Saturday, April 20, 2013


Someone is awesome at feeding himself puffs (which are just expensive cheerios).
Pacman booble!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Uncle Dave visit!

 Davebro came to visit last weekend while I was off gallivanting around the southeast for 48 hours. I did a quick and dirty trip to Charlotte for a big crit. Awesome to see my teammates and supersweet to finally race with major studette Kori Seehafer. The weekend went well though our speedy sprinter Joanie was sick. Kori and I made it in the top 20 in the super fast, hard race. I'm feeling like I'm starting to get some legs back.
Dman and Uncle Dave

New kit!
Back in the 801 the boys had a good weekend, from what I could deduce. I left Friday morning and was home by Sunday morning. Still possibly recovering from that one. We did a Dman chariot ride which ended at delicious Tulie bakery. Mel and Seth came over for dinner and then Dave left way early the next morning. Great to see him and Dman was psyched.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Rainy walk to daycare

Rainy walk to daycare yesterday. Headed to Charlotte for the Presbyterian crit! Looking forward to seeing the Primal chicks!

Dman had his 9 month doctor appointment this week and tried goat cheese (and liked it!)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dman's first podium!

I think we finally cleared the patch of stomach gnar that that settled over our house just in time for a nice weekend.

Kat, Moi, Dman and Cottonsox aka Cathy Kim

On Saturday I raced the Hell of the North circuit race here in the 801. Despite a small field, the girls all raced super aggressive and no one just tried to sit in till the finish. Studette Devon Gorry from the Now women's pro team (who moved to Logan last year for a job at USU) was there which was a really nice surprise--both having her at the race and having her here in the beehive! Kat and the Plan 7 girls were also there to make the race interesting. I ended up winning which was nice since I had some FANS there (thanks QB and Nick!) and so Dman could have his first PODIUM! :)

Yes I'm not rocking the Primal colors as I will be racing for Roosters/Bikers Edge for local Utah races with the Prof! Totally psyched to be a part of a great local team (love those north peeps!)
NOTE: the kits will be made by PRIMAL, of course.

Saturday night the Hubs gave me a pass to go have dinner at the Woodies. YIPPEE! Woody's awesome boss Peg came down from Ogden to partake in the culinary delights too. Actually, I sort of crashed their dinner. A lesser person would think twice.

Life changing libation: rye whiskey, agave, lemon and WINE!

Woody cheffed the shit out of some flank steak, roasted carrots and RICRANKULOUS brussel sprouts. Pecans and bacon on that shit? SHUT UP! Oh, and no he WASN'T going to stop there. He also just whipped up some Madagascar vanilla bean ginger creme brulee. NO HE DI'INT.

Oh yes he did!

It was a fabulous evening and my belly and heart ended the day very full and happy.

We had a coffee date with Lizzie this morning which was fabuloso. We then packed up (almost) all our shit to go ride in East Canyon with the Dman...Only some key pieces of equipment may or may not have been we packed everything back up and came back home...

I have really had the taste for the meats these past few days. After our ride Dman and I went to Liberty Heights Fresh (aka the Heist) for some cured pork products and a $10 jar of pasta sauce. Its the Parkleigh Pharmacy of food in our neighborhood. Sorry you have to be from Rochester to get that one. Its a super high end fancy pants but awesome little market a 7 minute walk from our casa. I like to bring Dman as I think it allows me to get extra salami and cheese samples. Depends on who's working the meat slicer.

Napping Hubs on couch not pictured.

In other gnus, Dman continues to put everything, literally everything into his mouth, and I'm heading to Charlotte to race with the Primal chicas this weekend. Davebro coming to batch it up with his brethren. Should be good times all around!


Yes, everything.

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Nuevo!

Dman turned 9 months yesterday! And he also turned down the puke faucet that had been running full bore for 3 days. Poor, sick booble. The Hubs and I were also sick though thankfully we stayed off the vomit train, preferring to ride the fever train. Its been a real party at Cass 951, let me tell you...Brighter skies on the horizon we hope!

This month's growth chart and associated challenges with memorializing the occasion!

Noogies for the kangaroo!

The model starts acting out his frustration against the props

Best shirt ever from Coach K and Landry

Happy 9 months Dman!

The Yogurt on My Pretzels

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