Monday, February 24, 2014

Vanderkitten team camp

Fun times at VK team camp this weekend...Had some awesome rides, good bonding with new teammates, great hangtime with some key VK supporters (including the hnic Dave Verecchia--owner of VK, fellow pisan and hilarious ballbuster originally from Motown Philly). I got some serious flow going on the new bicis--Colnago with Clement tires and mega nutrition and recovery from Osmo (to name just a few.  And I get to continue with Smith for my 5th season in a row (not counting the year of the alien incubation).
Oh, and I got reverse peer pressured into taking my first step off the information supersidewalk. No one told me I had to get on Facespace, twittergram, snapgiggle or whatever else is out there...But it became abundantly clear that something outside of blogging was going to really be necessary to even approach the same solar system that my teammates, our VIP supporters, friends and sponsors all seem to orbit. So I popped my twerry and got on twitter. Hopefully it won't ruin my life.
Anyway, thanks to everyone for a super awesome weekend. More to say on all stay tuned. And if the verbosity of my blog isn't your thing, check me out on twitter (it feels dirty to say that).
After serving up the nutella panini at Terun, awesome director Jono didn't get mad at me for lantern rouging it up the climbs.
VK Dave kicking it with teammates Amy, Korina and studette devo rider Libby

Pre-ride chillaxing with Fiona, kiwi Kate and Hangry Miranda
Bellissimi Colnago Bici!
Road side bike fix with Fiona and rockstar devo riders Kennedy and Katie

Uber photogs Jason and Bruce; Sorry for burning off some of your arm hair with my tire Jason!
Osmo transport
Osmo tot Jera (daughter of founder Stacy)
Hopeful blueprint for interior VK van design

Friday, February 21, 2014

Return of los Tios!

There were some very sick Booble times yesterday.  He is not his Booble self at all, fever and feeling horrible reduced him to a moaning super runny nosed mess.
We took a despondent trip to Tracy Aviary where we are now members (thanks Babcha)...Dman just hung out in the stroller but he did say Bye to every bird and he said "cheers" to the Condor who got a drink of water while Dman was pulling on a sippy of milk.
That was the 2nd best thing that happened.
When we came back from our walk Tio Sid and Jane had just pulled up! Eye in the sick storm! Dman wasn't his normal self but they eventually warmed him up with the aid of some bouncy balls and trucks.
Then the Hubs came home from his work trip and Dman was happy to see him (me too!).
This morning Jane totally won over the Dman with some train paraphernalia. Dman was entranced...AND there was a little helicopter so he was very stoked...and "choo chooing" like a banshee.  It sucks to leave him in the sick state but it feels much better leaving him with the Tios while I head to training camp (which I'm really psyched about!)
Thanks for reading!
Sick, unpsyched Booble despondently drinking milk at Tracy Aviary
The condor he "cheers'ed"
Breakfast with Jane
Choo choo with Jane
Throwing our best beverages at Sid (Steve's artisan coffee and my green smoothie)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Simple is the new complicated

In spite of feeling like everything in life is complicated, I'm going to put forth some simplicity through my blog channels in the hopes I can simplify across the boards.  Actually I thought I was just testing what this design looked like and then it went ahead and applied itself like it was Alex Dunphy.  Since figuring out how to undo that would've been complicated, here's my first chance to test out my new simplicity-centered approach to life.  Aka the lazy approach.  I'm a little sad my reading list has become disparu...Maybe I'll have to join twitter to fill up the bi-monthly 10 minutes I spend reading other people's blogs.  No, I will not join facespace.

In the spirit of new-ness...I have a new team for this year, California-based Vanderkitten.  I will be reunited with old school teammates Liza and Emily (Ducky!).  The team has an uber badass roster which is both humbling and inspiring for me.  We have team camp in San Jose this weekend which should be great. There's just the small matter of getting the Hubs home from a biz trip in time for me to catch my flight on Friday...While taking care of a sick Dman and trying to work and train and get ready.  But hey, complicated is as complicated does so let's just keep it simple smarty and be thankful for the good things and try to not choke on the less desirable. As my new Aussie director Jono has been overheard in moments of perceived crisis: "nobody died." Australian psychology 101.

For those of you in the Facebook universe, please check out the team FB here.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Last night with Aunt Manny

Dinner, some tickle time and then stories and bed...Dman thoroughly enjoyed his last night with Aunt Manny.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Its the journey...

On our way back to the 801 we stopped to see Johnny G and Jen. Great visit and I even went for a few little runs. There house is totally sweet and since Dman had his own room he caught some good z's. Great to catch up with these guys and Dman picked up a new word from Johnny G: "niiiice"
Having Aunt Mary aka Manny is great. Dman is talking her war off in the back seat and pointing out every truck he sees.
Aunt Manny, Dman and BUBBLES (2 of them)
Walking on the trail behind Johnny G and Jen's in the OC disorder
A little run with John and Jen before hitting the road...The ONLY reason they are so far behind is because I stopped to take this photo. And I would've died if I tried to run with them...Even though they were going easy.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Wrapping it up in the desert

We are coming to the end of a pretty sweet trip to Palm Desert. Dman has had a freaking blast with Nonna, Banka and Manny (Nonna, Grampa and Aunt Mary). He picked up some new animal sounds (owls and crows) and an obsession with airplanes. I got in a bunch of riding. I didn't strictly adhere to Coach K's instructions but ended up getting in some very enjoyable hours on the bike. I really like my bike. I even fit in a few coffee stops. I got to catch up with long time friends Twila, Laurie and Velo Bum too. In a super sweet surprise my long lost friend Heather and I had a tearful but awesome reunion (she was out visiting her parents).  As an added bonus Aunt Mary is going to come back to SLC with us. We will have to figure out how to work the DVD player so the 10 hour drive plus Dman doesn't crack her.
Riding together!
Dman and Nonna
Girl ride with Twila and Laurie
Twila et moi--me in new VK kit!
hang time with Nonna
Chillaxin, where is the sippy cup umbrella drink?

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Desert Dman

The Booble and I are in Palm Desert hanging with my FAM. We are having a great time...Dman is getting a shit ton of attention and Mommy is getting some good time on her bike...IN SHORTS. We haven't totally gotten on schedule with the sleeping but turns out Aunt Mary loses big on that one since she is sharing a room with us. Well technically Dman's crib is in the shower, where his "haunting wails" can reverberate to wake-the-dead levels.

Hubs joining us tomorrow night. Can't wait.

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