Friday, June 29, 2012

My newest fave

Thanks to Erin for this one. This is my new fave blog. He had me won over with a title like "cooking for assholes." Add to that good writing, yummy looking food and varsity snarkiness and I'm fully addicted now.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend wrap

The hubs and I had a good weekend here in the 801...It has been a disco inferno of heat here but thank god for the outdoor pool at Steiner and for access to higher elevations.  

Friday night we met up with awesome Laura and Rodney for a gout-causing dinner at Finca. That's my position on that place...Its decent but the food is super heavy. Who can argue with the convenience of a 5 minute walk from home though?

The hubs was supposed to run the Steeplechase (18 mile trail run) but he couldn't finish a 3 mile run on Friday because his feet are so messed up, so he bailed. Instead, Saturday morning we went to meet our friends' (they are friends of Beautiful People Jarrett and Nicole's) new bambina Zoey Giovanna. She was a super cute bundle with a full head of dark locks and mamacita Ali doesn't even look like she had a baby. Then again the *bitch* barely looked prego at 37 weeks. Unlike SOME people who look like they could launch into orbit...

Yep, I don't care anymore. Am I at Twin Lakes or on the way to my lunch lady job at the nearest cafeteria?
Along with Ali's cool hubby Monte, the Beautiful Peeps (Nicole and Jarrett) showed up to the fun event hosted by Laura and Mike. Laura (mom to 7-month-old Henry) told me that going up in elevation is supposed to be a natural induction technique. So we headed immediately upwards upon leaving their house. Actually, it wasn't right after...We did a bunch of HATEFUL errands first (Babies R us, WALMART and Target). Barf. Just typing about it makes me pre-eclamptic. I was a shell of a human after the experience so the hubs took over and steered the ship up Big Cottonwood Canyon. We did a really nice hike up to Twin Lakes. Even though we had to contend with the fray of humanity at the base, we attained some tranquility a bit further up and had a nice time relaxing on a rock by the lake. It was beautiful up there--AND COOLER.

Saturday night we rendez'ed with the Woodies at Per Noi--a little restaurant close by. Their gnocchi is really good but they don't sell alcohol (we byo'ed) and they need to switch up their sauces for the gnocchi. The tomato sauce is too sweet...Cannolli and panna cotta for dessert. Yum. Of course good times hanging with the Woodies.

Sunday I did my typical eat too much breakfast and then try not to throw up in prenatal yoga. It happens every time I go. Sometimes it doesn't matter how many times you get the information, you still fail the pop quiz. We then headed to Joanna an Clem's to watch the Italy-England soccer game (part of the Euro cup). Azzurri prevailed in penalty kicks---goalkeeper Buffon was bravissimo. The Yohnson-Gammons were also in attendance and it is always super fun to hang with those kids.

Post match, we headed up Mill Creek Canyon for a walk along the road. I dunked my head and feet in the creek which was a total game changing move. I went from hater to player just like that.
Emerging from the bushes for I can't imagine which reason
We cheffed up some more garlic scape pesto for dinner (precious commodities) before retiring for the evening.
38 weeks tomorrow. C'mon alien-- you are cooked!  

Saturday, June 23, 2012

In addition to the donuts...

This month's Atlantic cover story I don't need to consume right now...but can't resist devouring.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Things I don't need right now

In my current state, gateway foods are the last thing I need sitting outside my office.

I've heard that cutting doughnuts in half is an effective way to think you're consuming less

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stick a fork in me

Oy to the vey, 37 weeks and 2 days. Due date is July 10 but there is no way I can make it till then without some consequences for those around me.
Please "pray" along with me that the alien defies the Mediterranean side of his genetic makeup and opts for an EARLY arrival. I almost punched my midwife in the face when she told me that on average, first babies arrive 7-10 days late.

I figure it should be soon since I had my first nesting instinct and cleared some space in some drawers for some onesies. That's got to mean something, DOESN'T IT? I can't do normal nesting since 3/4 of our house is under major construction. No, it's not going to be done by the time the alien arrives. No, I don't know when the project is going to be finished. So we have to cram ourselves into our little mother-in-law apartment. We re-arranged some stuff to make room for a changing table and to try to figure out how to fit our basinnette/co-sleeper dealie (THAT THING IS HUGE). So all signs point to an imminent arrival. I'm going The Secret styles here and just putting it out there so it WILL HAPPEN.

As terrified as I've been of becoming a parent and of how having a kid will be such a massive life change, I'm ready to embrace all of that if I can stop being pregnant RIGHT NOW.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Commute oasis

I have been taking the bus to and from work a lot lately. This involves a 20 minute walk through a sweet neighborhood where my friend Mini lives. This amounts to what has been an oasis on my marathon commute (its all relative at this point folks). I have stopped several times for bathroom and thirst needs.
Though I have several key bathroom spots lined up on my route, last week I (of course) had a bathroom emergency right by her place and luckily she was home. Then she walked me the rest of the way to work even though she had 8 million things to do as she was leaving for India a few days later.

Mini Escort Services, Inc.

A little dose of Mini's good vibes was a great start to my day. That and the iced latte (half decaf, half regular) I obtain from a conveniently located coffee shop on my work "commute."

Shower III: The presents pigout

Thriftiest use of a thank you note EVER! This may have been my fave shower card. Thanks Yohnson-Gammons!
This post was written in my head over a week ago...but things just seem to moving sloooww these days. Lets just call it italiano pace.

In addition to the awesomeness of our friends who threw and attended our shower (most amazing intangible gifts EVER!!), we were given a ton of amazing baby items.  We are so blown away at the generosity of our friends!!

One of the shower "activities" was onesie decorating. There were a bunch of awesome onesies designed at the end of the night (proving the success of the non-shower aspects of the shower--everyone forgot the baby-oriented activity!).

Can't wait to outfit the alien in his customized onesies:

His hiking onesie (Thanks Mini!)
When Nonna visits onesie

Onesie team kit (impressive work by Kat)
Aunt Lizzie DOES rock!

There were several others that were awesome but these were the ones that you can actually see on my professional camera phone, SLR.

In other gnus, I feel like I exist in molasses... I'm moving, thinking and existing at 1/4 speed or slower. 3 weeks and 6 days till d-day. Praying that he doesn't have my italian time genes.

We met with our doula last week to talk about the game plan. Yep, looks like this is going to happen after all. I hesitate to put this in writing, but I'm hoping to go natural with the delivery (though as long as the alien can land safely--that is the main priority). The doula asked us to come up with a code word to signify that I was tapping out, couldn't deal anymore and wanted some chemical relief via epidural or some other pain management technique. Apparently, she has attended many deliveries where the woman will say things leading one to believe they are ready for some pain management ("I'm going to die", "I can't take this", "I need drugs") even though they weren't actually ready to tap out. As a result, we came up with the codeword "team car" so that I can say all manner of things but until I say "team car", I'm going to keep soldiering on. Like I said, I won't be disappointed if I can't do it natural, but I'm willing to at least give nature and biology a shot at guiding me through this.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Shower II: The Party Phase

Mel testing out her jello shots; notice the imported whipped cream (as it contained a "kick" as well)
After downward dogging, we all headed over to the Woodies where many of our friends were already beginning to congregate and imbibe. It was a serious love fest as some friends came out of the woodwork (you know who you are Kimo), and it was so awesome to see those people I hadn't seen in forever.
The shower was co-ed which made for much higher attendance I think. In addition, there were jello shots and a pinata (THANKS MEL!)
Yohnson-Gammons on the red carpet
Mrs. Jowegawa went all out making a crapload of amazing desserts. She also made a poster/dinner-bringing sign up with the worst picture of me that ever existed (a pic of the Hubs and I sleeping in camping chairs in Sun Valley--not flattering--but still awesome in that beingcapturedonfilmlookinglikeyoursnoring way). The one heartbreak of the night is that SHE WASN'T ABLE TO COME TILL SUPER LATE. But she did eventually show so all was not lost. It was heart-hurtful that she was not there for the duration (1) because she is so fun at parties and (2) because she did so much to make it all awesome.
The Woodies yard was the most amazing spot for the bash. They've done all this work to make it super cool and they provided so much to make the night completely unforgettable.

Me and the Beautiful People: Jarrett, Nicole and Mrs. Nezzy
Harris throwing down some ninja bbq skills
Tom Jow

Harris grilled burgers and sausage like he stole them and people brought RIDICULOUS sides. I was in full-on social mode and sisMary stepped up and made sure I had a plate with all the yummies.  It was a giant love fest. It was so good to see people and I wish I could've stopped time and been able to do proper burndowns with everyone that came. Of note, Coach K and her daughter Landry made it from Idaho and badass of the universe Danika made it from Colorado. Newberry even showed up! As awesome as it was to see everyone, it made me almost pee my pants with joy to see people from the various orbits of my life mingling away. So cool that my mom and sister got to meet more of the key peeps in our lives!

My mom and hilarious Fraser
Mrs. Yohnson-Gammon and Joanna and Clem
Dude's corner: Richie, Hubs, Justino and Nolan
My mom, Landry and Coach K
Wayne-0, Lois and Caterina
Lois supervises onesie decorating (Kat did a sick onesie for us)

As the evening progressed, it eventually became time for the pinata. Nicolai and Nolan did an awesome job softening things up...the Hubs and I took some swings, but it was Richie that finally unleashed the booty. Pinatas. Let's bring those back. With the unleashing of the force of Richie came a deluge of smoke balls, sparklers, mini bottles of alcohol, glow sticks, and other items that are not typically found at showers. There were even SEEDS (I can't wait to plant a bunch of those).

Eventually through the alcohol haze, J9's mom Lois remembered that there WAS a shower activity planned. There were a bunch of onesies and fabric markers that remaining guests were able to customize for the alien. We got some GREAT ONES from that.

Mel utilizes her pinata scores
JJ adorns herself with pinata glow sticks for her walk home

Finally, the evening began to wind down and somehow a cleanup occurred. Magical powers employed by the Woodies, my Mom, Peter and Lois I think...but I'm not even sure. I didn't lift a finger and enjoyed myself and relaxed until I had to drive a drunk Mel and Hubs back to our place (my Mom and sis stayed at chez Woody in our old room there).

While I did have a jello shot I was working on a serious buzz from the awesomeness of our friends and my family. The Hubs and I had such a great time and I couldn't even fall asleep but instead of the spins it was from being on such a high from getting to interact with so many fabulosos all in one evening.
LeChefski (classic), Tom, JJ and THE KIMO

We have such major gratitude flowing towards our friends and family for making the night so amazing. It makes me phklempt just typing about it.

Shower I: The Wellness Phase

Pre-party yoga!
This past weekend the Woodies threw the best shower ever for the Hubs, alien and me. My mom and sister did an uber rally to fly in for the weekend to partake in the festivities.  We picked up my "little" (big badass rugby playing) sister on Friday and then headed to the Yohnson-Gammons for a farm dinner. Signora Yohnson-Gammon did a major harvest from her garden-farm and cheffed and amazing meal for over 30 people. It was super fabulous.

Mary and I coming down the bellissima trail
Reposing at Dog Lake
Saturday morning, we picked up my mom from the airport and headed out on a hike.  My mom is hard core and it was no worries getting up at 4 am east coast time, connecting through Chicago, landing in the 801 and then heading straight up Big Cottonwood Canyon. The hubs, Marysis, my mom and I did a sweet hike up to Dog Lake. Weird to walk up and not ride down but it was great. 5.2 miles and it felt like I had just run the Wasatch 100.  The Hubs actually did go for a run on the trail so everyone was a winner. Naps were necessary before shower festivities got underway in earnest.
Pre-yoga parking lot congregating
My mom, J9's mom (Lois!) and Caterina (passing out custom eye pillow party favors)

IT band stretching magic

IT band stretching mamacitas

After a little nap time, we headed to J9's Zumba studio where Wayne-o taught a yoga class for those enlightened shower participants.  The Hubs--typically a yoga hater--even deigned to join which made me very very happy. Even better was that he actually liked it. SO FUN to do a little pre-party downward dogging. Caterina passed out eye pillow party favors and Wayne-o got some serious chi flowing.  Every party should start with yoga...It really sets a tone for the evening.

Stay tuned for Shower II: the Party Phase...

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The cup runneth over with luff

Details of the shower weekend that totally ruled are coming. Trying to get together some photos and energy to do the LOVE FEST justice. The alien has so many rad Aunties and Uncles (and Tios, Tias, Zios and Zias) it is amazing.

The Yogurt on My Pretzels

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