Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Thanks universe, I needed that bone!

Visitors=moi in photos....Thanks Anglia! Awesome Dman shirt courtesy of Coach K and Landry (Those are our fave shirts these days!!

It was nothing short of a christmas miracle as I was able to ride TWO DAYS IN A ROW recently. It had been gnarly air but I was able to shoot the gap on Sunday morning as the funknastiness cleared out just as the storm was starting to roll in. Never mind that I totally ruined the nice clean bike Tom Jow had dropped off at my house the night before. Never mind that I was supposed to ride 3 hours and I only made it 2 (little voice inside saying "you can never win!! you can never win!!!)...

Yesterday it dumped more snow but the roads improved enough for me to do the main set of intervals for yesterday's workout. Dicey roads plus cars (because I had to ride on the roads that cars had driven) equals "that's not just road grit on my shorts." I think I was the coldest I'd ever been on my bike. My hands felt like they were going to shatter into a million pieces once they started to warm up again. I was out for an hour (on what was supposed to be a 2 hour ride: enter the little voice again).

Thank you god and baby jesus it was great to get outside.

I continue to totally flail on all aspects of life. But the Dman is getting *so* close to crawling and that is the opposite of flailing I.M.H.O.

Who can disagree with the need for coffee before undertaking crawl training?

We have to haybale certain race course hazards (corners of the changing table) as the Dman can get pretty wild and unpredictable in his movements

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Not so awesome being an adult

THIS I luff...
I have not been loving adult life as of late. Payment disputes with subcontractors, weirdness at work...oh, trying to not totally screw up our kid. I am getting straight C minuses across the board, including my big comeback to racing in 2013. Plagued with doubt is an understatement.
The inversion. is. killing. me.

Only in the photo because Grampa took pics

Dman is mesmerizingly adoralicious. Eczema cheeks, glistening chin and crusty little booger-nose...I am punched-in-the stomach in love with every detail of this little booble bear.
And we have awesome friends and family which are the chocolate in our peanut butter

Auntie Danika in town for an avy instructor course!
Woody deLaurentis cooked a gorgeous lasagna for us


Mrs. Jowegawa


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dman the yogi

I have been slammed with some low-grade cholera type malaise. It has not been awesome. So far (knock on some serious wood) Dman has been able to avoid. Must be all the yoga he's been doing. Behold locust pose and upward dogging with the hubs.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Monday, January 7, 2013

Growth chart progress

Happy mezz'nano Dman!

In spite of a challenging photo shoot, we got the shot!

Models can be difficult to work with.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Don't call it a comeback!

I've been here for years! 

(Never mind that I'm a white/almost 40/lawyer/mom on the outside...I'll always be a gangster on the inside--Just CLICK THE LINK ABOVE, don some bling, AND READ ON!)

Here's my racing deal-io for 2013:
http://www.gofundme.com/primalprowomen or click HERE

In a word? Stoked! Can't wait to race with these ladies, can't wait to share the love with cyclo-philes at USA Crits around the country through our clinics. I'm super excited to carry out an awesome mission while pursuing my dream!

All you ballers who donate to our cause will have the option to receive in-person thanks from the Dman at any of our races!

Happy New Year, Welcome Back Winter!

Here Dman poses as the kid from Christmas Story

Dman is starting to dig his chariot (thanks Gramma and Grampa!) Its a good thing as I have seen the light and have become a born again skier!
Dman en chariot

Sled dog Hubs

Dman mushes the Hubs

photo credit: Woody aka Mr. "what do you mean you're going to sit out a lap"

We have had some fun hangs with friends lately including Aunt Lizzie, the Yohnson-Gammons, and, of course the Woodies. We rang in the New Year with the Beautiful People (the Fishers) and the Good Vibe-ers (the Di Blunkos).

Woodies, Dman and Thai food

We made the poor choice of trying to bring Dman to the Jowegawas Japanese New Year party. Thoughts of sushi and weird delicious veggies clouded my judgment. We arrived around bedtime and just in time for nuclear detonation. Nothing makes you feel like the world's shittiest parent more than PMS (public meltdown syndrome). The hubs didn't even take off his jacket and took the Dman home. Nothing says World's Greatest Spouse more than hearing those three beautiful words "I will deal" or "find a ride".

In any case I thoroughly enjoyed myself and had a great time catching up with some awesome and long lost peeps.

Back to skiing, I have decided I want to lock my heel and ski for real (or at least suck less) so I'm on the hunt for deals on or used skis, AT bindings, boots and skins. Praise Jesus I have seen the light!

Hubs and mini-hubs


The Yogurt on My Pretzels

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