Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Serious miles

Nisie le Peanut Butter Cup and Superfit

Stealth hubs rollin with the ladies

I have been putting in some serious miles lately. Commuting is the new training. And I commuted 3 days last week. Where can I get some reflective velcro and a double helmet mirror?

Over the weekend, the hubs and I had some nice rides. One of the interesting things about riding for me these days is that I eat a 5-hour ride breakfast before a 2 hour ride. Same thing with the post 2 hour ride "meal." I also have 5-hour ride tiredness after a 2 hour ride. Its pretty sweet. I'm just happy to be able to get out.

On Saturday, we rode out to RMR with Kat and Matt to donate and watch the one-legged races for Matt B. It was really fun to see people. A fellow rider asked me "how this happened" (wondering whether I had been trying to get pregnant, etc.). Ali (another rider) remarked that the questioner "must've gone to high school in Utah." Thank god the guv vetoed that bill.  It was looking grim for a while there.
That about ruled my day.

That night I downward dogged with beautiful people Jarrett and Nicole and Mrs. Yohnson-Gammon. Power Hour on Saturday nights with John is not good for my self-esteem. But it was still good to yoga-size with these good eggs. Afterward, we went over to Jarrent and Nicole's for some pizza (the hubs joined for that part) while Camille and Hazel played it up in the sandbox. I got lots of good parenting beta from these guys.

On Sunday the hubs and I met up with Nisie (recovering from strep) and Superfit (looking for some company in the last hour of her 4 hour ride). Note to self: do NOT ride with these girls when they are AT ALL fresh. I was worked just trying to ride behind them and the hubs had to give me pushes to stay in their draft. The whole time they were just chatting away. It was really fun to see these guys and Superfit told me the Alien was getting fit! She is the best.

Sunday night we had family dinner with the Woodies. Amazing we are still welcome there. Woody cheffed up some delishy chicken cutlets over fettucine with a lemon-y caper sauce. Complemented by marinated asparagus with sesame seeds and fennel-pine nut cookies for dessert? So good.

In alien happenings, we had an ultrasound last week and a midwife appointment. Ultrasound looked good though the hubs said he thinks the Alien has my feet (WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?) as one of the photos was like a mini-sasquatch stomp. Its no secret that my feet are petite--and they have definitely NOT shrunk during pregnancy. But I don't need that. More importantly, things are ok for now (which automatically sets me off on the million things that can still go wrong from umbilical cords being wrapped around necks to food allergies to the lack of good public schools).

I'm thinking I want to get a doula...If anyone has suggestions or recommendations, let me know.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Matt Bradley

The cycling community and the 801 have lost a truly awesome guy...

I didn't know Matt super well but was inspired by his return to racing after losing his leg to cancer and his good vibes personality. He was one of the Hubs' fave people in the peloton. He gave me some of his precious water during a race a few years ago when I was racing with the men and dropped my bottles on the dirt section.

At the training race this weekend (at Rocky Mountain Raceway), a bunch of the proceeds will be used to do something for Matt's family... Races are at noon and 1 pm.
Even though I'm 6 months prego, the alien and I will head out to the race and "register" and watch the one-legged race in Matt's honor.

Here's to a heaven with tailwinds and lots of cowbells.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New look, new attitude

With the change in weather, I'm aiming for a change in attitude...So I changed up the blog a bit to reflect said changes.

I have definitely been negative nancy with the whole alien takeover deal. Since a lobotomy is right up there with consumption of unpasteurized cheeses, I can only try to self-enforce some attitude adjustments.

It has helped that the alien has been having himself some serious soccer practice--kicking away this past week. Even the hubs has been able to feel it. Which is probably the only reason I can admit that it might actually be the alien and not my ever present gas.

I was feeling slightly panicky about not feeling movement (is it gas? or is that movement? and not of the bowel variety.). I ultimately never felt the butterfly/bubbly whatever you're supposed to feel starting at 20 weeks. Or if I did, I didn't know it. And the "You'll just know the difference between movement and gas" really didn't turn out to be true. Let's hope this doesn't reflect on my abilities as a mom.  But luckily, the alien has definitively made his presence known (at least I think he has) with lots of kicks this past week. The hubs hopes he will be a defender but I personally hope for a midfielder.

The attempt at changing the outlook cannot even be derailed by comments like "Oh, I thought you might be pregnant--either that or you were getting fat" (Thanks Peter D for that one!).

I have ridden my bike to work the past 2 days. This is cause for celebration. It is also cause for a trip to Wild Rose to get a new saddle and a high-rise stem. Enough talking about it, just do it.

If you need to shed some negative skin--now is the time. Who's to say it won't grow back?  But at least for the time being--here's to a big, fat phoenix rising from the ashes!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Why I live in yoga pants now

Teammate Liza convinced me to send a pic to the team so I might as well just go public...Nothing matters anymore.

Director Boss' husband Doug could only comment on the lack of deco on our walls. Hey, we just moved in a week ago to the upstairs apartment so the downstairs could get ripped to shreds. There are only so many hours in the day.
The alien e moi

Prenatal yoga: not just Restore without the twisting

Nicole (of beautiful people Nicole and Jarrett) and I went to pre-natal yoga yesterday. I wish it were called something else. Like anything without the word "natal" would be good. I tend to be generally turned off by anything prenatally or mom-y sounding. It was my first group mom (I get yucked out just by writing it) thing and I was sort of grossed out by the idea but then in practice it just totally rocked. It was actually awesome to do yoga with a bunch of other pregos...even though a lot of them were super cutey pregos and definitely not the Garfield/manatee variety I myself ascribe to (sorry for ending a sentence with a preposition--alien brain makes me not at my sharpest). I have come to the conclusion that if you have arm sleeve tattos you will be a hot prego. I noticed this at yoga and also there is Willow Rockwell (who is my new mom-hero).

Anyway, it was the first time I didn't get pissed off in a yoga class. I expected a Restore class without any twisting but it was actually a nice challenge (in a non judgmental way). Badass neighbor Cami (still rockclimbing at 32 weeks) was also in the class which was awesome.  I am now busy every Sunday at noon and I'm psyched to check out other classes too.

In other gnus, the hubs and I spent our 1st weekend at the dorms aka the mother-in-law apartment on the 2nd floor of our our house. Its actually a cute space and I managed to do some cooking in the tiny gas stove kitchen. It was almost Euro.

I baked an applesauce cake for the Jowegawas (because I have been sucking the dessert delivery department) and we went over Sunday night for a little socializing. They got the alien a sweet bike onsesie. I can't wait to have him sport it in his first 2 and under time trial. He will be so aero.

Thanks guys!

We had a little return of the winter. Now its one of those awesome 801 days where the mountains are white and the sky is blue. Garlics are poking up in my garden!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The whatnots and what have yous

The inverse propotion of my growing size to decreasing laziness has put a bit of a damper on the posting.

In addition, I. miss. alcohol.

Mini, Caterina, Woody, J9 and her new Yeti
The hubs training it up. He went home and drank some raw eggs and then punched some meat carcasses.
Nonetheless, there have been a few notable events in the past daze. First, our lease finally ended at the Woodies. In a final swan song we managed to fanagle one last awesome dinner and to break one of the limoncello glasses. Our anticipated one week stay turned into 3 weeks as the demo on our house took longer than we thought. There is no way to repay a favor like that. But we feel bottomless gratitude, love and disbelief that people like that could be friends with us.

I joined up with the Woodies, Caterina and Mini G for a mountain bike ride on Sunday. Yeaaaahhh (said not in a "cheer" voice but more of an Office Space voice). While I'm grateful to be able to do fun activities again...Its a big grim--Garfield on a mountain bike. I have to walk anything remotely steep and just being on a bike involves discomforts of epic proportions. Enough of the complaining though...It was awesome to be out with friends...Especially since they were willing to wait for me. I'm not even mad about the guy that told me I "was almost there" when I was walking my mountain bike up the steep (but paved) entrance to the mouth of Dry Creek. Beth has suggested that we get "I'm pregnant" license plates for our bikes. Totally into that....but what was my excuse before? "I'm too cool to go hard up this hill, but I could kick your ass if I was trying" license plate anyone?

The hubs had to work so he had to miss the ride. However he has to turn into a runner because he and Richie are doing the Steeplechase in a few months! So I walked a lap in the park while the hubs went for a yog (Johnny G knows that that's not a misspelling).

The hubs and I moved back into the Money Pit, aka our house. We haven't fallen through any floors yet but it is definitely a possibility.

THEN, I had my 20-17th berfday on Tuesday. Things got off to a rough start: non-clued in husband + hormones + lack of sleep due to no humidifier = birthday morning meltdown. Like Erin counsels, "its not a birthday unless there's crying."

But there are happy endings to this sad tale.

I was trying to pull myself together on the way to work but when I saw my 2 favorite weeps Eminem and G-train, I just lost my shit. Anyway, they were super awesome as always and totally made me laugh. The QB also did some major consoling.

But things turned around by nighttime as the Hubs rallied to take me to Lugano and got me a sweet new air purifier for my bitch-ass lungs. He also came through with flowers. That is always a winner.

The next morning, I arrived to a decorated office and cupcakes.
They even promised to take me for gelato THE DAY AFTER (which was today).

A dozen was quicly reduced to seven. That was before I offered them to anyone else. C'mon they were minis.
If using my hormonally/emotionally challenged state results in the ability to extend the b-day, I'm not going to fight it.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pathetic but psyched

Garfield did her first ride/exercise in almost 2 months. Am finally clear to do some activity.

After delishy Trio brunch (or what injured/pregnant people do in the 801 on the weekends) with Justino (injured), Sil (days from giving birth) and Nolan (2 years old), the hubs, Justino and I went for a pathetically slow but awesome ride.
It was also Justino's first ride outside since shoulder surgery in January so he was game for flat and slooow.

We went west siiide styyyles so we could stay flat and not get passed by the agros (though Mel ans I have been schooled on the Jordan River bike path by a large Samoan gal in sweats on a huffy before). But I think everyone can agree that's awesome.

It was a beautiful day and it was great to be out. Many things felt very weird and I will for sure be getting a different seat and a super fred massive-rise stem. I'm happy to report I'm worked from a 25 mile 2 hour ride.

No shame.

The Yogurt on My Pretzels

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