Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Frolic not detour

Work peeps bussing it to lunch
We met a big deadline at work before I left for vacay. Today was my first day back, and I realized that I'm pretty dern lucky because I really dig the crap out of a lot of the people with whom I clockpunch and toil. These guys are just super smart, funny ballbusters that can make laugh till my armpits are sweaty. (not hard to get to that point these days). With the lower levels of stress, we opted to publicly transportate ourselves to a new restaurant (Palette) for lunch. With the craziness of the past several months we hadn't done a fun group lunch in what felt like forever.

The beverage in question
We had a great lunch and then hit the sweet coffee shop next door (I got hooked on decaf skim aka "why bother" lattes in Seattle). I was warned that it would make it tight for us to catch our return bus but some things are simply worth the risk. I procured said beverage and made everyone run to catch the bus. What a jerk. Another co-worker got left behind in the ensuing kerfuffle. Next time we will have to implement a buddy system when we leave campus for lunch.
Said co-worker wasn't mad and he did eventually make it back.

In other observations, I can definitively say that taking vacation with your partner is awesome for the relationship. In contrast, trying to co-put together an Ikea bed is definitely not. The Hubs' awesome friends gave us a Pack n Play bassinette type deal thing so that we have a place for the alien to sleep when he arrives. However, it necessitates having a bed to which said bassinette can be attached. Currently the Hubs and I repose on a mattress on the floor. We managed to decide on a cool Ikea bed--but the construction of said bed is not turning out to be so agreeable. OR fast. Like the whole construction project, it will be awesome once its done.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Welcome back to life in the Money Pit

The enjoyment we got hiking in Washington has been transported back to the 801.
We have also been enjoying the self-portrait feature on the Hubs' phone.
The pic is pretty but the tragedy is that I didn't get a pic of the Hubs lying down in the scrub oak trying to get the exact shot he wanted. I guess you can't question an artiste.
 The Hubs and I brought back some Northwest weather with us as it was pretty gray and rainy for part of the weekend. Its been kind of nice.
I spent Friday feeling worked from travel. Who am I? Not the person who jetted all over the country last year, that's for sure. Anyway, I perked up a bit for buffalo burgers at the Woodies on Friday night. What CAN'T red meat fix after all? My sharecropping at the Woodies is going well and we ate arugula, fennel and some tiny beets in our salads.
J9, the alien et moi in the Woodies' sweet backyard
We saw Richie and Renee on our way home which was fortuitous as we showed them the construction status of our house and then the Hubs got invited on a trail run with Richie the next morning. Richie, the Hubs and Richie's friend Eric ran a chunk of the Steeplechase course and this run effectively tripled the Hubs' longest run...He is still hobbling two days later (though he had a great time on the run with those boyz).

While the Hubs was ripping off his legs, I went on a little hike on Saturday. Who knew that hiking was fun when you can't really do anything else? I got caught in a serious downpour so I busted a move (if a move can be busted when you're carrying 30 extra pounds) back down off the little ridge I was enjoying. Unlike the northwest pineneedle-y, rocky trails...the trails here turn into ice skating rinks within seconds of becoming wet. Luckily I ran into some trail angels (Liz M and Brian!) who escorted me back down without incident. They were the only other peeps I saw out on that particular trail that day.

We got the backdoor invite to the Woodies on Saturday night (via the Jowegawas who invited us to dinner then were subsequently invited to the Woodies who had no choice but to include us). Any discomfort at our social gaffe was immediately outweighed by the panoply of salsicce and 2 different kind of sauces cheffed up by Woody. Mrs. Jowegawa baked a strawberry-rhubarb pie-tarty thing that was amazing. Don't forget the fresh whipped cream. The DBs were also in attendance along with a late night appearance by Mini G. Totally great to see these kids. Mini also brokered a deal whereby we will be obtaining a used chariot (bike/ski/stroller kid transporting for those not in the know) at a "budget price" from her brother. We are stoked. Aside from saucy onesies (SANTA CRUZ REPRESENT!) and my co-workers giving me their vacation time, its a kid gift I can really get excited about (even though we probably can't use it for 6 months? Kid having readers, feel free to weigh in here.) Ok, maybe "excited" isn't the right word...Its more like a gift that I can actually wrap my still-waiting-for-materinal-instincts-to-kick-in brain around.

Since we didn't have construction starting out our bedroom window at the crack of dawn (not that I'm complaining about people actually working on our house), I slept the sleep of a college kid--not arising till NOON on Sunday. Hangover? No. Heartburn? Yes. Which would you choose?

And on the construction note--it is full-on disaster zone at our house, which is otherwise known as progress. Please don't ask us when it will be done. We have had to become zen about the whole thing. It will be done when the universe (aka our contractor) decides we have attained the necessary enlightenment to ascend (descend really) back into the main part of our house. Till then, we wake up to people in our windows--full on Money Pit styles and we have to go to a laundromat to do our laundry. It is what it is.

On a final note, go see First Position.  It is a ballet documentary and it was incredible (we saw it last night at the Broadway).

Friday, May 25, 2012

An appearance from the sun on our last day

We didn't fly home from Seattle till last night so we had time for a full day of activities.  The hubs and I drove to Bainbridge Island where we checked out the Bloedel Reserve, a 150 acre garden. It was really cool and especially beautiful as the sun decided to come out for real.

We took the ferry to Seattle where we met up with Lynn one final time for some awesome Seattle deliciousness before heading to the airport. Thank god this flight was a nonstop. Some weirdness was happening on the flight home and I did not feel *quite* right. I guess I am on the cusp of the recommended time for travelling (I'll be 34 weeks on Tuesday). After staying in bed for 12 hours I'm doing much better.

View of Puget Sound from the Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island

Hubs capturing his new fave flower on film
Though the trip was definitely lower in the physical activities/adrenaline department, we still had a great time. Even though I bitched about the rain, it really wasn't that big of a deal...It does rain a ton but it is mostly a light rain. We still did some really nice hikes in the rain as their trails are all pine needle-y and rocky and not clay muddy like here. I definitely enjoyed the cool temps.

Ferry ride with legitimate sun!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

An amazing day of no rain

The hubs and I had a great hike to Lena Lake on a shockingly non-rainy day yesterday. Because the hubs is training (or he just really likes running now since he drank the minimalist chi-koolaid), he ran the 3 miles up to the lake and then turned back to hike (lumber?) the rest of the way with me. We had a snack at the lake and then continued around the lake to cross some seriously badass bridges. We felt like we had the 55-acre lake to ourselves.

Why not just go for it with the horizontal stripes?
Lena Lake
The even better part of getting up to Lena Lake (toilets!)
This seemed more extreme than it looks
Thanks to the Yohnson-Gammons who suggested hitting the Seattle flagship store for some rain gear
Serious water
View from the beach across from our cottage
The hubs was loving the rhododendrons
Driving back to the cottage
Towards the end of the 7 mile hike I felt like I had a basketball filled with concrete strapped to my waist with totally throbbing legs. I was nervous my glutes were going to detach. Buuut we eventually made it back to the car. We stopped in the sort of shithole town of Shelton so the hubs could try out some oysters (as a point of comparison with what he made the night before)...he concluded that oysters have to be fresh and that a good sauce is key. He is not opposed to trying some raw oysters at some point. We bid our cute abode on Hood Canal a fond farewell with a final stroll down to the beach as the tide was lowering. There were tons of oysters and mussels. Makes me wish I could eat those low fat-good for the environment mollusks.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Babymoon underway

The hubs and I are enjoying our time in the northwest in spite of how much it rains here. As I am generally running on the hot side these days, the cooler temps are pretty nice.
We spent the weekend in Seattle visiting my good bud Lynn and the Hubs' besties from college Jason and Steph. We did a bunch of walking and we hit Pikes Place Market and the Washington Arboretum.
Monday morning we gave Jackson (Lynn's 7 year old) an escort to school. The Hubs did some last minute wrenching on Jackson's bike before we ambulated to his school.
Hubs wrenching
Jackson has got the pro "hands on hips this better work to my standards" look down pat

Jackson testing out his ride
Jackson, Lynn and the Hubs on the walk to school
After saying bye to Lynn, we made our way to the eastern part of the Olympic peninsula where we are staying for 4 days. Its our first grownup style vacation where we are renting a little carriage house right on the Hood Canal. It is super gorgeous here and last night the sun even came out for a little bit.
We harvested a bunch of oysters and mussels from the beach and are figuring out how to deal with them. Our host gave us a sweet recipe (which we are saving for chef Woody) so we just need to figure out to do with the slimy bucket sitting on outside in the rain...stay tuned to see if this endeavor results in a trip to the ER.

Oyster beds and shitloads of mussels at low tide on the Hood Canal

Gathering dinner

Shocker: it rains a %&$* ton here

That explains the neon green and furry trees.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

'Rents visit wrapup

I had a fabulous time for the remainder of my parents' visit last week. My mom even came to my midwife appointment which was great.

In other gnus, Tia Erin sent the alien a sweet Santa Cruz onesie so he can represent when we go out there. Now she is winning life on a big surf trip in Indonesia.

The hubs also made his first baby clothing purchase from the Blue Boutique. Nice work. This weekend the hubs and I are taking a babymoon to Seattle and

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Counter surprise!

While I was busy planning to surprise the hubs with a visit from his bro, he was busy planning to surprise me with a visit from my family (rents and bro). It has been really nice to hang with the fam...thank god for the Woodies who were in the know on all ends and hosted a sweet bbq last night (thanks to their friend Rick for letting part of his visit get co-opted).
Davebro's visit sadly comes to and end but we got some good qt and I think he squeezed a season of base miles into one weekend.
Fun times!

Fam on the Woodies' deck
More fam, more deck
Glennbro and my dad (the one time in life I will probably ever see my dad wear a hoody--it was cold so Woody hooked him up)
Mother's day brunch with the fam and my lunch lady arms

Friday, May 11, 2012

Hubs bday (con't)

Davebro came to the 801 for a surprise belated bday visit for the hubs. Ever the master planner, he rigged it so that after I picked him up from the airport, he built up his bike at the Woodies and then just "turned up" five minutes into our ride. He even had celebratory beers (thanks Woodies!)

Weather is looking good for a big weekend of brotherly asskicking on the bike.

If that sounds like a recipe for a Tiff pity party (as Dave is one of our fave adventure partners), it is. Luckily, there are tentative plans to hang with some of my new total fave prego chix, Nicole and Ali.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happenings in the giardino

I got some veggies in the ground and perennials are just doing their thing.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy Berfday to the Hubs

The Hubs is forty today. Not that you would know it from what a fit goofball he is.

Hubs bday celebrators

We had a little surprise dinner for him at Trio on Friday. Not only was he surprised, he was pretty psyched (for him: "oh, cool"). Super great to hang with our friends and Justino and Sil brought their little ones (Nolan and Myles) who were rock stars of good behavior at dinner.

Caterina (in public!) and Richie
The Bel-biv-de-voes and Renee
We byo'ed a shit ton of vino
Richie pops his baby-holding cherry: "If I look gripped its because I am!"

After dinner we, of course, ended up at the Woodies for continued celebrating. I never returned to hanging out after one of my bathroom trips opting to sleep on some pillows in the guest room next to the bathroom.

It was a great night made even greater by hanging with our 801 peeps.

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