Wednesday, October 31, 2012

In honor of Aunt Erin

Dman the Lion and his daycare bestie Sloane the Elephant
We were going down the scrooge path toward Halloween when I remembered its Erin's fave holiday. We found a lion costume (Thanks Sil!) and decided to rally when Dman's daycare bestie, Sloane, showed up with an elephant costume. Pants-peeing photo session as follows:

Ok so we've got to grow into our costumes...this is more for our stupid parents' benefits anyway

The models can't work under these conditions

Paparazzi protection pose!

Even a lion needs a bath at the end of the day

In the jungle, the mighty jungle...

The lion "sleeps" tonight...

Check out the ROAR

Monday, October 29, 2012

The aftermath

Dman is now on the mend thanks to our awesome parenting move--having him sleep in his swing. No more fever but between his smoker cough and his congestion he sounds like an angry gremlin. The hubs and I have been taking turns sleeping on the floor of the Dman's room...which likely contributed to the decline of my own health situation. Yeah germs!

I am going to bone up on immunity diets...I can't prevent little Dman from getting sick but I can try to bolster the Hubs and my immune systems. Its horrible seeing him sick, trying to take care of him while being sick is suicidal.
Open to comments on this...

Not that I was ever cool...

But now I am definitely not cool. Just doing a bottle delivery for the Dman ..that's where my expensive espresso beverages and road cocktails use to go.

All worth it though...

Friday, October 26, 2012

Super un-awesome

Dman looks like he has the worst hangover EVER but didn't even get to have the antecedent wild and fun time that usually leads to that look.
Anyone know where I can get a bubble? This is the worst...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sleep and tailwinds

I'm superstitious about ever acknowledging or verbalizing in any way the existence of favorable winds on a bike ride. The phrase "we will have a tailwind on the way home" or "this tailwind is awesome" will NEVER escape my least while on the bike. Bad winds are a different story and can be discussed ad nauseum.
I feel the same way about the Dman's sleep. Therefore, at the risk of ruining a possible tailwind, I have to express my universal joy and gratitude for the thing that happened last night.
I fear I may have said too much and will be met with the equivalent of gutterbombing crosswinds-- only in a Dman sleep context tonight. Ah well, let's just call last night "skirmish free."
He did wake up coughing so it probably is the calm before the storm. I'm extremely unpsyched about the Dman getting sick when he is just so WITTLE. But...what are you going to do? If I could put him in a bubble I long as I didn't need to be a stay at home mom (new respect for those that do--desk jobs are vacation compared to staying home with a kid I.M.H.O.)
Thanks to all for the helpful comments and shared stories. Serious appreciation for all the great insight!

A rested an hopefully not sick Dman

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The reign of terror

Don't be fooled...

There's a reason for the camo jammies--it helps him execute guerilla anti-sleep tactics
Dman continues to mesmerize us with his awesomeness. Its a good thing because we have decided to start "sleep training" or an exercise in seeing how far the limits of sanity can be pushed.  You may ask, why do this to yourselves? Seems like you finally got to a pretty good place...So he doesn't really sleep through the night and you have to engage in a full-on circus to get him to actually go to sleep? Its just on you right?


Or at least partially. So Dman has started "daycare" which is sharing a nanny with well-behaved/goes-right-to-sleep 6 month-old Sloane. Because there are 2 bambinos for the nanny to deal with, it has become HIGH PRIORITY to try to get the Dman to be able to go to sleep while he is still awake...instead of the full body 30-40 minute workout normally involved with getting him to sleep before EVERSOGINGERLY laying him in his crib. Its one thing for us to suffer--its another to make a caregiver not be able to deal.

SO....we started our campaign to "help" Dman get to sleep "on his own".

*insert every swear word you can possibly think of here*

This little dude has got some serious staying power. He is a formidable warrior when it comes to the sleep enemy. Last night he cried for an hour at night before finally falling asleep. THE GD STUPID books say that then they are supposed to sleep longer. Like through the night.
WRONG AGAIN! He woke up almost every 2 hours. So what the hell are we supposed to do then???? I mean doesn't that mean he won? If he wakes up again? Even though we still let him cry a bunch I was getting up to try to "console" (or exacerbate?) him.

Our nanny has been sick so we were going to try to get Dman to do some sleeping this morning so he would be easier for her to deal with...Instead he screamed his head off instead of napping, scratched the shit out of his head (yes I want to kill myself over that one) and ensured that I not only DIDN'T train, but also went to work late. Can you say failing at all aspects of life? I finally had to just bring him over to Sloane's house and leave him with the sick nanny and just ask her to please keep him alive until we could pick him up at the end of the day.

I don't even know if I make sense anymore. I'm sleep deprived, feeling like I suck at parenting, feeling like I suck at working, feeling like I suck at being married. And I have completely lost whatever filter I might've had. Talking to strangers or acquaintances I run into about Dman's sleep issues and my nanny concerns, etc. I need someone to follow me around and just making a zipper motion across his mouth whenever I fail to pick up on social cues about not being appropriate.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Autumn and anniversaries

Cooler weather means more awesome accessories for the Dman 

Where's Waldo Dman?

It is gorgeous fall weather here in the 801. The Hubs, Dman and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on a sweet hike up Broads Fork yesterday. Imagination required as pics remain un-downloaded on our camera. Thanks to my mom for reminding us about our anniversary. Even though we have 2 dates (Moab 9/15 and Italia 10/14) we are not awesome at remembering. Dman makes knowing what day it is even more challenging.

Apres ski attire
Pre-halloween attire

Bow season attire; flash orange onesie not pictured

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New things...

Man pants!
Dman continues to get awesome-er, even though we are backsliding on the nighttime sleep scene. I at least know its possible for him to sleep 8 hours.

We had a great weekend too...Nicole, Jarrett, Camille and Serena came over for a little hangout test drive in our kitchen on Saturday.
Dman and Serena

 Sunday D let us *almost* make it through Trio brunch. We did a really nice hike with Mel in Tollgate Canyon too. D made sure to have a massive pooh blowout 5 minutes into the drive up to Park City...

Yesterday was Dman's 1st day of sharing a nanny with 5 1/2 month old sloane. It took me waaaay longer than I thought to get all D's crap together to be left with the Nanny at Sloane's house. D picked out a big man outfit to impress Sloane but then puked 3 times all over it right before leaving. I guess he was nervous about seeing Sloane. He still kept the man pants look (I usually prefer sleepers for all hours of the day--putting socks on the Dman is an invitation for him to stick a foot in a dirty diaper). Still cool to see Dman in his awesome clothing from Tio Davebro.
Dimitroane and awesome nanny Lauren!

Since yesterday was a holiday (Grazie Cristofero Columbo), I got Tom Jow to accompany me on a short mountain bike ride in Mill Creek. The scenery was gorgeous in stark contrast to my wheezing, weaving riding on the trail. Nonetheless it was a real treat to get out.

Hope everyone is enjoying fall!

Dman and the Hubs looking at ceiling fan instal instructions

Or maybe its for a LAAYY-SER

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Happy 1st post-womb trimester Dman!

Dman is 3 months old today. Here's the growth chart:

Kangaroo from Drewster telling Dman a secret

12 weeks went by fast. I went back to work this week and Dman started with a Nanny (he was solo with the nanny this week as the other kiddo was with her gramma all week).  I wasted my last week of maternity leave FREAKING THE F-WORD OUT about leaving Dman. No one told me about the paranoia part of parenting (Coach K theorizes paranoia is the latin root of parenting). However, the nanny has been awesome and I feel 8 billion times better than I did on Monday. AND, Coach K is going to get me back on the program...That's right peeps, mama's training again. (Training is in air quotes). Time to get serious...So here are some notes to that effect:

Dear Haagen Dazs: Thanks for being there for me these past 12 weeks. You have been so helpful. But, now? Its time to move on (I'm not talking to you coffee frozen yogurt). Its not me, its you...

Dear BH bike: Sorry for letting you get so dusty over the past 12 months. Things have been hectic...Its no excuse. Anyway, I'm here now...Hopefully the final 20 lbs comes off soon, don't worry, I know you are fragile carbon. I hear you complaining under my girth as we put in the miles. Good thing Tiff miles on the bike are like Dog mile ridden by me is done in the time a normal person could ride 7. Don't judge!

Life has been full on, but this week has been nothing short of awesome. After the petrifying panic about leaving Mr. D, the enjoyment of being back on the bike and beng back at work is totally washing over me. AND we are in the process of moving back into the main part of our house.

Zia Meme is here this week which has been the best thing ever too. Dinner and lunch is taken care of every day.

Finally, some gratuitous shots of the Dman.

Dman sporting his gangster look with his number one homey: doggie pacifier
Dr Evil and Mini Me

The Yogurt on My Pretzels

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