Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Reluctant Penguin

Fall in the beehive! 
We had our first bona fide Halloween activity here in the 801.

Dman's daycare had a Halloween parade which I left work early for today.  I wasn't going to go but then I was worried he would be the only kid who didn't have a parent coming to the parade (at 4 pm!) and subsequent activities.  I had to convince some awesome co-workers to move around some stuff so I could leave and they were cool enough to acquiesce.

I sent Dmitri to daycare with a penguin costume courtesy of Nonna. All the parents (like a bajillion--parking was a nightmare) were waiting in the courtyard. The parade started with the littlest kids. Freaking adorable.  Dman's class was next.

Just keep your eyes on Dorothy and the sombero
Still doing ok...even though the costume is all jacked up (can't see the beak)
He was doing pretty good until I tried for some close up photos...

Game. Over.
So then I was trying to walk around the yard with him but he was just losing his shit. In front of what felt like 6 million parents.

I ended up just picking him up and we were shuffled inside for a magic show...

Not too stoked
The magician was no Gob Bluth--but he wasn't bad...For Dman's part, he was still losing his shit and finally got me to help him rip his costume off. Another mom was sitting with her little girl (a leopard), she saw his costume on the ground and said "Oh its the reluctant penguin!" (probably referring to the parade antics?)

Much happier sans costume
He sort of sat in my lap and then needed to be free. But couldn't really do this sitting thing like most of the other kids.

This is not going awesome

We made it through about ten minutes before bailing (no! we didn't stay for face painting! no! we didn't stay for the haunted house!). I sort of feel like a failure and like a crap parent since I didn't force Dman to partake in the additional activities...But he seemed psyched to come home and play with his new "dog."

Playing with Auntie Mel's latest gift a.k.a.  her not-so-secret attempt to change how I feel about most dogs by manipulating my kid
Dman eventually got into the Halloween spirit practicing his pre-bath vanishing act.

I think he's got Magician's Alliance potential! You should see what he can do with a piece of bread!
Oh yes, Halloween is actually tomorrow, but I assume since it is SUCH a big deal here in Utah, they had to do something the day before since most kids will be leaving way early. Its probably like the first day of hunting season in the rural parts of upstate NY where most kids wouldn't even show up for school that day...

In any case, actual Halloween may get blown off.  Buuuut, I'm sure I'll have some new ways to make myself feel guilty so maybe we will end up hitting a few houses.  I HAVE been in the mood for some junior mints. Anyone know where I can get an adult sized polar bear costume?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Rejoining the ranks

We have been in the trenches for the past week battling hand, foot and mouth disease here in the Pezzawrence household.  The parade of weird animal diseases continues (The Booble contracted Parvovirus not even a month ago). To clarify, these aren't the actual animal diseases as those are different strains altogether (parvovirus and hoof and mouth disease)--but they were gnarly all the same.

I'm starting to really dislike daycare.

In any case...without miring into the gore...we had a ROUGH week...Barfing, rashes and serious discomfort on the part of the Booble. A trip to the ER and a trip to the doctors...He just wanted to be held ALL THE TIME and was soooo un-psyched :( And then there was no eating and barely any drinking--Someone is definitely at his fighting weight: (Lookout the Booble is going to be dropping those little germy a-holes at daycare on all the climbs).

As the Prof would say, long story short: It sucked. The Hubs and I are both exhausted and trying to not let ourselves get sick or fired from our jobs...And I'm really MAD that this happened. Because that's a really logical way to respond. Easier to be mad than scared though I guess...Super appreciative for all the friend and family check-ins...Especially Mrs. Jowegawa who came to hang out with the Booble for a few hours to allow Steve and I to get a few hours at work.

Bad. Times.
The good news is that the Booble is pretty much back to normal and has returned to the petrie dish (aka daycare) today. I want to put him in a bubble.
Welcome back Booble!

Friday, October 11, 2013

New ways to feel bad about myself

OK not really, but I have been engaging in some new, challenging and type 2 fun activities...Take this morning for example...I went to a core fusion class with Mrs. Jowegawa and uber Katy A...The class is taught by one of Mrs. Jowegawa's fellow dancers...And she was gnarly. Exhibit A
Instructor Jenny with Katy and Mrs. Jowegawa. Not pictured: me, barely able to hold up my phone to take the picture

I was a junk show but it was awesome music and good to get back to doing that off-season core stuff that ends up being pretty important later on...

After the class we met up with neighbor Ann and busted a move up to Mt. Wire. Mrs. Jowegawa headed back down the trail but urged us to make a loop out of the hike...Never has downhill been so full-on. So steep...toward the end Katy just led us the cross country off-road route because it was gnarly...But yeah it was a great day, super beautiful...and way fun to get out with these cool chickies.

In other news, we had our first day care "incident"...Dman bit another kid. When the teacher told me my first instinct was to ask what the other kid did to provoke him (great- I'm turning into THAT mom)...Luckily I got my shit together and apologized first and then asked what happened. The teacher was very cool about it and didn't make me feel any worse than I already felt.

I told the Hubs about it when he got home. He tried to have a talk with Dman. Mel and Newbs both pointed out that at this age they are like dogs and you can only serve up discipline when they are immediately caught in the act. Otherwise they don't know what the f you are talking about.
IMHO he seemed contrite.

Agro biting booble

Otherwise, the cooler weather has brought out the hats and some new hand-me-downs. Hell yeah...We are loving Coach K's sock monkey hat and Lio's patagucci hand-me-down. Fall uniform!

Getting ready to unpack some cupboards before leaving for daycare
Best combo ever? Chins and grins!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

You are not alone...

Stairclimbing Booble
Good times here in the 801. Booble is a seriously busy beav. He is all about manhole covers and light switches these days. Leaves and rocks are cool and of course doorstoppers remain a longstanding fave.

Despite appearances, he's not responsible for the tagging
The Woodies did a spontaneous stopby this morning en route to el mercado de farmeros (yeah because I don't actually speak espanol). We got inspired and caravan-ed over to the market ourselves to procure some seed garlic, apples and of course, raw honey. We probably spent a million dollars on a few other items but who's not sweating it? This community-investing mother (f'er) RIGHT HERE! So yeah it was awesome to get some hang time with some of our closest framily (friend/family) members and we also ran into the uber hardcores eric and katy. They were BUYING more tomatoes (what garden owning family actually BUYS tomatoes?) because they freaking ate all their shit, that's why. But its ok because they will always (unintentionally) make you feel like you are a total unhealthy couch potato slacker because all they do is exercise, garden, *not* pay people to do work on their house and eat healthy--and be super nice awesome people. Oh and they are super motivated professional smarties. See? Shit, I can't even properly smacktalk about them.  Well who's the sucker since we are going over there for dinner tomorrow.

He doesn't trust me to line-dry his lycra, just like his dad
And on other favorite-yet-hardly-seen peeps...we ran into Tom and JJ at the new Spoons and Spice in Sugarhouse (it was a locally-owned retail therapy kind of day). Holy hey-zeus those kids have had a summer...Gnarly injuries and melanoma removals. Fun Fact: It is a 40 minute walk right to the ER at University Hospital from the top of Dry Creek trail. Best quote ever from Tom "There were a few days where we didn't know who was supposed to take care of whom." Yeah and guess who made fantasy dinner and time traveled to deliver it to our awesome friends in their time of need? This one making all the typos and mis-grammaticals.

All about handing me everything. Which is way better than putting everything in the mouth

Oh, and last but not least...If you can't get that freaking Royals song by Lorde (yeah I had to "internet search engine" that one--they are kiwis!) out of your head, you are so not alone. But if you change the lyrics in your head to substitute "royals" for "boobles" probably...I am alone.

"And we'll never be Boobles, BOOBLES..."Its just so catchy.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Officially freaking out

The federal government shut-down has certainly caused me some serious concerns. But I didn't really start to freak the f$& out till I did my daily weather check on NOAA's website only to be directed to this. For god's sake the website has the word shutdown! Grave times. Grave times indeed.

The Yogurt on My Pretzels

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