Sunday, December 22, 2013

Lovin the fam visit!

Dman is freaking loving all the house guests. And he gets special treats like post-bath crackers.

Yesterday he gots lots of attention from the Grandparents, Tia and Babcha and when they  left to go shopping the Woodies came in for relief attention giving. Just when Dman was starting to get bored with us yesterday afternoon Coach K, Landry and her friend came in for bottom of the inning additional distraction. Dman was pretty obsessed with the cute high school freshman. 

Today I got a little mommy time in the backcountry with the Woodies (so now it must really be winter) and the Hubs took Grampa up to Alta for some skiing. Dman had a dance party with his Tia Chris, Gramma and Babcha...and he is getting loads of attention. Good times.

Post bath cuddly times with Tia Chris.
Skinning and chatting with J9.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Mommy time

Went for a quick tour with Uber Katy and neighbor Ann. I got passed by a world champ on the skin track and it was my first back country day on my new AT setup.  I messed up the inside of my foot pretty bad and was super flailtastic with my gear...but Ann and Katy were very patient and awesome. And they only had to deal with me for one run since I had to peace out to work. It was a great morning...
Yeah skiing!

Ann and Uber Katy
Me and Masters World Champ Anne Perry telling our trainers to SUCK IT!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Snow day

We all ate dinner together. AT A RESTAURANT! The Booble was able to keep his shit together. Note to self: meatballs are always a good idea.
Daycare had a snow day (snowstorm caused a power outage) so my day was completely f'ed but in an ultimately good way...Dman came to work with me for a bit and worked the crowd. We ran some errands and did some hangtime with the Belliveau wolfpack...We did a stop at the liberry and then we capped off the day with some pizza and salads with the notorious d.a.d. on his way home from work. I neither trained nor got jack done at work...but I'm feeling pretty good about this day. Dman can point the shit out of your nose (calling it a "news"). Its awesome. He has also learned to say Oh No thanks to Nonna...It was a Booble-icious day.

Dman and Myles

In the most awesome-est toy room ever.
The public liberry! Not just for weirdos on the free computers! Though said weirdos were greeted heartily by Dman with a friendly "HI!" and his Miss America wave. Can you dig the Napoleon Dynamite boots?

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Someone is ready to get their apres ski on

This angle doesn't really do the Christmas sweater justice...but trust me, its ironic and its awesome.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Benjamin button blogging

Though this is a more recent post, these photos pre-date the previous post. I think. November was hazy. Anyway, there was some cross racing happening. And then there was nothing. But yeah, Cottonsox brings it with the photos. Hoping to get out for the last local race this weekend. It will definitely not be pretty, but I need some punishment after the damage that has happened (both from being sick and from being a Thanksgiving vacuum cleaner.)

The Yogurt on My Pretzels

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