyclists have such d-bag reputations? 

Nonna cheffed up an amazing Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday night too. We had early Thanksgiving and then the Jowegawas and a high-on-life Woody came over for some after dinner drinks and hang time. Oh and amazing, yummy treats that my mom cheffed up. In between cooking a turkey, watching the Dman and cleaning our house.

Woody had a great day of skiing in Little Cottonwood Canyon and J9 was out of town so we got a RAUCOUS but happy Woody. It was pretty awesome because we now know the Dman can sleep through some serious decibels.

On Sunday we did a sweet walk in snowy City Creek. Dman snoozed for almost the whole time in the Ergo all snuggled in the Hubs' down jacket.

It was a great weekend.
The Red Baron flies again!
Peruvian sweater courtesy of Auntie J9

The Yogurt on My Pretzels

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