Friday, August 31, 2012

Normally more a onesie kinda guy...

Just a new look we are trying out. I say paratrooper and the hubs says painter. Tomato, tomahto...

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


My parents came this past weekend to hang with the Dman. It was awesome as I got to do a 2 hour ride. Not sure I will get to do that again as I don't think he was *awesome* for my parents. But hopefully there will be grandparent amnesia by next time.

Zia Meme came in yesterday which has been awesome. She doesn't think he sucks when he cries and she has been so awesome with motivating me to clean this shithole up a bit. D has been taking marathon naps in her arms. Yes I know this is probably screwing him up somehow since its not just putting him down awake in his crib...but f it...I'm obsessed with him sleeping and I don't care how it happens.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ok fine...

Now we DEFINITELY have to keep him.

Where were you 7 weeks ago??
He is growing on us...along with the bacteria from the myriad of excretions he showers upon us daily.
Clothing has become wearable burp cloths and butt wipes.

Exploitation for enjoyment

What do you get when you cross an Ewok and an alien?

That probably makes no sense but when the hubs was doing the onesie wrestling match with the Dman, that's the combo that came to mind.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Grandparent visit

Dman had a nice visit with gramma Kathy, Grampa George and Babcha Steph (great gramma!).
He is giving us a little relief at night going a bit longer between feeds. However, his skin is worse than a pre pubescent boy...fortunately this is more traumatic for the parents. We are talking crusty acne over his entire head, neck back and chest. I know its on his head too because he is losing his hair as well. As my Italian relatives say "ogni scarafone e bella a mama sua" (with a Napolitano dialect lilt)... or "every cockroach is beautiful to his mother".
An Amazon package came addressed to Dmitri Lawrence...the hubs was wondering when D had time to order things from Amazon till we opened it and realized it was a package from Uncle Drewby. D's first stuffed animal and the way we will be able to track Ds growth. (Idea stolen from one of my fave blogs)

Dman at 6 weeks!
D and Grandpa 

D and Babcha

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The darks are dark

Holy hell this parenting thing is not easy. I like to think I've done hard things in my life...that I have accomplishments that might set me apart in some small way...but I find that the hands down hardest most grueling thing ever (having a kid) ends up being the thing that has been done 6.5 billion times (or whatever scary number the world's population is now).
It boggles my mind...especially because I'm not thinking I'm very good at it.

Some pics from the Tios Sid and Jane visit and from the awesome break Mrs. Jowegawa gave me so I could get my ass kicked by Tom Jow's running group.
I'm feeling like we have busted through the friends and family debt ceiling. Tios Sid and Jane took such good care of us this past weekend and friends have stepped in to give us a break here and there. Aunti J9 hung out with the Dman last night so the hubs and I could ride. She even stayed to have a glass of vino with us (alcohol and breastfeeding really deserve their own post:  breastmilk alcohol test strips!)
Things are pretty gnarly on the mental and emotional front but D is pretty damn cute for that .01% of the day he is not putting me through the wringer. Thanks to our peeps and feeps (family peeps) for keeping our eyeballs above water.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

If there was any doubt about who's the dad...

It is now resolved...

Awesome visit with coach k and Landry and Tios Sid and Jane! Dman loves visitors that love to love on him!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The recent haps

Party people putting their hands up
Great news, we reached a ceasefire last night and Dman got on the Babywise program and actually went for 4 hour chunks between feeds last night!!! Woo hoo! This was after 3 nights of terrorizing us with no sleeping and lots of crying.

Awesome feedback from people on their sleep cults! Very helpful.

We continue to be overwhelmed by the awesomeness of our friends in spite of our complete lameness. My weeps (work peeps) paid me a sweet visit yesterday and Katy and Eric brought us dinner and hung out after bedtime last night.

In uber awesomeness, J9 watched Dima on Saturday and the Hubs and I went for a BIKE RIDE. Oh yeah, remember those? I'm happy to report my lady parts survived the 45 minute endeavor. J9 also survived watching Dima--who decided to sleep the whole time (THANK GODTHEUNIVERSEWHATEVER). Yesterday morning, Mrs. Jowegawa watched Dima so I could run with TomJow's running group. Best thing ever. Of course I was totally exhausted and got completely worked by the group (they do lots of re-grouping and do out and back courses--thank god)--but in a post-baby get out whenever you can get out...No matter how harshed out you are. The "I don't train when I'm tired" mantra simply doesn't exist. This shit is now about sanity.

Randypants provided some photo representation of their trip from last week

Janet, Randypants and Ms. Kate on our hike not all the way to Dog Lake
Oh yes he is in this picture

Dima offers a knuckle sandwich in return for being put in his car seat (which he does not love)
So thanks to our great peeps for standing by us with the visits and check-ins. Means alot

Friday, August 3, 2012

What is your cult of choice?

Dman continues to receive awesome visits and gifts (thanks for the books Uncle Sleaze).
We had a great visit with Uncle Randypants, Auntie Janet and cugina Kate. We were able to have a successful dinner at Trio (much needed after our massive fail on Friday) AND go for our longest hike yet (2 hours and we *almost* made it to Dog Lake). On the hike we accomplished our first trailside breastfeed.

We also had a visit from Aunties Prof and Jenna, the DBs and Auntie Hardcore Katy...The Jowegawas brought us delicious dinner. We are so lucky to have such awesome friends looking out for us. Uncle QB brought us dinner AND pie. 

Family photo!

Auntie Prof imparts her winning secrets

In addition, we have been introduced to the Baby Whisperer and Babywise sleep techniques---or cults as they seem to me. Initially we were using more of the attachment/hippy parenting cult---but never putting your baby down just isn't sustainable for us. In any case, I am into the *idea* of getting on a schedule and definitely into Dman sleeping through the night. There seems to be a critical missing step about how you just DO IT. Which is what the books seem to say to do. What about when he wakes up 30 minutes into a nap? So many questions...So I posit to my few readers who have kids--what is your parenting cult of choice?? Dying to know. I'm totally ready to join a cult at this point if it means the guy will sleep and be on a schedule. I'll drink the kool-aid, wear the pilgrim outfit--whatever it takes.

Just a little man to man--Dman that is

The Yogurt on My Pretzels

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