Monday, December 22, 2014

Updates on the training: both bike AND potty

One is going well, the other is non-existent...

Ready for action: sippy cup and Curious George on a bike lunch box from Zia Cassiope!

Some winter is happening here in the 801! Just in time for Festivus! The Hubs and I got out last weekend for my first day on skis at Alta.  Beaterfest 2014...Actually, it wasn't too bad...I think I may have been the only one skiing at Alta that day to NOT be bummed that they didn't have more open. I was just happy to try to get the feeling of skiing (especially on my new but not so new AT setup). Even in my heel-imprisoned state, I'm psyched for some more turns...Still trying to figure it all out.  Please don't tell me how much easier it is than tele skiing. To me, its all gradations of hardness.

On further winter notes, the Hubs and I got out for a fun group ride on Saturday. Of course since we actually got a babysitter and could BOTH ride, the event was sure to be doomed (rewind to the previous weekend when we got a babysitter to ride and it rained, happy ending was we went skiing).  In any case, we rolled from our house (9 miles) to the start of the ride. Actually, the Hubs motor paced me to the ride (behind his human engine) since we were off the back getting out of the house and the stressing to make the ride on time. Thank god for the 15 minute rule.  This particular ride (the Plan 7 ride) is led by local hardman (and owner of Plan 7 coaching) Dave Harward and usually involves a tour of Utah County.  I am completely lost pretty much the whole time but it is a great ride.  

In any case, about an hour into the ride, the clouds started creeping in and the temperature started to drop. Uncle Alex (director of my awesome new DNA/K4 team) said to just think positive when I asked if they were possibly, maybe considering turning early as a result of the impending doom.  I chose the negative thinking option and headed back north with the Hubs, new teammate Anne (aka the Doc) and another chick racer Margaret...Since the Doc knows the roads out there, we headed west for a bit before heading north towards home (awesome roads!)  Shortly after turning off, it started pissing down rain.  Happy to be in a smaller group and happy to be heading north (though not realizing how freaking far west we had gone), the Doc and the Hubs hammered us back home, or back to the start of the ride...then the Hubs and I still had 30 minutes to get back home.  We made it home freezing and starving, but the  *best* part was that Dman had just gone down for his nap.  He also had a great morning playing with Miss Lilli (his former teacher at Miss Billie's) and her 2 year old daughter Marilyn.

Dman's amiga, Marilyn (can you say cutey patootey? Also, I want her hair)
Definitely makes me feel less guilty leaving him since I know he has a great time and gets to hear some Spanish.

On Sunday, the storm that started Saturday was in full force so the Hubs got on the Woody Express for first chair up at Alta.  He was out the door before Dman even woke up.  He had a good time but sounded like the conditions were just ok...and it was stormy times up there.

Resting between sets
Dman and I hit the gym at the JCC.  I got in my missed strength workout and Dman checked out the JCC babysitting.  After my workout, Dman went crazy on the basketball courts and then we went and looked at all the Hanukah stuff.  Later that day while we were at the grocery store, he started singing the Dreidel song.  So awesome!  I don't know if he picked that up by osmosis or if they taught it to him at "school" (probably the latter).  Good memories as I grew up taking swimming lessons and playing soccer and basketball at the JCC in Rochester, NY.

After the gym, we had a not so successful trip to the grocery store.  The good news was that grass fed beef and organic eggs were on sale.  The bad news is that there were several of those items in the cart and Dman was obsessed with them and DROVE ME CRAZY.  Oh, don't forget the kombucha bottles he wanted to use as cymbals.  I had a wrestling match with D in the produce section...After thinking I had secured the most breakable items, I turned for about a half second to get something only to turn back and seem him with his finger stuck THROUGH a package of GD beef.  I think I might've said under my breath "why are you being such a little asshole??" as I *tried* to grab the package from him.  For the record, "meat hooks" only begins to capture the situation.  Homey has a freaking strong grip.  At this point I was feeling pretty ragged, but THEN--there was a christmas miracle in the form of pizza samples.  Gifts from the Magi.  This allowed me to *just* make it through the checkout line without further destruction or devastation.  The checkout person also gave Dman a balloon.  Better than frankincense and myrrh.

The Woodies brought the Hubs back just before D went down for a nap.  And Uncle Woogedy (as D calls him) ran in and got him ALL FIRED UP (that's what he was actually yelling)...But that's what funcles (fun uncles) do.  And of course it was awesome to catch up with those guys for a bit.

Oh, and to the title of the blog?  Dman is resisting potty training more fervently than Wall Street resists regulatory reform.  It is simply unacceptable to him.  Our offers to use the potty before bath time are not only rebuffed, but punctuated with an immediate stream of pee mere seconds after being placed in the tub.  He is kicking our ass on this one.

Hope everyone is getting jolly this week.  We have been loving getting the Christmas cards from our friends.  We have them posted at Dman level on the fridge.  He really digs the photos and, surprisingly, is able to identify more people than we would've thought.  Through our friend's daughter Camille is pointed out as "chameleon" (one of his recent fave books).  And he asked why Nicolai was eating his dog (he is hugging the dog in the photo).  Props to the people who include pics of their dogs, though, he really digs those!

Hope everyone has a good week with some holiday enjoyment (or avoidance if that's what is more floaty for your boat)!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Revocation of the blogging rights

New fave place to hang out- the laundry hamper; photo courtesy of Nonna
Going more than a month should result in an automatic revocation of blogging rights. I un-follow people who blog less than that! Good thing I'm both the boss and the employee here so I guess I'll let myself off with a stern reprimand...

Since we last spoke...

I left/quit/got fired from my job at the state mid-November (where I'd been since moving back to Utah in 2008). I was unwilling to go full-time and after getting pressured for almost a year, they said I had to shit or get off the just like Dman these days...I, too, left the pot with nothing much to show for it! I worked my butt off the last few months and I think I left on good terms with everyone...It was a stress and I was worried about what I'd do next, but I was also just feeling pretty mentally and emotionally  hammered. There was some major desire to have some time with the fam and some time on the bike...And that is what has happened...

For really the first time, I know what it feels like to enjoy the f'ing shit out of being a mom.  We majorly cut back on Dman's daycare (he just goes in the mornings now...and for the record? Miss Billie's is the shit) I'm getting a ton more time with my kid. And it turns out I'm in no mood to change that up ANY TIME SOON! One of the best parts of my day is going (usually rushing---in kit) to pick up the Booblecakes. All the other kids are going down for a nap and he is f-word SO STOKED to see me. Is he stoked to see ME, or is it stokedness at not having to take a nap? Either way, it rules...He is in a way better mood being picked up mid day, and to be honest, so am I. We talk about his day and try to find every fire truck, ambulance and construction vehicle we can on the way home.

I'm definitely not one of the cute moms all put together when I pick up my kid. Today, for example...I got out on my ride a little late because of dealing with some things in the morning. I crammed in my workout as fast as I could...then realized I was going to be late to get home...So I did what anyone would do...I didn't technically *stop* to pee as I was hammering home and then skidded into my driveway, threw bike, helmet and shoes inside, grabbed a towel to sit on (plus I was freezing), and sped of to Miss Billie's. I was 15 minutes late and we'll see if I take it in the shorts on my next tuition bill. Hoping (that like my deplorable lack of blogging), I get off with a warning this time. The teacher was super nice, and the great thing about daycare is no one is going to question a little extra pee smell here and there...

And, speaking of riding...I have a RAD new team for next year! Sadly, Vanderkitten wasn't going to I feel super fortunate to have gotten a ride with DNA Cycling Team for 2015 (please like them on the social media sphere). It is awesome to be riding with a team based in Utah with a few badass teammates here in my own hometown. Super stoked to have Coolerado badasses Lauren and Heather as teammates (CO teammates are always awesome), along with my old teammate and GREAT amie, Joanie Caron from Quebec. Director Alex Kim and his wife/my teammate Cathy (aka Cottonsox, photog extraordinaire) here in the 801 have totally taken me in and I feel extremely grateful. I'm also in awe of their abilities to multi task (working, running team--oh yeah PARENTING 2 kids). And they are just super cool and awesome to hang with.

And speaking of getting hooked up, Uncle Alex hooked me up with Jeff Louder's Ride Louder program at the JCC where I'm coaching the Thursday night workouts.
I. am. loving. this.  So I'm back in a sort of spin instructor milieu (hello! the 90s called! that's when I last taught spin!), except it is all people that ride outside and are participating in a several month program with structured workouts. It is so cool and I am WAY psyched to try to help these awesome peeps try to achieve their riding/fitness goals!

So my lawyer life is definitely waning right now... While I definitely enjoyed the work that I was doing, I feel way more fulfilled and happy with my current setup. The bank, unfortunately doesn't accept happiness or even optimism (the only currency I'm flush with now) deposits but I'm working/thinking hard of creative ways to try to make the current life set up continue for a little longer.

In the meantime, I feel awash in gratitude at the awesomeness of my family, my friends and my life right now.  And if you are reading this, I'm sending those good vibes your way too, if you need 'em.

And I look forward to getting going with the posting. First and foremost because I enjoy it...Secondly, because I give myself permission to blaspheme ad nausea because that is no longer acceptable in the Pezzawrence family (see below).

"Holy Crap Mom!"

This is what Dman said to me when I picked him up last week. Of course I'm thinking NOT out loud "Holy crap! What the fuck are you saying?!" So I tried to ignore it...Which led to repetition in the order of the double digits...This was not something I could ignore.

"Hey, please don't say that"
"Why?" (Yes, "why" has started)
"Because its not nice"
"Holy crap mom!"
"FUCK!" (not out loud)
(me) "HEY! You can't say that!"
"It's not a nice thing to say"(Also they will think we are horrible parents at your daycare and we will get in trouble for fuck's sake!)
"Kids just can't say that."
"Kids can't say 'holy crap?'"
"Goddammit" (not out loud)
(me) "That's right, kids can't say that"
Dman mulls this over and I triumphantly think I have had a successful parent moment.

Until the next morning when Steve takes Dman to Miss Billie's
"I can't say 'holy crap'; Kids can't say 'holy crap'; its not nice to say 'holy crap'"
(as reported back to me by the Hubs)

If anyone has any advice on this subject, PLEASE help us! However, I will hand it to the dude for finding the loopholes.

Thanks for reading and happy winter!

Sunday, November 2, 2014


Yeah riding bikes with Twila and Laurie!
Just got back from a great week in Palm Desert with Dman and my parents aka Nonna and Grampa. So awesome. Lots of riding for moi and major attention for the Dman. Utah may be kid central but in the land of grandparents out there in the desert, Dman was like a minor celebrity.

Dman put on my shoes to head out for a ride
Came back on Halloween and rallied a semi-lame costume together for a little tricks or treats...there was some hatefulness occurring with the Halloween Candy and my mouth....But travel with a 2 year old will do that to you. I had to decompress somehow. I punished myself at a cyclocross race the next day so at least there was that. I don't know that I actually pushed myself all that hard (dear lord its only the beginning of November after all) but I had to undergo severe mental trauma in donning my skinsuit after consuming waaaaaay too much candy.

Hydrating Booblecakes

In any case, changes are afoot here in the 801. For the good methinks. More on that soon...Till then, enjoy the puffy coat weather and the leaf piles.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dman's Bio

Our awesome Durango friends gave us a sweet super pro skinsuit for Dman...We tried it on the other night. O to the M to the G. So pro.
Dmitri Lawrence (USA)
Date of Birth: July 4, 2012
Place of Birth: Salt Lake City, UT
Height: 35 inches
Weight: 34 lbs
Education: Miss Billie's Kids Kampus, Lady Bugs class
Favorite foods: hot dogs (organic of course, don't judge)
Favorite activities: Eating snacks, playing legos, going to the park, jumping in puddles
Favorite book: Good Night Good Night Construction Site; The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Dear Zoo
Strengths: climbing (playgrounds), sliding, jumping; sleeping through the night
Career highlights: Balanced on Strider bike halfway down the street this month; rode on a pump track; rode/walked bike off curb; Counting to 5; saying "please"
2014 Goals: Control speed wobbles; stay up later; reduce spinach intake to zero; ride bike down front steps

Monday, September 22, 2014

Wicked awesome

The roadie season is over with the conclusion of the Mayor's Cup in Boston. Racing went ok (moi 13th and Jeannie 19th)...But the trip experience was pretty great. Ran into Tina Pic at the airport on the way out...Caught a ride both to and fro host housing with this super fast and hilarious chick. She freaking called herself Mrs. Magoo. Well its a story that will sound stupid if I try to retell it, but trust me it was hilarious at 4am yesterday morning.

We had awesome hosts in Somerville, Lauren and Steven. Their place was a true bike fraternity. They had a garage with 8 bajillion bikes for all the roommate and downstairs neighbor cyclists. I got a good dose of east coast wicked awesome with these guys. Lauren was super on the go the whole time helping everyone and just dealing and never stopping. Oh and racing too, of course.  Her boyfriend Steven was a total character--2 parts harshness and 1 part super nice. They helped us out big time and we had a great time getting to know them.  Their roommates and neighbors were also super cool and great.

After the race, we went to Boston Beerworks with our rad hosts and their bike crew.  It was super fun and even though it was wicked late (I will only allow myself to use that word when posting about New England), Lauren totally rallied with me to GET MY CANNOLLI FROM THE NORTH END.

p.s. we were on bikes. p.p.s it was dark.

She is a stud...she navigated us through the twisty neighborhood and throngs of people to Mike's...

I leave you with this final image...

Tiff eating a cannoli while riding her Colnago through Boston's North End. Planetary alignment much? That alone made the whole trip worth it.

Thanks to everyone for following my tumultuous season, bad time management, questionable decisionmaking (at times) and family happenings.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sick day posting

The past few weeks of life, traveling, racing, working being a crappy mom and crappy wife finally caught up and I'm a little laid out with some respiro/stomach funkiness.  But let's make some lemonade and use the opportunity for a little long overdue blog postage...

When I last left off, Tour of Utah women's races had just wrapped.  A few weeks later, the Hubs, Dman and I headed to the east coast to see my family and to race.  We stayed with my awesome fam in the Roch and then we left Dman with Nonna, Grampa and the cousin-fest while the Hubs and I traveled a few hours away to race the Chris Thater Memorial in Binghamton, NY. 

Best part of Thater was having Randypants and 6-month-old James make the trek up from D.C. to hang. 2nd best was getting to hang with VKVIPs Mollie B and Tess (and Tess' fiance).  It was a big deal race for the newly upgraded VIPs and for the Hubs (who just upgraded to a cat 3). Mollie and Tess were total rock stars hanging tight in both days of racing.  On the other hand, the Hubs and I got pretty worked in the racing. Well probably me the most. That is also an example of excellent grammar. 

The Hubs lasted about halfway through his first ever 2/3 race on Saturday.  It was wet during my race and I got taken out (for the millionth time) about midway through my race and was just a gripped nightmare the whole time. I finished 14th and was just happy to have the race behind me.  We had a super sweet catchup session with Randypants and the best baby ever James.  Seriously, most chilled out kid ever. Not surprising as this kid was spawned by some of the chillest people ever. 

We raced on Sunday. The Hubs was doing awesome in the 3/4 race and then laid it out in the corner and had to just wobble in a messed up bike. He was ok and no one else got too messed up.  I had a horrible race. Felt super sketch on my bike for some reason (no, it wasn't raining this time)...Realized I had a slow leak...My derailleur was messed up so the pit mechanic was trying to deal with my bike. After 2 laps had gone by the official said to put me on a neutral bike because I couldn't have any more free laps. I got thrown on a neutral bike after the field had gone by and was told I had to chase. I chased and chased but couldn't catch back on. Was pretty bummed to say the least. 

But the Hubs and I still had a fun weekend in Binghamton and it was fun to catch up with some peeps.  AND, Dman didn't even miss us at all. Not sure if it was a good thing but its good to know the kid is down with hanging with new people and can deal without us for a few days. 

We had a super fun time in NY. We did some nice rides and drank some amazing coffee. Dman had the BEST TIME EVER with his cousins Izzy, Sophia and Frankie. It was so fun. 

On Labor Day weekend, Nonna and AUNTA MEME (which is how Dman says it) accompanied us to St. Louis for 4 days of racing at the Gateway Cup.  We stayed with my mom and Meme's 1st cousins in St. Louis. It was a really special reunion because they had only ever met once before but both sides had grown up hearing about the others through their Gramma. The Cousins were so amazing and really rolled out the red carpet for us (especially Dmitri). They had a crib and tons of toys for Dman and he got TONS of attention. It was a special connection to make and it made the trip even more meaningful.  My bad luck streak continued with a crash the 1st night of racing and a mechanical on the 4th day.  On the 2 days that were issue free I managed an 8th and 12th place. What doesn't kill you...The Hubs raced with the fast masters and did a great job hanging. 

We said goodbye to everyone on Labor Day and flew back to SLC. Dman was a champ on the airplane except for when he got tired and just wanted to lay down in the middle of the aisle. 

The following weekend I flew to High Point, NC where I met up with VIP Mollie and teammate Jeannie for US National Criterium Championships and for the Carolina Cup.  We stayed with Mollie's awesome family and had a great time racing.  Jeannie won a $500 prime and I ended up 12th. If I'm not going to crack the top 10 at least I can finish an auspicious number. 

Hanging in the VIP area post race with local celeb Mollie B and teammate Jeannie
The next day we raced the Carolina Cup. It was a local race but several of the girls who had come for Nationals stayed to race.  I got my first win of the season here and there were no crashes and no drama. Yeah!

A few days later I drove to Vegas for the Pedal Palooza or the Pedal Pezzulo. The interstate you take to get to Vegas was washed out...and this should've been an omen...I drove to Cedar City on Wednesday night where I caught up with the Prof and company and our awesome hosts form the Cedar City Grand Prix, Stu and Vickie...Had a great visit and a little sleep and then continued my drive to Vegas. The detour was a bit longer but it went through some astonishing scenery in the aptly named Valley of Fire. I definitely did some communing and then arrived in Vegas in the early afternoon. 

The race was that night and it was a total disaster. The course didn't have enough barriers or marshalls and a pedestrian got on the course and caused a crash. They ended up canceling our race and the pro men's race too. Bummer. More to say on that but I'm trying to keep positive vibes going to assist with getting over being sick.  On a more positive note, I had an awesome catch up session with Pisano Dave Verrecchia aka the owner of Vanderkitten and his buddy, superstud mechanic Dan. In spite of the race lameness, I did a lot of laughing and smack talking. This was not a one-way street.
Valley of Fuego
And finally to more current times...I got laid out with some sickness this week which is lame. Highly un-ideal from a work and life perspective.  But whatever...Dman has been the best ever and I'm hoping I'll be healthy for my LAST RACE OF THE SEASON this weekend at the Mayor's Cup. Send me the healing vibes...I think I'm going to be ok. Supposed to get on a plane tomorrow so we'll see. In addition to the awesome race, there is the added promise of legit cannolli in the nearby North End of Boston (a tradition I honor every time I do this race).

Happy fall to everyone and thanks for reading!
Super obsessed with all things heavy equipment
One of the mornings where teeth brushing happens on the way to school. Don't judge. This is better than a lot of mornings when teethbrushing just falls through the cracks. Not just for Dman. Again, don't judge. Or smell.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The super awesome

We have had lots going on here in the 801.  Feels like barely keeping the head above water but not entirely in a bad way...

Kiwi Kate, Amy, moi and Jeannie at sign-in for the Tour of Utah Women's Edition


I'm back to healthy times after my crash at Speedweek in April.  I got my lactose on with Vanderkitten teammates Lizard and Jeannie in Milwaukee at the end of June.  Super un-awesome was Lizard crashing on day 3 but the upshot of that was hubby/team director Jono stayed a few extra days so I was able to intersect with him.

Dman turned freaking 2 years old on July 4. Holy crap. Nonna, Aunt Mary and Uncle Glenny all came in for the weekend of festivities.  Because we are off the dairy (on account of Dman's eczema), we rocked some vegan cake for the celebration.  Dman did not need any lessons in cake consumption.  The baked goodedness went down in the following order: 1) frosting 2) cake 3) a billion strider laps and last but not least 4) a meltdown to melt all meltdowns.  We had a great weekend with my family, and a bunch of Dman's aunties (Lizzie, Mini and Kimo) came for bday dinner too.  Homey was also BIG TIME digging having Happy Birthday sung to him and blowing out candles ("AGAIN!" "AGAIN!")

Mid July we headed up to one of our fave rocky mountain metropolis, Boise, Idaho for the Boise Twilight Crit.  We family road tripped up there and stayed with teammate Lizard's AMAZING sister and her family.  In this instance an arranged marriage between Dman and Samantha is entirely appropriate because...we need to be related...I got to hook up with some more teammates: Kiwi Kate, Hangrypants Miranda, CX goddess, Elle and of course super studette and local celebrity Liza (Lizard).  Caroline Mani (another dirt goddess) stayed with us and that ended up being another trip highlight. Dman loved watching her ride her road bike on the dirt pump track on our bike path chariot spin. VK VIP Mollie was also there which was also great!
Caroline Mani is my new favorite

 Jono, Suzan and Sebastian providing moral support for Arturo's pizza cheffing

Oh and we raced bikes there too! Elle got in a break and ended up 2nd. Liza led me out to get 4th in the field sprint (for 8th) and teammate Kate was 9th. We made some good moolah and had a fabulous time with Liza's family: Suzan, Arturo and their kids Sebastian and Samantha (and Liza's amazing mom too!)

The Hubs got 4th in his race and then upgraded to Cat 3 the next week WOO HOO! This means he can race Masters Nationals which are in Ogden in September. Yippee! Racer dad!

The Hubs' parents also came for a visit which was super fun times for Dman. "Grampa! I want Grampa!" "Gramma! Wake up Gramma!" Lucky for them they never needed an alarm because Dman headed upstairs every morning to make sure they were getting a jump on the day.  Dman got lots of awesome new gifts like coloring books and crayons and a sea otter to add to his stuffed friends collection.

THEN, for the FIRST time EVER, we had 2 women's events during the Tour of Utah (a men's pro cycling race that happens here every year).  Teammates Amy, Kiwi Kate and Jeannie came in for the 2 races. We headed down to Cedar City for a race put on by the PROF (my former teammate Nicky Wangsgard) and then came back up to SLC for a race put on by Alex Kim (emperor of DNA Women's Cycling Team). So awesome to have women's races here in the 801!!!!
Moi racing at Miller Motor Sports Park for the Tour of Utah Women's Edition (look for the kitty!)
In spite of the mid week mid day timing of the SLC race, a bunch of friends and co-workers came out to watch yesterday's race. So blown away by the awesomeness of all the peeps including the Jowegawas, J9, KIMO, Newberry and neighbors Ann and Anya...I was 7th in the race on Monday and then 11th in the Wednesday race (with teammate Kate taking 10th). Teammates Jeannie and Amy were uber teammates racing super aggressive. 
Best co-workers. ever.
Jeannie hooked up Anya with a VK cat sticker which she stuck in her cat pocket
The Chase Pinkham Memorial Crits (local races in memory of a young stellar local who died earlier this year) were held in the evening after yesterday's Tour of Utah races on the same track.  The Hubs brought Dman out and the Hubs got 14th in the cat 3-4 race. The Kimo was the most epic of friends...She hung out all day and helped me with Dman so I could get ready for the 2nd race.  We raced hard but couldn't hold off Coryn Rivera (who won the pro race earlier that day)...So I took 2nd and Amy was 3rd and Jeannie was 5th.

So fun to be able to have big time racing here in the beehive and very special to have teammates here in town. Can't wait for the next race.

Super grateful for living in a great place with great friends and a great family!

Monday, July 21, 2014

I haven't forgotten you blog!

Pic of the Dman on the rivet to tide you over till your next installment of my life. Good news is I'm *finally* back racing after my Athens Twilight free cosmetic surgery crash. Had a blast racing with teammates at Tour of America's Dairyland and the Boise Twilight Crit.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The recent hizaps

Summer is unfolding beautifully here in the 801. We have mercifully avoided oppressive heat, it has been so great.

My recovery from my crash has been slow but I started training last week. It felt good to start pushing it.  Yesterday was my first day doing pukey type intervals...Finished the workout, worked all afternoon, and then picked up Dman. While we were at the park I started feeling BAD. Luckily the Hubs came by and was able to help getting Dman home (leaving the park is not have to be physically and emotionally strong). We got home and I lay down for a bit putting the full dinner/bath/bed burden on the Hubs. Didn't feel TOO bad about it since he was leaving the next morning for 6 days.

Shortly thereafter I started puking my guts out. Awesome. Dman had puked earlier in the night but we thought it was because he was shoving in bread too fast. That happens sometimes.

Anyway, it was a rough night. The queasiness was gone but I felt like I got hit by a truck. Not sure if it was head injury stuff or maybe a weird virus or who knows...Seems like there's no way it could be from my crash because it was so long ago.

I got on the bike to do an easy ride this morning before going into work. I felt terrible but then luckily ran into a friend and just chatted my way up City Creek Canyon to the water treatment plant before coasting back home.

I'm currently solo with the Dman as the Hubs in on a trip to CO to do a bike tour with his bro, Drewster and some other peeps. Just realized this weekend is father's day...So Happy Father's Day Hubs! I initially had disappointment that he would be missing Father's Day but then realized he's getting the best gift ever--time to do what he wants...I guess I will have to stand in at the father's day bbq at Dman's daycare/school.

In other gnus, we had an awesome visit with Nonna and Aunt Mary a week ago. Super fun times and of course the Hubs and I actually got to do some riding together which is a rare treat. If you see us out on a ride and we are arguing, just know that we are still enjoying it.

I had some work drama, being told my part-time status was being taken away, and that I had to quit or go full-time. So that was fun. As it currently stands, I have switched to a different group within my agency (which has been AWESOME), and I get to stay part-time till September...Just taking it one day at a time, and the month of June is just about getting accustomed to the new position (have to learn a ton) and on getting healthy and coming back to racing.

Talking about which, tentative plan is to head to Tour of America's Dairyland at the end of June for some racing with VK teammate la Lizard. Really hoping I'll be able to swing this...I figure that even if I suck in the racing, I will get to sleep past 6 am and I will get to ride. And hang with one of my fave teammates...And its in Wisconsin, soooo, beer brats.

Hope everyone is having a good summer and that if anyone else has recently had bombs dropped on them, that they are turning them into lemonade. I'm definitely still working on it.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Revolutionizing yogurt consumption

This is the most awesome thing going in my life right now. Maybe that is slightly melodramatic...but the healing process from my crash is not going according to the schedule I had in mind.  Coach K basically broke up with me on Training Peaks after I described my ride as "followed by headache". Or in her words, she decided she "needed to be firm" when she said I needed to write off racing for at least a month so I didn't have pressure on myself to try to be training when I wasn't healed.

So I'm in full on chill mode (or as much as you can be with trying to work and chase a Dman around) until the headaches are gone and the shoulder is doing better.  I was somewhat devastated by this but I'm trying to make the best of it...I'm enjoying the hang time with Dman and the Hubs for sure...And will be able to make some plans to see some friends since there is no travel for a while now.  I will try to get stuff done at work though that is definitely a zone that gives me bad headaches and makes me feel like shit when I stay for more than a few hours.

I will do what I can do.

I can ride...sort of...No training and as soon as there's weirdness I have to back it off. I went for a really chill easy ride with a neighbor (badass awesome Ann who is also a mom) yesterday which was really fun.  Today I rode with some friends, Lizzie and Diane, who hadn't been on their bikes really at all.  It was a super mellow but really fun time catching up with them and enjoying being outside with friends for a few hours. 

So I'm dialing it back...Trying to be positive. I have had some massive freakout moments and major doubts about everything.  But I'm just trying to take it one day at a time. I got some great advice from teammate Liza that instead of thinking about certain races I want to come back for, I just need to tell myself I don't know when I'll race, I'll just see how I feel when I'm on the bike and take it day by day, and make decisions when I'm ready. 

Here's to trying to be present and living in the now! 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The winding path toward skill mastery

Dman has been exercising some serious autonomy with varying outcomes. He is finally expressing some interest in brushing his teeth...But it has to go his way.  Apparently proper teeth brushing is in the eye of the beholder.

Off to a good start...
Its hard to remember which one goes in the mouth.
Dman has also started to express some interest in coloring and doing art-y type stuff. Being the lame parents we are, we have not gone out and acquired coloring books and pro-style crayons. Being the resourceful Booble that he is, he found some lame restaurant crayons this morning and started coloring some junk mail. When he ran out of room, he found the May issue of the Colorado Lawyer and went to town in the real estate section. 

Simultaneous guilt and pride!
Dman ruminates on foreclosures of rental properties.

Monday, May 5, 2014

You mean I'm the one that decides?

I am back in the 801 recovering from my crash in Athens, GA.  I was planning to race all of Speedweek (5 races in GA, NC and SC), but things got derailed in the first race in Athens.  With 2 laps to go, 2 riders tangled in front me and I had literally nowhere to go but over the handlebars and face and shoulder first into the barriers. But I'll let you be the judge
If you scroll to about 1:04:30 (one hour and 4 minutes), you can see for yourself.

Luckily for me, my parents were at the race and were able to totally help me with getting to the hospital and flying home early. Unluckily for them, they were in Atlanta for a little weekend golf getaway. For the record, my mishaps did not in any way impact any of my dad's scheduled golf games. I was able to convalesce for a few days at their friend's amazing house, and get a little unscheduled parental time.  Delta was super awesome and didn't charge me a change fee and even put me economy comfort class with more leg room. If they would only change their policies on bike fees!

Back in the 801, Tios Sid and Jane had come to help out Steve...They decided to go back home early but still stayed and helped out the day I came home. It was great to get some extra time with them too.

I made it to the doctor last week. Confirmed that I have a concussion (duh) and that I have a grade 1 shoulder (AC joint) separation. I was told I could start doing things little by little but if any symptoms (headaches, blurry vision, etc) were present, I had to back off. He also said that when I felt completely normal again that the concussion would be resolved. I'm not such a big fan of this. Putting decision making power in my hands? It would be nice to fact check myself. Not that I'm anywhere close to 100% normal...I've been really sleepy and a little grumpy. The balance is good and headaches aren't too bad. I rode for 30 minutes around Liberty Park and got passed by roller blades. This also made me grumpy. I also look like a prizefighter...though that is lessening with time.

We got some awesome friend time over the weekend with visits from the Woodies and dinner with the Jowegawas. We also had a good backyard sesh with the Fishers and their brood (they have 3 kids--one that is Dmitri's age--but the whole neighborhood seems to hang in their backyard). I am not real good with handling crowds or lots of activity...But on the whole, I think I'm getting a little better every day. Definitely lucky it wasn't worse and it has been nice to be back home.

Dman is a freaking rock star and slays us on a daily basis. BRAG ALERT: he is getting good at his strider and he will (try to) repeat anything you say. The personality is really unfolding and it is amazing to behold. He definitely has a temper and can lose his shit without much notice. Obviously he gets this from his dad.

Naked lawn mower repair or just the way Dman says he's too busy for diaper/jammies right now
Dman has a behind-the-rocking-chair secret meeting with his stuffed animals
In any case, thanks to the peeps for the check-ins and sorry for not being more responsive. My head doesn't like a lot of screen time and the energy levels are pretty much tapped by just existing and trying to manage Dman.

I'm hoping I'll be back competing by the end of the month...but I'm taking it day by day and having lots of consults with Coach K (its not her first rodeo after all)

Thanks for reading and hope that if things aren't awesome, that some silver linings are manifesting (they always do)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Springtime in the 801

Wheelie time with Uncle Woogedy
Spring is definitely springing here in the beehive.  Well CURRENTLY there are 50 mph winds and a chance of snow tomorrow. So we are still keeping things interesting...But the past little while has been pretty great in terms of weather and activities...

In addition to the nice weather, the Pezzawrences have been enjoying a little travel, and a sprouting garden...the snow peas and garlic are all up in this garden hizzy!!

In reverse chronological's a recap...

Dman is digging his strider. He had a breakthrough in Moab and he has since been all about it. Especially since we installed a bell on the mini-steed. "DING!" (as Dman likes to say). He especially seems to enjoy being pushed around on it. I worry that he is showing early signs of a proclivity for the motorized variety of recreation...(he has no problem just putting his feet on the "pegs" and having people push him around, that would be his preference).

Dman ramming his bike into the front door yelling "OUTSIDE" 7:30 am. Love the enthusiasm but please, Mommy needs her coffee first.
Without my intercession, he would've sent it
The Woodies did a stop by on Saturday en route to ripping up some 801 singletrack...Woody took Dman on some strider hot laps. Dman was definitely into it. They also did a little chill time on the swing.

The Hubs and I have been getting in some nice riding too. We rode with Newberry and a cool Canadian dude named Rob we hijacked from the bike shop ride (we wanted to ride Big Mountain while it was still closed to cars). It was an awesome ride...The Hubs and I dropped down to East Canyon and then rode the Jeremy Ranch dirt road before heading back to SLC via the frontage road. Super great day and fun to ride with some peeps. 

Awesome friend Lizzie arranged a dinner at our house on Saturday (thank god for our sans-kids friends!)  Mini G and the Woodies came over and brought some splendid table items along with beverages and fabulous company. Super great night.

Going back FARTHER....we went to Charlotte the previous weekend for some fast crit racing and to connect with my parents. Oh my epic-ness traveling with Dman...but good times...The racing went ok. It would've been nice to do better but given where I am with fitness right now I'm not too disappointed. The punch in the legs delivered by the big teams was really just what I needed. This women's racing thing is really no joke. 
My teammate Liza and Vanderkitten VIP were also in attendance for the weekend. Liza(rd) has been racing since early March and it SHOWED. She rode wicked awesome...It was super great racing with her. Looking forward to hopefully having some more go-go times in the leggies for our next round of racing together (next week at Speedweek!). 

The Hubs jumped in the Masters and Cat 4 races on Sunday and did great. he was the 3rd Cat 4 in the Master's race and he finished 12th in the Cat 4 race. Stud.  Dman had a BALL with Nonna and Grampa. Dman and Grampa had some epic battles over the remote control for the TV and Nonna put a shit-ton of miles on the Bob with Dman a more-than-willing passenger. It was a great weekend.

Prior to racing, I had to head down to southern rural Utah for work. After finishing work early on Thursday, I hopped on this bike path just a few miles out of town...IT WAS AMAZING! It goes from Big Rock Candy Mountain in Piute County north for quite a ways. The Sleaze would've dug it (along with Dman) because it follows the old railroad grade (and there were monuments along the path). It was a nice little bonus to a pretty busy week.

Other than is chugging along...I leave on Saturday for EIGHT DAYS. PANIC. I will be racing Speedweek with badass teammates Liza and Fiona (and VIP Mollie!). Nervous about leaving the fam, nervous about racing, nervous about missing work...BUT OVERALL VERY EXCITED! I have always had a BALL racing this series and I haven't done the whole thing since 2011...Tios Sid and Jane are coming for half the time that I'm gone so I feel WAY better about leaving knowing there will be super fun times happening here...But still... I'm VERY lucky to have a rad husband and uber supportive extended family. I'm able to pursue my dreams because of them and I'm really grateful!

Thanks for reading...Hope everyone is finding some occasions to do some fun times maximizing be it of the physical, mental or emotional variety!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

More fun in Moab

Babes + Bikes + Outdoor Dance Party = Dman heaven
We had a great trip to Moab this weekend!  We met up with Tio Dave, his gf Alicia, and Alicia's 2 awesome kids Henry and Clementine (7-year-old twins).  I'm going to be very upfront and just admit to NOT camping AND riding my ROAD bike. Go ahead and judge. Can't that get you kicked out of Moab? 

In any case, we made the call to head to Moab on Thursday what with the inclement weather occurring here in the 801. We got to Moab in the late afternoon and we hopped on bikes for a quick spin. Dman and the Hubs found a park a couple miles from the condo where we were staying and I did a little bust up the Sand Flats Road. Who can resist the world's most scenic dump? 

Totally great to be back in Moab. Many awesome memories here! A marriage proposal, a wedding, and lots of fun trips and adventures both solo and group styles.  When I lived in southwest Colorado I actually spent a lot of solo time in Moab in the winter (when its dead) so I really appreciate this desert valhalla. 

Dave and his crew showed up a little later in the evening and Henry and Clementine were mega entertainment for Dman. He just followed them everywhere and they were awesome enough to pay attention to him...

We also got to randomly intersect with some of our fave Durango peeps, Moira, Ted and their badass daughter Cecilia.  We've been trying to connect with these guys forever and we stopped trying we managed to end up in Moab on the same weekend. Good job everyone and thank you universe!

Dman shadows Henry and Clem
On Saturday, the whole crew headed to Arches while mama had a little mama-time solo bike ride. I was having some internal warfare with some guilt about not going to Arches but knowing that I really wanted to ride and then feeling lame that I was riding a road bike and feeling maybe lamer that I was actually enjoying riding the road bike. So with that awesome mental/emotional framework I set out to do a 20 minute test. I was disgusted with the numbers so I "punished" myself with a ride up to Castle Valley. Self-loathing replaced by mega appreciation for the beauty and some serious communing and even a little solitude as I kept going. Hotdamn it is so beautiful along the Colorado River and then heading towards the La Sal mountains. I lost track of time but managed to bust it back to the condo not too much after the crew had returned. The Hubs and Dave did a bro mountain bike ride so I got to have some of my selfishness/guilt feelings assuaged.  

Clem tries to give Dman some strider pointers
Dman had the benefit of an older kid in a nearby condo with a strider who showed him the ropes. We definitely made some progress. He actually sits on the seat now. Sitting on the seat today. Hucking his meat tomorrow. The other good news is that he doesn't fight wearing his helmet, thank god. His "rides" don't tend to be very long though so he just runs around wearing his bike helmet. Personally I am a fan of this as I don't worry as much about him hitting his head since he climbs and jumps off everything. Still want to put him in a bubble.

On Saturday we headed out to hang with Durango peeps at their campsite by Sovereign Trail. Heaven part II for Dman. Moira and Ted's good friends Becca and Joe were there with their two awesome kids Sadie and Liet (sorry for the spelling!). Even though these kids were a lot older (10 and 12), they were SO cool to Dmitri! Liet found a lizard and let Dman poke it. They totally played with him and were so nice. It was so fun. Everyone headed for mountain bike ride and Moira and I took Dman in the chariot out on one of the dirt roads so Dman would hopefully nap. It was a typical Moab dirt road--some deep sand and some slick rock, but D totally managed to get a few z's. And I miraculously had a blast taking the chariot on this stuff...even though I had to do some serious pushing on some parts. Chariot mountain biking is my new favorite sport. Had a GREAT catchup with Moira and took in some beautiful scenery under blue blue skies. We came back for some more hangtime at camp before heading back to the condo. We are easing into this camping thing--or what Ted identified as "day camping". Hang out at camp, eat the food, go for a ride....then head back to the condo, take a shower, cook dinner and go to sleep in a bed. Hey, you've got to sit on the strider before you can ride it.

"Step 1, figure out which bug you want to eat; Step 2..."

Alicia cooked an awesome dinner on Saturday night and we had a great evening with those guys.

This morning, it was kind of dark and super windy in Moab. Dave and his crew had to head back to Boulder so the Pezzawrences headed into town for some brekkie at the jailhouse cafe...Dmitri had his first pancake and he also tasted bacon. Did he like it? Well, as the child of a couple who's favorite wedding present was a membership to a "bacon of the month club", I'll let you answer that one. 

We had a great trip and Dman was awesome. I'm getting slightly less gripped about travelling with him...But we will have another opportunity to test that out in a few weeks when we head to Charlotte for a bike race. 

Yeah Moab!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Packing it all in

We have been literally and figuratively packing a lot in
Awesome birthday times last weekend! J9 and Lizzie brought over my fave cake (whole wheat carrot) for the real day (last Thursday)...Then my mom and sis did a last minute rally out to the 801 for a birthday weekend extravaganza. They gave Dman a ton of attention and fun times activities (Walks! Aviary! Park!)
The Hubs and I did a training race AND a group ride and then the Hubs cheffed up my fave bday dinner courtesy of Woody's recipes and the Woodies' fridge. He killed it with the flank steak and shitake pasta. My mom and sister made some almond butter oreo style cookies. How could that much awesome-ness be in a one cookie? Yeah, you had to see it to believe it. The Woodies came over and so did Mini...It was a great night. A "Big Night", if you will...
With the Dman monitoring assistance program, I managed to give the garden some love. Plus Mary went at the yard scrum styles and the invasive grasses are nowhere in sight. Some seeds are now in the ground and I'm formulating some plans... 
This week has already been full on but Dman is been having some high enjoyments and talking up a storm. This week's buzz words: "stuck!" "help!" "I did it!" "big truck!" "airpain!"
I had to travel for work and he said "I nuv 'oo" on the phone." AND he ate some tomatoes this week...RAW! Feel like we are at least up to a passing grade in the parenting department. For now.
Siiiide at daycare! Followed by extreme tantrums when forced to leave.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dear Blog:

I'm sorry I've been neglecting you. It seems like Twitter has supplanted you but please know, you will always be my first. And I meant what I said when I told you I would never get on Facebook. Sure sure, you saw me laughing my ass off in the airport reading The Daily Show's Breaking News tweets...Sure you saw me busting balls with the Sleaze...I don't know how to explain it, its complicated.

Twitter is the fast food ... addicting, fun, always leaving me wanting more...while you Blog, are the take more time and energy, but you are good for me. What we have is deep and meaningful. Twitter is a mere dalliance. Don't worry, I think I have it under control. I might start attending meetings...

Where else can I post shitloads of pictures of Dman? (OK I can post on twitter but its not thessame. Where else can I try to string coherent thoughts together or develop a theme? Not saying I have ever been successful, but I have those things I can  strive for, only with YOU dearest blog.

Thanks for being there for me. I've been a shit, I know. I will try to be better.

 Your friend,


Monday, February 24, 2014

Vanderkitten team camp

Fun times at VK team camp this weekend...Had some awesome rides, good bonding with new teammates, great hangtime with some key VK supporters (including the hnic Dave Verecchia--owner of VK, fellow pisan and hilarious ballbuster originally from Motown Philly). I got some serious flow going on the new bicis--Colnago with Clement tires and mega nutrition and recovery from Osmo (to name just a few.  And I get to continue with Smith for my 5th season in a row (not counting the year of the alien incubation).
Oh, and I got reverse peer pressured into taking my first step off the information supersidewalk. No one told me I had to get on Facespace, twittergram, snapgiggle or whatever else is out there...But it became abundantly clear that something outside of blogging was going to really be necessary to even approach the same solar system that my teammates, our VIP supporters, friends and sponsors all seem to orbit. So I popped my twerry and got on twitter. Hopefully it won't ruin my life.
Anyway, thanks to everyone for a super awesome weekend. More to say on all stay tuned. And if the verbosity of my blog isn't your thing, check me out on twitter (it feels dirty to say that).
After serving up the nutella panini at Terun, awesome director Jono didn't get mad at me for lantern rouging it up the climbs.
VK Dave kicking it with teammates Amy, Korina and studette devo rider Libby

Pre-ride chillaxing with Fiona, kiwi Kate and Hangry Miranda
Bellissimi Colnago Bici!
Road side bike fix with Fiona and rockstar devo riders Kennedy and Katie

Uber photogs Jason and Bruce; Sorry for burning off some of your arm hair with my tire Jason!
Osmo transport
Osmo tot Jera (daughter of founder Stacy)
Hopeful blueprint for interior VK van design

The Yogurt on My Pretzels

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