Tuesday, November 26, 2013

No more November

This is how I felt for the month of November. Also, please note the business socks.
November has really been a punch in the face culminating in a full on sars-Ebola sickness situation that leveled me for damn near weekw. The good news is that this coincided with a massive work deadline causing serious stress. I have been getting my literal and figurative ass kicked. Dman got pinkeye and in my weakened state I got it too. And the parade of horribles went on.

The good news is that shit was gotten together in time for Thanksgiving and a visit from Davebro and his lovely gf Alisha. Dman was way into all the company and I think Thanksgiving dinner is his favorite food. J9 brought over some leftovers from the awesome Tgiving at their place and Dman was ALL OVER that shit. Especially the sausage stuffing.

Oh and if you are hoping for a more coherent post, that makes two of us.

Here is a photo array of pre and post bad times.

Fun bike ride with Kat and Mrs. Jowegawa...This happened about a million years ago.
Brunch with the Hubs and Dman at Carlucci's after a cross race. This also happened about 6 thousand years ago.
To more recent times, Dman enjoys coffee with his Tio Dave.

Woody and his mom Lucille come over for an emergency headband situation. Woody's mom is wicked awesome btw.

Dman sussing out the alley on the way to the park, while rocking a sick hand-me-down Patagucci.

Dman pays a little visit to my office and checks out Auntie Mel's skateboard. And hell yeah he's "eating" an apple (or holding it, either way, it counts).

I don't even know when this was, but damn the Hubs is lean times. Pass the vino please.

Rasta bro booble

Class photos!

Awesome visit with lovely Ali G, interviewing for residency in the 801 (sending subliminal messages that she matches here).

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Dmitri and friends...

Human and otherwise. Stuffed animals all courtesy of pitying friends and family who know those are the closest thing to real pets he's ever getting.

Dman and Kaida at the park

Dman thankfully not interested in the scooter (please god don't let him want one of those. ever.)
Dman with his buddies (furry friends courtesy of Gramma and Grampa, Auntie Mel, Uncle Drewster and Uncle QB)

The Yogurt on My Pretzels

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