Monday, September 30, 2013

Gracias at the mucho level

The season has wrapped and once again I'm in a place of feeling massive gratitude to so many people. Our team won the USA Crits series after the final race in Vegas 2 weeks ago, and then I won the Utah State Crit Championship 2 days later. It was more than a village that got me to this point.  A year ago I was a basket case: trying to breastfeed, trying to work, trying to train, trying to get Dman to sleep, trying to just be a human being.  And. constantly. worrying. You feel like you would give anything for your kid to sleep and then he sleeps and you go in 1000 times to make sure he's still breathing.

Having a kid put me in the hurt locker for some time. Even though I felt crippling love for this little booble---I had a massive struggle to try to deal in life.
On a good day I was averaging a B minus...most days hovered between C and D.

Celebrating our team overall win in Vegas with the Prof and supermechanic RickyBobby

With the passage of some time...and with the help and support of the Hubs and our friends and family---things just started to improve at about Dman's 4 month birthday and have gotten better (and worse at times--but mostly better)...

Thank god/the universe/whatever for a healthy kid, an awesome husband, an amazing family and out of this world friends.

Racing and training was so helpful for regaining some sense of self (THANKS COACH K). So stoked to have a team and awesome teammates to ride with this season (Thanks Prof and Kaytie and teammates!).  I mean at first I was just super grateful to just even be lining up again to race. We are so privileged to do what we do. Lucky to have some awesome co-workers who put up with my scattered-ness and still allow me to try to contribute and to feel like I can utilize my brain.
Numbers with our names on them, pardon my dorkiness but I was highly into this.
And my family...dear awesome mom who came out a million times and got us through the worst at the beginning. And still comes out (like this past weekend) to make our life awesome! Zia Meme and Tios Sid and Jane who did the same! Babcha Steph, and the Hubs' parents George and Kathy--muchissmias GRACIAS! My sisters and bro who made it out to awesome. And of course Dave who goes in both the family and friend category (Woodies too)---MILLE GRAZIE!

And my friends. Unbelievable awesomeness...Abby and Mrs. Jowegawa---who watched Dman when he was itty bitty and allowed me to go for some of my first runs/rides. Lizzie, Mel, Erin, Sleaze, Drewster, Richie, Justino, the Yohnson-Gammons, Nicole who introduced me to some awesome mama friends...The Jowegawas (mechanic-ing and friend-ing)...Danika, our Durango and Boulder peeps and Johnny G and Jen, JJ, Kimo, Maggipannetone, Mrs. Nezzy, Newberry, the DBs... Hot damn we have some amaze-ball peeps in our lives. Nisie, Superfit, KK and PB! Though the frequency of hangs has definitely dropped off--the significance of these kids at various points this past year makes me feel so lucky.

Of course, most important, The Hubs. The Hubs who has been so amazing and awesome even on this hormonal roller coaster. Even dealing with an obsessive and selfish wannabe athlete. Don't know where I'd be without this superb dude in my life. And of equal importance, The Booble. The Booble-issimo who gives me a daily boost when I see his smile and when I get a sloppy kiss it sends me over the moon.  These 2 are my bread and butter---they make life sweet and full and wild and overwhelming and amazing.

I want to fall on my knees EVERY NIGHT when I put the Booble put to bed every night and know that he will most likely not wake up till the next morning. When I drop him off at daycare and he doesn't cry and just starts playing and when I  pick him up and he gives me the biggest smile and lets me hug him...and then wants to be put down to continue doing what he was doing...When he smiles and jabbers at the cashier in Smiths, when he hands me everything he picks up off the ground from rocks to cigarette butts (maybe not the dog poop--he did that once)I feel so happy and so lucky and SO PROUD!!!!

Even without an Oscars time limit I know I've missed other major players...but to everyone that I know and that I don't know--FREAKING THANK YOU! Thanks just for even reading my increasingly inarticulate, un-proofread, infrequent bloggings...the past year, really the past TWO years has been (sorry I have to say it) a JOURNEY! I don't know if I've grown as a person or really learned jack shit...But in my more lucid moments I know I'm one lucky mother f'er and though I probably don't deserve all the goodness in my life (or even recognize it most times), I sure am grateful for who and what I have in my life!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mom walk

Went for a lovely evening stroll with some mamamigas (mom friends) on the shoreline. 2 of said mamamigas are prego, not that you can tell from the photos. We call it walk and w(h)ine because we stroll, imbibe and kvetch. Its pretty awesome. Psyched Nicole is sharing her cool friends with me.

Happy birthday Tom Jow

Tom Jow turned 40 for the tenth time and Mrs. Jowegawa threw him a major bash.

It was like a wedding but without anything annoying. And where you get dressed up all fancy times and see a bunch of awesome peeps you don't get to see too much. My red carpet fashion choice goes to Caterina who rocked a gorgeous black gown and tons of BLING ("they are all real!)

Fun times!

Friday, September 6, 2013

It takes a village part deux

As I started writing the previous post I found myself in George Martin's shoes whilst writing Game of Thrones Book 4 (had to break it into 2 books).  As some people (Beth) have criticized my verbosity--I too decided to break my tome in two.

My gentle readers may recall that we left off in Rochester, NY...For Labor Day,  Dman and I flew solo to St. Louis for the Gateway Cup (where the Hubs met us from SLC). Thank god for the village because there was no way I ever could have pulled it off without my awesome hubs, teammates, hosts and new friends.
No, for real.

Bikeracing Booble!
I had been full-on stressing about the St. Louis piece of the trip on account of:
-flying solo with Dman
-dealing with connection in Chicago with Dman
-arriving in St. Louis with no ride
-having to rent car in St. Louis with Dman
-the small matter of having a race on Friday night with no one to watch Dman (Hubs wasn't flying in till super late night)

I dumped some serious stress on Jen Reither (one of our Vanderkitten cousins who agreed to guestride for Gateway). On the phone, she told me not to worry about anything--and to just get myself there and we would figure it out.  Super awesome St. Louis-ian Carrie Cash did the same...she also procured a crib and stroller for me!

Jen jumps right into Dman distraction mode--Don't judge his jammy travel attire--we had to get up at 5 am!
The good chi I activated in yoga that week came recirculating because things just fell into place. I was able to change my flight to coordinate arrival with Jen and our AMAZING host volunteered to watch Dman while I raced. Oh my serious love fest...

There's hosting, and then there's HOSTING; Paul puts Dman to bed and he shows her how to cover her mouth when she coughs; Yeah Auntie Paula!
Teammate Kaytie and her awesome mom Deann were totally amazing with all the helping and entertaining Dman.  Dman is still doing the sumo dance that Kaytie taught him.

There were some major logistics involved but between super teammates, hosts, friends and of course the amazing Hubs...we made it to all the races and Dman was able to take naps and have a fun time. I'm so overwhelmed by the generosity and helpfulness.

Oh, and we finally won a race! Despite the stress and not getting to much chill time--I felt great in the races. Probably because the race was the most "relaxing" part of my day. And it made me really happy to have the Hubs and Dman there too. Mind over matter! The first night, we were attacking lots and I stayed away for several laps toward the end. Kaytie and I had gotten caught up in a crash earlier on so I was obsessed with not getting stuck in the last lap fray. As a result--I didn't ride super smart toward the end (just staying out in the wind) and finished 10th...But no issues so we'll take it!

To my future teammates: You do some of this...

And some of this...

And you just might get some of this! Booble induced Victory!

On Saturday, we implemented a similar plan. We attacked a lot and I got a way with two other riders. We built up a big gap but a prime toward the end of the race motivated the pack and we were caught with 2 laps to go. Jen immediately countered and was able to hold off the pack for the win! I was super psyched to have my work pay off in a win for the team. It was a great way to thank Jen (typically a worker bee) for all the help she was giving me both on and off the bike. I ended up 6th too so it was a great day for us.

We were a little tired on Sunday and it was hard to make anything stick. I was 12th but we were pretty bummed about how things went. This motivated us to race aggressive on Monday.  We missed a break with Coryn Rivera and decided to try to be patient as she was almost caught...Coryn ended up beating a late bridging Anna Sanders (super ballsy and pretty major effort!) and I was 2nd in the field sprint for 4th.

Thanks to new awesome Auntie Deann for the photos

The Hubs did great finishing top 30 the first 2 days (in a 90 man field!) and was 10th on Monday! He rode AWESOME races...sitting top 10 the whole race every day. He is really getting strong and figuring out the racing thing.

Kaytie, Jen and Moi

Cutting edge Booble Swinging recovery

After Monday's race--we did the bike pack-bike deliver scramble. Again, the teammates and our host Brad were amaze-balls in taking care of everything. I.e. I didn't have to pack my bike. Best day of my life. We all went out for sushi and Dman was even able to keep his shit together despite the late hour.

It was an awesome and exhausting trip and I feel so lucky to have such incredible people in our family and racing life.  Bikeracing Boobles!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

It takes a village

Holy guacamole we are back from a two week traveling/racing/funtimes extravaganza!

Top Gun Booble!
The Hubs, Dman and I flew to Rochester, NY a couple weeks ago to see my family and to race a USA Crits in Binghamton, NY.  I was nursing some serious heart palpitations about the long flight to the east coast--but we sucked it up and bought a seat for Dman and brought a crapload of earplugs to pass out---and things went fairly smoothly (minus a barf-induced wardrobe change on the way to the airport in Salt Lake).

We had an awesome time hanging out with my family. It was a total cousin fest (my sister has 3 kids) and Dman was all over it. I sucked at taking pictures but I was awesome at enjoying every second of the cousin dog pile that was happening. At one point, the girls started screaming, then there was a 4th scream that was even more crystal-shattering (Dman)...which then turned into a who-can-scream-the-highest contest. Luckily the wine glasses were already moved to the new house..they would've been toast. Ah yes, my parents were in the process of moving into a new house (next door)...Good thing we were there to provide so much help.

Dman *helps* Nonna move some boxes next door

Dman and cousin Izzy enjoying some string cheese

After a few days of hang time (including hangtime with my awesome teammate Kaytie who flew in for the race), the Hubs and I left Dman for his 1st non-parental sleepover with Nonna. We spent Friday night in Binghamton so we could be there Saturday morning for the Hubs' race...It was super awesome to have a night away and Dman did great. Aunt Meme (who is normally soigneur Meme for races) stayed behind to help out with Dman.

The races went pretty well. The Hubs was 11th in the cat 4 race--and Randy, Janet and Kate drove up from D.C. to watch. It was super fun spectating with them. Kaytie and I lined up for the women's race later that afternoon (along with guest riders Kelli and Rose) and I ended up 8th. In keeping with the crazytimes theme, we got some dinner with all the peeps and then drove back to Rochester.

Randy, Kate and Janet!
The Hubs flew back to SLC to work for a few days and I did some more hangtime in Rochester. Super fun times in the upstate NY.

The Hubs and I on a ride TOGETHER (thank you Nonna for babysitting--thanks teammate Kaytie for snapping the pic)

The Yogurt on My Pretzels

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