Thursday, February 21, 2013

Awesome new kitchen acquisition

Yeah green smoothies! Though Dman prefers puffs.

Before and after pics
Viva la Vitamix!

Plum Organics Sponsorship Proposal

Monday, February 18, 2013

Brag alert!

While I'm remembering this in a slightly buzzed state, I need to blog to further underscore that the shit on this blog is REAL and I am pretty uncensored (not that that was probably ever in question). So I told the Hubs this morning that I'm feeling better about myself...In fact my subconscious is even getting on board--because I had a dream that Anderson Cooper of Anderson Cooper 360 on MSNBC (assuming that's still on-- I used to watch a lot of TV when I had to stay in hotels for work travel--but its been a while) wanted to MAKE OUT with me in my dream last night! And Rachel Maddow (who I think is one of the greatest modern day females) was also in the dream killing sharks or something (thanks for that Drewster). To my statement about Anderson Cooper--my nocturnal admirer--the Hubs responded "Oh that's cool, you know he's gay right?"

Where the hell have I been? Actually, I think I remember hearing about that. But shit, he is one weirdly attractive man, one has to admit.

Anyway, high-5 universe! Because that rules.

More importantly, clearly the Dman is a genius...Of AAALLLL the 26 letter and 10 numbers, he picked the D square when he was playing on his letters and numbers mat! First time he decided to wear one of the squares and he picked the D! Just like my Anderson Cooper dream, I'm sure this is NO coincidence.
C'mon, it was NOT an accident!
A very cute...

But WIGGLY booble

Happy bday Washington!

The hubs and I got to ride together today on account of us having "free" babysitting (nanny was here) and neither of us had to work. The day started out perhaps a bit rocky (who doesn't start their morning with a casual "F@#$ you!" directed at their spouse)...but we ultimately ended up thoroughly enjoying ourselves on a sweet road ride with il Justino and Kat. Like a jerk I got no photos because I have no excuse for why. Kat brilliantly suggested we end our ride at delicious Tulie where we partook in the artisan baked goods and cappucinos. It was a very wannabe pro day. Minus the riding fast and far (Kat is the exception to this since she had to ride a bunch extra to come meet us for the ride).
Dudes hike!
Over the weekend, I got in a great long ride with the FFKR boys who were super cool and even let me alternate hanging on jersey pockets with getting pushed up some of the rollers on the mostly flat rides (Thanks Aron and awesome friend of Liza's Andre). It felt SOOOO good to be a professional wheelsucker. PB totally gave me the hookup to show up on that ride. I showed up saying I'm gonna train with you pussies because PB says its OK. Or maybe I just sheepishly showed up and just hung out at the back of their group as they rolled out of the bagel shop. Let's not get mired in the details.

The Hubs, superdad that he is, took Dman on a hike up Millcreek while I was hammering with the boyz. I was curious as to how many women hit on him (because what isn't hotter than cute dude hiking with bambino?! maybe I'm biased).
SIDEBAR: The chronology, grammar and spelling of this blog post have to be suspect thanks to the several glasses of celebratory Washington's bday vino I've consumed. 
In any event, the Hubs and I hiked with our friends, the beautiful people Jarrett and Nicole and their kiddos Serena and Camille yesterday. 
Fun times.
Post hike refreshments!
After our ride today the Hubs and I took the Dman on an errand Chariot ride. He fell asleep so let's call that a success. The Hubs sidebars here that it wasn't really a RIDE per se....but shit, I've done recovery rides shorter that that. Anyway, yeah Dman! He rules.

Getting ready for a sick Chariot ride!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

And now for the un-fun part

Hipster Dman!
We finished up our socal trip with a brief sojourn in the OC disorder at Johnny G and Jen's supersweet pad. On our last morning in the desert Zia Meme and Paul watched the Dman as Nonna and Grampa had to leave for the east coast. We connected for one final ride with good energy Twila and fun Laurie. It was great to ride with them and the Dman also approved.
The weather was a bit more wintry in the OC disorder (don't call it that). I froze my ass off on the dumbest ride ever while the Hubs ran an errand with the Dman (he bought cowboy boots!) Lucky for me I was able to salvage the activity portion of the day by going to yoga with Jen.
Riding bikes! Excuse the whiteness and my beater helmet
Riding with the Hubs!
Hanging at the lobby bar with Nonna and Grampa
Pool time!
Dman socializes post-ride with Twila and Laurie
Johnny G and Jen did some major cheffing and oxygen Craig came over for some social imbibing and carcas consumption.
Johnny G and Jen hung out with the Dman on Saturday and the Hubs and I got to do one final ride together.
It was a good trip and it was really great to see family and friends. It was so exciting that Dman just couldn't allow himself to sleep through the night. On top of doing real rides that kind of worked me to the point where I went to bed at the same time as the Dman last night (7 pm) and, thanks to the Hubs I slept through the whole night.
We are driving through a snowstorm (of course ) back to Utah. While is not super awesome Dman has been a champ and (knock on wood) it looks like we might make it back tonight. Not looking forward to unpacking/unloading in the snowy dark...but this is the part that gets forgotten the quickest.

Johnny G and O2 Craig and CARCAS

Jen and the Dman--new besties

Friday, February 1, 2013

The Desert agrees with the Dman

Just a little chillaxin' with Nonna
 Dman decided to let us rally the whoooole way to Palm Desert on Wednesday. That may have been as a result of the shots he got on our way out of town as he slept a decent chunk of the drive. The Hubs and I have gotten to do some riding thanks to awesome Nonna for babysitting. We took Dman for his first swim today...he was way reluctant at first but after he got used to it he was pretty psyched.
There have been lots of people giving him lots of attention so he is in heaven and so are we.
In spite of the complete debacle that was packing and trying to leave (as Moira rightly termed it: packing for the apocalypse) it has been a great trip so far.

Dman hasn't adjusted to Pacific time so we are bright and early
Boobles in his swim attire

Aqua Booble!

Zio Paul

A little breakfast with Nonna

The Yogurt on My Pretzels

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