Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Belated post on Boise, Birthdays and of course, BOOBLES

Boobling in Boise--awesome park near the Andersons- Go Azzurri!
July has been a pretty FULL ON MONTH for the Pezzawrences. After a fun trip to Sun Valley, we headed back to the Spud state the following weekend. This time it was Boise for a USA Crits race and the Idaho State championships. A fellow lawyer and mom--Megan--connected me with her AMAZING parents in Boise. Sharon and Ken Anderson were the total hostesses with the mostestess. We had a really fun weekend with them and we are totally in luff with Boise. Their Whole Foods has a bar...

The Hubs, Ken and Sharon--treating us to awesome times in their great Boise Abode.
More road trippin'
Sharon and Ken treated us to awesome meals and super fun times. They also came to my race in downtown Boise to do some cheering. Ken is a retired principal and Sharon is a retired teacher so it was like hanging out with celebrities. Everyone knew them.
Getting ready to start! With supermechanic RickyBobby in the background!
Post-race Pezzawrences (note the nod to Tulsa!)
The racing went well. I was 4th and the hubs was 8th. In the next day's race (Idaho State Champs), I won and the hubs was 6th. The Booble walked away with top honors in the cuteness competition.

The following weekend was Erin's most excellent birthday adventure. Since she turned an important birthday number this year--we convened a little celeb in the 801. It was a pretty legendary cast including Randypants (our former roommate), Drewster, Glennbro and my mom (Nonna!). Since Erin has a bunch of peeps of her own in the 801--we had a right proper activity-filled lovefest for her with the help of Mel, Liz, the Woodies and her buddy Mark. Erin did the weekend more justice on her blog.

Like a sucker I didn't really get many relevant pics.

This past weekend, the Hubs' parents came to visit. We had an awesome time and they helped occupy the Dman so the Hubs and I could both race the Heber Circuit race (Hubs- 4th, Moi- 3rd). We also checked out Tracy Aviary and had 2 fairly successful restaurant experiences. Yeah Booble!
Breakfast with Grampa!
Heber podium with the 2 gals that ripped my legs off in the uphill finish (1st Mindy, 2nd Breanne)


We are around and visitor-less for a few weeks...So hopefully we can get a handle on our lives...We are trying to get the Booble on the sippy cup train...Without too much success. He is still a walking machine and total jabberjaw. Fun times!

Sippy cup attempts
Booble steamroller across his toys

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Gracias to los Tios

We had an awesome impromptu visit with Tios Sid and Jane.  They passed through town on their way to float the Rogue River in Oregon and then do some fun family and friend visits along the way. Yeah they have the best lives.  We kept the Booble awake so they could see him last night. He was basically a zombie but they got to see what a big and cute zombie he's become since they last saw him. He turned on the personality this morning. He got tons of attention and Jane made almond milk in the Vitamix (why have I not been doing that???)  So great to see those guys!

Dman loved it and so did we!

Booble with Tios!
Dman gives Sid an "Oh REEEALLY"

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Podium boy!

Dman poses with the 50 plus masters national champ (aka coach k) and the hubs and Landry...Thanks for the sweet monkey sock hat!

The drive home sucked. Real bad. Puke storms and lots of crying. Not just by Dman. Home with a glass of vino. 5 days till our next road trip. Lets not talk about that right now.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Happy bday Dman

No cake and no party but lots of getting dirty and messing around in Sun Valley. We contemplated camping but I won 2 races with decent money so the Hubs couldn't refuse the condo cave in. Dman got a sweet tractor from the Woodies and a tractor book from Roger and Catherine. Most important he got a shit ton of attention from all his de facto Aunties and Uncles who were camping and mountain biking. We did some quality hang time at their campsite.

The Hubs and I came down with colds so we were fairly mellow on the activity front. We got to have dinner with Coach K and her family and racing peeps (in town for mountain bike marathon nationals). Awesome to get some time with one of the key factors in my racing life....

We also did some hang time with the jemclems in town.

We are not giving up on camping, but we-or at least I- am super grateful we had running water and nice place for d to sleep. Will try to sack up for future.

Like a dbag I took no good photos, or maybe I was being "in" the moment instead of documenting (erin's characterization).

So holy crap  we survived the first year. Oh p.s. we have a walker now. Oh. My. God.

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