Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Not too busy for this

I feel like I'm drowning in life but looking at a pic like this gives me some swimmies.

Cupboard playing booble!
Photo accomplished, now back to the task of climbing all the way in.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tulsa tops me off

Seriously fabuloso time in Tulsa this past weekend for Tulsa Tough. The racing was AWESOME, team was starting to get its mesh on, and our hosts were just our of this world--like always. We *heart* the compound dwellers.
Racing photos, what? Thanks awesome teammate Kaytie Scott for sending

Yeah crits!

Yeah teammates!

JC and moi (that means "me" en francais)

Cry baby hill

Dman's gift from the Meinens (t-shirt) and the Schoolings (race vuvuzela!)
Tulsa was a sort of last minute papal dispensation from the Hubs.  He is the best because I had an awesome weekend!

Darrell picked me up from the airport at 12:30 am on Thursday night/Friday morning. Way to start out the weekend putting people out. I stayed in "my" room at the Meinens (in their daughter Maddie's room--for the 4th year!). It was incredible to see awesome Maddie and Mia who are not little kids anymore but super cool, interesting sweet little girl-people! Melissa--their mom--was the amazing hostess she always is and made me feel so welcome (while giving me some GREAT parenting advice).

And there are the Schoolings...JC and Kaytie went straight from Chicago to Tulsa and stayed with Marilyn and Mike--some of the best humans on the planet. Even after a week of bike racers in their house--they were still bend-over-backward accomdating/welcoming/hospitable and awesome. I crossed the compound when I woke up Friday morning to catch up with Marilyn. Marilyn is one of the world's best hosts "moms" and does some world class caretaking (or asswiping as it probably feels by the end of the weekend).

Marilyn, enjoying a rare moment of sitting--she runs around all weekend cooking, driving ringing the cowbell just managing us like a pro.
We had an awesome guest rider--Rose Long--the winner of the women's D2 collegiate national crit. She is in grad school in NYC and was an excellent addition to the team both on and off the bike.

I am feeling like I'm starting to get some legs back and finished 10th, 7th and 11th.  My teammates were super awesome and it was really encouraging in the races to feel like we were helping each other.

Sunday's race is super hard--and super amazing.  It has cry baby hill--which is a complete party time crazy fest--an experience not to be missed. Tulsa really turns it on for this race. I have tended to suck at this race because it goes up a super steep (but short) climb about a million times. Alison Powers broke away (ultra hard man course was pretty much tailor-made for that powerhouse) and then about half of the field finished the race.
We quickly packed our bikes back at the Schoolings and then headed to the airport. I got to fly with teammates Kori and Kaytie and then Kat sat with Kaytie and I on the flight to Salt Lake. Chatting with fellow racers made the time fly. How many times can you dissect a race? Whatever, it was awesome.

I'm OFF my bike this week for the mid season hiatus. Coach K has given me some strength stuff to do...but I have just been dealing in life (working and trying to deal at home) and its been a welcome break. There have been some friend hanging out, vino drinking and cookie eating. Hopefully I won't let everything go down the drain.

We are heading to Colorado this weekend so the Hubs can do a bike tour with Dave, Drew and some of their peeps. Looking forward to getting my Rocky Mountain High on with the Dman.

Walking the old man booble to daycare in his old man park bench sitting pigeon feeding hat

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fully maxed, not entirely in a bad way

Up till the past few weeks, I felt like I had life by the balls...working, traveling, racing, being a mom...I wasn't necessarily killing it--but I felt like I was really attempting to seize the carp. The past few weeks, life has had different designs...Nothing is bad--I just feel completely maxed and like I'm sucking at everything...tired, getting dumb and just being a generally lame person. And little stuff is getting to me...

Pic from Nonna's camera
Dman continues to mesmerize us with his cuteness. He came to the Sugarhouse Crit 2 weeks ago (which I won) and had a great time hanging out with all our friends that came to cheer. Life was really good that day.

Sugarhouse--in my Primal Roosters/Bikers Edge kit
This past weekend we went to Chicago for a race and to meet up with my parents and sister. Dman was pretty great on the plane...with some explosive crying before finally passing out. We brought a bag of ear plugs and offered them to the people sitting around us. That ended up being an excellent goodwill gesture.

Add Nonna and Dman having a moment at breakfast

Checking out Aunt Mary's breakfast
The race was insane---there was a massive downpour. Miraculously we all stayed upright and I ended up taking 11th (teammates Joanie and Mel were 7th and 9th). Dman had an awesome time hanging out with Nonna, Grampa and Aunt Mary...We also connected with an old school Rochester buddy--Keith and his family. Keith was the first ever road racer I ever knew. Keith's wife Lisa hooked us up with a stroller and a bunch of toys. Their 4-year-old son Thaddeus was SUPER awesome to the Dman--providing tons of entertainment.

Riding together, what? We rode by Lake Michigan (you can see it in the background!) on Sunday while Dman hung out with Nonna
The flight home was a bit gnarly--Dman was going wild and then Hubs and I were just cracked. I have no idea how people do long plane flights or travel solo with more than 1 kid. It blows my mind. Seriously considering drugs for the east coast trip in August.

Thanks for reading and putting up with all my nonsense.

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