Sunday, March 30, 2014

More fun in Moab

Babes + Bikes + Outdoor Dance Party = Dman heaven
We had a great trip to Moab this weekend!  We met up with Tio Dave, his gf Alicia, and Alicia's 2 awesome kids Henry and Clementine (7-year-old twins).  I'm going to be very upfront and just admit to NOT camping AND riding my ROAD bike. Go ahead and judge. Can't that get you kicked out of Moab? 

In any case, we made the call to head to Moab on Thursday what with the inclement weather occurring here in the 801. We got to Moab in the late afternoon and we hopped on bikes for a quick spin. Dman and the Hubs found a park a couple miles from the condo where we were staying and I did a little bust up the Sand Flats Road. Who can resist the world's most scenic dump? 

Totally great to be back in Moab. Many awesome memories here! A marriage proposal, a wedding, and lots of fun trips and adventures both solo and group styles.  When I lived in southwest Colorado I actually spent a lot of solo time in Moab in the winter (when its dead) so I really appreciate this desert valhalla. 

Dave and his crew showed up a little later in the evening and Henry and Clementine were mega entertainment for Dman. He just followed them everywhere and they were awesome enough to pay attention to him...

We also got to randomly intersect with some of our fave Durango peeps, Moira, Ted and their badass daughter Cecilia.  We've been trying to connect with these guys forever and we stopped trying we managed to end up in Moab on the same weekend. Good job everyone and thank you universe!

Dman shadows Henry and Clem
On Saturday, the whole crew headed to Arches while mama had a little mama-time solo bike ride. I was having some internal warfare with some guilt about not going to Arches but knowing that I really wanted to ride and then feeling lame that I was riding a road bike and feeling maybe lamer that I was actually enjoying riding the road bike. So with that awesome mental/emotional framework I set out to do a 20 minute test. I was disgusted with the numbers so I "punished" myself with a ride up to Castle Valley. Self-loathing replaced by mega appreciation for the beauty and some serious communing and even a little solitude as I kept going. Hotdamn it is so beautiful along the Colorado River and then heading towards the La Sal mountains. I lost track of time but managed to bust it back to the condo not too much after the crew had returned. The Hubs and Dave did a bro mountain bike ride so I got to have some of my selfishness/guilt feelings assuaged.  

Clem tries to give Dman some strider pointers
Dman had the benefit of an older kid in a nearby condo with a strider who showed him the ropes. We definitely made some progress. He actually sits on the seat now. Sitting on the seat today. Hucking his meat tomorrow. The other good news is that he doesn't fight wearing his helmet, thank god. His "rides" don't tend to be very long though so he just runs around wearing his bike helmet. Personally I am a fan of this as I don't worry as much about him hitting his head since he climbs and jumps off everything. Still want to put him in a bubble.

On Saturday we headed out to hang with Durango peeps at their campsite by Sovereign Trail. Heaven part II for Dman. Moira and Ted's good friends Becca and Joe were there with their two awesome kids Sadie and Liet (sorry for the spelling!). Even though these kids were a lot older (10 and 12), they were SO cool to Dmitri! Liet found a lizard and let Dman poke it. They totally played with him and were so nice. It was so fun. Everyone headed for mountain bike ride and Moira and I took Dman in the chariot out on one of the dirt roads so Dman would hopefully nap. It was a typical Moab dirt road--some deep sand and some slick rock, but D totally managed to get a few z's. And I miraculously had a blast taking the chariot on this stuff...even though I had to do some serious pushing on some parts. Chariot mountain biking is my new favorite sport. Had a GREAT catchup with Moira and took in some beautiful scenery under blue blue skies. We came back for some more hangtime at camp before heading back to the condo. We are easing into this camping thing--or what Ted identified as "day camping". Hang out at camp, eat the food, go for a ride....then head back to the condo, take a shower, cook dinner and go to sleep in a bed. Hey, you've got to sit on the strider before you can ride it.

"Step 1, figure out which bug you want to eat; Step 2..."

Alicia cooked an awesome dinner on Saturday night and we had a great evening with those guys.

This morning, it was kind of dark and super windy in Moab. Dave and his crew had to head back to Boulder so the Pezzawrences headed into town for some brekkie at the jailhouse cafe...Dmitri had his first pancake and he also tasted bacon. Did he like it? Well, as the child of a couple who's favorite wedding present was a membership to a "bacon of the month club", I'll let you answer that one. 

We had a great trip and Dman was awesome. I'm getting slightly less gripped about travelling with him...But we will have another opportunity to test that out in a few weeks when we head to Charlotte for a bike race. 

Yeah Moab!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Packing it all in

We have been literally and figuratively packing a lot in
Awesome birthday times last weekend! J9 and Lizzie brought over my fave cake (whole wheat carrot) for the real day (last Thursday)...Then my mom and sis did a last minute rally out to the 801 for a birthday weekend extravaganza. They gave Dman a ton of attention and fun times activities (Walks! Aviary! Park!)
The Hubs and I did a training race AND a group ride and then the Hubs cheffed up my fave bday dinner courtesy of Woody's recipes and the Woodies' fridge. He killed it with the flank steak and shitake pasta. My mom and sister made some almond butter oreo style cookies. How could that much awesome-ness be in a one cookie? Yeah, you had to see it to believe it. The Woodies came over and so did Mini...It was a great night. A "Big Night", if you will...
With the Dman monitoring assistance program, I managed to give the garden some love. Plus Mary went at the yard scrum styles and the invasive grasses are nowhere in sight. Some seeds are now in the ground and I'm formulating some plans... 
This week has already been full on but Dman is been having some high enjoyments and talking up a storm. This week's buzz words: "stuck!" "help!" "I did it!" "big truck!" "airpain!"
I had to travel for work and he said "I nuv 'oo" on the phone." AND he ate some tomatoes this week...RAW! Feel like we are at least up to a passing grade in the parenting department. For now.
Siiiide at daycare! Followed by extreme tantrums when forced to leave.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dear Blog:

I'm sorry I've been neglecting you. It seems like Twitter has supplanted you but please know, you will always be my first. And I meant what I said when I told you I would never get on Facebook. Sure sure, you saw me laughing my ass off in the airport reading The Daily Show's Breaking News tweets...Sure you saw me busting balls with the Sleaze...I don't know how to explain it, its complicated.

Twitter is the fast food ... addicting, fun, always leaving me wanting more...while you Blog, are the take more time and energy, but you are good for me. What we have is deep and meaningful. Twitter is a mere dalliance. Don't worry, I think I have it under control. I might start attending meetings...

Where else can I post shitloads of pictures of Dman? (OK I can post on twitter but its not thessame. Where else can I try to string coherent thoughts together or develop a theme? Not saying I have ever been successful, but I have those things I can  strive for, only with YOU dearest blog.

Thanks for being there for me. I've been a shit, I know. I will try to be better.

 Your friend,


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