Friday, April 20, 2012

Continued success with the SC wellness weekend

CU Cycling reunion with moi, BP (in from Portlandia), Micah (from SF) and Erin

Hang time with CU cycling alums BP and Micah, sweet rides with Nicoh and a reconnect with Jenn x (teammate from racing in Australia and good bud from the womens pro peloton). Happy AND pooped.

BP and Micah post surfing in Erin's kitchen; bringin' thumbs up AND sexy back
Erin comes up from surfing just as I was getting up from a nap

Where's Waldo Erin Surfing
Moi and BP--yeah Boulder roomies from the olden days

Me, Nicoh and the alien heading for a ride

Nicoh and I emerge from the hike-a-bike section; Nicoh asks for directions

Erin and BP on another ride that crushed me

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Proud Prof moments

My former teammate and good bud Nicky Wangsgard (aka the Prof) won a huge race this past weekend in North Carolina...

And a video which shows what a stud she is...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Weep awesomeness

G-train, its not her 1st rodeo.

G-train, one of my bestie work peeps (aka weeps) put on a baby registry for dummies clinic yesterday.

G-train, still smiling and getting stuff done; Me=hungry, tired, poopy diapers
 Upon crossing the threshold of Babies R Us, I was struck with panic...G-train navigated everything in the calm, efficient way she does everything, and put me at ease. She was totally cool, even when I needed a T.O. in the rocking chair section. I was completely overwhelmed and not having to really make decisions or think about things was one of the best gifts I've received to date. Thanks G-train, for ensuring that we know how to make sure the alien doesn't freeze or starve once he arrives! You are the best!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Putting the eater in Easter

Even without the April showers, we are still getting some flowers. Loving the blooms.

Why is anything with Peeps the best thing ever. Thanks to Mel for this one.
Outdoor dining at Le Maison du bois
It was a good friend connecting weekend for the Hubs and I this past weekend.  We kicked off the weekend with a spontaneous date on Friday.  The Hubs demonstrated his true stud-stoic nature by going to the new City Creek shopping center downtown Friday evening. The reason for the trip? I had to cave and buy some MATERNITY clothes. While I'm content to live my casual life in yoga pants till the alien comes in July, that is somewhat frowned upon at work. It was somewhat devastating, but the hubs was great and I managed to find a few items that will allow me to be clothed at work without horrifying anyone (too much).

After being good American-consumer-mallshoppers, we went to Vinto for dinner. Spontaneous date! It was awesome.

On Saturday, the Hubs *got some* of the new snow that fell on Friday up at Alta. Apparently the newest Belliveau also made his less than one month debut at Alta as well. Welcome to the 801 Myles!

Saturday night, uber hardcores Katy and Eric hosted us for some buffalo burgers (thank you jesus) at their sweet pad. We checked out their sweet photos from their Canada trip (what amounted to their winter experience for this year) and also some cool bike porn called Life Cycles. Its a Canadian film and it was a lot like the best ski porn we saw this winter called All I Can. Leave it to the Canucks!

Sunday morning we had Easter brunch at the Yohnson-Gammons. I was dreaming about it all week as I've been watching a lot of Gossip Girl. I find Blake Lively super annoying (mouth always open?) but I'm embarassingly addicted to the show. They have the most ridiculous looking brunches on the show and it always sends me to the kitchen when I watch it. Not that it takes much to send me to the kitchen these days.  Mrs. Yohnson-Gammon did not disappoing with an amazing spread complemented by the yummy contributions of Joanna and Clem and Megan and Dasch.  Mrs. Yohnson-Gammon's garden is off the hook and we got to meet the Golden Girls (her 4 new chickens). She is the urban farmer extraordinaire. I either OD'ed on french toast or sun or something because after brunch I had to tap out for a few hours. By about 4 pm I was feeling human again and the Hubs and I went for a walk-run behind Red Butte (Hubs doing the running, me doing the walking). It was really nice to be up there and we ran into J-Kuhl getting her dogs some exercise. She gave the hubs some good beta on trail running (as she herself is an accomplished ultra trail runner) and gave me some of her good vibes. Thanks J-Kuhl!

After our little outing, we headed to the Woodies for Easter rib dinner.

That is the way to do Easter. Woody cheffed up some ridiculous ribs, 'taters and eggplant. Homey can do same Jean Claude Van Damage on a grill. Awesome night with our good friends. Let's not forget the chocolate torte either. Yum...We definitely put the easter in Easter this year.

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Moab Bojangles baby shower weekend

Best ever present from Uncle Dave. Yes that is my belly hanging over my shorts. Who can keep track of such things anymore?
My most excellent Durango buddy Moira organized a little Moab baby shower this past weekend. It was a sweet reunion of some of my most favorite-est Colorado peeps.  Moira, Ted, Sid (their new dog who is actually cool) and Katri came from Durango.  Danika not-the-race-car-driver-but-just-as-badass and her cool pooch Avellana came from Ridgway, with Uncle Dave and his friend Alicia coming from Boulder.

So flattering, I need to wear the hubs' puffies now...keep in mind that standing next to Moira also distorts my size.

The hubs and I headed down to Moab on Friday afternoon and rolled into camp just as Ted was returning from a little run with Sid the pretty cool dog. Not too long after, Moira and Katri came in after a ride. Moira had reserved a group site in the Sand Flats campground. It was super beautiful with lots of space to spread out and great access to trails but not too many cars driving by...

Post dinner hanging
Moira and Danika
The hubs and I got to work on dinner and pretty soon Uncle Dave arrived with Alicia. We had a sweet campfire and it was so great to be out under the stars. I had a pretty nasty cough and allergy type symptoms all week that slowly disappeared as the night went on. Let's hear it for "awesome" 801 air--not to mention living in a construction zone (which is the more likely culprit).

Even though I didn't have the 18 pillows I usually sleep with, I had an amazing night of sleep in the 5-star accomodation Limosienna. It was SO GREAT to be camping, hanging with friends and being in the desert.

The next morning (after a sick breakfast cheffed by Moira and Ted), Dave and Alicia headed off for a road ride while the rest of us went to ride Porcupine Rim (or maybe just the dirt road to the trailhead in some people's cases).

I was a total shit show on the mountain bike with no less than 3 pee stops and a broken cable within 20 minutes. Ted and Steve McGyver'ed a fix so I could continue. Even though it was just riding a dirt road, it was great to be out with friends. My bojangles is definitely not loving bike seats very much though. Danika, Avellana and I turned around at the trailhead and headed back to camp while the rest of the crew set off to ride Porcupine.

Danika and I drove a car around to the Colorado River to shuttle the hardcores back to camp and we had a great afternoon hanging out in Negro Bill Canyon with Avellana and Sid while waiting. It was really great to catch up and get some QT with Danika.

Ted and Steve emerged first and opted to ride back to camp because they are in training. Shortly thereafter, Katri and Moira finished riding and we drove back to camp.

Gluten free carrot cake with Pea
Dave and Alicia cheffed up a super delish-y dinner of salad with quinoa and grilled cheese sammies (artichoke pesto-no cheese for me). Moira brought a carrot cake and the hubs and I opened some super sweet pressies from our friends.  C (Moira and Ted's daughter) was too busy to come (being 11 is a busy time) but she sent her parents with with a book (Goodnight Moon--great choice), and some baby board shorts for the alien.  Thanks C!

The wind definitely kicked up the second night but there was still some serious quality time spent around the fire.

On Sunday, Danika and Katri showed their ridiculous badass nature with a truly badass breakfast...2 words: bacon and sausage. Of course they had mimosas, mangos and breakfast burritos...but I what  sticks with me is the meatfest of awesomeness.

My bojangles was not into being on a bike seat again so I opted to hike the Pipe Dreams trail (with all the girls joining me) while the boys rode.

It was a really nice walk and we capped it off with milkshakes at Milt's.

It was the perfect shower and a fantastic weekend spent with good friends. You guys are the best!

The Yogurt on My Pretzels

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