Monday, January 20, 2014

Practicing for base camp

Uber Booble: One day he will trade these cheerios for topo maps
Dman is rebelling against his high chair...He prefers this little seat in which he can more properly self-situate and exercise dominion over the tray.  To me he just looks like a little mountain man booble-in-training.  He will make a good mountain man someday...he is always hot (he hates wearing hats, gloves, shoes and socks) and super dirty seems to be his equilibrium state.  He also loves exploring.  If you only could have witnessed the first ascent this weekend on the snow pile next to our neighbor's driveway.  The interview should be in next month's Alpinist.

In other news, our house is finally pulling itself out of another round of the Sars-Ebola.  We have collectively been hacking up our lungs.  I had 2 days where I was pretty much down for the count.  The Hubs is faring slightly better.  Dman is coughing a lot too but he has been in pretty good spirits.  The guest appearances this weekend by Ridgway Debbie, Coach K and Landry and a visit to the Woodies were undoubtedly key components in attaining said level of spirits.

In spite of a head full of grossness, I made it out for a little ski tour with Coach K and Debbie.  Though it may have been mini in terms of epic-ness, it was mega in terms of awesomeness.  Had a great time getting out with these 2 uber hard cores.  Oh p.s. they are in their 50s and they kicketh unto the ass.  My ears clogged up on the ski back down and they haven't really cleared up.  As a result I feel off balance and I think I am talking louder than normal.  Totally worth it though.

The yuck air is getting me down and I don't think its doing this latest sickness any favors (well from the virus perspective, I guess its pretty sweet for those guys).  I feel pretty off the back of life, but as the Hubs reminded me tonight, I have a lot to be grateful for....Which is definitely true.  Sometimes my feelings of major flailing in all aspects of my life seem to overshadow what is really important.  Note to self: pull your head out of  your ass!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Holly Dazed part duh

Caterina on New Year's

Happy New Year!
We did a little skiing, a little festivizing and a lot of boobling. Oh, and I managed to sustain a relatively serious kitchen injury...I got hit in the face with a kamikaze pot lid that fell on my cheekbone (luckily not eye) from a high shelf. The Hubs' forensics informs us that the lid dented where it hit my face.

Touring with the DBs and Woody
Woody, J9 and Caterina: Whip it good, into shp
JJ, Tom and the Hubs letting the wine flow like beer.
Late night surprise Mini visit

Yeah U of U Bioenginerding! A little hangtime with Johnny G and Jen...
New Year's eve computrainer workout with Superfit

You should hear him whistle. At least that what it looks like to me, that he's about to do one of those really loud 2 finger whistles. Really he was just kickin' it with blankie, sucking on fingers and I got a smile for the camera (on like the millionth try)
Rockin' the new jammies from Coach K and Landry!

Holly Dazed: A Photo Compendium

Survived the holidays...See below... Family, friends and fun...Not pictured: me getting sick a billion times...

A little ski tourin'
A little-steam-releasing-joke-gone-awry spousal collision involving the Woodies at Alta. Though it looks like he's being a dick, Woody did help his wife up. Important note: he did NOT give an elbow when he saw her coming.
A little Christmas eve friend/family cross pollination (J9 brought over her fam)

Wolf present from Gramma and Grampa
Be careful it will come and get you (APPROVE)
Stories with Babcha

The Yogurt on My Pretzels

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