Monday, January 30, 2012

In line popcorn as opposed to movie popcorn


Hit up the Sundance scene both days this weekend.  Saturday night's "Something for Nothing: The Art of Rap" completely RULED! Even though Ice-T didn't show, the director and producer were there afterward to answer questions which was awesome. Ice-T interviewed a bunch of different old school rappers about the craft and their perspectives and even their own inspirations as rappers. They had so many heavy hitters. I was *slightly* disappointed that the Beastie Boys weren't interviewed. I know it wasn't a cracker thing because they interviewed Eminem. Someone surmised that maybe they were too recent. I don't know...that was my only criticism though. The movie was up at Sundance itself which was a super cool venue. Fun to see a movie with the f-word every other sentence right smack in the middle of Utah County (home of BYU). I don't think too many Provo-ans were in attendance...

Sunday, the hubs joined in the viewing pleasure for "Predisposed" which was decent. I wanted to see this one because Tracy Morgan (Tracy Jordan from 30 Rock) was in it. Cool thing about this movie was that it was at the Tower (a mere 2 seconds from our house). Love getting to do Sundance without ever venturing into Park City.

So one of Garfield's favorite new things is popcorn...but because there is little control once I start consuming the popcorn, I have to make my own so I don't completely clog my arteries with the butter-salty movie kind...The Sundance movies always involve standing in line for at least 30 minutes, so I wised up for yesterday's movie and brought both in line popcorn (for the line standing segment of the afternoon and movie popcorn (consumed before the movie actually started...but done so while I was actually in my seat). Don't judge.

Primal Utah gals: Laura, her twin PB and SUPERFIT

After the movie yesterday, I went to a Primal Utah team meeting and clothing try on. Bring on the 2XL kits, yeah! This awesome women's team is my former regional team here in the 801. There are a bunch of stellar chicks and I'm looking forward to being involved in a support role. And they are hiring! They are looking for cool, fun girls who like to ride and are interested in racing of any variety (mtb, tri's, road, cross--all disciplines welcome, all LEVELS welcome).

More Primal Utah chicks: Z and Joanna

Woody's masterpiece theatre on a plate: grilled fennel, eggplant, pasta with 'shrooms and chives and pork tenderloin

After the meeting, I went for 2nd dinner at the Woodies...Woody cheffed up an AMAZING feast...Even though J9 headed off to bed, Garfield stretched out in front of the fire while Woody and Steve polished off the last bottle of vino and talked smack. Fun times.

J9, the Hubs and Woody toasting the end of Sundance and final arrival of winter

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Coach K and Coach K jr in the 801

Coach K, Landry and Moi

Coach K and her super studette daughter Landry came to the 801 from the spud state for a big swim meet.  I rolled into the pool from yoga just as Landry was winning her heat in the 500m freestyle. Even though she smoked that heat, she was pretty disappointed with her time (not fast enough to qualify for regionals.) Coach K told me that overall the meet didn't go so great for Landry--but in Landry's words "I didn't cry" at her disappointing performance. More than I can say for myself when I've fallen short of my own expectations.

I had a great time catching up with Coach K (2nd at Master's Cross Worlds) on various things.

In other news, I had some unwelcome info from my midwife based on my last ultrasound...The alien (or more accurately, the placenta) is positioned really low and so I have to hold off exercise for 4-6 weeks to see if things can move themselves on up in the world of my uterus. Slightly freaky and scary, but the hubs and I are taking it in stride...I think I just got a SMALL taste of the world of worry that awaits us in actual Parenthood. Anyway, no more pre 5k puking (or running at all), skiing or anything fun. OK its not that bad...I can walk and do yoga. And swim--not that a bathing suit sounds super appealing right now (at least in a public forum). It means I have to miss out on Davebro's hut trip (which I was REALLY looking forward to), but all these things are trivial if it means that things with the alien will be ok. Heart in throat. And breathe.

All this means the at-rest Garfield gets to do other fun (non active, non jarring) activities...For example, I'm heading to Sundance (with J9 of course) to see "Something for Nothing: The Art of Rap." Butterflies of excitement and anticipation!! Time to let my inner gangster out. Dust off the gold "TiffPower" bling necklace and matching four-finger rings and just pray to god that Ice-T himself will be there.
I can't wait.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Getting my culture on

Have been Sundance-ing it up thanks to Woody being a d-bag (that is an ironic inside joke)...I have been able to benefit from Woody vacating some of his sundance tix procured by J9.
Tonight we saw 2 great films. One was about disabled skiers and one was about dyslexia (one in five people have it!). Both were inspiring and well done. The hubs and Caterina joined in the viewing experience. Lucky to have a ticket-getting friend. Thanks J9!

J9 and Caterina

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The more you learn, the stupider you feel

Life has been full on in the 801... We have had some house drama but to sum up, just when we decided to bite the bullet and take it in the shorts doing a big remodel on our place (by which I mean paying our Jerry Garcia contractor to do it), our dishwasher exploded with water gushing across the kitchen floor. Wasn't intending to replace that, but...let the modern day money pit begin. Someone *might* just fall through a floor.
The hubs gets his man on trying to locate the source of the his jammies. Does anyone have some tape? Because he is ripped!

On a more germane subject...winter finally came to the 801. This was timed perfectly with an avalanche class mel and I were taking with Utah Avalanche Center forecaster Evelyn Lees. The course was great and we learned a ton...but it makes me realize there is so much more I need to learn/practice. Renewed respect for le montagne for sure.

Forecaster Evelyn Lees gives us the fun down on the full on gnar snowpack.

Re-skinning (that's Garfield in the brown pants with the zebra skins)

Skinning pictures make me happy...
On Sunday the Hubs and I skied at Solitude with Kat and Matt. We had a super fun day and 3 hours was enough to cripple me.
We capped things off celebrating lizzies bday at Lugano with J9, Evan and Amanda and le Wizard (mystery stud!)
As far as life in Garfield land, every day is a new set of inane things to have road rage/despair over. I finally feel like the alien had lessened his grip on my gag reflex but if anyone puts goat cheese, tomatoes or coffee anywhere near me wear a hockey mask because I will punch you in the face. Anyone bearing any sort of cured pork product is my new best friend. One mention of listeriosis and put your hockey mask back on. Besides you can get that shit from canteloupe.
All in all things are improved but I still have not achieved any sort of glowing yet.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Garfield's fun in the sun comes to an end

One last great ride yesterday (with TWO stops at the La Quinta coffee shop) followed by dinner with my parents and a partial Rubin clan. Sad to leave...but hopeful for another trip out here soon.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Getting the bands back together

Garfield has been enjoying some sun.  and relaxation here in the desert. The trip is slightly marred by the hubs' absence (due to last minute work issues) but I'm managing.

My parents good friends from law school--the Rubins--are out here for the winter so that band has been enjoying a reunion tour.

I had a slight downturn in feeling like crapola yesterday but managed to rally for an afternoon spin and then happy hour at Mama Gina's with my 'rents and the Rubins. I got a lot of valuable parenting advice such as how difficult labor and delivery is for fathers (Harry). 

This morning I met up with Twila, Lori and Velo Bum for one of my favorite rides out to the fish hatchery. So "My favorite desert peeps" band also enjoyed a reunion tour. Velo Bum ended up peacing out early--most likely due to the estro factor.

The ride to the fish hatchery is awesome but slightly epic (at least if you are Garfield). Its basically a 30 mile ride to the base of a sweet climb. Twila and Lori were champs not only pulling me the whole time, but being cool about my need to stop every hour for pee stops or food. The only way I can ride over an hour is if I treat it like an MS150 and hit a rest stop every 10-15 miles. They were even cool with me stopping at the gas station on hwy 111 (yeah the one you hit on the way BACK) in the way out and patiently waiting for me to eat a bag of chips and drink a vitamin water (not a small bag either). They were nice enough to say things like "I don't need to ride any faster than this" even though the pace was painfully slow for them. Those are some good friends.
It was really pretty at the top and we ran into their friend dean who joined us for the ride back into town. Even though I am completely pathetic on the bike, it was so awesome to do such a sweet ride with good friends. Instead of obsessing about sucking I am just so grateful I was able to just FINISH the ride without needing to hurl the whole time. Success is relative and I rate today as a smashing one for me...

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Garfield puts in the big miles

I could barely walk today after my blistering sub 30 minute 5k but I rallied to build up my bike to meet up with Twila and Brad for a ride this morning.

I had to suck some major wheel but Brad makes a good sled dog. Note to self: when out of shape be sure to bring credit card--it ensures you won't get dropped until after the coffee shop stop.
Garfield says the weather was purrrrfect. Awesome convos and it was so so great to ride in shorts!!

Garfield runs a 5k; Johnny G is my hero

I had an awesome time in the OC disorder. We got up (way too early) on Saturday morning for a 5k (for me) and half marathon (for Johnny G). I took one of Jen's vitamins before leaving. As we were driving to the race things suddenly started to feel horrible.

While rolling down the car window I asked Jen if she ever had any upset stomach after taking her multi vitamin. Before she could respnd with a "no,  sometimes a little with an iron pill" I was barfing exorcist styles out the car window.

As I rolled the window back up there was silence. Then,
Jen: did we just have a vitamin throw up?
Johnny G: so are we talking cold sweats or hot sweats?

In my second best boot-and-rally (1st place is from a sorority formal involving a bad date and too much sangria), I managed to pull it together to run the 5 k in under 30 minutes. Yeah that's right who's born to run? Garfield is, that's who.

Even more exciting was watching Johnny G smash his half marathon PR (1:11.25!!!) and round out the podium for 5th place in a very big field.

I had a blast meeting Johnny G and Jen's running peeps while enjoying a surfeit of post run bagels and hansens sodas.

After showering up, Johnny G and I headed to the Desert where we did some hangtime with Johnny G'a 'rents (Minnesooootans aka the nicest people ever) while waiting for my parents to arrive. For his post race recovery Johnny G partook of a mini keg sized beer in the hot tub. I took notes.

Great times and a great OC disorder kickoff for the trip.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Congratulations Coach K and Garfield is goin back to Cali

Coach K rocked it at Masters cross Nationals yesterday in Madison in a total nail biter finish with Catherine Wahlberg. Give it up for the 4-peat YEAH!!!

In other good notizie, I am in the OCdisorder. Awesome dinner with Johnny G, Thumps, and O2 Craig. Tomorrow Johnny G is ripping up a half marathon and I'm going to do a 5k "just to finish". Garfield looks hot in running attire let me tell you

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Garfield Diaries...and so it begins...

Thanks for all for the on and off line comments about our prego status.  I don't know maybe its weird to talk about on a blog? But I really feel like like a plethora of blogging material has fallen into my quickly disappearing lap...I'm not talking miracle of life stuff, I'm talking aliens have invaded my body and turned me into Garfield.

That's right, half-lidded with a protrusion that starts below my neck and continues to who knows how far down...And its not so much a cute bump as it is a full circumferential thickening. But hey,Those aren't just off-season pounds, bitches!

And lots of laying around in a lasagna pan.

If you thought I had a short temper before?

Monday, January 2, 2012

And some more news...

Was trying to think of a way to blog-announce a certain major life change the hubs and I are about to have...but I will just ride the coattails of this artful and awesome rendition of our announcement by cugina/zia-to-be Cassiope...Thanks cuginetta!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Japanese New Year with the Jowegawas

We showed up 4 hours late for the Jowegawas Japanese New Year's party but we still stuffed ourselves with soooo much deliciousness and new fun people time.

East meets West; octopus--the Japanese AND Italiano favorite

Veggie sushi rolls

Mrs. Jowegawa and the Hubs with TomJow's Christmas pressie: a Cyclepedia

Bamboo, greenbeans, burdoch root and other things that are weird but yummy

TomJow and GOOD guest Joanne (she helped clean, I was still eating)

The journey back to the 801 and into 2012

Bellissma San Juans and home to so many fabuloso peeps

The hubs and I are back from a good trip to New Mexico. We left last week and did Durango and Ridgway stopbys so we could see some of our fave peeps. We had a sick dinner in Durango at chez Compton and spent a night with Danika after hot spring-ing in Ridgway...In an extra bonus, Davebro joined us as he was on his way to meet some friends to ski Silverton.
The time spent with our friends was way to small in quantity though large in quality.

Hubs kicking my ass on a RUN (yeah that's right) in Fruita; blasphemous, I know (the fact that we are running, not mountain biking)

MonkE and moi in Ridgway

We spent Friday recup'ing from the travels. New Year's eve was mellow but great. The Woodies agreed to be our guinea pigs as we attempted New Mexican style enchiladas. As the chile making is quite involved we dined total Italiano styles at 10 pm. The Yohnson-Gammons and Damiano and Oakley did stopbys on their way to other parties which was great.
Awesome air in the 801 so no more Waiting to Exhale. Woohoo!

J9 displays the vestiges of the red chile sauce enchiladas
Woody and the Hubs
Damiano and Oakley: prom picture

Les Woodies et moi=LUFF

The Yogurt on My Pretzels

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