Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Springtime in the 801

Wheelie time with Uncle Woogedy
Spring is definitely springing here in the beehive.  Well CURRENTLY there are 50 mph winds and a chance of snow tomorrow. So we are still keeping things interesting...But the past little while has been pretty great in terms of weather and activities...

In addition to the nice weather, the Pezzawrences have been enjoying a little travel, and a sprouting garden...the snow peas and garlic are all up in this garden hizzy!!

In reverse chronological order...here's a recap...

Dman is digging his strider. He had a breakthrough in Moab and he has since been all about it. Especially since we installed a bell on the mini-steed. "DING!" (as Dman likes to say). He especially seems to enjoy being pushed around on it. I worry that he is showing early signs of a proclivity for the motorized variety of recreation...(he has no problem just putting his feet on the "pegs" and having people push him around, that would be his preference).

Dman ramming his bike into the front door yelling "OUTSIDE"...at 7:30 am. Love the enthusiasm but please, Mommy needs her coffee first.
Without my intercession, he would've sent it
The Woodies did a stop by on Saturday en route to ripping up some 801 singletrack...Woody took Dman on some strider hot laps. Dman was definitely into it. They also did a little chill time on the swing.

The Hubs and I have been getting in some nice riding too. We rode with Newberry and a cool Canadian dude named Rob we hijacked from the bike shop ride (we wanted to ride Big Mountain while it was still closed to cars). It was an awesome ride...The Hubs and I dropped down to East Canyon and then rode the Jeremy Ranch dirt road before heading back to SLC via the frontage road. Super great day and fun to ride with some peeps. 

Awesome friend Lizzie arranged a dinner at our house on Saturday (thank god for our sans-kids friends!)  Mini G and the Woodies came over and brought some splendid table items along with beverages and fabulous company. Super great night.

Going back FARTHER....we went to Charlotte the previous weekend for some fast crit racing and to connect with my parents. Oh my epic-ness traveling with Dman...but good times...The racing went ok. It would've been nice to do better but given where I am with fitness right now I'm not too disappointed. The punch in the legs delivered by the big teams was really just what I needed. This women's racing thing is really no joke. 
My teammate Liza and Vanderkitten VIP were also in attendance for the weekend. Liza(rd) has been racing since early March and it SHOWED. She rode wicked awesome...It was super great racing with her. Looking forward to hopefully having some more go-go times in the leggies for our next round of racing together (next week at Speedweek!). 

The Hubs jumped in the Masters and Cat 4 races on Sunday and did great. he was the 3rd Cat 4 in the Master's race and he finished 12th in the Cat 4 race. Stud.  Dman had a BALL with Nonna and Grampa. Dman and Grampa had some epic battles over the remote control for the TV and Nonna put a shit-ton of miles on the Bob with Dman a more-than-willing passenger. It was a great weekend.

Prior to racing, I had to head down to southern rural Utah for work. After finishing work early on Thursday, I hopped on this bike path just a few miles out of town...IT WAS AMAZING! It goes from Big Rock Candy Mountain in Piute County north for quite a ways. The Sleaze would've dug it (along with Dman) because it follows the old railroad grade (and there were monuments along the path). It was a nice little bonus to a pretty busy week.

Other than that...life is chugging along...I leave on Saturday for EIGHT DAYS. PANIC. I will be racing Speedweek with badass teammates Liza and Fiona (and VIP Mollie!). Nervous about leaving the fam, nervous about racing, nervous about missing work...BUT OVERALL VERY EXCITED! I have always had a BALL racing this series and I haven't done the whole thing since 2011...Tios Sid and Jane are coming for half the time that I'm gone so I feel WAY better about leaving knowing there will be super fun times happening here...But still... I'm VERY lucky to have a rad husband and uber supportive extended family. I'm able to pursue my dreams because of them and I'm really grateful!

Thanks for reading...Hope everyone is finding some occasions to do some fun times maximizing be it of the physical, mental or emotional variety!

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