Saturday, May 25, 2013

Absolutely no screen time unless

It's for watching bike racing. Dman and the Hubs watching today's Giro stage.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Chariots of fire

Auntie J9!

The Booble is feeling better thank god. On Saturday we celebrated by going to watch Auntie J9 run her annual 5k (she only runs once a year for this brain injury benefit). It was pouring rain but it didn't seem to bother her. The Booble managed to kick off a Croc (his first pair of shoes!) At some point on the journey from home to the park (the race was at a nearby park).
For a once a year runner--she's got great form! No heel striking!

Hard core fans!

We were resigned to the loss of this little shoe (the Hubs pointing out that he shouldn't be wearing shoes anyway since his little feet muscles, etc are developing)...But in a Christmas Miracle we actually came across said Croc on our walk home from the park.

Baby jesus croc

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The sick Grumpus

We have had a digestively unpsyched booble this week. We thought he was better and then our nanny got sick. Dman appears to be on the mend but his stomach is still way jacked. I'm surprised his jet-propulsion level farts haven't sent him to infinity and beyond. Booble Lightyear.
The only way we can keep him calm is by taking him outside.  That's why he's wearing the old man hat. Even with his harshed out stomach he is a pretty gd cute booble.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Already with the ignoring

Yesterday was the Hubs' 30-11th birthday! Dman and I took him out for a very early dinner at Mazza (a middle eastern restaurant). Dman was SUPER awesome at dinner and it was his first time sitting in a high chair! Even though its not what one would call a relaxing experience (you have to maintain a constant MINIMUM 3-foot buffer zone unless you want to see your glass of vino go flying), it was really fun. Dman gave a thumbs up to pita bread--not so much with the baba ghanouj and muhamarra rice.
Most of the dinner he spent looking everywhere around the restaurant except at his parents--especially at an older kid at a nearby table. I guess we are already not cool to hang out with.

After dinner we did a quick stop by at the Woodies--who just returned from Vietnam. Dman amazed us by NOT melting down (despite the late hour of 7 pm) and the Woodies gave us a bag of weasel poop coffee. We brewed some up this morning and now I need to know where to get more.  Its the shit! (Yes, intended).

I head for St. Louis for the Tour de Grove tomorrow and USA Crits stop #5! Totally psyched to get a bunch of racing in (3 races plus street sprints on saturday night).  The Hubs is going to do the downtown crit here in the 801 (yeah babysitter) and it will otherwise be a batch weekend for Dman and the Hubs this weekend. It will probably be a lot of Giro watching in underwear, cereal eating and chariot ride-o-rama. Good stuff.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Chariot race (not what you are thinking)

Fun Sunday here in the 801. We rode with the JemClems then did a little stopby at the Fishers. They have the ultimate outdoor kid setup. Beautiful day!

Picture barf

It has been a while, but a lot has been happening. Racing in the Southeast, crazy weather in the 801, and a day spent at the races in Ogden for collegiate nationals.
Picture barf as follows:
Dman and I went to watch the National Collegiate Crit champs in Ogden, UT. Here we are with CU coach and my former CU teammate Margell (CU took 3rd and 4th!)

Dman gets a horsey ride from Auntie Prof during the crit

Dman: uninterested in the racing, engrossed in sidewalk cigarette butts.

Walking practice with Auntie Prof!

Prof warming up for the Athens twilight crit
Dman practicing his "Whatsa mattah wit you?"
Dman checking out his "age inappropriate" (per Mel) Gnome book (thanks Auntie Mel!)

Mel: "the section on trolls is particularly upsetting, there's an image burned in my brain."

Moving up into some "new" but "previously enjoyed" clothing!

Stoner Booble!

Snow in May!

The Yogurt on My Pretzels

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