Sunday, March 31, 2013

First bike race

Dman attended his first bike race yesterday. The Hubs and I worked it out that we would do the handoff. This involved Pentagon level logistics. I rode out with Kaytie and Kat. The hubs drove out and we did the quick handoff in between the two races. Since it was just a training race I dropped out early and we did the Dman handoff. Dman was a champ and fell asleep in the ergo/baby carrier. I got a whole lot of shammy time yesterday because no way in hell was I going to rock the slumber boat by changing. The hubs and Justino both did awesome in the C's. Fellow velomama and studly photog Cottonsox snapped a pic thus commemorating Dman's first race.

 Woody has been helping the Hubs with removing a tree from our backyard (root/sewer issues). Woody has been roped up in the tree all weekend and there is a chainsaw. Dman is in heaven.

Lumberjack Woody

Hubs on belay

We had a fun impromptu dinner with the Woodies and Lizzie last night. So grateful for our flexible friends who are willing to come over and unpityingly/nonjudgmentally hang with us even when our house is complete chaos. We are lucky.
Super lucky. For lots of reasons.

Definitely no DRINKING out of the sippy cup at this point...But hopefully with time...

Friday, March 29, 2013

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Slowing down from the tailspin

Awesome weekend in Florida racing with Mel, Joanie (La Petite Soeur!) and the Prof. We were treated to uber excellent hosting by our new friend Guy and his hilarious wife Peyton. We had fun racing in downtown Delray. We hosted a GREAT clinic for a big group of Cat 3 and 4 women on Sunday. Weekend was great until the shitstorm of travel home. Not as bad as Erin's trip home from India, but it sucked PRETTY BAD. I was supposed to be home Sunday night. Was totally COUNTING on getting to see Dman FIRST THING on Monday morning...but without re-visiting my tailspin, let's just say I came home almost 24 hours later than I was supposed to...This created much mental, emotional and physical strife. Bad times at home. Bad times at work. Bad times in the body.

SILVER LINING: got to see my sister for 20 minutes (I got stuck in Denver and she picked me up from the airport at 2 am) and BOSS (my old Primal/MMR Team Director) took me back to the airport the following morning. I had a great weekend but Florida and the airlines can suck it as far as I'm concerned right now.

Coach K and Prof provided me with some key words of encouragement in surviving the dramatics. Thanks!

The dust has settled for the most part. I'm feeling better physically and the Dman got EVEN CUTER while I was gone. How is it possible? Anyway, things are chaotic still...but more manageable. Pandelibrium is *almost* restored (yes that is pandemonium and equilibrium combined and the best I can really hope for these days).

Just enjoying our morning beverages before the day gets underway


Walking to daycare

Catching up with the Fishers on the way home from daycare!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

La vita is definitely bella

Life is pretty sweet in the 801 right now. Beautiful weather and longer days have been nice.
I also turned 20-18 last week. Dman puked the contents of an entire bottle all over both of us. Showered with affection.

I'm So psyched to be racing and training and Dman gets awesome-er by the day. I think about my friend Anne who said the crybabies turn out to be dream kids. I don't know if he's a dream kid but I seriously look forward to hanging out with the awesome dude as soon as I/he wake up (sometimes I actually wake up before him) and I feel like I rush home after work to see what he's up to.

Post-bath jammy'ing with Nonna
Dman loves the shower. Now we just keep toys in there. He's developed a little crawling circuit starting from his room: first he messes with the heat vent, then he opens the trash, then he crawls in the shower, then another heat vent, finally ends in the kitchen playing with the door stopper on the pantry. This dude keeps himself busy.
Hill interval birthday present from Coach K!

I had a full on birthday week. Nonna came to town and wasn't here even 5 minutes before she was playing with the Dman and cheffing up a birthday feast last Friday. We had a true Big Night dinner with a few friends, it was fabulous. On Saturday, we took full advantage of Nonna-time and Steve and I did the local training race out at a race track here in the 801 (RMR). I raced with the A men and had a blast till flatting 30 minutes into the race.  The Hubs, Justino and Newberry raced after me and Justino was THIRD in his first race (on a borrowed bike) with Newberry and the Hubs finishing right after somewhere in the top 10. Way to go Team Dad! I rode home with new Kat (in her sweet new team kit), Anne and my new teammate Kaytie. Super fun to do some girl riding.

Nonna took awesome care of all of us all weekend, cooking, cleaning and doing LOTS of Dman time. We all loved it and totally miss her already!

The Hubs is also giving me the birthversarymas awesome present of letting me go solo to some races.  Getting to do this has been like an injection of massive happiness. I miss the Hubs and Dman like crazy when I'm gone but I come home a SUPER psyched mama-wife-acita. Good times. We're giving it another whirl this weekend as I go to Florida for race #2 with the USA Crits and our 2nd women's clinic

Hat and no pants, so what about it?

First time sitting in the cart like a big boy! Hey Dman, you've got a lil somethin' somethin' goin' on. How embarassing.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gracias to the Tios

Made it back to the 801 sans incident. So great to see the Hubs and Tios Sid and Jane were waiting at the house with some delectable New Mexican dinner bites!

Had a great Monday morning with the Dman and the Tios before they shoved off for home. Jane stocked our fridge and they even procured some ORGANIC formula for the Dman. Made them both green smoothies and they were psyched.

Thanks for coming Tios!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Back in the saddle

This past weekend was my First race since the Dman arrived! I flew to Tucson on Thursday for a weekend of racing, clinic'ing, new teammate meeting and wonderful host(ess) hanging.
I had such a great time though I missed the Hubs and Dman something fierce.
My badass teammate Joanie took 3rd in the race and I finished 11th (Leah Kirchman of Optum won). We made some mistakes but overall had a good race. I was out of my mind happy to be racing again! More importantly I so enjoyed getting to know the girls. We had a super duper mechanic who kept us running smooth (thanks Rickybobby!) And a fabulous host who took awesome care of us (thanks Susan!).
It was a great weekend and it felt awesome (physically, metaphysically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually). At the same time I had gnawing pangs of nervousness/guilt about leaving the Dman even though the Hubs was super dad and Dman was showered with affection. I definitely cried a little during the kids race
In any case, I'm looking forward to continuing the return to racing but right now I am just dying to squeeze the Booble bear. Hoping to be able to maintain the balance!

 Mechanico supremo: Ricky Bobby

Hostess with the mostest Susan and moi

EveryteamneedsanAussie Melina and RickyBobby

*hearting* my new Enzo's shammy cream t-shirt

Guest rider and awesome chica Kaytie

Skills clinic!

Sunday ride avec teammates

Saguaro NP

Magnifique Joanie en podium: great start to the season

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The ocho!

Dman turned 8 months on Monday! Holy flying of the time!

Italian gesticulating; Also proud of the doppio chin

We have been ridiculous busy but have made some time for some friend hangs and bike rides. I have my first race in Tucson this weekend. Super excited/nervous/guilty and it's going to be my first time away from the Dman.
While Steve is obviously capable Uncle Sid and Jane are taking time out of their busy retired lives to come hang out. Jane is going to test run the Vitamix as she is considering joining team awesome. Because it is seriously awesome!

Dman has also started crawling. Wow.  

He was initially better at backing up...Now he is ambi-directional
Walking practice with Uncle Woody


Dman gives the Hubs, Justin, Ruple, Jess and Alisha the sendoff for their ride

Dman is always helpful in the wine store; here he is advising the Hubs on the Cabernet selection

The Yogurt on My Pretzels

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